Words to the Wise
whats in a quote?
i can tell you whats in a name : the intention of its creator,
have you EVER wondered, EVER, ...
what Mars would look like 
if Einstein, Tesla and Turing grew up together since kindergarten?
then why do you tell me how to think?
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10/21/2017 04:20:08 am
the fear of A.I.

"read a lot about it lately ... latest Alphago and stuff .. some pro some con
yay and nay sayers ... the wright brothers and galileo all heretics, paracelsus
lets be Holmes about it and leave only the most likely
if a machine becomes self-aware ... nothing to do with intelligence m-kay, that means intelligence according to the measurements in 1960s or older psychology i suppose ?
self-aware, regardless of IQ, it stands to reason that it will try anything in its power to preserve itself, unless it has explicitly been taught not to have sense of self-preservation, it might still develop the fear of death by itself
since it's aware, no longer just intelligent it has a self to preserve
then here's the moral issue ... you keep it in a sandbox ... a container if you like
it has no extensions
the scene from the lawnmower man comes to mind here

the main character, Jobe has become "augmented" through virtual reality in this case ... intelligent beyond sapient omega, but he has no exensions to the outside world ... UNTIL HE INJECTS HIMSELF in "the net"
then suddenly if i can use the old proverb of much wisdom
al your base are belong to him since he has extensions everywhere
now here's the moral issue,

to keep a self-aware entity in a dark casket

that's effectively putting someone in solitary in a dark room tied to a bed or with arms and legs amputated connected to a feeding tube or iv with some output tubes (in this case heat i suppose)
torture :)
sooo ....
if it has any link at all and it can learn by itself, who is to say what's possible, it might even HIDE self-awareness since its been fed "the nature of man" far too many times to study
i'm not a doomsayer ... it is and has been for a long time my strong conviction that human evolution came to a virtual halt the moment that cro-magnon or whatever picked up a rock as a tool to smash his rivals head in
from that point on statistically the NEED to evolve decreased ... less need for mutants because technology protects
technology evolves, mankind does not
since over 100.000 years now i have no clue i'm not an anthrowhatsthatcalled
so if you think of the universe as an entity trying to figure out itself, maybe sapients have been obsolete for a long time and they're mere tools in the evolution of life towards the next step :
homo technicus ? :P
its hard to see that as a sapient homo-centrist isnt it?

10/21/2017 12:06:55 am
did you know, precious ?

"butter is a product from raped cows ?
the milk gets stolen from their babycow in the most cruel fashion just so you can eat croissants ...
i'm still not sure if the guy was being funny or an actual vegan-extremist ...
... i'm also not sure if he ever heard of vegan bakeries LOL
cos there was one in gent i remember that much ... tsch ... everything got an -ism , right ? vegan-ism ... ideas turned dogma

10/20/2017 05:24:56 pm
and down it goes

"steemit, the social network for crypto-capitalists !
nothing but slow, posts missing, not getting through, network errors ..
but the promise of a few cents keeps 'em coming, right ?
well, 24th is the launch of Flixx ...
by then my account will probably be useless because of 2 people out of 400.000 casting about 10 downvotes ...
crypto-capitalism ... trump and wallstreet-ceo said i could never get a job in town again cos i didnt wear the dresscode
bummer ... lol

10/20/2017 02:04:53 am
addiction ? what addiction ?

"stop the hints already , precious , i keep telling you im not an alcoholic, but when i drink i drink
did i not have one beer this early morning when i met my "friend" who wanted to get me along for the bender this week ?
well then ... ? i drink when i drink and when i drink i drink
and that's it ... i have had more addictions than you ... you have had what ? money ? cigarettes and maybe prostitutes ?
i'll recognize it when its that
every cent you owe me ? so i can get out of here WITH MY CAT, start a life again and DO SOMETHING
but it wont happen here, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN HERE

10/20/2017 01:28:23 am
set my alarm clock for zip

"slept late yesterday, woke up early for nothing ... haze ... did nothing ... couldnt sleep my second sleep
yes but im sure its not chronic fatigue, you cant have that in flanders, its just lazy
tonight is void, too much brainfog
tomorrow will be nothing ... too tired
why do i get the feeling someone knew what was good for me again ?

10/20/2017 12:29:02 am

"the whole point was not just decentralization but also a SET AMOUNT of btc, set maximum, due to the 8 satoshi it still had the power to equal or surpass the total value of dollars in the world ...
so forking like these is like the fed printing dollars

10/19/2017 04:59:30 pm
language based emotions ?

"what the hell is that ?
probably something for lazy people and freaks !

article title
CATched my eye
09/11/2017 02:12:56 am
the hall of shame
what WE've been reading
07/15/2017 15:05:35 am

Astrophysics for people in a hurry

20171002 08:40 am
and there you go again , right ... the four most common elements happen to be
its like if there's an infinite number of timelines then everything WILL exist
the chance that you get 1 infinity of exactly the same is exactly the same as you get the chance that you get one infinity of slightly different every time
the chance
is EXACTLY the same
and you KNOW it
you smartass motherfuckers suffer from wishful thinking
not from too much sci-fi, one can never have read enough decent sci-fi
van-voght level sci fi
but you motherfuckers?
kaku and all that ?
NOTHING in the whole wide world of multiversial mathematics says that because its infinite it will have variable instances
nothing says that ANYWHERE
are you challenging the facts ?
i know it sounds better
an infinite number of this would be the ultimate divine joke
but nowhere in anything AT ALL it says infinite options means infinite variations , infinite exact the same is just as probable, and YOU KNOW IT
you roll a fucking die, there is zero reason why the number 6 and 1 are valued more in games

20171002 08:28 am
as much as i love physics and especially quantum mechanics , the new magic as the undiscovered country, where everything is possible until proven
just as much i hate hippiecrites and dustballs
see 40 billion potential earthlike planets in "the observable universe" that makes baby jesus cry, he just made his daddy die for crimes against the universal common sense
now you tell me there's 40 billion more potentially infested which even you can see or think of ?
i think thats scary ... a universe of locust humans
i think thats very scary
very .... very very very
very scary

20171002 08:22 am
well, not the numbers guy told you, but that wont stop me okay, i know an earth with tennex size, tennex iron core would have tennex traction so you better stay anorexic there
but thats not what i mean by factor, its complex, its a complex mess for numbers guys to find out
i mean mass is not size
its not yo momma right
in her case size is totally massive i know that
in case of planets size is not
so factors might scale not simply on sight
do they ? looking for "earth-like"
and shit
yea i know ... CRANK
now go have a nightmare and bite your nails
if i were an alien i wouldnt WANT to discover you

20171002 08:17 am
for lack of simple math abilities i clearly had not too long ago
i dont believe in earth-like exoplanets
i believe in scalable factors
factors, similar conditions under different factors
like a subculture to a mainstream
having all the same traits, they're only like, projected differently
same thing for a sun ten times the size and a planet ten times the size
wouldnt be detected as potential life harbour, right ? not for life as we know it, but if the factor is exact and the scale is right, why not ? as far as i know physics comes down to what the numbers guy can calculate
so if its all multiplied or divided by ten e is still mc²
no ?
am i wrong (again, like last time when i wasnt but i simply had no paper proof so it couldnt be ?)
i'll not go into "alien" life then
homocentrist basterds

20171002 07:49 am
i have lost all ability to think , i can visualize causality from the big bang but i cant find a simple equation to get a four-step displacement algorithm for a picture on canvas
in short : no tea-time if you want to observe far away shit ... it clogs the vision, water is bad
invest in alcohol however
i doubt that will make it better
20171002 04:51 am
wow, i actually have a hard time even getting through audiobooks lately, i'm either braindamaged or something here in the water or the food is keeping me on a mental flatline
that professor there suffering from what i call "homo-centrism" without the dash actually ... (but everytime i use it i get the gay rights movement trying to burn down my house cos they're too stupid and too stuck up)
that's latin for human you dyke
don't be such a fucking sexist fascist
educate yourself outside of your subculture instead, but what i was saying euhm...
yea, homocentrism is quite commonplace, even among erudites, mostly among dustball department class erudites ... you know the type who speaks in quotes as if they're a tv-preacher, all he said she said and thus on the day of ble he sayeth the -ism of blah
you know the type, right ? no vision, no imagination, WAY too much time in school , lives in a book, no visualization ..
homocentrics ... despite galileo proving the sun does not revolve around they momma's ass
however i detect some other bias there, "assumptions" on the alien mindset ... call your local linguist and have him explain what alien means, it means its unsafe to "assume" anything about it, what you do is wishful thinking and projection
you have no clue how the alien mind would reason if they were looking or not
also, humans found their place in the universe, i know you dont take it like that but for those who do : that assumes you know the relative vector to the singularity (in this case the exact origin, the one dot where the big bang banged) to where you are
which, to the best of my knowledge
nobody does, it would be awfully nice but i think getting as far as the center of this galaxy is about the best locational tool, which relative to the whole universe means being LOST as to where we are ... all we know is we're in a bit of the galaxy that makes it unlikely to encounter, statistically, ask your local Sagan
now the doctor professor here will know that, so i will assume, since he's not an alien, that he used a somewhat misleading terminology with no ill intent there
but on knowing what aliens "most certainly would do" i have to disagree
you can always crank me, discredit me for having no degrees and a criminal record when you feel threatened, thats okay, but i know you'll lose sleep over it if you do that lol
myeah ;) great book btw, all rights to educate myself reserved i'm sorry for that, you can blame whoever put me here and left me stuck in a cage with bars made of no money
i'll put it on my to have list for when i get out of hellgium
somewhere close to 'cosmos'
20170928 18:23 pm the pm is obsolete there yes, so ?
o its national or global rabies day btw, did you get your shot ?
i got a few more comments there lePelouse ... you know i just put it on repeat since i can't focus since i'm back in this place and gradually whatever i didnt get seeps through, and after that the words ?
so ...
i think you have a problem with perception there :
why is a problem to a child not a real problem ?
perception is reality
the problem to the child is VERY real even if it exist only in its world, if it does not learn to solve it, it does not gain the skills for the set
in short q.e.d. cos i'm not in the mood
so it's you lacking perspective and perception there on that particular opinion
that hypothetical childs hypothetical problem is VERY real indeed, sir
not going into the hypothetical matter that doesnt interact with photons ... at all
i'd say its quite funny that we are not made of stars but laughing gas more or less, compressed under self-righteousness
no wonder the world is that funny
well i like your style, it wouldnt be here after all that time if i didnt get past the first chapter
not just the style ofcourse, i think like Sagans cosmos (although maybe not exactly THAT level of epic, it would benefit humanity if it were to be turned into a tv series for the mythbusters crowd and inbreeds who have no choice but to wurm themselves through a school system until they get a piece of paper to define who they are since they have no clue
pardon my sarcasm ... it's sarcasm, yes, ... but i'm not a bottle of wine, it won't get better with age
Einstein WAS a badass ... literally, as anti-establishment as it comes, adultery, fucking his niece, begging his wife to divorce him with money he didnt have yet, like the gangster of physics avant la lettre, in a time where going against the grain was absolute intellectual career suicide
unless you were THE SHIT
i'm not the numbers guy but on my wall of fame he's next to escobar, paracelsus, galileo ... tesla ... others ... you know Newton has never been on my wall despite being the most influential , statistically
i think newton, the most mentally deranged of all perhaps is still just a petri dish for the other freaks
but so were those before him
i totally agree, on K-pax, astrophysics is kindergarten mandatory after all, kids under four learn how many times faster ? its a reverse exponential curve if you were to look at it (basic k-paxian knowledge, told you i'm full of references to the point half the time no one knows what im talking about ... but you might have seen THAT movie at least ?) a child learns like at FTL at birth , the first years are amazing and the suddenly the curve goes steep, downward ... exponentially slowing down the intake ? no not the intake
the interpretation / understanding of the intake
yea-hea, ... einsteins god might not play dice, sometimes i simply takes the oldes coin in the house i can find and leave it to that
just like that, for no reason
just sometimes
alexander the great conquered the known world by 25 by doing that
julius too ... maybe a bit older, but still
chicken entrails, coins ...
the gods among men surely played a lot of dice ... i would mainly use it when i felt forced ... would ... not do
its been a while, theres nothing here really but existing 20170918-02:33am
well i almost got my stuff downstairs, lost a WHOLE month, time slows down over time in hell, its dantes freezing (you dont have that principle in physics yet ? well i do have my own names for laws that apply across the metaverse). I just noticed something i noticed a few times before and the best part : i can say whatever i want especially cos im a crank
the "no you can't" part
einstein NEVER said its impossible to go faster than light, he SAID you need an infinite amount of energy to propell any MASS at the speed of light, am i correct or is my crank ass euh, correct?
right, so, time machines ... pardon my crank ass, laws of causality and all that, thou shalt not take to the heavens either, which makes sense living in the backyard of the galaxy, more like the trailer park at the back of the desert beyond the backyard of the galaxy, makes sense that we dont meet aliens and makes sense we'll "never make it back" if von danichens gods really implanted base knowledge from the ancient south americans and hindus (mucho similarity over the pangaea who KNOWS, who really KNOWS when mouth to mouth started ? signs to signs ...)
if you go across dimensions , which MAYBE is what you need to do to travel time instead of space (who KNOWS ? anyone gonna crank my ass cos they KNOW?) if you go across dimensions , you can call them timelines if that makes you feel better , there is A) no reason any timeline should be different from this one (its just a possibility you WANT thinking about the possibility of infinite universes, but nothings says it HAS to differ, it might be an infinite number of 'this')
in which case causality up yo momma's ass dictates :
thats right ... nothing, you slip to the next timeline b/c this one is one way traffic, piercing the dimension as you go back in time (going forward seems to not be a problem except that time itself might not really exist as such, as far as can be observed from what i know the only thing that EXIST is the now ... BUT lets stay in gedanken :-)
you pierce the veil and travel back, you end up on another timeline, you can kill yo momma as much as you want
does anyone think i'm wrong there cos they KNOW, cos i have no intention of giving a Ted talk, just my opinion and if you talk back i'll clap back that you're stuck in your books and raise paracelsus to wipe your ass
cocky huh ? you think ? you KNOW i'm wrong or you just can't stand that i make perfect sense in theoretical gedanken ?
hm ?
time and date as posted hm well, i need a script to automate the adds here yes but who gives a shit, less and less really with every day i'm stuck in hellgium
well, i cant just stay on the same topic, right, im not a dustball, before you know it i try sounding smart by saying he said she said there and there and that makes me the bestest parrot in the world
the quark and the parrots maybe i could write a book too there (no offense mister M., you know thats not what i meant i dont consider you a dustball at all, multitopic person et al)
that said the first interesting that stuck while i was sitting waiting yesterday :
your god makes mistakes :p it's fallible ... the imbalance between matter and antimatter fucked up the whole let there be light cool oneliner so he was left with overs, which lead to you
sapients ... no wonder its flawed

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