Well its demo's , one might even say empirical study. Wether its how its done or not is irrelevant since clearly if "how its done" would actuall work everyone would be a forex millionaire, nothing would be produced, the economy and the world would collapse, so maybe so far its a good thing the wall-streetians keep up the statistical mumbo on pivot points and bla based on one big statistic built over 50 years or more which is totally retarded since the global and local situations are not accounted for which means all the numbers are treated as if the situation that created them has always been the same. Gamblers BIAS, make money while sleeping dreams. Which doesnt mean its not possible. Theres just very few people who manage it over long periods. Nuff said cos im not a suit (and those fuckers get jealous, yes even over a demo they would cos "thats not how its done" and "know thy place, peasant"