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06/25/2017 11:40:25 am
04:30 ... thats a micro-grilled chicken egg & bacon springroll mate ...
i made way too many as the picdiary will show a few pages back so i froze them, now i get one out, put it on micro / grill combo, pour some soy sauce and its actually pretty good
nah ... anarplex ... "the treasure which is privacy" ... i really DO think theres a lot more crypto- than pedo filed under the biggest section of the web but .. you know, its the few that make the basket stink, right, besides ... we all know what the problem is : controlfreakery governmentside and "we arent making money from it" microfascist corporate-side ... crypto-tribes writing philosophical essays on privacy ... not quite Spinoza or Kant im afraid, dustball but well worth the read .. i think they even have a surface-node that can be googled

The Philosophy of Privacy Extremism emphasizes that privacy should be
maintained in all situations; that if in question, privacy should be given
preference, unless sufficient arguments to the contrary apply to the specific

Privacy serves as a necessary condition for engaging in meaningful and truthful interpersonal relationships.

i prefer to say : "raping my privacy is a capital offense according to my law", one which will never be forgiven, but well ... i also say fuck as if its actually a versatile letter combination and not something about bleeding baby jesus ears so who am i, right ? SOMEBODY, what am i ? nobody ... FUCK YOU, precious, 13 hours till i can get my logins back hm ... better not get in the way there
Furthermore privacy is a necessary condition under which a person can develop
a self and embrace individual responsibility for decisions and actions that
result from them.

A denial of privacy to the contrary establishes and maintains a lack and loss
of esteem, respect and value in and for things and other persons.

Privacy should therefor be the strong standard for personal behavior,
normative for those that thrive towards personal human positive development.
mwell ... dont make me say you made me read that, you might actually try take credit for ruining my life as if it were a good thing
m hm, debunch your fucking panties, suit ... you think they let anyone in to buy dumps ? you dont get in unless you're invited or someone brings you along ... your kid wont run off with the neighbours families credit card numbers that easy ... as for the rest, i think its completely against massmedia misdirected opinion but very true when i say Elliott Ness did nothing to the dread pirate roberts just like if they had left Escobar in place, maybe even opened up to him as president (as if the americans would actually do something like help someone to power when it suits them ... that would be SO un-democratic) ... Colombia MIGHT have been one massive drug cartel now but at least everyone would know where it comes from , the quality could be controlled and so could the flow, now its fishing in the dark isnt it ? same thing, dread pirate roberts ... its a symbol, right ... kill it, it disperses, now you dont know where to throw your bait cos its everywhere ... as for kiddie pr0n and animal abuse i think i stand where everyone stands who isnt into rape as for snuff, well ... maybe vids of hunters being hunted is the hole in the market for rich veggiephiles, who knows
I THINK ITS FUNNY ? DO I? you think its funny ruining my life and sticking me here?
and after all youve done expecting shit from me, then BLOCKING ME, banning me from skype, blocking my numbers, FUCKING ME OVER gossip, harassment
FUCK YOU BITCH ... and your IS problem too, YOU CREATED IT, YOU FIX IT, why are you even looking at me ? i make a good scapegoat or something ? do i look like a goat?
12 more hours till i get my number back up ... maybe i can go back to the usual rant, wut ? inconvenient truths will get me threatened ? been there im afraid its too late to make me give a shit about how its done according to old men in suits , definitely too late to threaten me after taking everything
its just an opinion DUDE, if i had money i wouldnt be fucking living in this shithole, i havent gone below the surface in years but i actually REALLY got NOTHING better to do right now
so in case you missed the last 500 memos today : FUCK YOU
03:13 ... i think its at it again
wut ? well, the friendly guy from lycamobile customer service said : "simply go to the store, take your phone and your passport and you will be able to call RIGHT AWAY" so does he have reason to lie to random customers for teh flanders lulz , does he not know his job or are you simply trying to phase me again, precious ? im too tired to be phased, its also YEARS too late to make me care ... you kept me awake weeks on wrong hours, what would you expect ? that i suddenly decide this place is ok? LOL
i refuse to drop down before at least 4am , i HAVE to ... name, rank , number, you know the drill, drill ... I WONT
FUCKING ... COMPLY TO YOUR SHYTE, TOO LATE, at least 30 years too late
my eyes are sore like dried out since i got up after trying to get at least some closed eye for an hour or two ... i think its at it again, trying to push me into rising chickens and zomboid rythm to see how i behave. Makes sense, this noon i woke up cos i heard that fucking dogs name .. windows closed and all, since that shit got in my garden i react to it like i would to sirens in the distance while im in this town, my brains picks it up ... fuck that shit
wake up, linux pc boots up to a blue screen the x-server fucked ... CONVENIENT ... i take no heed since i assumed (thats -1 for me, assuming and shit) it was simply satellius being a gay fuck since they have been VERY gay fucks to me blocking me from social contact and all that, not letting me backup ... i just re-install i mean, whats better for safety than format c: right ? even on linux
after which i discover both my phones wont call or receive anything but the 1966 1976 lycamobile numbers and some opcodes or whatever thats called *101# to see own number and shit (and stuff) ... so ... i didnt actually expect anyone to pick up on a sunday evening but
apparently other than combell, lycamobile does it too ... sunday service (i dont know if they have 24/7 service like combell but mwell, its a lot MORE than anyone else could say) have the dude tell me like after i go like BUT I DID REGISTER, LIKE RIGHT AWAY COS I NEED THAT SHIT LIKE MY FUCKING DOORKEYS (cos thats what its for ... and the flashlight ... JA KEM TE WEL E LICHTJEN E MAAT, pls dont watch me swipe, i dont get a hard-on from that, RETARD).. o well, no something in the past , things ... retard things
very convenient, blocked from shit, my vpn just expired, i cant login to the place where i keep a few dollars i can spend in either dollars, euros or a few cryptos cos that needs several authentications, which all come down to at least one place that needs the phonenumber to login to
so i dont have vpn, so i cant ... actually do anything cos i cant login to anything (remember that convenient thing where you use google to login (or facebook whatever) so if you cant login to google you're fucked out of all the others, also if you cant login to the backup email since you dont keep a separate phone for all accounts, you're double fucked, so no vpn
leads to interesting reading material i guess ... layered web ... zqktlwi4fecvo6ri ... yea figure it out, genius ... you think its all kiddiepr0n, snuff and markets, right ? ofcourse you do
well i WOULDNT but it seems you INSIST ... its about what ... 80% of the whole internet ? 85% ? invisible and lurking ... that would be a whole lot of pedophiles and junkies, bro LOL
fuck you man, you and your shit masterplan control freakery, just like "it" .. think it wants to see how i behave during rising chicken zomboid hours when blocked off from anything that could possibly keep me sane after 10 years in a place i'll never agree to ... well , think on how einstein was convinced that the same laws apply over the whole board ? well, i DONT behave during daylight and / or while observed cos i hate daylight and i dont even function in it. I NEVER HAVE, ive been living late and night since as long as i can remember having an actual life .. which i havent had since the day you put me here
so, tomorrow, which technically according to conformismsistsisms is today already unless you live in ... mh where ? japan is almost noon i think so where is it not tomorrow yet? bolivia ? yea, bolivia .. had a very nice person to talk to there unless satellius turned out to be a gay microfascist fuck hiding behind the drones of the lobbies of the united free world ... noticed how you see a shitload of black vests again lately ? i think the golden dawn is setting in here too, i told you you're gonna get pogroms, cleansing and if not civil war, then what, and your solution is to block my phone so i cant login to my email so i cant login to anything ?
good job, bro, fuck you, DIE HORRIBLY
so i'll stay in bed listening to radio or something until the shop opens so i can have my number restored so i can go back to refusing rising chicken zomboid rythm, living at night and actually getting menial stuff DONE, instead of being paralyzed all day
nah, the number google asks for it says its in "security settings" is the number from the smallphone i lost, which i had tried to track AND disabled several times as lost so i have no clue how thats still in there ? the email needs the same number and after those options i simply get "we cant help you" ... where's the contact form, sergei ? o right, you did no evil, who's the guy then now ? Wheres the contact form ?
dont expect anything from me after ruining my life and sticking me here for 10 years i hope ?
oh, if you DO decipher it ... theres actually nothing to decipher, and check it ... dont ever go there on a windows pc m-kay ? well please do by all means but ... do you know what irony stands for ? irony stands for the US government CREATING Tor (like they did al-qaeda, putin might have flaws but hes 100% right in stating that, isnt he, Oliver, or are you a patriot cos trump has drones ? ....) and NOW they're probably the first ones to advocate how it needs to be taken down and shit LOL
try to remember, demented suitboy ... al capone didnt have Tor ... Pablo Escobar didnt have bitcoin, they had LOTSA dollars though ... and both made fortune on a situation created by government, not cos they were born with a gun in their hands
have i told you to fuck off yet ? probably not enough, so if you wanna know how i behave like normal people ? I DONT
you cant be THAT stupid as to expect shit from me after all that
22:54 ... google's very helpful btw ...
when did you create the account ???!??? eh ?
what was that other phonenumber you havent used in years ?? eeuuuhh .....
give us an email address you already linked to this account ... well, thats kinda protected by the same phonenumber
what was the reason you couldnt sign in ?
"other" (and then i think like im gonna get a textbox to explain what 'other' is) but
"thank you for your feedback" / sign in with another account ? NO DUDE, I NEED THIS ONE IT HAS ALL MY TWO FAC CODES
so where is this contact form exactly ?
IM GONNA NEED THAT NUMBER BACK, UP AND RUNNING , TOMORROW, cos today is acceptable for emergency reasons, but tomorrow wont be so dont get in the way of the man fixing it as lycamobile said, and dont push shit on me from shops that arent even open after six or on sundays
M-kay ?
you already owe me ten years of life, its not enough ?
you sure you can pay the intrest on that?
im gonna sleep bad tonight, worse than usual, and count the seconds until i can get there to have it fixed ... WHERE IS THE "contact us here" google ?
i can prove a thousand ways its me ... o i have all the aeon dustball department screenshots for one, and google photos for two ...
unless someone else keeps a few thousand pictures of my cats plus ALL the dozens of docs ive been writing, THATS ALSO ALL IN THERE DUDE, well actually all i salvaged after satellius was a gay fuck and banned me from skype (and onedrive) i also uploaded to google drive, so its literally ALL in there
this is massmurderworthy, thats how you create terrorists, stasi-boy
fucking hellgian stasishit ... that old number ? ? ? why would i remember my old number ... how can i have a different number in security settings btw ?
nevermind, lycamobile said it would so i should have faith, but i cant, not in anything belgian 21:01 ... see how you keep me awake again?
no i DONT have written codes pinned to my fucking wall in a house thats not even mine, the equivalent of my password ... i dont really SEE how that's a smart thing to do in 2017 and i actually dont feel sorry that i didnt, i dont wish i did
i wish YOU will die of cancer, demented and slowly for what you did to my life
and i dont "wish" that ill get out of here i WILL that i'll get out here (and thats intentional , not gremmar)
with or without phonenumbers
you know i have TWO yubikeys, some of the bestest shit i know of, as safe as anything that can be stolen but NOT TRACKED ... for some reason it NEVER got on top of the list
despite the fact that its cheap, secure, doesnt keep cookies or location data, doesnt send your music playlist to the companies who provide radio for supermarkets to play the common denominator analysed to be what makes you feel at ease the most ?
depending on the time of day ofcourse, instead, all majors have their own "authenticator", which i DONT USE
and i dont regret not doing so, the only problem here is your zero-value masterplan
fucking me over and out of it again
you is a generalised concept as i explained many times (which i shouldnt, Vance is right), in this case it means you, im sure the shoe fits
oh, i found another title ... if you need to ensure even better security for yubikeys try zee russians, i think i linked an article somewhere down there on how they use quantum cryptography (is that even a 'thing' or just a cool word?) to make sure Alice can't fuck with Bobs fotons without destroying them. Yea, the russians, i KNOW, its like the chinese right, im not supposed to but i DO wanna move to Asia and thats what i'll do but the russians are not my enemies, i think they have proven themselves to be quite resourceful over time, from molotov coctails to scorched earth over using a fucking pencil instead of millions for a ballpoint pen .. the trinary (whats it called terniary ? computer) and all that stuff ... same thing like jack ma gets a "smart city" to play with while i cant fucking login cos some government or stasi fuck thought the already done registration didnt count
IT NEVER COUNTS, i dont think quantum cryptography applies to the registration of simcards but maybe ... maybe if you ask the russians they have an idea ... your pride huh? i thought you christians couldnt have that, isnt it a sin or something ?
not being a christian does not make me a muslim .. not being a monotheist doesnt make me an atheist, not being an atheist doesnt make me a believer. I do believe in me and am 99% sure that i WOULD be living in asia by now if it wasnt FOR YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK
20:39 ... i wont, and i'll never be until i am where i set out to be cos that is where i need to be, YOU DONT KNOW "what is good for me"
i'll give you one last chance to shut up ... i personally NEVER anywhere spoke about how the hellgian stasi fucked up on the brussels fiasco since EVERYONE fucked up cos they shot up france too
BUT, like i said, last chance to SHUT THE FUCK UP, its an INTERNATIONAL organization where the SMART GUYS are not the ones who blow themselves up, six guys with kalashnikovs
THATS RIGHT, thats what they were, right? six guys with AK's .. they had AK47s and plastic explosive (which they probably made here, i never bothered to look up the details i know how belgian freedom of information goes ... its 1830s like the rest of the country) so if they got the AK's, what makes you think any terrrererrereristzoizsims would need to even threaten someone instead of just smuggling a few prepaid phones into the country ?
so is that the new contrabande now ?
scan for simcards at airports and implant a camera in the right eye of people who sell them here "to protect them" (thats what you would call it right?)
DONT GET IN THE HABIT OF PISSING ME OFF TO MAKE ME SPEAK, the natives get restless, and uncle Po has no requirement to be a genius either, but most of them ARE extreme rightwing
SO ...
this being van drukkerland hellgium im already trying to think about potential scenarios on how i could not get my number back by tomorrow like the guy being run over by a car that fled or something but im gonna try not to think about it
my faith in humanity has been non-existent since before you put me here, i should fay my faith in hellgium sapients ... but i'll try and take the lycamobile customer dudes word for it cos both he AND the store where i got it are at least THERE for me seven days a week , even after six
im gonna try and get some sleep, im almost out of pills too and its ten more days for a bit of fresh copper
exciting huh ? (zie hatten denn denn masjen mussen sein aber oder, zegt, YEA YEA, i had it, you fucked it, i was getting there you fucked it, now you even fuck my fucking email logins ... you fucking fuck)
well, you dont even know why i say that, dude ... half my family was masjers, you know why i keep saying that? en de klark? there was a year when EVERYONE, and i mean EVERYONE, cops stopping and frisking me for nothing (or 'looking at a car') down to fucking lawyers i went to to ask questions on whatever asked me "why dont you do construction work" as if they were fucking alien mindprobed, it became uncanny , and only in this town btw ... "why dont you do construction work" ... coming from "why dont you go to fucking college or uni, ill write you a letter of recommendation" and the last few months before graduation getting FUCKED OUT OF IT, with a mysteriously appearing passport as what i can only consider some attempt at nazi-warning cos you know ... "fear us" and shit
THAT DID NOT GO DOWN WELL ... two of my uncles worked themselves to death doing construction, one of my cousins is doing his best to do that too, his knees is already fucked, i have no problem with their choices okay, i respect honest work if you think thats enough for you DONT PRESUME, or ASSUME anything about me
KNOW that YOU fucked it up for ME, but im not done yet
but i NEED that number back .. you know the "last resort" in modern security usually is "print out backup codes" ?
google does it ... megaupload does it (but thats a liability thing, see, THEY DONT HAVE THE DECRYPTION KEY SO THEY CANT BE SUPPENISSED OR OPPRESSED INTO GIVING IT, SMART MOVE FATSO) ... steam does it ... you WANT the mobile AUTH BUT ... if you were to lose it you NEED a backup code
write it down
modern security
20:16 ... no no no no, you dont get to "i learned a word on tv once too" me, not then, NOT NOW
to me that retard and you (retard) are one and the same ... i am the cat that walks, alone remember, all humans are alike to me (the normal ones that is)
(cos they're normal, so they adhere to the same patterns it makes them highly predictable, its why ad-servers go bonkers over me, cos im not)
i seen every episode of BBC horizon too probably, does that count as tv then ?
you could read mister Lindstrom on how supermarkets (MODERN supermarkets okay, not something you would find in a place stuck in 1830 want das war nich majsen) ... drop 5 cents off the electronic pricetag on cheetos cos you gave them 100 likes. THATS GEOLOCATION, among others, you might not care, I DO
and YOU will end up with double what you intended to buy and complain how expensive life is despite the fact that you have ten times more than i do (and life IS fucking expensive ok)
its not about having to hide, I FUCKING GO NOWHERE, I REFUSE FRIENDS AS A PRINCIPLE SINCE YOU STUCK ME HERE, and THIS ? this is just more of YOU getting in MY way of ME never having to deal with the likes of YOU again
19:34 ... so i wait, right?
no i dont expect the man to expect the woman to do it, its his fucking shop, if shes there it means one of the other shops has something going, i do expect him to do it cos it says lycamobile all over the windows
tough luck, although i dont really believe in luck since you put me here
secure ... some of the accounts i talk about wont let me login UNLESS i access via an ip that has to be the right geolocation, after which i will receive a code to an email i cant access unless i can login after i receive a verification code by email ON THAT FUCKING NUMBER
... no its just my fucking email, im just like that, you BITCH, ITS YOUR FAULT, NOBODY ELSES, I DIDNT GET THE FUCKING SMS? I GOT ONE ON ONE NUMBER ON ONE PHONE
... i will stay cool as far as thats possible here since im always burning, and DO NOTHING until its fixed ... yea gandhi style, NO TWAT, COS I GOT NOTHING TO DO, all my emails are blocked out, all my logins are blocked out EVERYTHINGS BLOCKED OUT cos of your stasi masterplan (thats not even working ... WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING ... no , i already answered that, you were thinking WOOO, in the name of what about the children and terrereresimz we can now get it without protest, thats what you were thinking, but YOU ALREADY HAD IT SO THE GUY WHO CAME UP WITH THE PLAN TO MAKE PEOPLE THE WEAKEST LINK, DEFINITELY NEEDS TO BE FIRED, and i should get compensation for time lost ... ON TOP OF THE TEN YEARS YOU OWE ME
motherFUCKER, yea well .. why on EARTH would i fucking "help" you even if i had answer ... you fucked up my whole life and continue to do so, EVEN TODAY from the smallest to the biggest shit, harassment, ruin my future, stick me in a town i hate since i was 15 ... even if my name were KADO:therightanwser itself, WHY THE FUCK would i help
i dont have answers but what i explained today ... this is unneccesary bullshit getting in the way. You're the suit, you got the money, you got the power, i'm just an ex-con with no degrees, you fucked it, you fix it
so tomorrow is tomorrow ... then ... i guess
agghh .. DONT GIMME THAT SHIT MOTHERFUCKER, HERE I SIT WITH A FEW HUNDRED A MONTH, (want dat was niet masjen of trakteren bij remong) while you sit in your fucking tax-free suit with the driver coming up with plans that bring ONLY extra work and administration and have ZERO added value (UNLESS YOURE GONNA SELL THAT DATA OFCOURSE), humans you fucking moron, are ALWAYS the weakest link (yea thats cos you are law-abiding, i know, it seems to be a hidden term for retarded mostly) .. you wanna rob a bank, you take the manager and his family hostage, FUCK the timelocks, you wanna hack a security firm threatening you on how they gonna get you, You get a 16 year old pretty face to rub the nerd who has that one passwords legs, you wanna get your simcard registered to whatever the fuck you want ? DO I REALLY NEED TO FINISH THAT SENTENCE?


well, as usual i wouldnt give a shit, like i dont with malware or email scams unless they try it on ME
and you did it to me, TODAY .. i have no idea, i thought satellius was being gay again but the card was simply blocked ... because of YOU .. and your retard masterplans in the name of what about the children


19:15 ... woaw .. one hour, talk about timing huh dustballs ... well, as suspected
given the situation i was in and that was the only roadblock possible it went exactly as suspected. His wife doesnt feel confident doing it
now, hold your nationalist fucking waste of oxygenhole ... RIGHT there, so i can stop it from uttering one syllabe and the consequent co2 pollution you utter making you a complete waste of skin and rare metals that would be put to better use recycled for the space race.
YOU, you're NOT OPEN on sundays ... oh no i'm not done
YOU, you're not open on WEEKDAYS after six so thats already SHUT UP about IKNOWWHATYOUWASGONNASAY
THEY ARE, i get a 50/50 chance of it being him or her (well actually statistically its more chance of getting him but since its 1/2 its always 50/50 to me in cases like this, im not the numbers guy) and since this is van drukkerland hellgium i suspected nothing less so
despite your urban legends and the fact that i would GLADLY put my fist in your mouth so it never utters sound again, i dont see the point in getting angry, since if i got it from YOU, i would have been fucked without even checking, cos you wouldnt be open, ALLRIGHT?
so tomorrow is tomorrow, and THATS IT .. i NEED that number ... THAT number, just one, the other one i dont really care about the smallphone doesnt really need a simcard does it ? most phone crapps would still work without it so this call for euh mobile auth is bullshit and a pointer that my privacy is still being raped by leaving hints, hence being guilty of knowing but not helping (which makes you just as much the enemy)
so tomorrow is tomorrow, otherwise it will take WEEKS to recover just a few accounts and some probably i wont
SO ...
HELLGIUM and the stasi masterplan, succeeded in blocking me, fucking me over, and pissing me off, the usual, its a good thing im not religious isnt it
THE WHOLE POINT of having no mobile authenticators OR phones that are linked (the one i use for auth is actually NOT a smartphone but some old brick i had around, it doesnt do cookies, it only does geolocation by the cia or triangulator vans ... DOES THAT MAKE ME A SUSPECT OFFICER, COS I HAVE NO FRIENDS EITHER) ...
well actually, in order to be one, i would NEED friends, LOTS of them even
YOU FUCKED ME OVER, hellgian incompetence, you know the whole point of not being tracked is nullified since im quite sure they will be selling it to big data, just like they already do with medical records (well there was a proposal, followed by a shitstorm on privacy, followed by 'this is well within european privacy regulations(translates as what does the fucking plebs even KNOW we're doing with it to get fatter) followed by silence, which usually means from here to the united lobbies of the free world, it got passed anyway ... behind closed doors)
SO .. YOURE BLOCKING MY LIFE AGAIN BITCH, FIRE YOURSELF, no one's safer because of this, this is just about control and money
i know but im none of the tales you tell about me, why would i flip on a woman who has NOTHING to do with your bullshit ?
ill go back tomorrow, then i get my number working, its what lycamobile tells me, so thats whats gonna happen, RIGHT?


any more masterplans to block the plot cos i dont have a plot i just want out of here, forever, if you woulda let me do AFTER I GOT OUT OF JAIL in still you're still confused about that, i would have been out of here, not sitting here SHITTING cos you fucked me over AGAIN
yes, well the numbers are against you, bro, YOU created the 2nd most to go serve there, you ARE better at creating them .. and THIS ? this is a farce, its extra work for free but probably not for you, and THOSE NUMBERS WERE REGISTERED, A COPY OF MY PASSPORT LINKED TO IT YOU FUCKING BITCH
and now im here, BLOCKED
FUCKING RETARDS , these people have no shame, right ? DUSTBALLS
18:15 ... as suspected ...
1000 points for lycamobile for having customer service free number on sunday .. 10.000 points for lycamobile ... i DID get an sms on my smallphone but that one has two simcards in it of which one is not registered since i didnt see the point
i did NOT get any on the other numbers ... Which is most likely flanders funny, SO, WHAT HAPPENED?
it wasnt satellius but that still a gay fuck for banning me from skype ofcourse
the government decided that all the registration i have done, sending passports and shit, WASNT GOOD ENOUGH ... i didnt get the memo, literally
so i have to go PHYSICALLY to the nearest store to prove i'm ME ... so if someone steals my phone and blows up an airport they can catch me ... m hm ? belgian stasi logic, i wonder how many tax-administration euros this will cost ... this is ALL about control okay, has NOTHING to do with the bombing in brussels, cos any terrrereerst with half a braincell wont be caught by that, people with a stolen phone however .. now THATS SOMETHING ELSE ...


until the registration procedure (which i had already done for both numbers) IS COMPLETE AGAIN, i cant read mail, cant write mail, cant get password resets , can login to anything cos i NEVER remember passwords (the whole point, i couldnt even tell them in my sleep)
SO BELGIUM FUCKED ME OVER AGAIN, in the name of terrererereizm, i suggest they move to america, fit right in
HOW IS THAT SUPPOSED TO STOP MOTHERFUCKERS ? this is only about control and big government data, FUCKING RETARDS
im going to the store now, i HOPE they can register me right away or IM FUCKED FOR HOWEVER LONG THATS GONNA TAKE
minus 100.000 points for Hellgium for fucking up my life and getting in the way AGAIN ... how deep below absolute zero were you guys already
SERIOUSLY ? HOW IS THIS GONNA STOP ANYONE FROM COMMUNICATING ? you just wanna track your motherfuckers, how about you chip all newborns maybe ? so who's next on the suspect list ? all simcard vendors because now THEY are the weakest link ... just need one to verify you, right ?
allrighty then flanders funny stasi-logic
up yo mommas ass, and you STILL ASK why im ALWAYS angry in this place?
DUDEso if you live in belgium selling simcards you will probably get an audit by people in dark glasses soon with a request to constantly wear a wire and have a camera on your head since how are they supposed to know you dont just verify people cos they threaten you into it OR WORSE ... you're ONE OF THEM ?
hm ?
motherfucking backyard shithole leopoldsville towelsized turd nation
belgian stasi-logic, keeping it safe since 1830 (you mean keeping them down, right?) you're all fired, half the cops too, and DEFINITELY the whole government, DONT YOU FUCKING KNOW IN ANY SECURITY SYSTEM THE WEAKEST LINKS IS NOT MACHINES, NOT CRYPTOGRAPHY BUT ALWAYS HUMANS ?
FUCKING RETARDS, YOU BLOCKED ME OUT OF EVERYTHING for i have no clue since how long since i dont use those phones for anything but authentication
maybe i missed some whatever and im late on something and in triple deep shit cos YOU RETARDS CAME UP WITH ANOTHER GREAT IDEA, fucing up my life, blocking me, getting in the way and generally showing incompetence
motherFUCKERS ... well, the friendly guy at the phone said ... just go to the store, take your phones and your passport and you'll be able to call right away .. that should be within 60 minutes then, OKAY
LETS FIND OUT, like NOW, fucking shithole retard country , excuse for a country more like it, you see ... despite all that shit and being the like what ? 2nd biggest provider for syrian IS , you STILL DONT SEE that you're WAY better at creating them than stopping them, and you STILL wont renounce your fucking seat huh?
17:53 ... i just noticed the funniest flanders funny thing ... ALL my phonenumbers are suddenly not registered, they dont exist ... ??? i have been happily using them for i cant remember, almost a year? the unregistered one expired not too long ago, the other ones .. they STOPPED WORKING, thats why i dont get sms so i cant login to ANYTHING
now THAT is tjoeppenflikkenbak stasi flanders funny
i DID register them, RETARD, thats the whole fucking thing
No money, nowhere here i want to be, no access to my email cos Satellius is being a gay fuck again. Allright then, lets otaku, nothing better to do.
(also fuck you and also off)
looks like theres no canvas here
looks like theres no canvas here


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