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Wed Jul 26 06:16:24 CEST 2017
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(banned by gay microfascist fucks since march 2013 for no reasons given)

bold items in menu have been altered or added to this and/or last week, most of the quotes will be about being weird or aberration from the standard, a.k.a. dissent or abnormality, EXTRA-ordinarity, non serviam because you say its so and "stuff" (and shit), non-conform to the norm where norm-als live and cast out the future which inevitably invade the middle of the bell-curve and thus over time become the norm, the universe wouldnt exist if it wasnt for friction, would it?

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"I am not the strongest, nor the smartest, but the one most able to adapt, question is : do i WANT TO?
syntax is a waste of brainspace,praise the 1e100"
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Do not speak, do not smile, gully foile my name, the stars my destination stil
(alfred bester

Paracelsus say : i know i am obnoxious and the need to bury me with wise words by dead people, -isms and a pile of expensive suits which you cant even see as wearing a uniform is alluring since if not by spelling you're left with the gnawing that "the idea was right" but how preposterous to speak so paracelsus say why dont you wipe your ass with your degrees, stop studying start learning

no facebook, twitter, formspring, tumblr, had all those, dont anymore for reasons all the same : they censored me, banned me without giving a reason, bored me stiff, annoyed me or are full of people i dont wanna see again
Words to the Wise
To a witch such as i,
city law and merchant logic mean nothing.
Schierke (ベルセルク / Berserk)
the Blog Block
07/27/2017 07:01:30 pm
aunt is dying

"on the literal deathbed, no longer the proverbial one ... hard shit cos i saw my grandma on that bed for MONTHS ... shit that scares you from getting old
my general pragmactical approach to life (and YES (again) i mean pragmactical as i say it, the word describes better what i mean, language is a living thing after all and i dont think neither baby jesus nor muhammad or any of the less violent prophets who got a bit less mass murder to their name ever said it is forbidden or you need a degree in wordology to do it so, this means im already explaining, almost apologizing too much for using it b/c you dont get what i mean, you go SBELLINGGGGGG) its not i mean pragmactical ... approach to life makes me look i have no idea, weird not but cold maybe ?
i said goodbye a long time ago when she was still here. Im not a heartless bastard. Im quite capable of emotion and i think my spectrum extends that of most normals, although hippie love is something i dont consider an emotion by itself ... thats hormones dearie, i am quit comfortable with it, can be quite emotional , romantic even back in ancient days before i SWORE to all gods i ever met , the ones who do not care about anything but what you swear to them that id never start with women in belgium again ... i have it all in me, i never whacked the neighbours dog or cat either, i didnt slice up frogs ... if i'm any kind of -path its em- ... to the point that i avoid the bile of frustrated normals like the plague cos it gives me a headache. It radiates as much as i radiate Haki to the point whree im scary sitting on a chair (only here though , i never had anyone say that anywhere else ... well year extortion city, but my definition of here is broad by belgian standards, i understand 30km is NOT far) so i said my goodbye when she was still good, she could still crack a sarcastic joke about age not making things bettter and she asked me to help her in her scheme to get rid of the instituion (nursery) food so she could concentrate on the pastries and candy the family brings here (what do you gonna say to an 80 year old woman who can barely walk by herself ? "NO AUNT THATS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH? that would be very inhuman and PC) so i gladly smuggled the leftovers out and left her to the creme fraiche
did it with my grandpa too, never saw him when he was degrading, mentally decomposing. I have both in my memory as the people they were, not a single one of them as living dead. Something i have with my grandma who raised me.
sounds harsh but shes never without company, theres family there DAILY ,most people in nurseries might be so lucky
she doesnt need me, and my pragmmacticality tells me its okay this way. If no one else looked at her then maybe i would go
thats how i see it. I also see another thing,,... if shes on her deathbed and theres no way back, i suppose aubrey de grey didnt crack the retro-engineered genetic code yet?
well then i hope that pacemaker doenst keep the husk alive if you know what i mean,i know i wouldnt wanna be in a state like that
its nothing about euthanasia ... an implanted pacemaker is not just something you plug out, but it keeps the heart going even when the brain is already somewhere between morpheus, oblivion and (hopefully) nirvana, a very good person, way too good for the world around here, did LOTS for me, but i dont see the point in sitting there cos to me thats not her and like i said. She's got company from family EVERY day
im not needed , thats how i see it in my pragmacticality
nothing cold about it, but also nothing i can do about it, and (maybe thats selfish but to me i just dont see the point in torturing myself) i prefer to keep the memory from when she still had her wits, thats how people live after their body rots or burns
yea thats maybe a bit too pragmactical way of expressing it but it IS how it is
when i die, they put my body in a box, and i will never sing or laugh or dance again
not in this state anyway ... information is never destroyed so technically theres a scientific foundation for reincarnation statistically over enough time you might get the exact same combination but the realm of metafysics will ask you : "IS IT? do you know "the soul" will be the same if it all ?"
and there you go, dustballs could talk hours about it. I hope if shes a husk it wont take long so she can have peace. She's been good to everyone all her life, she can have her personal heaven or maybe baby jesus overthere takes applicants. If not, she'll just be dead the moemnt shes no longer remembered
i kinda hope that after the funeral i dont have to go to the "afterparty" i dont know the custom in other countries here you get some kind of expensive afterparty with food and drink and familiy that hasnt seen eachother since the last funeral eating and drinking for free
its about closure they say
mwell ... maybe
i hope i can avoid that part, i have no need for it and im sure im not needed there
ill go to the funeral ofcourse, hope theres no open casket, i really want to keep the memory i have (thats something else than the usual huh precious, dont worry, the usual will be back soon, after all im still stuck in this place)

07/27/2017 03:05:45 am
o "le post" huh? yes ofc..WHAT? ... CREATE?

"are you making suggestions again ?
did i not tell you baby jesus will hurt someone for every single unasked for suggestion or attempt at manipulation ?
i AM creating ... two lines of code a day if im not too busy fending off crHackers-on-meth , trumpians and local inbreeds in het land van de slimste mens ter wereld (lets not forget tjoeppen but he qualifies as the latter)
do you have my money, bitch ? every cent i didnt make since the day you put me back here? NO ? then dont talk to me ... YOU are not invited

07/26/2017 04:06:26 pm
meanwhile in Soviet Belgium, the capital of democratic Europe

"just like that ?
Dear MEGA user,

Thank you for your support and thank you for using MEGA.

First of all, is any of the following your Internet service provider in the machine you have mentioned that you have the issue?:

Unfortunately the ISP Scarlet has blocked access to mega.nz (the actually blocking seems to come from the Belgian federal government. FEDICT seems to be a government linked body).

Please complain to your ISP and demand an explanation from them.

just like that .... ?
yea i will, so NO ONE, and thats NO ONE informed me of this, its a typical fascist hellgian move ... they get some ruckus over a law , wait for a scandal then pass it "behind closed doors" and the hellgians suck dick like their name was Satellius, the NSA-lapdog. Its the united lobbies of the free world AGAIN isnt it ? Trump has drones and microsoft sucks NSA dick (as in they give your shit without a warrant). Mega can't cos you have to keep your encryption key yourself. Meanwhile the news goes SCANDALOUS! IRAN WANTS TO BAN ENCRYPTION !
and meanwhile in soviet belgium ... use the cloud they say, microfags will ban you for no reasons given and you dont get to back up your shit. Google respects your privacy SO much that on an account with 2600+ videos (among lots of ther shit lie a few 1000 pics and dozens of documents) they wont let you talk to a human to prove its you (how hard can that be over thousands of files ?) and you get the recurring script (thats not an a.i. ok) BUT YOU CAN GET A NEW ACCOUNT AND ITS ONLY HALF THE PRICE OF AN SSD TWICE THE SIZE
per month ... ITS the lobbies isnt it ?
blocking mega?
FIRST ONE to ask me why the hell i would wanna leave here cos "ITS SOOOO GOOD" can get his teeth handed to him well, think again, mister most number of cops per square metre in europe YOU STILL DONT UNDERSTAND WHY IM SO FUCKING TICKED ABOUT YOUR RUINING MY LIFE AND MY CHANCE TO GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE IM 40 ..? you still dont understand i'll never wanna be here in this retard neonazi controlfreak fascist stasi hole ?
yea well ...
oh hoh ... well we already knew you're great at creating aversion, but not so much at fixing it ... 2nd most deliverance to Syria shows a bit of that ... your response would be ... force .. vulgar display of power, threats, "or else", masjen! , and if you dont, hide it somewhere dark cos its inconvenient, meanwhile the numbers dont lie, so WHATS THIS ABOUT ? im not even sure its that, okay, it works perfectly on the other machine, even through a vpn tunnel in belgium
HOWEVER, missing the point there is : i wasnt informed that mega is criminal cartel that has to be blocked ? is this b/c obama decided they could invade new zealand with a swat team on "allegations" ? cos thats what they did euh, and nz-panzies stond erbij en keek ernaar cos if THAT is what this is ? copyright guantanamo ? ofcourse, none of the other 100 cloud services are enabled to store anything but licensed material thats for sure, all we know for sure is microsoft makes no secret that it sucks NSA dick and gives your data without warrant if they ask, hell, i actually read they get a free key to the backdoor ... office, windows .. you name it, they dont even HAVE to ask
so whats this about ? this about obama saying "allegations" and invading new zealand and you lick his balls cos if thats the case, seeing as if obama is a softie and all that i dont even wanna think how much you gonna roll over if a nut like Trump simply looks at you funny ?
well, they wont LIE, right ? if they say fedict asked for a block then im sure they did, if they say scarlett complied then im sure they did, good reason never to get scarlett actually ... sounds like theres not really a law been passed to block it but for some reason these days you can "ask" to ? law or not , i see. So you licked Obama balls and blocked mega ? and left the members of the united lobbies open for business? IS THAT IT?
yes YOU ARE, you're WAY better at creating aversion than you are at fixing it
you're great at it, the united lobbies should HIRE you if they want to destabilize a country, costs a lot less than trump has drones
fucking covert fascist hellhole ... you owe me a decade of life and all the money i didnt make since the day you put me here ... if you woulda let me do, id be out of here for years now, somewhere quiet and with no name making no noise
fucking retard nazi hellhole
back in the day in soviet belgium ...


YEsss, i DO think invading new zealand to raid someones house on "alleged claims" with MORE crew than it took to take down bin laden is NOT how it is done ... clearly NOT
i also think that all your bullshit is just that. If i said YEARS ago i WANNA MOVE TO CHINA (back then twas china cos the dragon hadnt really risen yet, now its asia but thats none of your business cos the intent is to never come back here and to never see or hear anything from here again
and thats never gonna change even if you succeed in pinning me down 20 more years in hellville here ... if i did i would KNOW theres a greendam, they dont lie about it ... the reasons given are the reasons given, you know its there, you go there, you expect it to be, HELL , even the united lobbies have freedom of information act, its a diversion, probably used a lot to direct to shiney honeypots that say "secret sleaze-files here" with neon lights above them but THEY HAVE IT ... here with your raison d'état ? i have no clue what to expect ? is that piratebay dude still rotting in isolation ? in ISOLATION btw, why the fuck would he be in isolation ? you think its about that ? ITS NOT, its about i just did the numbers on slashdot and its about the most number of cops per square meter in europe , its about rightwing old fucks thinking the south will rise again and its about I HAVE HATED THIS PLACE SINCE I WAS 15, THIS COUNTRY IS NOT FOR ME BUT IT ALWAYS KEEPS ME HERE ... THIS IS THE LAND OF NO PORTUNITY, its good for dog people and ball licking protocol suits, not for me or mine and as long as im stuck here, there will be nothing, so stop the pushing, no "dating" no "love" no masjen, NOTHING, no friends no sex, NOTHING, as long as im stuck here, I DONT CARE, I WASNT ASKING FOR YOUR OPINION BITCH
ofcourse you're free to give it, just dont shout it in my ear as if it means something to me
that shit ? i dunno ... silly archaic stuff like citizens rights and euh ... civil liberties and stuff like ... o , sure, so what is your reason to bring a military force across our borders to take down a man in his home ? he blew up wall street or something ? OH, i see ... alleged copyright infringement ... maybe ... ah, THATS your reason to bring military force across OUR borders to take down OUR resident ? Do you have any proof then can i see some ? No, we're actually looking for it .... oh , i see ...
in my world that would be : I DONT THINK SO BITCH
in your world its "the law" right ... Well i'm afraid theres a lot of people in that other world who think your law is just that, and if its just that then that is just what its worth
GO FUCK YOURSELF up yo mommas ass pl0x ... you owe me a decade of life btw, and every cent i didnt make since the day you put me here, thats a SHITLOAD of money PLUS intrest

07/26/2017 06:58:46 am
i might have said it once or twice but heil Satoshi

"as in : all these protocol suits making the world turn 100 times as slow as it would without actually pushing it forward to 5x or 10x ... HOW COME a few scruffy squatrats like satoshi and amir-sama whip up a fucking thing called blockchain that does NOT need monkeys to turn a swing to keep it going, does not need human supervision, RUNS GLOBALLY 24FUCKING7 without a fucking glitch FOR FREE ... give it to the world and then JP Morgan rises from the grave like OMG THAT CANT BE, REGULATE, then TEN YEARS LATER o well euhm ... we HAVE to be the FIRST to GET THAT, its FFA ALL MAN, i know all megasoft and banks is on it like vultures now, thing is : sofort and bancontact dont work between 3 and 6 am ... WHAT THE FUCK MAN ?
the blockchain does, its just HARD to pay if you need to buy with bancontact isnt it ... i dont like keeping in a wallet, I HAD, and then mtGOX happened so im cool with the taxes, if i count loss the state probably owes me on top of what it took and kept from me AHAAAHAHAHA (not funny, that would have been some money by now, maybe even A LOT if i was smart with it) but no, it just HAD to be fucked
step aside for the next gen, and make sure they're not like harvard yale or oxbridge, its clear where the talent lives
in squat dumps and dark rooms, doing unpaid programming just to PISS YOU OFF ... i really understand why ... i used to be like well why waste time on pissing those fuckers off but since a while now i REALLY REALLY GET THE POINT .. you got me so riled im on cs after 2 minutes with tor but ofCOURSE its all fixed , done and back up in five ... its just you lot ... you make me look i got issues, but i got fucking knives in my back, my shadow looks like sonic
sir ... MOTHERFUCKER, fucking slag bat bitch ass motherfucking suit shit oldworld bastards

07/26/2017 06:21:40 am
heh ... blah en bleh, nothing changed nothing will while here

"added another transition to slidpic, im gonna be left with a basket of snippets by the end of the year to do nothing with cos there is no business and you put me here so there will be none as long as im stuck here ... also not hug & kiss or schoenen kopen morgen in de solden, not zuipen bij sintj annaken or masjen ba remong en rap trakteren, mijn oeër es al lank af, lek nen echte moun, ik oug mijn annn liever om a wijf te vingere jong, PLAT e, ge ziet ik pas ma oeën aja ...
id do top and bottom (its kinda simple if you just build on blocks you built isnt it, just tweak some add a variable here and there and the more you go the more it moves hah
but i need to pay my vpn, nothing but shyte with okpay since moneypolo took over, cant use crypto anymore, i need to prove who i am AGAIN ... wtf is up with that shit man ? bancontact and sofort doesnt work between 3 and 6 am ? WTF MAN ?
and so i post my website on every profile and woe the ppl who read this HHAHA, i think you do it on purpose to ruin my image like you ruined my life thing is I DONT WANT AN IMAGE, THE PLAN WAS AND IS TO MOVE OUT OF HERE and to NOT be heard from

07/26/2017 04:33:22 am
backups, backups, backups, backups

"you never know when crHackers-on-Meth4Trump, Satellius and the fairy squad or tjoeppen's inbreed coalition and the fatass milfs are gonna try and strike that same old strike again
so another day passed, it got me absolutely nothing but the same hate i always had for the place and stupid 1830s shit like

Oh snap! You got an error!

    Bancontact / Mistercash can be used between 06:00 and 03:00.
Oh snap! You got an error!

    Sofort can be used between 06:30 and 02:00.
i havent found anyone, server maintenance are the only obscure words i got so far ... like SERVER MAINTENANCE ? GLOBAL PAYMENT SYSTEM DOES SERVER MAINTENANCE DURING 3 AND 6 AM BELGIAN TIME


07/26/2017 01:57:37 am
dont do dishes

"thats not cool
fine, do you have my money bitch ? money for the maid ? for my place in asia for me and my cat ? no ? well then i guess ill be doing dishes when dishes need doing, wasting time on menial shit. As for skype, i cant talk at night now , people sleeping, can text ,not talk, im sorry but i barely live by day, shouldnt be a problem for people living on the other side of the planet :)
few weeks then i got the house to me can talk 24/7 (-ish) , K, so k, do i need to repeat anything have repeated daily since the day you stuck me here ?
good ... cos nothings changed

article title
CATched my eye
07/23/2017 03:00:08 pm
electronic music superhero aphex twin unearths massive free music vault class= margin
what WE've been reading
07/15/2017 15:05:35 am

Liespotting : proven techniques to detect deception

18:15 85% of communication is non verbal ...
see .. i already more than once expressed my view on written word, as well as the use of extensions negating the need to evolve (most people dont get that since most people would sooner understand creationism than causality from the big bang until now ... if we accept "the big bang" as "it" ... point zero , where the eugh, gods man, whats those things called ? you need them for super symmetry but they're not here so i always thought they were like blasted backwards (in time) from point zero and that would make the universe not topple over since at the other side of time there's an anti (godsmofodam i just saw a piece about it a few months agon but im really not the names and numbers guy ... and probably off topic)
AH Yé !
written word has lead to a lot of misery, so has spoken word removed the need for evolution more or less and also due to the fact that no one actually understands body language "instinctively" (which is a nice short version of you learned it through trial and error while living (=surviving) by experience, no one taught you ... but you dont HAVE to cos you have "words" , right ?
someone recently called me batman again (some remnant of some oldbat nazi defamation campaign or try-to-use-me-for-the-cause i think theres a pattern there (one i dont give a shit about) but its catman, right, if anything and more, cats CERTAINLY have vocabulary, they have intonation and expression of mood by sound, but most of it also happens with the whole body, position of the tail, movement and movement speed, position of the ears and body posture, combined with soundwaves make up communication, in humans its not cos someone chose to "write that it is so now" the laws of nature suddenly changed (the legalist myth, you know the parable of the judge who forbade (forbode ? forbiddestest?) the train to run over the man but when the man jumped the train still did it ? NO ? and when the judge asked : why diddes thouest doest that, IT IS THE LAW, IT IS WRITTEN
the train said : "i am a train"
never heard it ? ofcourse not its one of my stories i use to explain the laws of reality to inbreeds with degrees
so it removes the chance at happenstance it does not alter "the will of god" ... use of extensions takes away something crucial for evolution : accidents
and what i was gonna say : because no one understands body language anymore (not cos its not taught, it was NEVER taught, it was "instinctive" (as explained above) ... its just no longer need since theres words
theres a lot of misunderstanding ... people are shy, scared, weary , whatever ... plotting, scheming ... and the word is word , right ?
thats it
word ... thats enough for today before my brain catches fire, its TOOO FUCKING HOOOOT

next day 18:02 ...
its FUCKING way above my braingrade to think in these degrees
slow .. HOT ... no weather for brainy stuff and i dont have airco
listening with half an ear ... about time to pretend to sleep until i fall asleep for 30 seconds after which the house decides i cant
keeps me tired, and blurred
as far as i have observed when apes (the kind that doesnt use phones-that-are-smart-) look like they're smiling, they usually show fear due to some kind of respect for a bigger brute ... is what i have observed in apes ... you say you descend from that, so ...
it stands to reason then if expression arent based on culture ? i suppose we are talking root-expressions here since its somewhat impossible that neanderthals had all the abstract complexities today allows (most wont use it since well, its "weird" but its there right , abstract ideas , thoughts that encompass a whole book at once, an idea, a whole WORLD ? universe probably a bit beyond omega for sapients ... unless you think in words ? thats SLOW, man, thats like a von neumann-turing computer versus zee russians teleporting qubits into quantumcryptspace over distances never seen before is instant (as far as is observable perhaps very close to)
né ? but its too hot to think
18:14 ... stealing seems to be one but i have my own view since nothing is original by now
i see watzlawick (see i am THAT much of a numbers man i have to look up the spelling of the name EVERY fucking time even though i never had less than a or a+ on my spelling and essays, ...?) i dont function like a spreadsheet and i dont work on dopamine ... you can't tell me to "AND IN TEN YEARS YOU WILL HAVE" ... doesnt work ... (instant gratification huh ? its not a generation thing 99.9% of all i knew are mum&dad now, paying of loans and hoping the house wil be theirs in 20 years and no longer the banks, and most of them did more drugs than i did in those two years of my life)
SO ... watzlawick got the mustard from freud and darwin hm ? its a remix if you're a scientist then? the first axiom is as brilliant in communication science as einsteins is to physics , i derived my own from it : first axiom of catlawick :"its impossible to not interpret" ... but since im not a certified dustball if i do that its crank or "probably gotten from tv"
well im afraid its not, thats where inspector columbo gets you every time doesnt he ... you failed to make me cat marx and you failed to make me catolf hitler ... because i AM NOT A FUCKING DOG (the metafor stand) rudyard catling , the cat that walked alone
watzlawicks axioms im sure must be known to the author, no ?
theres only one that truly matters, the others are derivatives
what day are we ? 17:44
there you go again dear, let me do an assesmment of my own : you're american ? "humans are narcissistic bunch" ...? NO, and thats exactly IT right there, AMERICANS are a narcissistic bunch ... see, that alone leads to trumpian reactions (we got a word for that now huh) b/c i'm anti-american but simply the same is if when i say einstein was a genius or einstein had nothing but controversy around him all the time, i'm not saying i am einstein, just like that i'm NOT saying americans are the only narcist culture (but by far the biggest one im saying THAT, united lobbies of the free world et al) ... and im NOT anti-american ... but you clearly don't know many out of your own sphere so "humans are a narcissistic bunch ... you knew lowlands here, you wouldnt say that, they have their nose in the mud and NOT standing out is inbred since the place has been run over and under foreign rule for about 2000 year, it breed the narcism out, dearie
off-topic to the book but TIME after TIME after TIME , from hollywood movies where ALIENS INVADE
america and "the lea lea lobbies of the free world is our responsibility to put download mom in copyright guantanamo to we have to extradite upload son for waterboarding, or drop swat teams on kim dotcoms house in new zealand COS WE CAN, we totally ignore that WE gave birth to al qaeda due to afghanistan and subsequently IS in iraq BUT we expect everyone to aid the war machine"
down to "humans" are a narcissistic bunch ... sapient are a sorry lot, ill give you that much, but allow me to still call it observers bias ... galileo long ago proved, the united lobbies is not what the sun revolves around
so pardon the interruption so far i'm scanning first time while melting inside in my dark room must be 35 or 40 degrees at the window
but it stuck out like a sore thumb , and these small things, you probably dont even notice but i tell you : narcism is inherent to american culture
that said i can , from my pov agree that in my case the more i got pushed over bad grades and punished, the worse they got, i would do about anything to NOT do it .. including lying, however, your idea of the more punishment the more lies is probably a generalisation, see the thing is, reading "normals" is not very hard since they're normal, i should know because im not and i spent a LOT of time standing against the wall as a very very little kid who could read while they were playing kick the can and show me yours in kindergarten ... i dont wanna demean the book, im sure you wouldnt have gotten on ted if it had no worth but i often find these how-to psychology manuals missing the part where the title smallprint mentions (applies to middle of the bell curve only, if you want generalisation you wont get it you'll have to subdivide and some weirdos cant be classified but so far it sounds pretty on spot hahah)

bottom up comments ... im not sure, this is just on the fly like the whole site might show errors or flaws if you go further back in time since i didnt bother updating the css tags on posts from 2016 -> 2015 etc
... well im gonna ... only cos she got a talk on Ted ... i mean, theres about a thousand on how to get rich in five minutes, train your brain to be einstein, mindcontrol your neighbour and spot lies from a mile away, its not like i just go for everything on legs with a bald pussy, right ?

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