Well its demo's , one might even say empirical study. Wether its how its done or not is irrelevant since clearly if "how its done" would actuall work everyone would be a forex millionaire, nothing would be produced, the economy and the world would collapse, so maybe so far its a good thing the wall-streetians keep up the statistical mumbo on pivot points and bla based on one big statistic built over 50 years or more which is totally retarded since the global and local situations are not accounted for which means all the numbers are treated as if the situation that created them has always been the same. Gamblers BIAS, make money while sleeping dreams. Which doesnt mean its not possible. Theres just very few people who manage it over long periods. Nuff said cos im not a suit (and those fuckers get jealous, yes even over a demo they would cos "thats not how its done" and "know thy place, peasant"
three months in for most now ... i never liked EUR/USD its like a mountain goat, thats why its the favourite of "spread-betters" ... yea in the uk its considered gambling i hear and hence tax-free, in hell its non-regulated markets and what not as some banker explained to me
and it would be hard too cos you can't tell how much plus or minus until you close all trades on one account, until then there is no way of saying how much money has been gained or lost (i mean for the taxvampires here, i bet they wont give you a return if you lose 5k on it either hahah)
so three months in 4 / 6 ... see i close all of it down on 4 at this exact moment ? i 'lose' about thousand but in three months time i gained about 500 ... if i dont close down it might be zero tomorrow or simply more or less so
thats why its non-regulated ... if by the end of the year i push in one trade to kill them all, the total profit is zero ... but this demo here, where i get 10% in three months IF i close all the rest down with a loss tells you this precious :
on top of not having finished my social studies, not having that part-time job because of it, and not being able to startup my very small pcfixing network laying website and small solutions coding business
with this on top you ruined my fucking life ten times over the day you put me here, so i will NEVER get the feeling that i owe anyone at all anything at all
no matter what you say or do or threaten me with, you want to calculate the total sum on that over all the years since ive been stuck in smallville then? cos thats what it is AT THE VERY LEAST