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07/15/2017 15:05:35 am

Liespotting : proven techniques to detect deception

sep 07 ...05:34
finally got through it, cant believe the time that took, i really cant focus for shit anymore, this hole takes up 99% of my braintime just to stay sane
i like the end note : "if you got someone "on the force" you can get away with murder ... no trace, no records ... that's "the law" for ya
sep 07 ...03:10
braintrust hm ... i thought first its people who had all those traits so i could come up with about only three : superman, batman and robocop ...
but its a list of traits you want to combine in your ... well, in some circles it would be called "cronies", right ?
xD ...
sep 02 ... 19:17
eating ... slowly ... ssssh, don't wake it up
for one, how do you lie on your cv about age or residence ... i mean you got an id card, and everyone here has their serial number, i know mine by heart, get away with lying about an education if you're confident about it might be an option, but age and address ? i can't think if any of my tens of jobs past where that would have worked. At best i once "forgot" to mention i had a small record for petty shit (its hard not to in a police state when you go out after dark and work hours) stupid shit like falling asleep with my girlfriend after a hard night, with a bottle of jack between us half empty on the sidewalk at the station ... doing NOTHING wrong, 100m from the door where i lived but well, being drunk in public is still officially a crime in hellgium, you dont have to be driving or anything, remnant from the early 1900s i think and easy money in a country that thrives on booze and anti-depressants where the police claims to be the number one employer (how the fuck can your portray that as a good thing i always wonder) ... no use asking to let us just walk 100m to my house cos well, TOO LATE and if they didnt then they dont get the mullah, no one called, no one complained, it was just an easy mark
shit like that, WAY before i got forced to make a choice between begging or hard stuff ... no i'm not the demographic, thats the thing, its a statistical anomaly if i can use a euphemism
so i "forgot to mention" it, i just like slipped it in between the file, and the lady who interviewed me didnt check until i signed ... she only came at me after weeks cos they didnt hire people who didnt have a spotless blanco paper (people under 10 or 8 years old maybe) so there was this YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD IT and im like yea but I NEED THIS JOB and everyone of the colleagues like well hes DOING GREAT so in the end i could stay but
otherwise i woulda had nothing, get it ? but thats about the only lie and stuff i can remember getting away with, actually the only one i can remember trying
as now and after .. well things got a lot WORSE before they got to be a whole shitload of nothing after i got the audacity to have some hope that i would make it cos i was doing great ... now i simply state it ... and everyone says DONT DO THAT and i say okay, you pay me the 50 or more euros in trains and busses and phonecalls that precede the point where they actually ASK for it, cos thats over 10% of what i have monthly, i cant just do that now, everything has been fucked since the day i got stuck back here, from social work and internship to loner and asocial and thats just one tip of one iceberg, people dont believe me on belgium, thats cos they dont live here and cos i dont give enough signs at times lollllll ... if i spend 50 or more euros BEFORE some guy goes o but we dont people with then i dont get the money back you see, cards on the table, it gives a bad impression cos the hiring side is either nailpolish girl or my phone is bigger than yours boy, i wouldnt say dimwit but i mean dimwit lol, got some degree and zero skills, goes by the book and thinks scripted session are the way to go, protocol over result all that 1800s shit
SO, why bother, but i have to, right
men compare it to winning a football match and women to going to the dentist hm ...
you forgot the word "normal" there again ... theres many high profile people who are actually normal as fuck really, theres nothing that really makes them ab-normal
i'd say ... negotiation is ....
a dance ... the fun depends on the partner, or its ... its fencing , or more like a classic d&d wizard battle where you throw spells at the others defenses until you find a hole or in extreme cases
foreplay xD hahahah
but im guessing we're also not talking selling phone scribs from a callcenter where anything goes and you're encouraged to lie or whatever it takes as long as you get the respondent to sign ?
i'm guessing not, this is about hi-profile, right ... hiprofile people who forget how normal they are, this "football" and "dentist" metafor shows that in big shiney
neon i think
and personally, i LIKE going to the dentist, if i had more money id make appointments once a month, i think its soothing, just to have a check up or even if a cavity needs filling, its close to meditation
yea im weird i know so how would you read me then ? can you come over here, miss ? let's play a game :D
sep 02 ... 18:00 focus fuzzy, i dont think i ever did this long on a book, im just afraid to miss something ... im back on watlawick (or whatever its spelled) ... who was back to nietschze and freud apparently, close to fraud then ? NO dear nothing is new, everything's a remix. From the first guy chipping a stone wheel and arrow down to quantum mechanics
which brings me to the axiom of Catlawick, which is thus far as far as i know passed on to my upper brain via watlawick -> freud, nietsche, who clearly got ideas from somewhere, they mixed with observation and experience in order to become "the first of their kind"...
"one can not not interpret" , it's pointless to say its no use reading someone who will not be in charge of the final decision since you will be doing it anyway ... you can not not interpret, just like watlawick clarified you can not not communicate just like freud and nietsche etcetera ... down to that dude chipping brimstone
its definitely code green book, must have hardcover when i grow up and have money to move out to asia with my cat where i can start over buying books and dvds , im not sure about the ones they took, since i already bought those, YOU KNOW
technically i already own the right to have it then in your world, but i reserve the right to educate, no matter how fucking poor i am
ask vivian redding, however in the current climate, everythings the new black so im not sure
it touches the subject of positioning and environment but (so far) not in depth like, "seat yourself opposite , facing the sun so you're squinting all the time" .... it works two ways, wear sunglasses as if you were the men in black (why do you think they do) and baseballcaps, thats 25-30% or more of all facial pointers invisible try figuring somone out just by the curve of lips
and what im also missing is , what if the person IS set up ... or worse, what if the person IS set up by the interrogating party ... irrelevant to the book i suppose
highly recommended though for people to who it doesnt come naturally, i do have my doubts in how far anyone can be "trained" into learning detection, i believe in talents ... not biblical but combined geno/fenotypical talents which means some people could spend half a lifetime and not detect someone shitting them right in the mouth
while others would be virtually born with it, close to star trek betazoids, which is bad, since everone will tell you as a kid that "they're not lying" while you instinctively get all the other signals ... that shit oughta fuck the kid up
good, eatings time
YAY, highlight of the day hobbit hobbit, but dont dare complain if you have the first step of maslow set, because theres people who havent so you're not allowed to want the other four, keep your head down and say yes sir
and smile
aug 23 ... 00:45 ...going slowly, brainfog bla ... so far the best part is where Watlavick actually repeated what Freud already said and calling it his first axiom ... which might mean two things : he was lying to look smart or ... two ideas can be born from different places at once without ever having touched each other
and so far maybe ... i wonder why they always shine a light into peoples faces in interrogations, from all i hear ... i think im pretty good at subconscious lie detection, the thing most people mistake is that i usually dont care, or let it, b/c a detected lie actually gives me leverage of sorts, that aside. How does it work if you sit facing the sun ? Half of that won't work, you'll be squinting, grimacing, hiding your eyes, blinking and what not ... right ?
*makes mental note*
aug 20 ... 1524pm hmpf ... i noticed some inbreed yokel shit yesterday, trying to lure reaction and shit ... i can only repeat these things i have said many times : if you call the cops on my ass and make some accusations cos im already the guy with the record ... if you come act up at my door while you have nothing to do with it, if you come THREATEN me at my fucking door ... you dont really expect me to be friends afterwards do you ?
and also , what i said many times, please dont bother testing or trying, theres many people on this planet who are a lot smarter than me, YOU and YOU are not part of them
as for the book ... i think i would have kept the woman on the payroll ... blackmail is a harsh word to hold over someones head, i wouldnt call it that but ... she clearly shows initiative and creative ingenuity with a side of ninja ... PLUS shes good at the actual job .. you never know when you might need someone with a mindset like that in a dog eat dog world
august 10 1025 am not much time, busy cos truman show and i just said something about the ancient nazis and five minutes later my pc crashes, maybe its the spirit of "nonkel dolf" as a lot of people call him here, but i doubt that, its scriptkiddieboo as usual. I just noticed something somewhere along the road (havent been listeningmuch but i suppose that will be more soon enough, unless old nazi and local inbreed schemes still dont know when to quit
negotiating salary, one of those things you get to lol over when talking with americans or some people from asia, never in my life have i had the chance to "negotiate salary" ... then again, i never had a job with a dresscode or one that needed a brown nose either so maybe its something only rich fucks have as a concept in their life, or maybe its simply not hellgian, like most things (like : just start something,, or just try something or "just do some tutoring (tutoring without seven degrees and statestamps is a crime ... and cos of the taxes unless its full time its not even worth it)
here you get them telling you "its that much" then you go WTF? then they go "legal barema, 60.000 waiting in line boy, take it or leave it"
negotiating salary ... no need to lie then harr harr harr ... fucking nazi shithole
06:10 trying times i ll be sure to let you know when i continue the book, i wouldnt wanna do it wrong
18:15 85% of communication is non verbal ...
see .. i already more than once expressed my view on written word, as well as the use of extensions negating the need to evolve (most people dont get that since most people would sooner understand creationism than causality from the big bang until now ... if we accept "the big bang" as "it" ... point zero , where the eugh, gods man, whats those things called ? you need them for super symmetry but they're not here so i always thought they were like blasted backwards (in time) from point zero and that would make the universe not topple over since at the other side of time there's an anti (godsmofodam i just saw a piece about it a few months agon but im really not the names and numbers guy ... and probably off topic)
AH Yé !
written word has lead to a lot of misery, so has spoken word removed the need for evolution more or less and also due to the fact that no one actually understands body language "instinctively" (which is a nice short version of you learned it through trial and error while living (=surviving) by experience, no one taught you ... but you dont HAVE to cos you have "words" , right ?
someone recently called me batman again (some remnant of some oldbat nazi defamation campaign or try-to-use-me-for-the-cause i think theres a pattern there (one i dont give a shit about) but its catman, right, if anything and more, cats CERTAINLY have vocabulary, they have intonation and expression of mood by sound, but most of it also happens with the whole body, position of the tail, movement and movement speed, position of the ears and body posture, combined with soundwaves make up communication, in humans its not cos someone chose to "write that it is so now" the laws of nature suddenly changed (the legalist myth, you know the parable of the judge who forbade (forbode ? forbiddestest?) the train to run over the man but when the man jumped the train still did it ? NO ? and when the judge asked : why diddes thouest doest that, IT IS THE LAW, IT IS WRITTEN
the train said : "i am a train"
never heard it ? ofcourse not its one of my stories i use to explain the laws of reality to inbreeds with degrees
so it removes the chance at happenstance it does not alter "the will of god" ... use of extensions takes away something crucial for evolution : accidents
and what i was gonna say : because no one understands body language anymore (not cos its not taught, it was NEVER taught, it was "instinctive" (as explained above) ... its just no longer need since theres words
theres a lot of misunderstanding ... people are shy, scared, weary , whatever ... plotting, scheming ... and the word is word , right ?
thats it
word ... thats enough for today before my brain catches fire, its TOOO FUCKING HOOOOT

next day 18:02 ...
its FUCKING way above my braingrade to think in these degrees
slow .. HOT ... no weather for brainy stuff and i dont have airco
listening with half an ear ... about time to pretend to sleep until i fall asleep for 30 seconds after which the house decides i cant
keeps me tired, and blurred
as far as i have observed when apes (the kind that doesnt use phones-that-are-smart-) look like they're smiling, they usually show fear due to some kind of respect for a bigger brute ... is what i have observed in apes ... you say you descend from that, so ...
it stands to reason then if expression arent based on culture ? i suppose we are talking root-expressions here since its somewhat impossible that neanderthals had all the abstract complexities today allows (most wont use it since well, its "weird" but its there right , abstract ideas , thoughts that encompass a whole book at once, an idea, a whole WORLD ? universe probably a bit beyond omega for sapients ... unless you think in words ? thats SLOW, man, thats like a von neumann-turing computer versus zee russians teleporting qubits into quantumcryptspace over distances never seen before is instant (as far as is observable perhaps very close to)
né ? but its too hot to think
18:14 ... stealing seems to be one but i have my own view since nothing is original by now
i see watzlawick (see i am THAT much of a numbers man i have to look up the spelling of the name EVERY fucking time even though i never had less than a or a+ on my spelling and essays, ...?) i dont function like a spreadsheet and i dont work on dopamine ... you can't tell me to "AND IN TEN YEARS YOU WILL HAVE" ... doesnt work ... (instant gratification huh ? its not a generation thing 99.9% of all i knew are mum&dad now, paying of loans and hoping the house wil be theirs in 20 years and no longer the banks, and most of them did more drugs than i did in those two years of my life)
SO ... watzlawick got the mustard from freud and darwin hm ? its a remix if you're a scientist then? the first axiom is as brilliant in communication science as einsteins is to physics , i derived my own from it : first axiom of catlawick :"its impossible to not interpret" ... but since im not a certified dustball if i do that its crank or "probably gotten from tv"
well im afraid its not, thats where inspector columbo gets you every time doesnt he ... you failed to make me cat marx and you failed to make me catolf hitler ... because i AM NOT A FUCKING DOG (the metafor stand) rudyard catling , the cat that walked alone
watzlawicks axioms im sure must be known to the author, no ?
theres only one that truly matters, the others are derivatives
what day are we ? 17:44
there you go again dear, let me do an assesmment of my own : you're american ? "humans are narcissistic bunch" ...? NO, and thats exactly IT right there, AMERICANS are a narcissistic bunch ... see, that alone leads to trumpian reactions (we got a word for that now huh) b/c i'm anti-american but simply the same is if when i say einstein was a genius or einstein had nothing but controversy around him all the time, i'm not saying i am einstein, just like that i'm NOT saying americans are the only narcist culture (but by far the biggest one im saying THAT, united lobbies of the free world et al) ... and im NOT anti-american ... but you clearly don't know many out of your own sphere so "humans are a narcissistic bunch ... you knew lowlands here, you wouldnt say that, they have their nose in the mud and NOT standing out is inbred since the place has been run over and under foreign rule for about 2000 year, it breed the narcism out, dearie
off-topic to the book but TIME after TIME after TIME , from hollywood movies where ALIENS INVADE
america and "the lea lea lobbies of the free world is our responsibility to put download mom in copyright guantanamo to we have to extradite upload son for waterboarding, or drop swat teams on kim dotcoms house in new zealand COS WE CAN, we totally ignore that WE gave birth to al qaeda due to afghanistan and subsequently IS in iraq BUT we expect everyone to aid the war machine"
down to "humans" are a narcissistic bunch ... sapient are a sorry lot, ill give you that much, but allow me to still call it observers bias ... galileo long ago proved, the united lobbies is not what the sun revolves around
so pardon the interruption so far i'm scanning first time while melting inside in my dark room must be 35 or 40 degrees at the window
but it stuck out like a sore thumb , and these small things, you probably dont even notice but i tell you : narcism is inherent to american culture
that said i can , from my pov agree that in my case the more i got pushed over bad grades and punished, the worse they got, i would do about anything to NOT do it .. including lying, however, your idea of the more punishment the more lies is probably a generalisation, see the thing is, reading "normals" is not very hard since they're normal, i should know because im not and i spent a LOT of time standing against the wall as a very very little kid who could read while they were playing kick the can and show me yours in kindergarten ... i dont wanna demean the book, im sure you wouldnt have gotten on ted if it had no worth but i often find these how-to psychology manuals missing the part where the title smallprint mentions (applies to middle of the bell curve only, if you want generalisation you wont get it you'll have to subdivide and some weirdos cant be classified but so far it sounds pretty on spot hahah)

bottom up comments ... im not sure, this is just on the fly like the whole site might show errors or flaws if you go further back in time since i didnt bother updating the css tags on posts from 2016 -> 2015 etc
... well im gonna ... only cos she got a talk on Ted ... i mean, theres about a thousand on how to get rich in five minutes, train your brain to be einstein, mindcontrol your neighbour and spot lies from a mile away, its not like i just go for everything on legs with a bald pussy, right ?

07/15/2017 15:05:35 am

The Case for Impeachment

03:51 ... to think €50 could have saved me all this shyte
thats seriously going on your tab with 10 years intrest , precious
im sure i forgot something it seems to be a rule that i have to be told how its done and shit
the book ? mwell ... jeb-dude was clearly a reagan fan but could mostly leave it out and made for a compelling story that caught me better than the godfather ... this one is ...euh ... no disrespect there, professor but you would really make for a very bad lawyer if you get caught up in something dont defend yourself, let someone less idealistic handle it, that law you seem to like so much will turn out a lot less in your favour than you think it "should" ... take it from an ex-con who knows .. well you can also take it as an opinion from an ex-con and thats it but i can assure i wasnt born dealing crack and so far thats been only two years of my life
maybe i sound like one ... idealist yea, clearly not a big fan but who IS the candidate then ?
i was saying that during your elections, should stage a coup and keep obama on for another four years until you find one, and i was not lulz but i understand the lobbies of the free world can only stage coups in other regimes who are not american bipartisan .. o sorry , democratic, right ...
its a matter of point of view im afraid, i prefer to call it observers bias since american narcissism sounds so harsh
... mwell ... the old folks being back ill probably be less inclined to walk around listening to educational stuff so ... in any case i dont think the next one will involve politics ... its really exhausting , all that money i dont have
03:11 ... pfff ...
i was kinda expecting more of a i dont know but i guess i was spoiled by the previous book
by chapter nine its a clear anti-rant ... so far i heard nothing but closed court cases and dirt from the past plus analysis of a narcist personality
and after the last book, compared to the least of the bushes he still comes out a clown and thats where you might be mistaken
cos he made it to the fucking white house, you wanna get a legalist who's been through i have no idea how many court cases on something he says in order to kick him out
besides, and i know its hard to accept but due to the post ww-2 status narcissism is somewhat the only thing american culture has to identify itself, unless you count patents and stolen ideas
im NOT anti-american but this book will only resonate with locals who are already anti and i hear nothing that will hold in a "court of your law"
if there was something he wouldnt have made it, if you dont believe that you underestimate the clinton machine ... if bush is the coka nostra and trump is edison then hillary is house of cards
so do you have a candidate willing to acknowledge you are responsible for the existence of IS ?
i could get with that one ...
as for the others ? i think they're just business as usual really
01:37 ahem ... on to the kitchen i guess ...
i do agree incorporation but what you dont see that requires evolution over generations, i dont know what they teach for sociology or geographical shifting of culture overthere since i met that guy telling me washington invented democracy
it goes like this :
my old man and his friends, they fought EVERY fucking week-end ... against the Italians ... who came to take their women and their jobs
invited by the state to work in the mines since no one would do it (thats fact)
until too many major disasters (belgium is a VERY, VERY rotten place if you lift the surface my friend) resulting in death had the italian government practically forbit their people to come work here
no need for quota, they actually TOLD them to stay home
so they asked the moroccans
and the moroccans came
thats how it started here, thats how it REALLY went
now we are third and fourth generation, most moroccan local kids speak flemish more proper than locals since they dont speak dialect
yet still they are "de zwette" (the blackies)
you cant force it, it takes generations, not a legislature or whatchucallit tenure ? ten-year?
you can't do it in one lifetime , if you force you get revolution instead of evolution
but i bet the NV-A is glad they have the enemy to point at
the guys who blew up brussels were actually members of the social and the nightlife years before ... if there were no IS would they have done it ? if there were no al qaeda would there be an IS, who was fighting in afghanistan, who was fighting in iraq ?
to protect what?
THATs how you are seen, not what you see in the mirror
and im not a muslim, im not a christian, im not even an atheist or a hindu
or a buddhist for that matter
00:55 well since im busy ...
i might finish the book in one shot but
professor ... 0_o ... i cant escape the feeling that you clearly didnt vote for trump lol ... as a eufemism
its not really, euh .. it probably is to a lot of people but ... you know, people like me, we read too much, on every side, i acutally dare read vietnam today and pravda too ... the only thing i avoid is news about belgium
and i rarely visit the aforementioned sites, i just would
with all i know by now, the cia-bush-clinton connection ... all of that , the more you talk about it the more things clear to me lol and im sure not in the way you intended
i have no intention of blowing anything, i know where, its like i know about as many deep web input nodes as i can find drugs there, but you probably dont, you would mostly find the drugs ... as if not killed by neo-Elliott cos theres hundreds now, i couldnt recommend one either cos i dont know which ones are safe and im off the shit for about twelve years so
i see no logical reason why putin would waste time on that, i see why putin would prefer trump over hillary, seeing as if only the cia-bush connection then not cos shes a proclaimed rights advocate
far from i suppose ...
i see that, i DONT see why he would waste time on "undermining democracy" the more book the more you sound like a southern survivalist, professor im sorry
you probably hear something different but thats how it sounds to me ... see, im not an american patriot, american shit starting in afghanistan got brussels blown up and has muslims around the world in chatrooms go NOT cos im not one
and more
i dont blame you but american narcissism is something (well its something narcists wouldnt see themselves, right?)
No .. i dont see any logical reason why the russians would waste resources on that
eeh, perjury, another funny thing ... "meineed" its called here, it means all cops are unable to lie b/c they're under oath so whatever they say is automatically true
i have experienced that first hand
god ... yours ... (nor one of mine but i dont have gods who care really, im less than a microbe id have to do something pretty nasty to get noticed) didnt strike them down
so thats your law, and thats your per-jury
up yo mommas ass
i categorize it under people that go like "OMG THAT SHOULDNT BE" and then shut the door and turn on the tv after they get a cup of coco and their slippers
00:29 yes i edit this by hand ...
how do you do it ? well i cant spare 50 for a cleaning lady either ... i type html tags like blind man dots
gremattikerley theres a few words missing but im sore you get the point
you , sir, are interrupting my euhm
chores ... yea imagine that ... all the time i could be spending on exponentially growing outward in all dimensions at once is constantly interrupted by menial


and that gets interrupted when i


to say something
they're fighting on all sides, they got sanctions on all sides ... WTF makes you think he wants ANYTHING but russia ?
wanting russia ofcourse means fighting off old wardogs and sanctions from europe (who are so smart as to sanction them to the point that it bites their own flesh) but REALLY, watch the putin interviews yea? does he strike you as an idiot ?
WHY THE FUUUUUCK would he try to undermine "democracy in america" matter o fact, why the FUCK would he give a shit ?
i think on both sides, both putin and edison side, theres too many old-cold war dogs still in positions of power and its THEY who are the problem (when it comes to that, just like there is no "one truth" there is ,no ... you know what i like to say to people who come at me like "SHIT I GOT A PROBLEM") ?
i tell them "you got only one huh ? wanna switch ? sounds like a blast"
mmh nah orley, why the fuck would Putin do that ? why the fuck would he think he has to actually LOL ... i mean listen to yourself ... leaders of the free world, lobbies of the free world, copyright guantanamo ... responsible for IS and Al qaeda, nixon was a crook, kennedy got shot, clinton was a human with a dick however had cartel connections, bush is better than the godfather, all of them LOL, obama was what , ah yea, a muslim, right ? an 'immigrant' ... how come in the land of opportunity an immigrant cant be president, thats not very democratic mate ? and now ... in the middle of 50 scandals a corporate mogul skirt chaser playboy wins like his name is reagafeller and its what ?
what is it exactly ? Putin did it?
its the land of opportunity allright ill give you that much ... here you wont make it to mayor if you're not old money
jeezes fucking shyte, no really
im not choosing sides, im on my side, no leader of a certain stature is a saint, its impossible since humans are filth
in large numbers they turn into vermin
you know me ... army of twelve monkeys YAY nonetheless none of that makes sense unless its old cold wardog shit, with all i heard and read lately from the bush family to current state of europe actually it would as a conspiracy to incite another war to join over division after which it can go back to where it was, the comfort zone
thing is I LIVE IN EUROPE, so despite my cries for ten year of i wanna get out and everything i tried it seems something wont let me
but that sounds as believable as "putin rigged the election really" only ... ww2 WAS incited by the states wasnt it ?, well not as such, i should say
00:11 let me educate you on the matter ...
play more original sid meyer games there's no better brain trainer but it requires more than simple sequencing, AND you get philosophy
on climate change, CEO Morgan has the explanation you fail to see "let us chew and eat our fill" ... the ethics of greed ... im sorry i couldnt find the single quote but he's exactly the faction you're up against
TOLD YOU they should give this game at schools,
no, THIS ONE, not the sequel
explaining EXACTLY how EVERYBODY KNOWS climate change is not " a lie "
depending on the faction you are in
thats the explanation
just listen, you'll find it very Trumpian
if you dont know this, dont come talk to me bout gaming
i spent ... i cant say hour or days or weeks
on this, playing friends more than a.i.
just listen, it will dawn
heil Sid (lol, sorry mate), no really, i remember the first time i got my hands on a civ-demo on my atari st i was like 14 or something, this is like what ? 20-25 years ago ? i cant remember a single quote from beyond earth but i can cite these like its part of my personal bible
and frankly, most of it is
food for thought
word, &&respect !
m hm hm, i personally would choose Yang mostly for the citizens defense force on high difficulty or Zakharov but when i couldnt win against the boys Deirdres always good ... she's worse than the fanatics once she gets going
yea ... that was fun days, and at least four or five lives ago

23:51 i dont do popular opinion either ...
doesnt mean im in sync with douchebags or dustballs ... by chapter seven the only thing im convinced of is that the author doesnt like Trump. Well, neither do i but im quite sure Hillary wasnt the right choice either and CLEARLY (the scary part again) your "american people" agree with that
climate change ... you make a lousy lawyer , professor, i hope thats not what you're teaching okay ? i havent heard anything that would actually legally kick him out of the egg so far. By the way can i refer to my all time favourite Ted Talk by mister Deutsch ? and his opinion on global warming ? David Deutsch ... multidimensional geek demon, if Kardashev had an intelligence scale he would be like at LEAST one above me (the scales encompass pretty big levels) probably two
but .. as for the book .. you make a lousy case in court, but you should try preaching for ngo's or something, or occupy wallstreet, its not like i disagree ok ? absolutely not, i dont care much for the moralizing, lots of women arent sluts cos they're fucked and let it be, some just use it like they're used
i dont do any of that
i clearly dont DENY climate change, i stand with mister deutsch on that ... but to use that as a case for impeachment? good luck
22:34 points for balls
shes not beautiful enough to stick my dick in so why the fuck would i have done that (free interpretation)
points for balls
douchebag ... im not big into forcing shit as should be clear from my rant against cop-son raping my ex-psychotic girlfriend
thats ex- ... she might still be psychotic, she made a choice right so that part of my life is done, but my beef with the rapist isnt
but rape is rape right ... drugging someone to fuck em is rape, right ...
lets get things clear here ... i personally think berlusconi being wrecked for fucking a 17year old escort who consented, she didnt even sue him ... "they" did cos she was 17 ... THATS BULLSHIT, the guys a CROOK, COMPLETELY but thats all you got then ? he fucked a 17yo who probably fucked about a few dozen others cos you cant get that kind of money ANYWHERE and you wont after you turn 21
i think the united states should vacate the place and every horse owner should send their horses back to the continent
that sounds like the right thing to do
after all the horses were there first
and you commited genocide
i never got the dicksucking thing either, clinton and all that .. had his dick sucked wasnt smart enough to hide it ... belgium is probably like number two or three on the adultery scale in europe, something im not into and its not a moral things, its an STD thing since my dick is allergic to condoms
BUT ... it comes back everywhere, like youtube gangsters selling bricks of coke (but sue you when you copy their cd right, call the cops cos thats NOT ratting but a crime) rap about it like its " a thing" ... bitch sucked my dick and shit ... ? I DONT GET IT .. i never had a girlfriend who didnt suck my dick, EVER , and i NEVER had to ask for it either, its just part of the "thing" .. whats so fucking special about it?
i never in my life got off on it
not once ... nah thats real and thats real too, is it a local cultural thing or something ? whats so special about it?
im gonna clean some more im sure theres a spot i forgot
dont wanna do that
22:47 yea, its not done, i hate brooms
you wanna hear a good one, mate ? i got one of Trumps best friends here : “I want to educate him,” Khan said. “I want him to realize the follies of his ways,” adding he hoped to teach Trump how to be a “good citizen, a world citizen.”
how about that ey ?
its , if you dont know or rtfa a dude who came from nothing and has had a nasty habit of defending bad people before rising to mayor in a country plagued by terrorism (that wouldnt be there to this extent without afghanistan and iraq AND WHO WAS THERE FIRST?)
i AM afraid however mister kahn is being counterproductive to his own cause ... i really fear pogroms , meaning ALL muslims be victims if nothing is done
theres a saing in flemish and i dont like it
soft doctors make for stinking wounds (literal translation)
there is no good or bad man, thats all in the human mind, presss f5 til you get the quote by zelazny on the universe if you have all that time
this is exactly what the right wing needs : a weak muslim politician in a time of people blown to bits, they gonna eat you, spit you out, piss on you and then make sure in the next century not another muslim gets elected
thats what they're gonna do
but i dont give a shit, you seem to be indian or close ? can you get my lycamobile number back online?
mh , words were invented by legalists to obfuscate realities ... he said is but it was was so if said is they werent when it was, right? article 2343455, bis paragraph 34 tris section c part z (2nd page)
thats what words are for, paper law one use only, i am truly convinced written word as well as external tech has been very bad for evolution of the species, YOUR SPECIES, im a mutant remember, dont tell me "im an okay guy" after 44 years, i heard what you said and i know what you think next summer, you're normal, you can not not think what you think next summer so i know it
burn the witch, you know ?
Trump doesnt seem like much more than a crook so far, but i can agree with the question : is he fit to rule the most dangerous army in the world ... thats open for debate yea
in that case ... problem you see ... is ... because of bush-wars .. brussels airport got blown up, i havent heard of any compensation for that ?
it wasnt you ofcourse .. thats right, it was six guys with kalashnikovs, they shot up paris, then blew up brussels, but they DID IT IN THE NAME OF SOMETHING YOU CREATED
so Trump's a crook ... what's new ? Clinton had his dick sucked but turns out that wasnt so bad compared to the french connection, right?
so what ? now what? do you know who put me here ? i'll owe you big time if you can give me those
... how can sex be an addiction ? its a natural urge, its not like heroin or crack ... i suppose you never had any ... schoppenhauer disagrees (no im not einstein and thats not saying i like trump) im looking for your case for impeachment and i get old court cases and macho behaviour ... did he rape someone ? kill someone ? not that that matters if you're part of the family i suppose
he's just a standard american asshole, i think the book does one thing so far : it clarifies better what i already know, why so many crackbabies voted ... its not like there was much of a choice after the clinton cash affair
as anti establishment as it may be, its quite frightening seeing as the collateral damage of the bush wars got brussels blown up, this guy doesnt even give a shit ... so
THAT, i think is the scary part, as for the rest, name me one politician who is not a crook ?
i call it poly-ethics myself ... i dont really give a shit about that part ... if you can fuck 20 women and have your wife be ok with it ... who's business is that, right?
if you can scam the plankton out of billions and have them vote for you ? right here the rightwing got in charge by telling the unemployed they would take everything from them and blame it on the syrians and they did
and they won
but belgium doesnt actually exist you know ... if it goes to war you wont get suicide bombers all across the planet 20 years later
the united lobbies of the free world however ... thats another thing but frankly
between the two that were left ? i wouldnt have known either ... id have staged a coup to keep obama in check for another four years under martial law and chose the lesser evil
cos of what you do overthere, its harder for me to get around the world, and easier for the neonazis, who have always been strong in these parts to grab more power and control
and THAT, my good man, THAT is something that breeds aversion (thats a soft word, right) 22:21 pfff ... yea cleaning ... i even defrosted the freezer ... im really not cut out to be the maid
to think one €50 could have spared me all this but i cant afford that cos you ruined my life and put me here ?
who said that thing about lies ? there's as many truths as there's lies, my good man. Every single eye has one reality, memories are coloured if you're normal, thats not counting flies and all their facets, thats how many lies there are, thats how many truths there are ... that bike you got when you were five was NOT blue, it was red ... and shit and stuff
i do ...
with every fibre of my being
mwell, by halfway chapter five i get the feelng the author has personal issues ... which is all good okay but not for me in a book like that, so far all i had is standard megacorp practice ... nothing microsoft, apple , google or facebook wouldnt do
actually if id let supermodels in the country id probably ask them if they wanted a fast way out doing high class escort so ...
compared to the other one im afraid so far the name bush still inspires more caution, a LOT, i havent heard one murder yet
all legalism and corporate bullshit ... Donald Edison ... im right again lol
i dont think past court cases that are already closed will be case for impeachment in the future so i hope if the case is to state a case an actual case gets stated
so far i heard nothing but "the american way" (yea not everybody sees you like edison was the inventor of sliced bread ok, but everybody sees you like "the american way" thats for sure
... SO ....
20;22 cleaning ...
clean enough for me but mwell ...
i dont think you wanna go charging everyone buying crud for art in order to lose money in order to be able to spend it cos you gonna have a whole lot of more bullshit than you have now doing kids-for-weed ... about anyone with a wage over 5k a month i suppose ... thats as classic as it gets ... its a national sport here probably besides i have my own pov ... politicians get tax-free wages : the law allows them to dodge taxes cos they wrote it
the whole concept is bullshit
off the books money for individuals is GOOD for economy
when you're talking multiple billions it might be a bit harmful yea
but well check : BTC was the currency of criminals, however, al capone didnt have bitcoin, escobar didnt have bitcoin ... IN FACT, even this very day any crime cartel doing transactions in crypto would creat a datastorm of such magnitude that it would stick out not like a sore thumb but like an instant hypernova in any blockchain cos thats the amount of money we're talking about, no nono, that witch hunt is aimed at small people who dont pay taxes, its got nothing to do with crime
if you wanna evade taxes, just like everything you gotta do it BIG
its true, the best currency for crime is and was the dollar, and it probably will be for a LONG time, you make a billion, pour some bleach over it, you're left with 400 million in the end, WHO CARES, you got 400 million more than you had yesterday, i dont think you people get that, but im sure YOU people get that so how about cutting the crap before the plebs GETS it ?
né ?
owh ... i got another one for ya
heil satoshi ... heil sid meyer (he wont like that he's like christian daddy with too much brains-type ... but probably not bad for an american)

19:52 cleaning ...
gods i hate cleaning
every speck of dust im gonna put on your tab as intrest for money i havent made since you put me here precious, if i could a paid someone the house would be showroom shiney twice by now
im sure i saw a few corners of the house that hadnt been discovered before
tricky dick huh ... THATS A GOOD ONE LOL
so you fucking blasted Cambodia too ? i didnt really know that, not really ... but yea commies ofcourse, when it comes to "information management" you seem to have mastered it better than big brother or those commies you're always on about, tricky Dick
maybe someone write a book on "places we have not antagonized in the few 100 years since we exist"
a short story (hahah)
easier to remember that way
jeezes fucking shyte
allow me to :
should be relatable : information management ... (its actually about something else but if you wanna know that play the game i found it to be most educational)

19:11 cleaning ...
no im still on chapter one, i like, ... as not in the verb, right is in i, like, ... am busy so i miss parts and i already explained that, actually i said long ago if you want to understand a word i say all the metafors included you need to read all the books i read, all the movies ive seen and all the music i listen to ... (thats a lot of stuff you cant digest im sorry)
you know "im sorry" ... the most abused expression in the english language ? its an automation (-ism?) ... no one's really sorry, most of the time their eyes say "MOTHERFUCKER" times exclamation mark square (if you can read that is)
cos well .. .as much i dont like it i can probably fit several of you into one cubit of my brain while the other way around you'd end up praising Ctulhu ... the miracle of fact that i am not, after all that happened, that alone is proof
which doesnt make me Einstein (goooods i love saying that lulz) ... but pretentious , right? cos ... what have you ... well im nobody, i still make you revert to insults or semantics ... -isms or birthdates of darwins boats woodchopper in five moves
yea well to me that means i'm the shit and you're a fucking spreadsheet, man
but Einstein was the numbers man so ... maybe i could read you like a book unless you're a fucking psycho who doesnt even know it (somewhat a requirement for psychosis) ... its not exact science, right ? its analogue science ... which means its not cos YOU cant measure it into your square-boxed spreadsheet ... however ... it IS analogue, not digital ... so you live by approximation or in fantasy universes made up of nicely boxed numbers while its actually me who has a slight grasp on reality
mh, i know, i hope you die of high blood pressure after my second paragraph
always ... oh, the book? yea i was gonna say something, (no i dont need coke, thanks, i had it for 1.5 years, i know what its like) ... your Johnsson reminds me of a lot of present day europolitics
populist ... ? mwell ...
i have a great oneliner for that too i already used it at least once since i started writing here after youble wont let me doxx (strange thing there how they add two vids from 2013 on a new account as if they're tjoeppen saying "your passport was delivered to my mailbox so you better ... or else !)
too late for that man, 30 years late, grew up in authority ?.... its fenotypically impossible for me to get with that
yea , fen- ... he does ... a lot of that going round here ... populism -> isolationism / separatism ... EU as a forced idea has always been a bad idea .... and over-abused due to too many bailouts in the middle of total regression (recession you say, lets say devolution), thats why these people can grab, no they dont have to grab, the plebs is sitting there ass up, gaping hole shouting, PLEASE PUT IT IN HERE AND TELL ME THAT YOULL SAVE ME
divide et impera, common enemy, couldnt be easier than that really
18:06 cleaning ...
need to be checked ... actually
another case for there is no black and white, there is no one and zero, theres only infinite points between every point, something the greeks did well (just like inventing democracy lol)
not cos Elliott Ness was real huh ? thing is you don't have a search algorithm for the one in a billion
yet, so is that worth getting a google and facebook probe up yo mommas ass for ?
17:55 cleaning ... (my tempo ofcourse, if i would be happy to do it, id apply for a cleaning job)
no lets NOT skip to chapter three, tell me more about the founding fathers ... i'll never forget that dude in the chat who was explaining to me how Washington "invented" democracy , and im like LOL you need to fix your education system
"to what extent does a president have to obey the law ?" (not literally quoted) ... the lulz there is "is that even a question?" and make no mistake (dont read my lips my privacy is sacred) i am very well aware, i preach a lot about how the law is written to protect those who write it and that its sole purpose
but, thats the thing, if you have to ask that question your foundation is already
its not crumbling , its not there, the only way to force is to force, to en-force since you have no moral leg to stand on
another thing the IS-propaganda machine played better than you did didnt they (i dont have to keep explaining you is a general and meta-concept when i use it unless im talking to someone in person ?)
allright then
17:30 cleaning ...
well they come back home tomorrow so im busy like wiping every whatever in the house to find out tomorrow what corner i forgot, the usual
not that i dont appreciate being taken in years ago but in standard life i think thats what family actually does, im not sure however living in rightwing shitville ... i guess we gotta get along until i can get out to asia anyway now hm, so blame whoever ruined it for me and put me here and leave me the fuck alone
a bit into im like omg i smell a certain degree of dustball-ism above the standard american narcissism ... i say "a certain degree" .. you know, the kind of author that wastes a whole chapter on "im gonna do this and im gonna do that, and there im gonna do that, and then im gonna do that" and then me im like DUDE START THE FUCKING BOOK ALREADY ILL FIND OUT OKAY if it didnt interest me i wouldnt even pick it up
its probably something about "that is how its done" in ancient dustball circles cos not everyone does it but its forgiven for now hm ... just one thing maybe hold your fucking narcist horses : the wellbeing of the world does NOT rely on the americas, i think its been proven that without the americas there might still have been world war two, but there might SERIOUSLY not have been an islamic state, the airport in brussels would not have been blown up (cos who give a shit about belgium , iraq might be under hussein but not the birthplace of IS and so on and on and on, please dont flatter yourself like that in 2017 its VERY counterproductive ... information age, im not even talking about conspirationists)
just spit out the facts please, otherwise i'll read some zelazny or vance, thank you, sir

well ... quick scan ..
i like the way it starts (well "at the start ...) "i am not calling here for a witch hunt against an unconventional presidency ..."
then the ma-do speaks (mammmamamamaaaa, big mommaa (luffy, right)) why do you need encapsulation in parentheses in written speech, b/c its more clear like that, fuck how its done (fuck gremmar too btw, what matters is the message)
it says "but im gonna lay out the whole process anyway and how to do it , what might cause it and if anyone wants to try this is what you have to read so" ... well ma-do this here which i first encountered Here in other days when i had at least some money and the mood to explore but these things and like father murphy and shit is pretty rare to get by you know, i think last time i was THERE it was tokyo underground nissenenmondai ... doesnt matter, Fujii-san (lets maka that -sama or maybe sensei) taught me that avant garde does not mean bertold brecht, it was love at first sound, and it once more shows how rich asian language can be compared to simplified western, a shame what the french did to vietnamese really, and with all the accents romanised its as hard to write correctly as it would be in the original characterset, the silence between words in this case ... or in some cases maybe the darkness between stars shows more imagery than connecting the dots...
it says : but here it is, and this is how its done, so i suggest both Jeb Escobar and Donald Edison read it ... themselves, not by a cabinet member or committee since, how did i come by this ? its not like im into politics ... browsing my favourite public libraries (one has to educate oneself, no?) after the last one and big poppa's statement that the dynasty shalleth continueth this just happened to fall into my attention span (sphere? doesnt matter since no ones gonna say it like this i can say it however i want, as if im a jazz musician and the keyboard is my instrument, right?)
SO ... here goes (off-topic huh ? its hyperthreading man, i have quantum entangled dendritis, my brain doesnt go from a to b and every core in it has virtual ones running separate processes at once ALL the time, its only chaos to the formally educated mind my friend, not to me)
and SO ... here goes ... better than the six o clock neeews (o marilyn crispell ? i think she sounded like she needed some time off in an institution, it was psychotic, not eye-opening, thats probably blasphemy to dustballs but well, im not a dustball am i ... didnt like it one bit ...note or quarter note but the quartet, i still have the cd here, not a scratch on it)
Soo ... before i go into a brief history of my life ...

06/23/2017 12:20:53 am
Jeb and the Bush Crime Family
july, 15, 00:28 ... i made it through lol
well i listened several and several and several and for some reason it kept repeating the part on 9/11 time after time so i took a lot more than the 12 or 13 hours
if this were paperbook i couldnt even manage anymore, this place really did a number on me, right ? from the pliocene saga, the belgariad and all that stuff, devouring the chronicles of amber and tomas covenant by the kilo,i cant even sit down to finish jack of shadows anymore , cos i simply cant, its like it turned me from shy a-grade kid to whatever to criminal cos the choice was steal, beg or deal ... like it turned me from almost have my social work degree after coming out (of jail, not the closet) to a-social leave me alone i cant stand humans around me anymore
thats flanders, thats van drukkerland, the land of no-portunity but this book?
i should say


well, its beyond the godfather ... thats a very short and incomplete synopsis lol
i knew a lot of it but not very much details you know, i knew bin laden had actually connections before 911 to the american govt i knew a lot of it since used to read a lot more online while now i am left playing games that play themselves while im offline just to keep some achievements on steam up ... its not burnout, its mustering everything i have to stand
its beyond the godfather but the bibliography at the end makes me stick to my halfway conclusion : this is not a work of fiction and even if its only 5% its STILL beyond the godfather LOL
if anyone EVER comes up to me trying to teach me "on life" and how its done im gonna slap this in their face, tell them to read it (or listen) and tell them


... that is how its done
while you scrap for coppers blaming me and frankly, if i had that kind of clout ... from birth ?
if i had like 5% of that clout id just disappear with my cat to nowhere to be no one, but if i was born with that?
i have no idea who i would be today ... especially since im clearly smarter hahahah (well i have to cos i dont have that kind of clout), i cant make things go away or there would be holes in this town, and some places in flanders .. and belgium
im gonna need a colourcode if i keep listening, i should cos i been out of it too long, im afraid half my brain is gone and i dont mean bonkers
thats some hardcore shit, bro
but euh, dear author, i think you overestimate the ability of "the american people" to care and/or read lol if its anything like here :"panem et circences" i guess there that means at the very least by the next superbowl its all gone
isnt it ?
and more ...
think im almost through it ... friday ... 2 days into one year after three years after when life begins i find it still to be a lie, like about everything from "do as everyone" to "work hard and you'll get ..." and all that bullshit designed to keep people small
my jaw no longer drops after more than ten hours im convinced my theory on legalized mafia is just that, but it does make belgium look like kindergarten parliament (a "thing" it used to be called in the hallways ...)
bisexuall mmf, sucking dick from the fucking ambassador to (of all places) conservative ULTRA-POLAND? gay us ambassador who had his dick sucked by a former president ...
0_o ... thats almost like saying "lets slap those fuckers in the face with a gay dick and lulz"
it doesnt really matter if only 5% of the whole book is true ... and as far as the ww2 connection and eugenics goes i half knew that but dug into i know completely know it, the nazis were copycats hm, empowered by american industrials to flatten europe and ra-ra-ra ... who came in to re-build ?
was it the chinese who bailed out the over 20 trillion in debt lobbies of the free world or was it ... ?
mh ...
quite the brave motherfucker to write a book like that , seeing the bodycount rise towards the end more and more , ... well (suicides, plane crashes (that seems to be popular) and "disappeared" hm ?) remind to never get on a business class plane that has vips on it
jeezes fucking shyte man ... does this make me feel better about my life ? no ... and im more convinced someone is sill really not taking me serious when i say raping my privacy is a capital offense
EYE-OPENING nonetheless
few days later ... its my birthday today, being stuck for years in this place its a milestone every year, but not a celebration since all it means is this hellhole cost me another year of life I WILL NEVER GET BACK, will i ? do you have a time machine maybe? got doctor who phonenumber?
Seems like pedophiles and governments go hand in hand, it makes sense somewhere since who would have the resources, right ? A bit like i always suspected the mighty Q of anonymous to actually be "the man" ... i mean WHO THE FUCK would have that much access ? nah, really, it makes sense it does
the kiddiepr0n and shit mwell ... mandatory government scandals, like here from dutroux and nihoul to apelterre pimping his two twelve year old stepdaughters (together with mommy btw) ... it never makes a lot of news , does it ? and the one thing thats NEVER published ? the ledger ... the list of clients ... and think about it ... a standard prostitute (here where its not 'really' illegal) is about €50 for 15 minutes, you get your dick sucked and if you're into hurrying you get 5-10 minutes left to put that condom on and ram until you cum, right?
classy escorts go for €1500 overnight for the extended girlfriend experience (means you can fuck em in the ass but they will kiss and hug you too ...) no i havent but you know, i know ... multi-classes level slower than single wizards or definitely dustballs since they're expert in nothing but have a WAY broader view on EVERYTHING ?
thats the one thing that never makes it to public, and most likely the reason why it always goes away FAST from tv ... who the fuck could afford fucking 12 year olds ? what do you think that costs ? thats something even ME , the digger doesnt know, but i betcha fiver its MORE
SO ... apart from that since i just got onto some dutch legalism on "do you own an e-book if you bought it ... aka : can you sell it like you would a paper one ... legalists , right, how governments consist of lawyers only ... mostly)
300 years in prison ? only in america i suppose, WHATS THE FUCKING POINT unless you're convicting vampires ? i thought abe lincoln killed all of those ? 2 YEARS IN SOLITARY ??????? i spent six months in belgian jail, i got lucky that i had job serving food (there IS NO COMMON dining hall, food is served in cell, you get one hour out every day, doors are locked at ALL TIME ... solitary is ... well , WORSE) ... i spent six months HAVING a job, and i still catch me talking to myself .. .2 YEARS ? IN SOLITARY ?
dont you think its more human to simply lobotomize them or something, jeezes fucking shyte yo ... im not in the best of moods since (worse than usual since) its my fucking birthday
another year lost to hell, a year ill never get back
yea yea, well its what i do ... a LOT , and there you go again ... journal-ist ? IM NOT ANY KIND OF -IST ... i ask questions to which i do not know the answer ... its what i do, but its not "what i do", its just one thing i do ... if i knew the answer i wouldnt have to ask and if i were any kind of -ist you wouldnt give it second thought, would you since it would fit in one of your boxed and the universe would not make no sense, if non-ists can proclaim hardass shyte without the use of -isms ? what has this world come to " don you know! in my day ! i had to ... !"
yea i heard ... DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU PUT ME THROUGH ? profiling me into a box is one of the main causes why you fucked my life, if you coulda just let me do instead of enforcing protocol cos YOU need it to fit, not cos its good for ME, you dont even get that looking in a mirror, do you , bitch ?
well ... on the pedoshyte ... not so many years ago right here in sunny shitville, hobbiton the shire ... the "madame" of a local ... euh, establishment, was found to have special menus ... 14 year old moroccan girls forced to sleep on dirty matrasses and fuck without a condom, RIGHT HERE, under tjoeppen-squad nose ... i guess they were "too busy" or something so as not to notice ... no one knows how long that had been going on ... clearly NO ONE cared to check health regulations like (if you wanna sell french fries you need a fucking CHEF-DEGREE but if you wanna sell pussy , i mean ... mwell, yea well, i see yea)
so WHO WENT THERE ? you think zee russians came flying over for 14yo moroccan pussy or you think its local rich fucks ? NO ONE KNOWS ... that part .. the only thing you find if you google HARD is maybe one article half a page long on HLN i think (which is more like a tabloid but the facts are that and just that)
"to protect the ... privacy ... DID YOU JUST DARE TO USE THE WORD PRIVACY AS AN ARGUMENT ? YOU ?"
see? ... im not in the best of moods after waking up to another year of my life stolen by this place
FUCK YOU BITCH ... tick , tock ...
theres also people still i see and feel who have this "you can do that" as if they got something to say in my life ? After what you did, NO ONE has ANYTHING to say in my life, i would have been out of here for years now ... and you fucked
EVERYTHING ... mmmh, it always comes back to that, and it will since IM STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR FUCKING KRYPTONITE SHITHOLE ... IT WILL NOT GO AWAY unless i can go to where i need to be ... i have one cat left, time is running out
tick tock bitch ... tock tock tock
no you dont wanna go there you dont wanna have that discussion, your onedimensional PC will not allow you to see what i see, i have ZERO arguments against prostitution, i think its a good thing, theres nothing lewd and all that conservative moral shit (who got the most cases of child abuse then ?, right so you dont wana go there) allow me to shock your hippiecrite nazi ass a bit more . If a 16 yo kid with no future stuck in a lower caste (short way of saying it but i know ..."there IS no caste system in the modern western world, and bla , see you already dont see what i see) chooses to make decent clout by the time she turns 18 by fucking people for money ... i wouldnt even care since it would be here choice ... people stuck in filthy rooms who dont even get to use condoms, thats not on their own terms , you see what i see ? NO YOU DONT, YOU CANT, YOUR INDOCTRINATION IS PC, you would have child labour abolished and have all those kids starve without providing a solution, or expecting them to be paid what you get here, instead of seeing things for what they are, at least they get something to eat, and otherwise they dont, in the meantime , thats a long and arduous process ... intellectual integrity as the advancement from one of the greatest TBS ever made ... IS A LONG WAY AWAY, it does mean the only logical form of government is to have none, since as long as there is need for one it stands to reason beyond doubt that anyone who has anything to hide will vie for a position of power. BUT THATS A LONG WAY AWAY ISNT IT, so due to all your efforts to push me outside and convince me im normal while calling me names and telling me im not since i cant remember, i think i do better as the cat of shadows, WHICH MEANS VIOLATION OF MY PRIVACY IS A CAPITAL OFFENSE (i once had a discussion on that word, turns out both offense and offence is the right spelling btw ... SEE? i can do dustball hah hahah hah haaah (<- not me being funny) early in the morning 6am, dam thats a long listen, ... would make a good docudrama if anything or anyone would dare ... still feel like it makes IS look like amateur kindergarten .. arms trafficking, cocaine heroin, pardoned by ... you ? too inconvenient WOOPS assassinated ... TO THINK I GOT JAILED OVER 11 GRAMS OF HEROIN COS ITS ALL THEY COULD FIND ?
stick your fucking law UP your fucking ass, yea i SHOULD have assassinated a few of those 25 junkie (cos those were the only ones testifying right? junkies ... who would turn their own mother in after 24 hours in a cell
yea, FUCK your law, once more it shows i was born in the wrong place, could have been ANY planet in the multiverse, and of all places here could have been anywhere but belgium ... i must have done something REALLY bad in a previous life ...
yea im gonna change my private title for the book from "a brief history of the united lobbies of the world" to the mel brooks oneliner : "its GOOD to be the king" ... o m g man omg ... YO you have a job for me there ? i can stand anything but child rape and animal abuse ? i can use some cash ?
enz nearing completion
you know ... opinion and all that, i never made it a secret that id support ALF over greenpeace but if i could form the army of twelve monkeys thats what id do, im not a vegetarian and its not cos of that pig movie ... i was there first yes SO i could state that to some extent i agree with poppy that population growth is a plague ... i actually completely agree with that. About all the major problems in the world would be solved if tomorrow one would wake up to a planet with only 3 or 4 billion neandersapients on it ... thats just basically simple math
now when it comes to eugenics ... mwell ... breeding pigs to grow more meat while you cant even map a genome is actually not knowing what you're doing , treatment left aside ... you have no clue what modified genes fed to unmodified inbreeds (its just my name for sapients , acting like subroutines in the dustballdepartment , that about 99% + 99% of the 1% too, so it leaves with like 1.01% maybe but im not the numbers guy
NOW , im a BIG advocate of "one child per two people" (and thats NOT couples okay, thats one per two people) for at least a decade but i think maybe 50 years or so would be lot better to fix a lot of problems .. just cull it, right , start with the hunters ... or just one child per two people ... no eugenics required, racial interbreeding actually likely preferred in the long run since if anyone up there would have had the slightest notion of genetics "diversity" would not be an f-word ... (SO WHERES MY SKINNY ASIAN GIRLFRIENDS? IM RIGHT HERE GIRLS ? WHATCHU WAITING FOR ? I HAVE THE DEVIL JIN, its hard to find these days) and also as (once more basic math would show ... i know -ists dont like me talking but they didnt like einstein either (specially the nazis right so in this case im gonna his name in vain) simple math would tell you that eugenics type forced sterilization concentrated on lower classes over time leads to inbreeding since you have your not-so-proverbial 1% that would just breed in- and in- and inward , be they multicoloured or not, the gene would not diversify SO
i know, when i was studying social work the hippies just LOVED me ... they dont really get the difference between this and that since in their extreme you can only say this and that, not that and that and this, and CERTAINLY NOT "like THAT"
so fuck you, nazis, hippies, dustballs, paidforbydaddies ... its YOU who should mostly be sterilized after centuries of inbreeding you know that right ? you just dont wanna look it in the face
im at the fourth or fifth run by now, as i do with audiobooks cos i just take it along on my player while im doing shit (and stuff) but by now i think the title would be better suited to "a brief history of America" ... shows who the founding fathers are ... if you are in Icke-ist conspiracy nut or that kind of patriot who doesnt like his or her country, you gonna get a hard-on if you can digest all the actual factual facts ... this will probably have been done off as (conspiracy) but im afraid its not ... the skull and bones as a "chapter of the german original one" ... eugenics originating in the states ... "the illuminat of Bavaria ???!?" ... i can see where conspiracybraham got the mustard by not reading the facts but going "WHAAAAWHAAAAWHAAA" on the first paragraphs of stuff like this ... its quite the word count to digest btw but i havent had the feeling once that this guy is simply trying to push one potential "candidate" for whatever above another and im also not living in the past, i know shit doesnt get done by people who dont get shit done, but its been an eye-opener so far ... i think after listening five times i get the picture ... and its a nasty one, its like the americans are responsible for about every evil in the world in the past 150 years ... which is mwell ... history (as not seen on tv, dustball .. sadly also not as seen in school, NO ONE told me about this ... EVER ...) ... the part to worry about is a de-stabilizing europe must make some old money roll over drooling in their coffins since ... did it once ... did it twice ... i mean ... three times a charm, right ... so after ten years of crying get me out of here, im gonna continue doing just that .. poland and shit ... ITS NOT LOOKING VERY GOOD HERE, and this book makes IS look like amateur kindergarten really even though they're not even mentioned if i remember well. yes well, the comments will be on the bukz page later, not on the frontpage ... its unpaid, non-commercial work in progress dude, arent you happy im not plotting the fall of europe instead but waste time showing you that theres not one reason in the world other than your interference why i wouldnt have succeeded in getting where i set out to be?
I DONT WANT YOUR SNICKERS MONEY, YOUR SNICKERS MONEY DOESNT GET ME THERE, i want whats mine, and ill have whats rightfully mine, if you have an offer not based on threats or manipulation im always willing to listen but if its about your "cause" or you think you can soothe me into thinking you are there for ME ? TOO LATE
jefferson on banks ... i knew that, i never miss a chance to heil, satoshi ! ... old money never dies ? i knew that, its the story of belgium ... a country founded on the backs of blacks ... well yea, technically ... the faces on tv are father and son, all alike, the faces on tv ? no matter who on top of the 3-partite this time ? they just switch seats from government to opposition, then switch back ... same shit, different place ...nothing new under the sun
i knew back then the jews were worldwide considered something to kick around and the common enemy, and i KNOW a whole shitload made money with zee germans and wouldnt admit it, i KNOW von braun was high ranking SS before he became an american hero ... i didnt know the bushes were into Eugenics .. mwell ... lehmann brothers ? ... mwell ...
HEY I DIDNT WRITE THE BOOK, YO ... its not something i would read but since i was on that stackelberg shit i happened by it ... im ALWAYS hungry, bro, ALWAYS
eugenics and jesus day huh ? ... interesting :) ... well as you might know by now jesus aint my friend, nor is the church of rome (DEFINITELY NOT, another faction siding with the nazis while it was convenient but thats just one tip) but dont worry, neither is muhammad ... not really my friend, right HOWEVER ... i know you like my controversy ... i can respect muhammad more than Jesus if only for this : if someone punches him in the face he wont tell you let them punch you again ... its probably a cultural thing
off-topic .. I KNOWwwww... i didnt know i had rules to abide to or prove anything to anyone here ... its MY spot
uhuh ... the people have "a right to know" but i think you give (as lots of you seem to do) the people too much credit ... "the people" .. as a rule of thumb dont give a shit, richard james had a song on that i think "who cares because you do" ... panem et circenses man ... what's new? btw, for arguments sake your argument there ? weed is grown and smoked as is (homegrown that is) cocaine however is quite far from the leaves the bolivians or peruvians would chew, chemically speaking, i dont think that argument goes ... before Satellius, the gay microfascist fuck banned me from skype there was this girl from bolivia i talked to regularly. They have coca leaves and coca tea and coca candy ... which is NOTHING like cocaine, but closer to a light stimulant like nicotine or caffeine ... i told her several times if the natives here werent blind cos of the old "war on drugs" that (afaik) has achieved nothing so far but dispersion . I heard the tale of modern Elliott Ness shutting down the silkroad, probably patting himself on the back still... well had to literally entrap the then-dreadpirate-roberts into attempted murder or there wasnt enough (thats cops for ya ... better at keeping themselves in the job than anything else) ... and do you WANT me to tell you how many markets i have seen after only browsing around casually before the surface for one week, first time in YEARS i checked that place (its a way bigger place than yours btw) ? YOU DONT WANT ME TO TELL YOU THAT ... you want me to tell you why "the people" would think the deepweb is all drugs?
i'll give you that for free : the markets have money ... they actually advertise, they got money for decent hardware, stable servers, market presence, its simply business, so where 99% of the sites are hard to connect to for lack of decent hardware (like i run this thing on €125 system in a mini ITX box), the markets have money, which makes them prominent, leading to believe its ALL Drugs, but thats like googling something and clicking one of the first five links, ignoring the 500 pages of results you get ... thats "the people" for ya ... you know who i think IS doing something constructive (if they're genuine) ... theres a group called "energy" something something who has their own lab FOR TESTING .. they TEST samples on quality, they dont deny the inevitability of a vacuum being filled (newton in the metaverse here i go again but IM FUCKING RIGHT ON THAT), they DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE, i dont know if they're state-funded, but maybe they should be you say ? no they shouldnt be, if they were its almost inevitable they turn into a billboard for whatever hand that feeds them (woops off-topic ... half off-topic, since im always hungry i got a lot of stuff inhere ... this twisted mind of mine ...
i know i know ... you see any society where centralized paper law is not enforced as anarchy ... HOWEVER, not having paper law does not mean there are no rules, unwritten law can be quite unforgiving, ask the mafia for one ... but thats a bad metafor since ... OWAIT, thats maybe why you're so confused ... if you cross someone there's also no protection from said paper law ... it goes both ways when based on mutual trust (it requires some evolving and attracts a shitload of flies pardon my metaforical french but thinking it has no rules as such cos its not yours enforced?
mhh ... as for the part where if somoene tells you you will get your money increase x100 overnight if you just send a 1000 to an address with no name, and you actually DO IT ... well, im afraid everyone would agree YOURE AN IDIOT
its best for you to simply do what you always do, and ignore it as long as it doesnt touch your picket fence ... you'll get a headache while its actually ALWAYS been there, crime included, weirdows included, loners included ... all the people in the world who live beyond your picket fence HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE so it would stand to reason your life was never threatened in the fist place unless you go walking in a starving neighbourhood with $100 bills flapping out your pocket to which the right answer is not "that shouldnt be", the right answer is "you're an idiot"
in that case ... if it shouldnt be you got two choices : world war 3 or stop breeding
or matter synthesis, whichever seems more viable and achievable
some hours into it i think now ... BOOKS ? do i look like i can still muster the focus to sit still and READ ?
heh ... you missed the past decade didnt you ? you havent been paying attention and you built an idea on third hand information and tales by yokels set off by CLEARLY someone who holds a grudge (o would i LOVE to get some quality time with that one)
its ... well ... should be interesting to americans but we learn a little every day ... the things one assumes, right , like in soviet belgium curricula ARE controlled and prescribed by the (five) governments from A to Z .. flanders prides itself on its education system and although its clear the americans are lacking something (might have to do with genetics, not eugenics as in take an objective look on what gene fled europe for the americas and which one got deported to australia ... all that has nothing to do with anything ofcourse since genetics is bullshit
or maybe just a little ...
mwell, i see theres actually a belgian uni in the top 100 now .. KUL (you dont wanna know what that word means in flemish but its an abbreviation, right) ... i suppose maybe cos of the trappist guy or something ? i have no clue which one he's affiliated with ... im sure its not the higgs boson guy since that guys name was not higgs and im not sure but i think he was a priest, not a professor or assistant
other than that in soviet belgium all curricula are A to Z state prescribe, i remember teachers apologizing for that like if some kid actually showed interest and asked like "cant we do something on THAT" they had to go like im sorry kid but theres no time, gotta stick to the program
and thats that so by the age of 17-18 i simply only went to classes i was interested in as if my name was uni so ... legally that didnt go down well ... familia-ly that didnt go down well either
in the end i didnt get dumber from not learning rows and tables of belgian political history im quite sure of that
people always think im being funny, like Asians go like wtf when i try to explain them yo dude or yo girl i CANT just go to some factory and get a box of whatever or get a tutoring job without five state stamped licenses and at least six months to two years of schoolbenches or im a criminal according to the law, you have never SEEN bureaucracy unless you live here, trust me, and no one really gets it, americans like well START something and im like DUDE, THIS IS BELGIUM ... if you dont make a dime, you still get a few thousand to maybe ten-thousand in yearly quarterlies you gotta fork over ... not mention also the need for 5-20 state stamped licenses to be allowed to breathe and wipe your ass (if you do it in the prescribed way) AND (again) having to go BACK TO SCHOOL before you can even think about doing it ... or HIRE someone which means EXTRA cost on top of all of it while actual income versus outcome (is not that hard in sé)
its the land of no-portunity man ... so ... if im mistaken for disrespecting, i DO respect people who get shit done, doesnt mean i like them or could work with or for them
but dont fucking tell me to "just bla ...." this is NOT america or china
its one of the few regrets i actually REALLY have , not having quit school SOONER ... its not like a learned a lot there than MORE aversion to authority and bureaucracy, the 'rule of law' and that is how its done. Its my sincere opinion schools (formal education as my uncle Alby called it) exist for one purpose, to train cogwheels ... if you survive the whole process you are part of a group, the need to belong is satisfied, you can endlessly talk about the same subjects using the same arguments and you never have to leave your comfort zone ... my opinion is a bit more elaborate but like i said and say ... dont go there, you'll get a headache ... you look to ME for your normal people morals ? DONT DO THAT, YOU'LL GET A HEADACHE
"rockefeller thought hitler should get the money" huh ? sure as hell didnt teach me THAT in school ...
okay okay okaaaay ... this is getting GOOD
eugenics HM ? well i KNEW there was a general consensus back in the day (that day, yes) on genetics, and atavism and how jews were not to be trusted but THIS guy here O MG 0_o
unless i totally misheard and mis-interpreted ... without resorting to namecalling .. Edisonians not only FINANCED the nazis ... they actually empowered the war, made it possible, WERE INTO EUGENICS , THERE WERE FUCKING STERILIZATIONS IN NEW YORK ???!??? AND afterwards had a field-day ... year ... decade ... (century by now) economically colonizing the ruined continent ...
well, can i repeat myself, if only 5% of what the dude writes is true already ?


how about that, precious ? o i know ... the answer is "how come you dont have facebook, right?" okay nevermind
eugenics came from america, YEARS before the nazis adopted it ? THAT IS FUCKING PRECIOUS PRECIOUS, thats fucking precious

06/23/2017 12:20:53 am
ISIS exposed: beheadings, slavery, and the hellish reality of radical islam

... mixed feelings ... number of suicidals : switzerland : 10 , luxembourg : zero known ... belgium : as much as Australia while we have a population of about new york city only here ... these statistics (problem with statistics is they can show anything depending on who wields them) might show the howhappyamiwithmygovernmentfactor cos poverty has always lead to extremism and the neos are shouting kill the jews just alike... the numbers and facts definitely make it worth the listen however ... the author suffers from what i observe in too many americans from the president to the bottom of society : american narcism ... its partly observers paradox, "leaders of the free world" and all that (who actually asked you to be that? thats part of why you're attracting so much flies : the bullshit) ... the edisonian attitude towards the world (which is im afraid the biggest danger of Trump administration, not the sexist remarks ... the author too often refers to the threat to america and sneers with sarcasm on the lare or lack of obama reaction while totally ignoring the fact that it began in afghanistan and the US CREATED it ... one too many remarks on that spotty kid in the corner, blaming it on videogames and gangster rap .. I cant get with that but its clearly worth the time listening to if you ignore those bits so im gonna leave it on the list, yes american narcism (isssiisisism?), thats exactly what i mean to say and how i mean to say it, you people suffer from that ... A LOT (i also miss one single mention of the fact that most who go or do apparently seem to be what would be called third or fourth generation (migrants) ... (as far as i can see that is) but fine .. A minus for american narcis(sis?)m then heh ... ;-)
m hm ... i cant help but wonder what the conservative would given enough power ... is the handmaids tale an acceptable situation while the caliphate is not ? no, i doubt i have hidden my distrust for both conservatives and lefties since they all just need authority for the sake of it ... you know the kind ... stuck in a time where the 60s are coming back (which they wont, not without a war, and next world war might be victory for cockroaches myeah ... isms and ists ... never to be trusted
and so yes, nearing the end i detect another streak of un-professional call-to-arms. This is where i often am mistaken for whatever i am not cos im not on either side. Certainly not a hamas supporter, certainly not a nazi but, despite the fact that i dont believe for a second a Palestinian state would erase all the blood thats been shed, its not really a ridiculous idea, is it ? after all, even if the jews got eradicated by zee germans, by now this looks like they got a choice to fix it by becoming what put them there since after all that how would it ever stop. If someone comes build a house on top of mine while i'm still in it. Im not gonna be happy, even if the lobbies of the free world wrote on paper that it now is so. THATs the reality of what happened. To quote the bible to justify thousand year old ancestral lands while writing, ... no, ... IN a book to rally against 1000 year old sharia seems to me euhm ... well fill in the blanks. Im NOT anti-semitic. 1000 years ago i have no clue who lived here, but i do now ... if whoever comes here claiming its their birthright, im not really gonna care why they think it is, im sorry mister Stackelberg but .. that bit is really going ott there. Still im happy for the numbers, now no one gets to do me off as an anti-belgianist cos its HARD fact but freedom of information is not really much of an act in the country where bitches swallow the ALF burning a truckload of live chickens and a guy pimping his 12 year old daughters together with their mother gets about 3 days of news coverage .. how long before im out of here, year everything revolves around me. This place is kryptonite i cant think straight
it gets worse towards the end as the tone shifts more and more to a lecture calling for a crusade, not a book just stating facts but the WORST PART ? not just using the bible as a history book to claim ancestral grounds and expecting no reaction from whoever got there somewhere between 3000 years ago and now (and im not anti and im not pro-semitic, and im not a muslim and im not a jew and im not a christian and im not a nazi and im not a hippie and im not a hindu and im not an atheist) ... the WORST PART ? to compare it to the 'right an american has to buy property in new york' YOU MOTHERFUCKERS ERADICATED THE NATIVES AND YOU'RE NOT HALF A MILENNIUM OLD ... if i started with the last chapter of this shyte i wouldnt have continued ... good thing i didnt cos before that barring the occasional sneer on anti-radicalism in a book anti radicalism its pretty much fine ... but THAT? thats ridiculous dude, you lose yourself there by the end
yea completely ... ends in a total anti obama slur and tal about 'patriottic americans' ... thats a dam shame it started out good i dont think im gonna keep this on the list, but i'll keep the numbers in my head ...
yap, decided ... by the end its like 20 obamas per minute ... its a 2-year old book so the reverse onslaught was probably still gaining momentum, and im not sure if it actually kept that ... time wil tell, i CANT get with that, sir ... i can get with lots of the research but i cant get with the quote the bible against jihadism cos we already had crusades, its actually what started it, althought some say "they" started it so you can imagine how long the jews and palestines are gonna be at it. As far as i know muhammad was somewhat a newtonian metaverse reaction against the crusades but before that they are said to have come here so we're fighting a 1000 year old war, right?
right ... so that eye for that eye and shit ... im not fucking gandhi, somewhere on the blog block i say i take two eyes for one cos if you leave the motherfucker one good eye he's still gonna see you and he might come back. I CANT GET WITH THAT reverse thing ... its NO excuse and your bible is NOT a history book, its probably the most edited book in history as well as the most sold one (according to urban legend ofcourse) ... if god and allah didnt like eachother either that bible or that quran standing on the shelf in the other room would have caught fire by now or the house might have been struck by lightning (although that was Zeus' department, right?) but its not ... so i can only conclude neither gives a shit, besides historically it started WAY earlier as a dispute over which tribe had the one true one god (WAY before crusadertimes) but thats probably something i dont know enough facts about in order to discuss it
what i can do, living in rightwing smallville, is state that actual muslims are fighting, BOOTS ON THE GROUND, in iraq, syria, lybia and what not face to face so this why dont they .. i cant get with that either ... theres a lot of barnazis here talking a lot but i dont see any of them taking off for syria to go fight it either btw ..
as for the muslims living here ... they dont protest against, they dont preach, they dont lop off heads, they dont anything actually, they just live here, they're probably the most quiet minority (other than the chinese but tbh, who ever noticed the chinese, if ANYONE keeps to themselves its them, right?)
so, NO, i cant keep this on the list of extra-ordinary im afraid, despite the decent stats and research ... too much call for anti-jihad and pushing it on obama while its not he who started it in afghanistan ... but laxness, i agree is what got the nazis to the brink of victory ... its 2017 now, they came from controlling 100k square miles to 50k, but that took three years , so this is far from over ... so you might as well start dissing trump and blame it on him lol
no im not pro or anti, i still think its a natural newtonian reaction on metaverse level and im used to being mistaken OR taken by either side as pro or anti cos PC and thats not how its done.
im on nobody's side but mine, if this shithole taught me anything that that is it

somewhere endspring 2017
The gene : an intimate history
its been a while , i definitely recommend it im not about to review and rant on and off every book i ever read or listened to, not even in the past two years, this one gets green label so alleycat-approved AND liked
grey label ? well that means its HERE, right ? means i liked it enough to finish it as opposed to the 99.9% i read synopsis or the cover or the first few pages that will never be on here ? ... i dont waste time on linking lousy shit and ranting on how bad it was cos im no attention whore
somewhere early 2017
Bitcoin : the future of money
(remark by me : HOW THE FUCK CAN AN AUDIOBOOK BE SOLD OUT ? is that one of your drm shytes ?
ahem , myes well ... and exactly HOW can an audiobook be sold out ? its like SORRY I DON WANT YOUR MONEY ? whatever
a MOST enlightening bit of well-done, written and narrated research on the deep origins of BTC and the riddles why genius class people would come up with something everyone from governments over banks to microsoftclass mastodonts are trying to capitalize, and then either disappear, go back to what they were doing or move to another squat dump in London ... its pretty much up yo momma's ass bitchslappin' good but well, genius doesnt do these people right really. GREAT BOOK - greenlabel alleycat-approved, if you have anything to do with you should have read it (or listened if, like me life kicked you in the head so much its hard to sit down with a book in a bath even if it used to be one of your favourite passtimes
somewhere earlier 2017
The 50th law
i know theres been some shit and stuff (and shit) but 50 , i mean 20 years ago on the underground irc where music was checked before it existed g-unit and this guy were like craze (dont take my numbers exact i dont work at cern, 20-ish, theres not many who last that long today btw) ... no one heard about it, specially not in hellgium, i get these freestyles like "let me tell you what i need" and the original tracks, i was seriously down with it and still .. but the book actually opens up on how life is, i like it ...i'm waiting for jay-z to put one out (for free ofcourse, he doesnt need the money but publicity is worth its spread in gold) so i can compare xD
yea i heard about the backstabbing, i know how the tide turns, if you're the man who can pay rounds for all 20 or 30 parasites disguised as friends you're the man, one moment of downside, you look around there's no one at your back but someone trying to stick a knife in it. I didnt grow up in Queens or any american ghetto but i have my theory on the scalability of things where concepts stay the same so yea i greenlabel this but if you're not into it you might not like it, and then some, i dont do this to make someone like it, i mention it cos it got me something, i finished it AND i liked it, what someone else thinks is of zero importance to me, im not a popstart after all :)
somewhere late 2016
FOUND ONE ! believe it or not i spent the last hour cracking my brain and googling occasional keywords in between to get this : "Brandwashed" , AWESOME insights, see i WANNA give credit to people who inspired or inspire me and i wanna vow to buy every special edition of the works listed WHEN its viable to do so (as in affordable) but thats not gonna work if all my fucking libraries get closed, my accounts hacked, i get banned from fucking skype for no reasons given and the dustball department classifies me as "does not compute" cos i sound differently, BRANDWASHED ! ofcourse (im really not the names and numbers guy, i HATE thinking in words and sentences, but for lack of telepathy im left reading in them, not like we have much choice there, otherwise the quantum leap from the authors brain to mine, projecting the whole idea of the book in one thought would be EVEN MORE awesome, brandwashed, im still missing a few ... but what was in there is definitely in my head or i wouldnt waste time trying to give credit cos usually im very out of give a fuck ... i havent read since i started again last year cos whatever youtube audiobooks and ANYTHING cos i reserve the right to educate myself and in this place where i need 90% of my cpu cycles to ward off the place itself and 90% of the remaining 10% to pretend not to be me i dont really get down to one book per week or month and FRANKLY, if i see the list available, dozens per day at least from all around the place (its a HUGE place, its the only place that can actually expand indefinitely, unlike corporations treat economy since thats limited resources in limited space over a set amount of time, divided in sections according to a calender some dead Roman came up with ... JEEZ HERE I GO AGAIN and its just a link right, well you can blame these people cos their work REALLY STUCK with me
somewhere early winter 2016
Be obsessed or be average (well, this book actually is one of the advocates for audiobooks in itself since the author (whos not just a guru on mindfulness and how its done but someone who's done it, been there and bought the walking closet cos he didnt have to time to pick one shirt, you can hear how driven the dude is, something you wouldnt while reading it on paper, i found it quite inspiring even if its VERY likely someone i couldnt work FOR ever (didnt say couldnt work with b2b, said work for, but i have no b cos hellgium fucked me, so ...)
somewhere late autumn 2016
Quiet Power : the secret strengths of introverts
few years ago
Philosophers in 90 minutes series (lots of them, the ones who stood by most to me, i mean remember most about literally would be nietschze, confucius and saint augustine, o well , PLATO, OFCOURRSSEEE .... i think sartre and kant and stuff (and shit) is something i ward off cos too much dustball department i been in contact with used it 'cos its cool' ... you know like, like having a gay or black friend to show off how non-racist you are ... something like that i think , marx became an -ism and you know how i feel about that, great ideas turned to dogma recited by parrots disguised as humans with degrees in yapping, it gives the man no credit even though im sure he deserves it, definitely more than being recited by people who never even got close to the situation itself ... i remember one thing about schoppenhauer (can you believe i used to think the dude was a composer first? He was a horndog, like einstein, and not ashamed about it, i do remember that one hahah (how you like my lingo dustball?)... i think its been quite a while but i dont really care about reciting what they said as long as i grew an extra dimension from it. But im left with an awful question again, how can an audiobook be available 'only in the US and Canada' dude ? dont you think thats asking for it (for one) and two ... who decides that ? You , the author ? you dont WANT people to share your wisdom ? i dont get that, especially that, whats the point of global internet if its "not available in" ? you're biting your own leg there even since no body CAN buy it, right ? and WHY ... the ultimate question in philosophy ? in all science maybe ? WHY? uh you gonna what ? o well tell the people who put me here to give me all the money i didnt make since that day, otherwise its not much use all i can give you is credit for being an awesome inspiration, and i deny everything, so ... take the compliment for now
looong ago when i was a little shit
Chariots of the Gods (well its food for thought, im sure zelazny is close to it in lord of light .. it never turned me into an alien conspirationist seeing reptilians in politicians actually ... i cant have been much younger than those little shits dumping their trash all over my street, i sure as hell aint gonna list all books i ever read, im just going alphabetic over in case i see a title, im not the titles-man, and i saw this)