1. i run this server from home purely as a hobby, the most minimal system i could assemble with a celeron cpu there running linux and apache, i have nothing to prove so if you know what a catchall is, feel free i dont mind new contacts but if you wanna tell me what to do or how to, save it, this is not to show anything but my daily boring life and keep me busy and
  2. (just br-not evel ul lo li lolol ol) you are NOT forced to read anything here. If anything offends you (and with 7 billion people on the planet its likely at least one would be, lets say highly likely, then please, by all means. The thing in the upper right of your screen that looks like your name when you cant write? Thats the door out, no hard feelings, we cant all get along
old skype : muad-_-dib
(banned by gay microfascist fucks since march 2013 for no reasons given)