06/24/2017 02:21:13 am
17:30 ... stuffed, time for a shower so i dont otaku too much ... why shower BEFORE you get dirty ? cos that is how its done ? IS IT?
okay then ... btw im sorry if theres some confusion ms. Rowling. I've seen all your movies, i just didnt read any of your books. Love harry potter, Love hogwarts and who wouldnt have been bedazzled by the ultimate kawai of little Hermione hm? In another timeline where i'm a familyman doing a clerk job (yea, punny, ruffling dustball feathers since 1988), at my third wife, paying off my house and hers, three cars and five kids id even buy them for my kids (the books) but id still hope i could have them taste zelazny, vance, van vogt and those who made MY mind expand beyond the observable universe
so, im gonna chill out now soon after that much stuffing it happens
im not angry, im ALWAYS angry, you wouldnt notice if you met me
im ALWAYS angry since the day you put me here
yea ... so mr. Rowling :p ... you're one of the failures of the planet ;) (like Bill Gates and starbucks or if we keep it author-ish .. Stephen King?) but you came back with a rosepetal vengeance. People like that tend to appreciate life more since they actually know what colour the front AND backside of their desk has. No i didnt learn that on tv either, its recurring in at least a few of the books downthere of which is totally incomplete ofcourse.
i wonder whats next .. blacklisting my site ? denying access to viral actual memes that arent funny quotes on gifs? you think ... i mean you STILL think all you have to do is swipe some black marker over an inconvenient truth and it goes away ? its STILL THERE, under the black marker ... like a festering wound unattended with a band aid over it.
its STILL a TRUTH ...
gud, nuf said, wut? o yes, sure but only a few, something with towers and randall flagg, mostly movies, i stuck to sci-fi and fantasy so if i read any it would be closer to that than to horror, like weaveworld and shit (and stuff, you know ? yes i know thats not stephen king, i miraculously remember since i see the dvd here 'dread', a book i never read btw so i guess i saw it on tv) ... tried my hand on Kafka once .. i won that war, finished it the last page, then spent a month recovering. That dude was DOWN, and i dont mean down like down or down but like "the original emo', right? die verwandlung. Of all the books i could pick for german class i just HAD to do that. I would advise against it or keep xanax near ... other than that i think i never got beyond the unbearable lightness of being when it comes to pop (is that not "pop"? everyone read it, so what makes pop pop then ?) other than that its either hard reality, insight or sci-fi (with capital SCI) or fantasy beyond Tolkien (which i read when i was eight btw but im not afraid to admit i never finished the silmarillion thats as readable as a bible or something) ... whew, *breathe* ....
right, i think the internet is almost full for today
i dont put my rules on you, you fucked up my life, you dont get to expect anything from me and ILL NEVER GIVE UP and ILL NEVER GIVE IN and ILL NEVER LET IT GO even if i wont suck dick to get there, I WILL
and when i do , NO ONE will know my name, as intended from the start ... i have no need for a fleeting decade (or century for that matter) before i belong to the dustball department alone. i CERTAINLY have no need to saaaave the wooorlllld that fucked me over.
bye now
17:05 ... eating .. well, more like stuffing it looks good in the truman show i suppose, hot meal at five .. but its breakfast to me
since im out of sync with my biorythm im sure ill fall into slumber short after, hopefully actually sleeping a few hours, waking up at around eleven to midnight
make the most of the night, but not cos no money has my motivation not at zero but below ... meanwhile im trying to remember the titles
titles of some teeny tidbits i didnt "learn on tv", dustball ... but im as much the names as im the numbers guy now this is where we differ most i think :
i cant recite passages, the authors name even a lot of the time and certainly not when he or she was born or what school of -ism it belongs to, but everything in it sticks inside my head, and to me thats all that matters, fame is an illusion anyway, go around, ask the first 100 people you meet who gilgamesh is ... DO IT
so you'll excuse me if i misspell the name but i think it was Vivian Redding who said i have the right to educate myself and money cant be in the way of that , or lack of it, ... someting about basic human rights and stuff, AND SO I DO
its not the exact words she used but its what i understood and i think the general idea fits there, i wont be kept stupid cos your -ism has a higher kaste in the dark ages
which means the amount of fucks per second makes you blind to what im saying, which is fine by me, you're a fossil
im TRYING to remember the titles, i havent actually done books for years but since im stuck here and the closer i get to 50 the closer the ultimate deadline comes i dont know what triggered it
but it sure as hell wasnt harry potter
now, do you have my money? every cent i didnt make since the day you put me here ?
or have you fucked off yet?
yes sure, but listen up i shall say this only once, cos im not Vivian Redding but she told me to ... is it in a public library? is it on youtube ? is it available as free trials ? are you an author or a salesman ? do you want to be read only by who can afford it OR DO YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING YOU NEED TO SAY?
bitch ... (sorry, that wasnt against any of the authors ofcourse, besides i live by the old credo since im oldskool, buy what you like
if you can afford it, the first step of maslow is a hobbit thing
16:20 ... hungry ... no i havent had breakfast, i try to stick to MY schedule which means waking up should have happened not too long ago
i think satellius is being a gay fuck again, i cant login to my main hotmail, which i havent used for anything else but keeping ALL my invoices and online purchases and shit and stuff and shit, cos i havent been able to reset my password in 48 hours now, UNRELIABLE SHYTE, btw dude i never said you a homo, what do i care where you stick your dick, its 2017, i said a gay fuck is you, microfascist corporate gay fuck, get with the time, bro
those dustballs made me actually realise something ive known for a long time. Does the amount of fucks per second thats sometimes in my language (no its not always there, and sometimes its deliberate)distract you from who i really am ? no not "what" i am, im nobody. Who i am ... does it blind you cos i realized once and for all, its like a basketball-sized buttong in the middle of your face like "HE SAID FUCK" and immediately everything gets ignored, the message, the ideas, EVERYTHING, its a surefire trigger to set you off, thats how easy you people are. The word did not have power until you started directing energy at it like you would your god, its almost prayer-level empowered now, FOUR FUCKING LETTERS, just say it and OFF YOU GO
fucking retards
yea well, being broke doesnt make me less cranky and the answer is not "get a job" or "a oeër af en go masjen" ... i had one, i was doing fine before you put me here, i WOULD be living in asia by now, yes check the forex demos which are not what i would have made by working (you know, "working")
but you broke my giveafuck a long time ago, and negotiations stopped YEARS ago, so DO YOU HAVE MY MONEY BITCH ? or have you fucked off yet ...
yes, check out how the tone of the message changes from "i feel quite calm in the dark of night after a walk with my cat" to "i hate this fucking place and i will never let it go you fucked my life"
hm, 15:48, i think it tried to wake me at 11:20, still feels like noon is des twaalven moet men eeten maken om den afwasch aan ten gaen-trumanshow shyte
so im already dead tired, also broke for ten days so im gonna need a timesink, you dont get to .. well you get your opinion but im not asking for it
do you have my money, bitch? every cent i didnt make since the day you put me here? OR ELSE TJOEPPEN i guess? mijn oeër af en go masjn? TE LAAT JONG, DO YOU HAVE MY MONEY BITCH? ah yes, "date" ... ofcourse, i forgot all about that, your demented oldbat corporate nazi ass already forgot the part where it says daily "never again while im stuck in hellgium"? ofcourse you do, it does not compute, does it? btw date who, where with what money, even if ? hmz ...
do you have my money, bitch, every cent i didnt make since the day you put me here, since HERE is the problem so until im living im living in asia with my cat you can fuck off, and i no can do, i was doing fine, YOU FUCKED IT ... back to the start of the message then LALALALALALALLA CANT HEAR YOU
Well, dear dustball,
thats cos you regurgitate, right?
you don't see infinity for the möbius ring it is, you dont see that if you go round from zero to the right you end up at infinity if you just follow the loop and if you add just one to that, where you are after that is ZERO again
but i dont speak dustball, i just see it like that and you cant accept it cos i dont have your dresscode, right?
well thats too bad ... but i still think my explanations make a lot of sense
i always wanted to enslave some numbers guys, you know , my round table of scientists, who can prove on paper what i see in my mind?
but if i do that all i have is a big head cos no papers on the wall so
no, so not, i wont shut up for that
well actually i think its quite interesting if you just visualize it projected on the very symbol used for it, which is as far as i can see a flattened moebius loop, since, as far as my lamer-crank-uneducated-non-dustball-literate ass understands it all you need to propell anything at all faster than light is an infinite amount of energy, which in sé means once you have an infinity amount, due to the nature of infinity wether you propell one foton or a whole planet costs exactly the same : infinity, BUT if you add just one to that, to achieve faster than light plus one, you need only zero
so, to get poetic with it if zero is the speed of dark then dark is faster than light ...
so absence of light is faster than light, which makes sense in a metaversic way since if there is a whole lot of nothing between two points placed anywhere, or just a little bit, the time to travel from one to the other remains the same : its instant, xD, at the speed of dark, distance ceases to exist (lulz) sounds good doesnt it ? like any koan, the idea is to give it some thought, not to find the answer since in doing nothing but that
several points on the path to enlightenment might flare, if even for a moment but
a moment might be all it takes, after all how many worlds at once fit in and what's the speed of one single abstract thought ?
i dont like thinking in words and sentences
nah, just the killing blow left : THAT, precious, is why, despite quanta being the smallest possible, they call it "a quantum leap", its a world of progress gained in one single flash of insight, one moment at the speed of dark 0_o
q.e.d. ? i got nothing to prove :p
well that's floating, but the moebius ring makes perfect sense imo infinity plus one is zero, and the other way around too, who said its a left to right line ? yea who actually said that?
i think i should sleep 4:32 plus eight for health is 12:32, 2pm is an acceptable time but in summer too hot, too bad you kept me awake all day or i could do some tendtothegarden before that, anyways ...Tsscchhhhhhhh chuch ngu ngon (ill never get the accents right so i just leave those out)
crank huh ? lol ... i bet on paper it could even be worked out like that, in theory but i dont have numbers guys at my disposal and the dustball department will never take me seriously enough to even consider it, even just for the fuck (in this case meaning 'fun') of it.
so ? i should talk about the weather more and stick to .. to what? nobody's like me ... not the normals, not the intellectuals, not the weirdos not the free thinkers, i never met anyone quite like me and my name's not even Rock ... so go figure, or fuck yourself, whatever takes or tickles your fancy. I think these things more often than not, but i have no intention of being smart about it, i just wont be treated like shyte cos i'm not an official dustball stamped by the state for learning how to walk and talk like everyone
im afraid i cant do that, so ... no i dont need girlfriends to discuss metafysics with, i had all kinds of friends, but money taught me friends are usually a lie
SO ... ? well, so fucking what? all i want is what i wanted years before you put me here, not to come up with something to save the world that fucked me over
nice, quiet night, turns out the little shits are decent little shit, but please dont mistake my intentions, if my cat wanted to walk the other way tonight i wouldnt even have seen they picked up their trash this time, but it looks like they did
but please dont confuse me for the neighbourhood watch or the nanny
mhz .. yes im re-thinking the layout so i get the latest this-is-my-exciting-life-with-timestamps pictures on the right instead of a 12tile at the bottom of the page, i KNOW that what isnt on top/first sight gets missed a lot cos too lazy to scroll down if not facebook, click-sick
but what was today, my eyes are sore, im still gonna sit it out until at least 4 when it starts to dawn but what was today ? you woke me up at 10, i been on the couch ALL day, brainfried by the sunlight, i cant think straight, paralyzed by the heat, did absolutely NOTHING, tried to get some sleep at six (pm) for some reason while i should been dead tired didnt work, now my eyes are sore and im sitting here yawning, if i sleep now, and wake up at ten again, same thing, i would do some minor task in the garden (which i hate doing and i should have been able to pay people for for years now) at four and five but today im just too fucking worn out, cos you think routine (meaning YOUR routine) is GOOD for me or something. Or else, the only thing i can think of is the point IS (is that the point is DONT CORRECT ME ON GREMMAR YOU FUKKEN NAZI) point IS that i do and achieve nothing, so your yo-theories still stand and your world doesnt crumble while you're still in it. Other than that , if its not to torture me, i cant see why, cos its VERY exhausting and counterproductive to be jammed into a rythm, its like pushing me into a square, you kinda have to fold me and break some pieces off or it wont fit. Same thing for my life. I dont function by day, and i cant be me HERE, that will NEVER work out, EVER
06/23/2017 10:54:01 am
21:08 ... couldnt sleep all day , shithouse shitville woke me up at ten, disabled and immobilized by heat and sunlight, TIRED, but i NEED THE NIGHT, I HATE THE DAY, especially in this place, and where with no money to spend since in this place there is nothing for me AND I DONT WANT FRIENDS HERE ... FUCKING UP MY LIFE TEN YEARS AFTER YOU FUCKED UP MY LIFE
good to be reminded of how this shitty this place is
wake me up at 10:50? to what avail ? i think i have 1 euro left, the weekends gonna be more interesting than usual, the sun is shining, i can't go out or my skin starts itching, so now what?
06/22/2017 03:18:48 pm
3:20am ... the only free week i need is my money, every cent since the day you put me here
there will be no girl until i live in asia with my cats
i wont have friends
until then ... forget about your masterplans, i am not part of them
2:40am .. i dont have friends bro, you clearly havent been paying attention since you put me here and thought you were in control
feels like a script that was written by someone who thought it couldnt fail but did so from the very beginning
unfortunately its my life, which got ruined, and i will never forgive that
2:32 am ... you want my professional opinion on the junkie?
are you sure? cos well, oh , im not scared ive know way worse people than that
first of all in your world i dont have one since im not state stamped and i never learned to talk in line
second it might not be what you agreed upon
he's not harmless,
he's not dangerous until he's pushed too far
which means what?
means he might do again but there's no guarantee he will
does not warrant anyone who never did before won't do it in the same situation
he does NOT feel guilty, not for one second and i stick to my guns when i tell him every time he shouldnt for defending himself, its a natural reaction
all that considering the story is as is ofcourse, how can i know it is or not ? its 20 years, people dont have to lie to have fake memories
so ... he's not unlike many other people i know or have known, he just got unlucky that he had to
the army ? wont work, he gave up on life ... nothing can save him but a mother-figure who takes care of him
again, he's not the only one like that i know or have known
so ? you really want my opinion cos i think the most dangerous thing hes doing is looking for purpose, its how the caliphate gets their muslims only he'll never be one
but there's others rising
you still want ?
cos theres no guarantee cos hes not reliable, but as a suicide death onemansquad he might be
there you go, no guarantee he ever will be if hes left alone
no guarantee he never wont
im gonna eat, sleep, wake up at a lousy hour and my day's gonna be fucked
bij de neus genomen huh? tjoeppen tjoeppenflikkenbak, sjikkenbak, tjoeppensquad, in een neonazigat
well better watch your nose then, tides might turn
well bottom up motherfucker, im gonna eat and watch some anime or something until the hour im supposed to wake up, not the hour you set for me, make your threats elsewhere, i already almost flipped at your kid you couldnt educate and its not mine
please make sure they dont throw trash on my street anymore, other than that i dont give a shit if they're dealing crack or selling uzis
bottom up motherfucker (no that doesnt mean drink) 2:07 am friday ?
today i have no real clue what it was about, i do think the kid situation could have been a setup, some kind of i got five on it or else some tjoeppen squad shit, the other 'random' encounters are as random as they get here, its VERY random considering the frequency at which i can be found outside being next to zero
despite that, i got reminded that junkies got me jailed once and i swore that wouldnt happen again, i shouldnt be nice to people here, its a STATEMENT, junkie or not
the statement stands
should have let me do, id be living where i want to and no one here would know my name
made me hate the place more, hope those kids dont push it and come throw more shit or shit will happen, my cat is in danger there
other than that?
you owe me a shitload of money, every cent i didnt make since the day you put me here, plus intrest, if you dont have that then im afraid our conversation will be limited to the weather, which i hate talking about
that shit i dont really care about, i suppose something about a promise on booze never given that was never gotten but somehow expected, dont give a shit okay, i dont
(i clearly dont) ... other than that? i dont know, DO YOU HAVE MY MONEY BITCH ? im down to one cat and the clock is ticking ... and YOU LOT, you got junkies pretending to be you, im not sure if you want that, just make sure you know i dont want YOU near me , okay ?
i want space, the plains of mongolia are VERY alluring, all that pushed me here, whoever did, made me crave wide spaces with no humans or dogs in it
roll credits, if you wake me up before 2pm ill have nothing to do but lay around, im not getting a job with the vdabob cos you fucked up my last one
dont suck my dick, im not having sex until im out of here, just go die
somewhere im not
i was just being nice and look what i get ?
i get an inbreed masterplan or happenstance gone wrong
neither of it will make me run into the arms of here
'here' is the enemy to me, if you dont get that after all these years you have been fed false information or you're a worse idiot than i can insult you about
what i think? is that even relevant to you ? what you think is not to me since what i want has been clear since before you put me here
i think someone made a grave mistake one last time and the answer is not "get a job" or "masjen"
thats what i think
note to the inbreeds : i was trying to prevent, and i was trying to be nice
i hate this country man, i wouldnt want it if they offered it to me on a silver platter
the plains of mongolia are very alluring, they have been for years, i dont think thats gonna change cos trump has drones and the dawn is rising
i wanna be left alone, with my cat, without my cat i'll use anything to get even, even muslim fanatics
how about "YOU dont understand", zee russians are devising methods to defend from attacks by quantum computers on something as neo as the blockchain while no one has quantum computers yet
how about "you dont understand" stick to your shit stay out of my life and
if you would have let me do i would have been out of this country years ago, not stuck in this shithole for years
and remind yourself you do not have anyone who scares me, all you have is a lot of mosquitos at once
im about to get the spray out if you dont leave me alone
i was trying to be nice, serves me well
you wanna get the general you send the dirty dozen i get all that shit i grew up here
but im not the general i'm switzerland, you should send someone you think is my level if thats what you want
if you want to enlist me : NOBODY enlists switzerland
EVER, dont use fucking plankton cos you're afraid to show your face they just leave a stain, but they still have feelings
the cardboard house pic ? its REAL, brussels has done its best to keep the north station from growing into a cardboard centre, unfortunately they dont always succeed in time
you tell me you see a couple with a 2-4 year old kid in a dump like that and you tell them to "go home" ?
it wont happen again, next time anyone who endangers my cat can get a punch in the teeth
other than that fix your own shit
i'm out of goodwill, thats quite fast after i ran out of patience, you're quite adept at it

those who put me here, those who knew about it, those who went along, the junk is still a victim but when it comes to cutting out the cancer i consider him collateral damage
there you go
00:24 ... hours later, dont say i didnt think it over
you made a fool out of me today, killer, that wont happen again
attack me if you like, i known a lot worse, leave me alone you reminded me what this town does to people
i have no friends here, nor will i ever have until im out of here
well its not like its not your league, its not your dimension, so stay out of it
you'll get hurt in ways you dont recognize and there will be no fixing
stay out
ive had enough insults for one day, let me keep one thing clear, i NEED those little shits to quit dropping garbage, last thing i want is uncle Po to get an excuse to patrol

well, it sounds better when the girl tells it but basically it says
fuck you, BITCH
as a personal note : i am not amused, keep your inbreed retard squad far away from me, all i want is out of here, i shall never be your servant
tell your inbreeds to steer clear, keep your dog out of my garden and your cops out of my business,and your litter out of my street, ill be gone once i get enough money, i have hated this place for almost 31 years now, that shouldnt be a problem, but you seriously insult me
23:35 ... i was being compassionate to a person no one likes i can relate, how close have you ever been to that cardboard house ? what do you know outside your office and your comfort zone, cos all places are alike to me .. ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME, RETARD ? im not talking about the retard im talking about whoever set him up to it, thats the end of polite then
take heed and listen to the story, its built so retards can get it, why on earth would you link your rising dawn with shit like that? im not part of it, im not your enemy
but you seem to be mine

bottom up motherfucker
i still expect your kids to not litter in my street despite the fact that i look like a fucking hippiecrite now, trust me
i wont trust anyone in this shithole ever again, please dont have like demo-cop-vans driving in front of me or something ... no one of these people scares me, you should be aware of that by now

i dont know what you tried but
something about not answering the door and mentioning blood and honour
i cant help you, turns out i really have no friends, no turning back, last time

bottom up motherfucker 22:48, welcome to the world of van drukkerland
im first gonna finish what i was saying im sure you had enough time to think about it
being flanders funny was not the right answer

coming from a concert of someone i consider to be one of hellgiums best and very few true artists i encountered this (we had the part where i told you tjoeppen bij de neus genomen was a bad idea hours ago)
so what is it ?
its two people sleeping with their four year old daughter, filthy, hungry, ready
i gave them the only 5 euros i could afford to miss, should feed them for a day, even in brussels
thats what it was
its the last time i trust any local inbreed, i was already not inclined yet compassionate, psychopaths dont deserve mercy, they should be on a leash or put down
dont put that blood and honour shit on me, its where i grew up, they kicked me out, they still respect me cos im REAL
last time, im sorry for your loss
bottom up motherfucker, 20:03, welcome to the world of that is how its done and the family "we zellenemnekiejer""

you know what that is ? ill give you some time to think about it

how's the boxing, profiling and categorizing getting along then ?
working out for ya?
found out where i fit yet ?
i learned to type in markup language when they got me a job working for the government, thats how much i had to do
i type it like /n was never replaced by an enter key

also, how can it not be my house ? its my STREET cos YOU put me HERE, okay the other street is not mine, thats not my problem either until my cat starts walking there which he doesnt
i dont keep things on leashes to feel in control
i dont affiliate with these people but ill betcha fiver they give me a pass when i happen to be in town
you made me what i am

i made me who i am
respect is earned not forced and you wont know until you find out which means sticking your neck between a wood block and an iron ten ton razor there you go
it means nothing but it sounds good, or maybe it means something but it still sounds good
its not about who they are, its about how much they can respect who i am
'what' we are is a creation of society and a front-face its not who we are
but you wouldnt know that, cos you never had to wake up after falling face first into a concrete road
19:26 its a bit too late for "its okay" dont you think ?
you owe me at least a decade if i dont start counting from when i was 15 and here i am , pissed on but educating your shit on how to not shit in my street, i give them more credit than i give you, i hope they think twice before breeding too ... to you it was automatic, right ? cos that is how its done ?
a bit too late for cos sorry doesnt get me anything

who hasnt been there, the moment when her mum comes in, who hasnt been there? ... unless you're a homo WHICH IS FINE, if i wanna insult you im gonna call you a gay fuck, not a homo, DUDE, its 2017 okay get with the program, gay parades are as old as whatever you started parading for by now, things get smaller over time dont you notice
yea i am the einstein of social relativity, the more time passes the more compact old problems seem to get
in the end irrelevant b/c even if they stil exist under a different name they're no longer recognized (thats why they love me on their playground, i do it without isming
so fuck you and you , AND YOU, and dont mistake my intentions, and DONT test me, you wanna help me? tell me who put me here or tell me where all the money i havent made since is
you wanna be funny ? DONT or do at your own risk
its cute right when you get to markup your own posts
did you know google actually has codes you can use inline to make text bold and shit ? i didnt know that until someone told me

post is mine, bible belonged to a dude named "Charles" (en francais) who cleary has my surname in 1714, i can look up the date of the quran sitting ,next to it but they tell me the quran has never been altered ... not one letter
gud, its a believer thing
but my bible is older than yours at least, i dont have to believe i just have to have faith that theres something worth believing in when was the first time i told you you will never understand me unless you read all the books i read , watched all the movies , listened to all the songs, and lived my fucking life?
thats a long time ago isnt it ?
it better not be by the neus genomen i dont wanna have to punch hipster dad in the mouth so he can run off to call the blue siren brigade okay
i can do leave you alone, but this is the limit
o i would have been great at it .. im sure, cos im lazy and i dont start before checkmate mate, i would have made a master psychologist too but frankly to be that you dont really need the degree do you ? ... to be the social worker you need the social network, thats what you cut me off from when you put me here, THATS WHY I QUIT THAT SCHOOL, to have a degree in social science without the proper network, i might as well go stell stories on aeon
it wont happen COS YOU FUCKED IT UP, like that last job, which was the last chance
you will not cos im not a dog
despite everything, STILL i am the cat that walks alone, and all people are alike to me
bottom up .. 18:39... told you NOT to do it
now i had to act the brute and you hid behind little kids, very distasteful
this is starting to look more like the original alleycat.be actually with all the talking and shit, im sorry if i had you confused cos my life looks like a hobbit cos my life LOOKS like a hobbit since you put me here, its that or alcoholic and i dont like -isms
i hate laying down the law cos my law is not on paper? no cos i hate laying down the law, you gotta find out for yourself and most people do that by getting battlescars
only the sheep don't
the plankton never gets scars, they just get eaten by the whales who think they are the flow, but the whales are not the flow, not even the white shark is the flow
the flow is the flow, its beyond the plankton
it will come back in most of the quotes on top, reluctance to enforce, free thought and out of the box WEIRD shit as interpreted by normals
but symbiosis is a necessity for survival unless you believe absolutely in an afterlife
cos if theres no next chance, then this is it

its also this or that so in my DSM, bipolarity is the norm, its either this or that
so im not a skinhead, im not a rebel, im switzerland, and those kids were shitting in my street, someone told them, flemish-polite
wasnt enough
am i a brute now ?
im not even sure it will help yet
but it might
please dont mistake my intentions, my cat (and so do i) loves peace and quiet, the plains of mongolia are VERY alluring
bottom up bottom up 18:18, i say 18 cos that makes them responsible by your law, id bitchsclap them from 15 for being retards in my street
but i dont, do i
those kids are not my enemy, whoever put me here is my enemy, the tjoeppendude , THATS my enemy, the guy who calls im looking at a car, THATS my enemy
i got ratted out from about everyone from my parents to my girlfriend like my name was johnny depp in that movie about that guy, only with WAY less money, cos if had THAT much i sure as hell would have a fucking escape route ready
and a plastic surgeon, so
is everybody happy if they stick to nomansland ? cos all i said was pick up the trash, i clearly said i dont give a shit how much noise you make or who you fuck in what bush
(yea i understand thats not what they meant by "mediating on micro- to meso-level, i do, i understand ALL your words, thats too bad right, cos all i have to say is FUCK and you go blind, lame ass motherfucker-)
theres no guarantee right, i dont mind a bit of life in the necropolis, its all about the litter
so ?
o yes, what better time to ask , when i make so much money the only thing i can think of spending it on is a housing block in venice
can i have it now?
yes ofcourse my dear, it would be my pleasure, BY THE WAY

tell Tjoeppen, whoever that was, cop or not .. the guy at the church crossroads who nearly ran me over and wouldnt stop threatening me ?
that one
we never finished our discussion, i'll show you by the neus genomen
cos im sick of your shit
dude, you cant be switzerland if you go fighting outside your own fucking turf
and cos you put me here against my better judgment, THIS is now my turf, i HATE this place, i dont wanna live here, the moment i get enough money im gone but while im here theres a limited number of rules i have to enforce against my own principle of don't
dont endanger my cat
dont throw fucking trash in my street, if you pick a fight, dont call the cops to finish it and
if i did business still since out of jail, how long would i have been stuck here you think ? i dont, and its not viable, believe me i explored every option im not scarface, i wasnt even a criminal until you made me one, the risk/reward ratio says no to that, not cos of cops, cos of no market
please dont go there, i was hoping the elegant solution would have been just that, but we'll have to see that cos there's always one who needs to test, i wish they were 18, would make things easier in my personal lawbook
yea bottom-up, thats doesnt mean assfuck, right, (o daddy you would take offense to pr0n your kid watches on his phone everyday but not tell him to not throw trash in MY street .. well since they put me here its MY street, two streets down its someone elses street, i dont dispute that, and it seems i just proved that this is MY street, theres one other person who said something but they are nice people you know, totally 100% clean at best a parking ticket ever hardworking class all their life people) which i am not, i WAS, i was , you dont do social work if you're not the helping kind, precious
but as this place seeped back in , that part seeped out
so , but you should know by now i dont debate im too lazy, i wouldnt have started social work or psychology if i didnt think it would be easy for me
see i have this weird notion that if you do what you like, you'll learn it twice as fast and do it ten times better
that aside, i wouldnt start a debate at at least one move before checkmate cos i dont like the spotlight
and im lazy
well, in your version of the world i seem to be so fine
ask the daddies and mummies of my generation in THIS town about ..euhm lets see
"de meis van boer frous"
most of them might blush, if it comes to their kids most of them will be either vague or have somewhere to be
but they got how its done, AWAY from houses and where old people live, and that was a bit worse than smoking a cigarette, little man
but im sure they'll deny it ... me ? no, not me, never ... but thats cos i never went out here
just one thing but check mate if you wanna ...
so i did daddy's job, prevention the cops job, i have been the father and the holy spirit what do you have to say to that? get a job? I HAD ONE, YOU FUCKED IT
Yea its a bit of a problem that edited post go top-down while they should be read bottom-up but thats a problem in real life too sometimes, innit
I hope nobody mistakes my intentions here. I also hope nobody had the idea of test or bij de neus genomen b/c that shit is threading on ultra-thin ice if it escalates and daddy or the cops (most likely the cops cos daddy doesnt even have the balls to teach his fucking spawn not to litter ... IN MY DAY , YOUNG MAN, WE WOULD FIGHT, SMOKE WEED, fingerfuck the bitch taking turns cos she just loved it and sell hash ... so dont just sit there throwing trash, cos that will be all you are .. )
thats what you want me to say?
well, i said what i had to and i think they found a most elegant solution
A+ for creativity, move to the bench in no mans land ... thats right lol, well i just happened by, take note : i didnt tell anyone to leave i told them to pick up the trash but its a MOST elegant solution, its not my street (i actually told them that) and well, the old people wont be bothered by the noise.
the litter problem is not my problem there, the only people bothered will be the county who has to clean it up but the fact that township hasnt put a garbage can there makes that debatable since theres streetlights every 10 metres, so i dont give a shit if they pile it up there till they drown in it
dont mistake my intentions, i am NOT uncle Po, im not your daddy, im not the avengers, these kids are not my enemy. If they keep it up, ONE, the bag with old meat is a NO cos cat (and other animals here) and TWO sooner or later someone will call the police cos its all they know, then we get patrols and shit to see if they still there
so i think thats a most elegant solution young man, you wanna sit there in your own filth, thats not my problem, after a while you'll find out yourself
everybody happy :)
yes, the youtube channel .. you know .. i have 2602 videos on there which are about all private, well cos mostly they're not fit for publication so if i say that it probably means serious derogatory language and explicit opinion
now what ? oh sixpack, ofcourse, i have to calm my nerves
just think it could be worse xD

don't fucking test me, im not the guy to fuck with
you know testing limits is what four year olds do right, you wanna test someone test your daddy, i catch you again i might not be able to hold my cool, then your bigmouth will be very small, but you didnt have one, so i guess we're cool

i HATE IT when i have to raise my voice, its a few steps away from losing my cool

a bit of mutual self respect and that should be settled then
you fucking ass fucking hole removed the video did ya ?

well i hate doing that, maybe you think i get some kicks out of bullying kids, i HATE doing that, i would MUCH rather daddy was there so i could talk it out with him.
because you didnt get a vasectomy and you cant handle your own spawn, I have to bully little kids, that does NOT make me feel good or give me a feeling of satisfaction, id much rather punch YOU in the mouth so YOU explain it to them than raise my voice at them. But theres limits and this is flanders, people dont make noise. even if, they'll talk about it, and they check through their windows and talk about it but do nothing
i always said i dont belong here
and i TRULY hope its settled now, cos I HATE DOING THAT, theres no ones face in the video ok, but you often think im the clown, right? well, im not
now back to the matters at hand : free speech and edisonians (yea sure so im a brute, im not in the habit of asking twice, WHATEVER, if you woulda taught them some manners i wouldnt have to be the brute, motherfucker, they're yours not mine)
in case you think i dont come out cos im scared cos last time i was pissed on two bottles of whiskey, just back here and they called rambocop to wrestle me down? think again, and that was a different situation, no one actually DID anything there they just pissed their pants cos i looked miffed (and i was right after a relationship of 3 years broken)
06/22/2017 03:07:14 pm
Well, my flashdrive finally arrived. Thats a good thing
but the little shits seem to be seeking me
so since im not one of the old and nice people here, ill have to make sure they find me
i picked up the trash in sight, if they're there later today im gonna go throw it at their head, if one touchs me i bitschlap the fucker, if he calls daddy all the better, that one i can punch in the fucking face, if he calls the cops i'll kill the little shit (haha lol)
yea ofcourse i'll film it and put it on youtube its what everybody does right, just to make sure im not accused of anything i didnt do
listen up, little shits, all the old folks and the nice people are annoyed as FUCK with the noise and the trash
i just care about the trash, you leave plastic bags with leftover meat now ?
thats a direct attack on my cat and all the dog people here walking
im not gonna get out of bed especially for that
you're not worth that much, but if the natives are restless, then my already shitty lfe beveoms more shitty. So if your daddy wont teach you some manners, someone will have to. The old people are scared , and the nice people are nice, and im a convicted criminal, and YOU are littering in MY STREET
last warning
only warning, the rest was polite request
oh well 15:01 .. 2 kids there, i made my point, like i said, threw all the trash i collected there at their heads asked them if they always shit where they sit. Told them EVERYONE is fed up with the racket, but i just care about the trash (like i said, yes i threw it at them). The old people are scared, the nice people are nice, i am not one of those. "it wasnt them" ... so i asked them quite politely to ask their friends to quit it or if his did wont educate him i will have to, im not one of the nice people
is what i said
i SINCERELY HOPE this setles it, i got enough problems and i dont even like this place, its not on me to educate your shits and i dont get paid to neighbourhood watch.
i REALLY HOPE THAT SETTLES IT, plastic bags with leftover meat in it, THATS ASKING FOR A SLAP IN THE FACE KID, even if im not your daddy, you can sue me for the money i dont have, im afraid the whole block stands behind me (about 20meters cos they're old and nice and i have a point where i lose my patience, you're young, you wanna row, COOL, you wanna throw garbage in my street, NOT COOL)
so, i REALLY hope this settles it, i hate it when you shit your pants and call the cops
you endanger my cat with your leftover meat, thats playing with your life
then i can go back to simply having my own 10.000 problems , okay? be a nice little shit and clean it or i remove you 06/22/2017 02:49:48 pm
Well, my flashdrive finally arrived. Thats a good thing
but the little shits seem to be seeking me
so since im not one of the old and nice people here, ill have to make sure they find me
i picked up the trash in sight, if they're there later today im gonna go throw it at their head, if one touchs me i bitschlap the fucker, if he calls daddy all the better, that one i can punch in the fucking face, if he calls the cops i'll kill the little shit (haha lol)
yea ofcourse i'll film it and put it on youtube its what everybody does right, just to make sure im not accused of anything i didnt do
listen up, little shits, all the old folks and the nice people are annoyed as FUCK with the noise and the trash
i just care about the trash, you leave plastic bags with leftover meat now ?
thats a direct attack on my cat and all the dog people here walking
im not gonna get out of bed especially for that
you're not worth that much, but if the natives are restless, then my already shitty lfe beveoms more shitty. So if your daddy wont teach you some manners, someone will have to. The old people are scared , and the nice people are nice, and im a convicted criminal, and YOU are littering in MY STREET
last warning
only warning, the rest was polite request 06/21/2017 02:53:22 pm
5:52 am next day, im not ready to remove this post from the top since i had it over up to here, there and back again with american free speech and hippicrisie, EULAs and drm, free speech is free or it is not. They DO remind me of your average barnazi-pack when you come in the room, exact same reaction. Primitive deepest brainstem reaction really, something normals would do, but HAVE you wondered how mars would look like if einstein, turing and tesla grew up together since childhood? no, ofcourse you havent, its not in the rule-, i mean schoolbooks to think about whats not in it, besides you have to go from a to b, right even if the fotons disagree so hard they split the universe in two every time you check their head ? Well Einstein is Einstein, the genius of Tesla is unclear, he got fucked by Edisonians, well actually by the grand-Edisonian himself, einstein didnt run out of funds and fans, right ? So its hard to say where Tesla would have ended if it wasnt for the salesman in disguise ... americans .. AGAIN ... next thing you know im gonna be labelled anti-american, im not, but im having a hard time with a certain type ... Turing ... well, also hard to say since, he won the war (lets say HE won the war and churchill helped a bit since without Turing no enigma crackers) and then they like told him thank you mister Turing for winning the war but now we have to make you braindead cos despite the fact that you're not a gay satellius , you're a homo thats a crime so off you go ... hard to say where Turing would have ended if they didnt lobotomise him to the point of suicide BUT ... dystopia being the trend these days .. what would mars look like if those three grew up together, i mean , Von Braun might have been a high ranking SS-officer (oowhh, sshh, dont mention the war) an asset to the victory, compared to those three he was just a kid playing with fireworks so its hard to say but id like to think "what would mars look like" and YOU gonna tell me what to say, how to think and when to speak it in which words ? a douchebag is you ...and DONT wake me up at nine and or twelve AGAIN, its POINTLESS i did the cooking and the cleaning at night and the garden before the sun comes in plain sight, NOW IM GONNA SLEEP ITS HOW I DO THINGS so okay then back to -->yesterdays post ... wellwellwell, second ddos today, im gonna have to restrict the number of connections or something do i ?
so lame man ... you cant handle it you block someone from speaking ... LAME
speaking of which i found some mails from the dustball department in a mailbox where i didnt receive their newsletter
so whats up with the DDOssing, i have been saying i hate this place for years daily, and suddenly it has to be censored?
but wait, here's the mails from the dustball department of the ministry of -isms, as usual my opinions are often unwanted ... SO , all the more reason to wipe my ass with your degree, parrot. In order of appearance ... a gay fuck is you , the site has been labelled, dusty old hippiecrites hiding in a comfort zone unable to let anyone in. It feels about the same as when you would walk into one of the local barnazi bars here. All the heads would turn around like "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" you dont dress like us ... very similar, VERY ... similar
yes ofcourse, i quickly photoshopped that up into a png file, all five of them, you know, precious,
i am no Einstein and i never claimed to be though formals and normals often mistake my using his name as such, same thing as when i say something buddha would have said, it doesnt make me him or an -ist, but they seem to think so, i think its a defense mechanism cos i dont fit in
ever since i was that kid standing against the wall at school during breaks, watching others show me yours, kick the can and cops and firemen, dreaming into distant places, stars in encyclopedia, reading beFORE school i think helped quite some to make me above average (which is what i consider myself to be) since my intake started sooner and UNDERSTANING, not simply KNOWING is an exponential process. You can recite the whole fucking oxford library, if you dont get one iota you will never get the second, from there you wont get the next four linked to it
my aversion to authority and uniform got drilled in by the fact that they tried to drill it in (the other way) some brains just dont go down that way im afraid
ever since, reading on heretics ... galileo, paracelsus ... people who made something out of nothing into unbelievable .. pablo escobar (morals not included) all kinds, travelling to distant worlds created by people with a vast imagination, vance, zelazny, van voght (WHO THE FUCK is asimov? asimov is agath fuckig christie with robots)
ever since
i have always been
the cat that walked alone

well as one might notice the reaction went as expected. Its called american free speech. I get this all the time. In western democracy a school actually serves one purpose : to teach how one talks and walks like others so as not to fall out of line. It would upset the order.
could you stop the ddossing i dont see the point i hardly get 20 visitors a day, or maybe since this last post does not say how much i HATE this fucking place and i only have 11 euros left meaning i WOULD be outside if i had money, JUST NOT HERE ... too inconvenient huh ? WHERES MY FUCKING FLASHDRIVE BTW its been 25 days
*breathe in*
yes well ... even today if i sometimes take the time to try to explain i still get the reaction why how is that possible if you didnt finish hischool, you cant do that, you have to do it in the right order, preschool schoolschool hischool college ...
im no einstein it was social work which i was gonna combine with personal small IT biz cos its all i do at home unless i have a girlfriend in which case i try to divide my time between sitting on top of my computer or trying to get on top of her.
all it needed was a reference by soemone who talked to me and an entrance exam ... but for some reason it seems like it was not allowed even at the last steps months away from graduation ... same thing with the university psychology degree.
the human psyche has always interested me (since im abnormal for one, which only implies good or bad if normals use the word btw), so ... it sounds preposterous and obnoxious (but im generation x right i can be obnoxious all i want) the human psyche is not that hard for the big chunk, simply BECAUSE they are normal, which is not a moral thing but a statistical thing, you are middle of the bell-curve normal BECAUSE you adhere to the same patterns, that goes for most of the dustball department at the ministry of -isms too, that cloud of smug can hide that from me i see through it. you are NORMAL, it makes you predictable in ways you dont like, you dont want that, you certainly dont want people to tell you that
one of the easiest triggers to prove it is "O , you mean you're abnormal?" for instance
behavioural patterns and standard conditioning is what makes normals normal and easy to read , theres no witchcraft to it.
nonetheless having received the money for the introductory course from my lawyer who believed in me and all set to go, accepted and what not
so you think thats new, yea ?
well i'm no einstein, im not the numbers guy, AT ALL
i'm above average but if i HAD idols hes one of them
not you, dustball, not you
whats more important ? the number you can recite linked to the exact point in spacetime or the few that gained you insight to levels you never thought existed ?
i know whats important to you, cos you're normal, you talk the talk, you walk the walk
and that is how its done
yes i know ... thats what schools are for (most of them anyway) no im not going back ever, you lost the last chance for that fucking up my psychology degree
much thanks 06/21/2017 12:48:15 pm
Guess what, it IS a hot, shitty day in a hot shitty naziville. I can set the clock to it ... wake at 5 (but im still awake) wake at nine, wake at 12 ... WORST HOURS OF DAY ... PISSED OFF
inbreed shithole, do what? i have 11 euros left , you want a screenshot of my bank account ?


fucking shithole, retard nazi inbreed hinterland, ruining my life since i was a kid, if i had gods who cared id pray everyday for this place to sink into the sea the day i get out (WITH my cat ofcourse), yea consider the day fucked (but which one hasnt been since you put me here?) 06/21/2017 05:26:50 am
mh, is this gonna be a habit ? ddossing my site at the hour of rising chickens?
cos i dont really see the point in that other than inbreed fuck-overfest van de familje we zellen em nekiejer
You worried about what those kids were doing there at 4:30 this morning ?
as far as i could see its the brothers from the house back street, the mucho renovated house, with the big dog, which is a weird thing to have for muslims who follow the quran as far as i know but its ramadan as far as i know so they have to be up early to eat if they follow that. Which explains why they would be sitting on a bench at 4:30 in the morning way before school if that can ease your mind.
i'm not dropping of dreughs for kids to sell, but they need to stop dropping trash, its cleaned, but not completely
if i were selling dreughs, i sure as hell wouldnt be living HERE, now would i
would i now ? still think im a sheep and all you have to do is run a lapdog around me so i go and stay where you want ?
the sun is coming over the rooftops, my skin starts to itch, so much for being outside and gardening (my favourite still among all other favourites), it itches before sunrise, but a LOT MORE during and after
but i had too much coffee .. so trying to sleep would be frustrating ill find something to do here and it wont be working since you fucked up work from home for me so FUCK YOU
how about that flash-drive? is it still embargoed by the buy-local nationalist mailman squad or does the eurostasi have to check it for malware or to see if its not a secret communication device to let me spy for zee russians cos satellius is a gay fuck and trump has drones ? or maybe i have pussypics your daughter sent me ? is that what you're checking cos i refuse to fuck your local inbreed slags ?
well good luck, however i paid for it, so its mine, im stuck here for ten years with holes in my shoes, i dont really fit the profile honeypop
ITS GONNA BE A HOT SHITTY DAY, HOT SHITTY DAY, HOT SHITTY DAY in a rotten dead place, do you have my money bitch, cos if not dont talk in my general direction please 06/20/2017 04:47:46 pm


thats precious turns out my code is FINE, 100% FINE doing what it has to , the problem seems to be ...
megasync saw fit to re-place one file from server to client into my , euh "working directory" as its called .. the exact file that holds ALL the fucking shit i wrote so thats been stuck at december 2016 every time i run the update-script after making some alterations to the code or markup
can you say I FEEL FUCKING SABOTAGED of all the files it could mistakenly put back after i delete it clientside it puts THAT one back so everything i said since december 2016 is GONE (cos i never check myself to edit, yeah)
i feel i cant take the blame for this and satellius still is a gay fuck for banning me from skype for no reasons given cos we dont have to and trump has drones
but it came out of my head so im sure its still in here.
The dustball department at the ministry of -isms still hasnt dignified my email with a response, let me assure you i dont want my account re-instated i just want my posts back and to know who accused me, its how things are done on paper, i thought paper people like yourselves would get that, aeon-thinkers, you know looking down on people like that cos they dont talk like you "I LEARNED A WORD ON TV TOO ONCE as if I FUCKING CANT READ COS I DIDNT GET PAID FOR BY DADDY, its the internet era man, i STARTED learning when i quit school, not when i was forced to attend it, so i eagerly await your reply, i think i already know what its gonna say, its gonna a satellius-is-a-gay-fuck-style answer
but like i said, i just want my posts back

cd site-wip

rm devlog.html
rm msglog.html

cd wouldntyouliketoknowthenameofthepasswordprotectedmap

rm mindblog.html

cd ..

sudo cp -Rv * /var/www/html
precautions in case of MEGA-fuckup again, no, i REALLY dont want the account back, you read what i wrote and open your eyes it might be clear that i left your room cos it reeks of the brain and i dont take shit from deskjockeys, but i still would like my posts back, i explicitly ASKED to be given the chance TO BACK MY FUCKING SHIT UP, but i guess all americans are gay fucks like satellius these days, the ones in suits anyway. I cant speak for the others, but i think i should go back underground.
18:09 .. yea im gonna eat and back to sleep til dark (if THATS OKAY WITH THE RISIING CHICKENS ? I DIDNT SIGN UP FOR THE TRUMAN SHOW OKAY?)
did say what ? people are scared ? of what ? me sitting on a chair ? me looking at a car ? did i ever touch anyone here, even with a fucking pinky? DID I? WELL GET PAMPERS THEN
O SCARED OF THAT? charlie hebdo huh ? Yo man, where i COME FROM (which is not where i wanna be) scared people get black eyes and broken noses too, did you know that? ofcourse you dont violence is baaed, but you got a mouth full of Plato, who DID like to smack em around cos he was a wrestler, wasnt he
So you're scared ? And you think by sacrificing me "they" will not come to your house ?
listen up, dustball, i talk about the pope for the bastard he is, denying inquisition and protecting pedophiles, like i talk about hitler to the nazis, jesus to the africans (WHO THE HELL PUT JESUS IN THE AFRICANS ANYWAY?), like i talk about anything the fucking way i want and straight up with some elaborate sentences. If you are scared the syrians will come to lop your head off, silencing me will not make it go away. Erasing an inconvenient truth with a black marker does not erase the truth. I reserve the right to say fuck and if need be to draw muhammad cartoons, but only for the fanatic fucks okay ? ESPECIALLY for those, they got the message wrong, they're the vatican all over, re-born, using a "holy book" to achieve worldly goals
THATS WHAT YOURE SCARED OFF ? i bet you were that guy who kept giving his lunch money for 12 years daily cos he never ONCE picked up a fucking brick and smacked a fucker in the face. Thats just what you are, right? Scared old men, hiding behind a paper wall, playing dictionary in a bunker, in your own little group there
scared huh ?
OF WHAT ? OF DYING? then you're in denial, BITCH
yes well, you can ask the guy with the 15 friends who took my last ten euros or the other retards who kicked me to the pavement twice and saved their maingoons life cos i came at him to stab him, full bar or not, you can ask them just how scared i am.
thats where you got it ALL wrong, i ALWAYS walk alone, even in brussels, molenbeek, all that places, no one ever harassed me, overthere not even the cops
you're scared of a VERY small minority and they grow cos you keep giving them your lunch money but dont mistake me for a christian okay, all that jesus bullshit ?
not for me
can i have my posts back please then ill be on my way, IF you at least dignify someone from a place where some of us learn words from tv, then have the audacity to understand them (which in that specific case i didnt cos it was in a discussion with quite the intelligent mathematician) but i learned a few words on tv too, very versatile, FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING SHIT-ASS MOTHERFUCKING FUCKER
get pampers, if you keep this up ... yo know what will happen ? the point of no return will happen, ku klux klan and nazi shit, pogroms , ethnic (but in this case religious cleansing) indiscriminate, targetting mostly people who lead conservative family working class lives but dont turn other cheeks when asked to, the non fanatics
it was like that before, things havent changed, dont flatter yourself, and dont point fingers when it bursts
i think i actually said something like if you're scared your head will be lopped off by self-crucifying filippinos then just let me know so i can back up my shit
but you went satellius on my ass, see if it happens, it bursts, you get death squads and cleansing cos of the paranoia you instill by "terrerists are everywhere" its gonna be YOU who dunnit, not me for speaking my mind on everything, YOU for keeping it quiet and censoring the whole shit
and it WILL happen if this keeps up, your silencing of speech is EXACTLY what will make it happen so get PAMPERS, go talk in a bunker and let no one in in that case
let the rest of the world evolve while you sit -isming over dead people
(told you im not good at letting go, i didnt even get a reply yet on the how and why and who, retard-ist)
yea yea yea ... the scared ones end up cannon fodder when the town is taken, if you would get your head out of your ass you would know that much, besides its a classic tactic, as old as the pincushion peasant to catch the first wave of arrows. It is you, my friend who is 'of shit' and quite 'of shyte', i never have problems with muslims or christians who dont try to convert me or threaten me, i have problem with people who think they are more cos daddy paid for it, cos they're wearing a suit, cos they learned a dictionary by heart but dont really have anything to say but what others said before them rearranged, and VERY MUCH with american dustballs who take their first amendment to wipe their ass cos they feel threatened. You wanna be the leaders of the free world ? act like it
yea yea, i didnt come to debate, i came to ask my posts back and to show you a mirror but like the bug you are you just wanna scuttle back under that rock you came from and hope salvation will fall from the sky
consider it the new style
sugar hill gang versus zonamo underground or something, while in the meantime im stil the wisest of all greeks cos i dont have a stick up my ass, blijf ik een vervelende jongen als die mic aanstaat, it usually ends like this you know, either in "but i have a job", "but i have more degrees" or "but you cant use that word, it doesnt end in -ism" so now we're gonna shut you up
american free speech
up yo mommas ass
you concentrate on the finger, in my case the middle one so , like i tried explaining bruce lee to the guy who thaught i learned omega from tv (i actually studied latin as a kid, do you know that? I wasnt born with a criminal record, im a statistical anomaly, THE THING THAT SHOULD NOT BE) but he kept concentrating on the finger and i have a pretty big middle finger, its like arnold schwarzenegger muscles in his prime from all the flexing
so you miss the heavenly glory, blinded by four letters and never having seen a single episode of south park
no wonder you stopped evolving, you're stuck on people from thousand years ago, problem is, I KNOW THOSE TOO, i just dont know their birth dates now
id love to spank you a little further but that would be bad for my beauty sleep
and if you look like me after ten years here, you NEED that beauty sleep
dude i KNOW omega is a greek letter, i know the metafor stands for beginning to end encompassing all, i know of that, so STOP TRYING you look ridiculous
and dusty
oh 19:42 already ... the local inbreeds ?
you know i didnt think about that all day but you HAD to bring it up ? what did you say ? verbal aggression? you dont GET to complain after slandering me for years and talking behind my back and i confront you to your face without lifting a finger, if that made you look bad you had two choices : hit me or STFU forever now and yap about someone else, if thats verbal aggression im guilty, but THIS IS NOT FUCKING HIPPIEVILLE OKAY?
if you let your dog get in my garden THREE times and i get angry the third time WITHOUT lifting a finger, YOU ARE NOT THE ONE WHO GETS TO COMPLAIN
i dont need anything but my money and to be left alone while im here, i dont bother ANYONE unless looking at a car and sitting on a chair drinking in silence counts
which it doesnt
this town is inbred, rightwing, and fucking more than nazi bullshit
you WILL stay out of my life
if little shits keep littering and no one says anything and the day after i dont say anything but here they suddenly dont sit there anymore and the whole plain is clean ? then what did i do?
huh ?
scared? you're barking at the wrong cat, if you know who put me here and you know who's been spreading stories, THAT WOULD HELP ME, you can help me out with my cat, not just provide snickers money if i roll over, that would be fine, otherwise, all you have to is ask if you cant move that couch and otherwise all you NEED to do is leave me alone
i dont like it here and i no longer want to pretend, thats been years, i took the slander, i took the harassment, i even took one or two hits without hitting back
that part is over
okay ?
oh and wheres my flash drive again ? its been almost thirty days ? the model's too hard to be edited by the eurostasi without damaging it or something? well sure, ... give me the money back and tell me where i can buy one here EXACTLY like that delivered to my door for the exact same price
its starting to show someone's fucking with it AGAIN, its why i like your shitty continent so much and no he's not talking, even mentioning that means you missed the last 6000 memos, hes not talking hes standing at the other side with a bat, waiting
saying nothing
that shit is OVER okay ... no more inbreed we zellen em nekiejer bullshit 06/20/2017 04:37:20 pm
test2 06/20/2017 04:34:36 pm
test1 06/20/2017 04:32:02 pm
test 06/19/2017 01:56:31 am
6:01 ... thats one sandwich too many but hell
im already too fat and theres nothing here i'll ever fuck so, make you a deal girl
you can help me get my abs while you sit on top and
Well, old man,
when the japanese say ossan it stil holds -san,
not just old but if you have a problem with my style
you should answer me in my language cos yours not mine,
see how far you get
goodnight, dont wake till me til the sun is setting the house is still hot from yesterday
well im sorry old man (the most abused expression in english ofcourse im not) but if you have to shut people up or censor them b/c it cranks your style i think actually its because you fear them, its a primitive reaction to anything thats out of the ordinary and with all your paper words you still cant suppress it so you make it go away
you lose, OLD MAN, no you don't get the -san from me
hah, but im not talking about the chinese am i ? you think i wanted to move there ten years ago when i was constanly saying the dragon is rising, to go oppose the regime or something ? different places, 1 billion people, different methods, not my business
but they don't have that fancy first amendment do they, so the americans have two strikes in a row now, first satellius a gay fuck is you and now the old dustball department, the ministry of -isms and -ists. Proven that that fancy first amendment weighs as much as "the law" does here : about the weight of one sheet of paper
im gonna sleep, stand corrected and fuck off, id still like my posts back though, after all i wrote them
5:28 ... that hamsalad is yummy, better than the plastic supermarket version clearly
that myth ? fresh is actually cheaper since you dont pay V.A.T. on the energy invested on it by others plus double the price on ingredients, except maybe for meat since meat is expensive as shit (see how shit here is not a cuss word and doesnt mean excrement either but points at the superlative? no ofcourse you dont, it doesnt end in -ism) unless you call that shit (here its closer to excrement but points at euhm, id have to look that up ... lets say "the negative", you fucking old dustball, where fucking does not imply the act of mating but means i dont like you in this case) you buy at mickey dees counts as meat cuzzzzeuh, thats mostly shit (here we go again, figure it out yourself) you wouldnt touch with a ten foot pole before it got grinded and milled into soypaste with flavour-shit on top of the other shit, like SHIT , MAN! whatchu eatin' ?
i dont think there will be gardening today i actually DONT have a strict routine, so if i dont get to eat at twelve the universe doesnt topple over ... no i was hacking at you cos you're like describing an autist , but in that case almost all normal people are, i dont need to do the exact same thing at the exact same time on a daily basis. That would actually drive me crazy, i simply function when on my hours, and not when on yours, i dont roll over either, the cat metafor goes a long way ... but i dont think i have actually eight resurrections ahead although i wont find out until, right, i did have at least seven lives of which YOU fucked up at least five, including the last one, and the timeline you broke off by putting me here
but on top of that since i can't be me here (and thats not something like coming out the closet cos im SO not gay even if you dont understand why i refuse to fuck your local tarts (its a sacred oath, not a vow, i made the pact with demons, not with GOooood, the sandalwearing hippie in the sky or the other one who can't be depicted or the queen of hearts will come for you) so i cant be at full funcionality here, also and maybe mainly cos i need at least 90% of my cpu cycles simply to stay sane in this place i hated since a kid
whatever the consequences may be, YOU DID THIS TO ME, and im not jesus the forgiver
stop making suggestions, and don't threat
and FUCK YOU ... im gonna pop some pills and watch some shit until i sleep and if you wake me up too early ill pop some more, so DONT, too much pills aint good, like mickey dees
o yea and


04:42 ... this is, euh, routine, right ? strict routine, just that you meant "live on my hours of rising chickens and roll over when i tell you to", well
i woke up at 4pm and my potatoes are peeled anyway for tonight, just did it, a gay fuck is you and im starting to dislike americans for the american way of free speech see
kim 'korea' soong is at least honest about it
well, the quotations will be added as they are added, not cuz has to or feel urge, i got nothing to prove theres four now, the snippet works, thats most important
i actually have a devlog, its hidden under the top right logo, its been there since twisted.be was mine i think and things were to be part of simple building blocks to be part of a part of all i needed to get me out of here
then you fucked up my life, mind you in case you missed THAT 2000 times, im never talking about the dealing and shit, i dealt dope cos it was the only valid option available at the moment, i set my plan to get out LATER
but i set that LONG BEFORE you put me here, i was doing JUST fine, this site has nothing to prove btw, xept maybe how you could extrapolate how much you owe me from what part time social workers make plus part time computer repair network and website man cos its what i do at home ANYWAY when im not trying to jump my girlfriend (which i dont have but this was never meant to be home ANYWAY since I HATE THIS FUCKING TOWN)
YOU FUCKED UP MY LIFE, you get to ask, say or do NOTHING that concerns me, i dont owe anybody jack fucking shit and im not gonna talk like you just cos you fail to understand what im saying
i got another quote for you ... my ex-psycho loved it, she was a lot smarter than she radiated, despite the cutting up herself and shit and NO I DONT MISS HER, WE QUIT FOR ALL I CARE SHES DEAD, "never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience"
im not sure who said that first but its ON SPOT
im gonna make me some ham salad since its ten times cheaper and i cant support any economy, local or global since you put me here and kept me out of money and offered nothing but snickers and danone pennies
so FUCK YOU, you dont get to expect SHIT from me
yea i'll fix the blog block so it folds nicely on the frontpage with the last entry and links to the whole on one or more different pages
when i feel like it, i got nothing to prove
o yea and in case you missed that : FUCK YOU, YOU OWE ME A DECADE OF LIFE 04;06 ... i just noticed
clicking the link leads to a file that hasnt appended shit since 2016 so everything i wrote from then to now is gone hm ?
interesting, shows how much i read and correct and edit myself i suppose, gotta fix that though, it did before and i cant remember changing that on purpose, cant keep everything on the frontpage it would be a lightyear long by now ... i seriously didnt notice, o wait i did, i thought i fixed that so what happened? no i didnt check why would i re-read myself. I say what i say not to impress but cos its from my head to my fingertips, i dont wanna edit to look better, and i SURE AS HELL (let me tell you again) am not going to adapt to sound like "you" to fit in
22:55 ... never ceases to amaze me
you know "do you have my money" means "who put me here and who helped out, who knew about it and kept silent, right" ? no one has the money since i never got to make it. To accept money from someone who had nothing to do with it would put me in debt. even if, then it would still put me in debt. The whole point of making it out making money was to be MY OWN MAN, not to be in debt, AND I WAS DOING FINE, theres is not one single god dam reasons why i would have failed , i wasnt going for yaughts and ferraris
but SOMEONE (clearly more than one individual) FUCKED IT ALL UP, so to take the money from those responsible, THAT would be a double whammy
and if they dont have it and im undeniably stuck here ?
i dont know
let your imagination go wild
slashdot ? do i look like a sheep ? you think you just get one of your bordercollie lapdog shits to run around blocking access and im gonna go where you want ?
do you have my money bitch ? every cent you owe me since the day you stuck me here? cos i dont think you do or you gonna make like conditions and shit
theres one option : you have my money , you give it to me , you start running before i start hitting you, i leave this place, i never come back to this hellhole and we never see each other again
and FUCK YOU 16:52 ... i see my site shut itself down again ?
the message wasnt convenient or something, well neither was anything for me since the day you stuck me here in shitville
hm 9:11am woaw, what a biblical time of day
back from the doc, 10 euros left + money for one bottle of med
listen up , you fuck, i know you hobbit shits are very happy feeling elevated at the first step of maslow and its all your single braincelled organism desires, some of us are NOT
and whats more, considering what i WOULD (not could) have had if you didnt ruin my life and stuck me here, i dont share (and even if then i still wouldnt i never thought like that) the filosophy that i need to be complacent and happy with what i have just because theres someone else who has less
i dont think like that
and you need to fuck off, im out of EVERYTHING but some time left, that includes patience with your bullshit, not just money
so if you gonna push me where need money for chanel and poor little rich kid lives
im fucking pissed off ALL THE time and the familje we zellen em nekiejer doesnt make that better
and at start of post
Not all the worlds a stage, you think you're a player and tell me if i ... then i can or else and i won or i lose but i'm not playing, my life is not a game, my life is RUINED since the day you put me here. You have to fuck off out of my life unless you have my money or know more about who did it
yeah, and whatever, and i know those little shits aint mine, they gotta have parents, they AINT mine so id much prefer it if I wanst the one to explain they need to pick up their shit and take it 2m further to the trashcan, its an eyesore. I dont give a shit if they sit there shouting til 3am. The litter is getting on my nerves. So parent, do some parenting. If your reply is "BUT I JOB JOB MET DE VDABOB" then mine is "if you cant combine it either quit or give them up for adoption". THE LITTER PLEASE? ... dont get funny with me now, okay? you have something to say im right here, im ALWAYS here since whover put me here and i havent had money or life since (want dat was niet masjen), DONT GET FUNNY, i want nothing to do with you or this place, the garbage is an eyesore and your filthy un-educated spawn dumps it there, its NOT MINE. So if you could explain to them thats not how its done we can all leave eachother the fuck alone just dont get funny, dont yap behind my back, dont set me up, dont we zellen em nekiejer, you dont wanna do that to people who got nothing left to lose. AND I DONT WANNA TALK TO YOU SO I WOULD PREFER YOU TALKED TO THEM
yea sure, something along the lines of "Yo kid are you a spaz or something? got trouble holding things in your hands? NO? then why is there shit all over the ground here? Your friend a spaz maybe?" something very politically correct which ends in mouthing off by pubescents little shits in packs which can rapidly turn sour.
just cos you cant FUCKING teach them the minimal amount of manners ... its okay, i would rather NOT talk to anyone at all EVER here as long as im stuck here but the trash is getting on my nerves and why would it be MY responsiblity what am i the neigbourhood watch ? i got a criminal record, im not even allowed to start a course in education cos i did dreuuughs and violence
its gonna be a hot fucking day and im already pissed off AGAIN, and you tell me i NAG too much right, while i have ALL this .. this i didnt choose for while i would be living in asia making ten times what i have now or more, not could, WOULD
someone fix those little shits spaztrash problems if you PLEASE
i dont care, im past the point of caring, i need barnazis to trap their yaps and i need little shits to pick up garbage they throw in my street. Ever wondered if some stand up comedians arent trying to be funny at all ? They're just angry and they say exactly what they mean but someone came along and said HEY i can make good money off of you and ill give you a few coppers for it. WELL THATS NOT ME, I HATE THE SPOTLIGHT
i wonder if the church of -ism ists and dusty intellectuals will even bother to reply to my mail and give me "my intellectual property back" which I WROTE, thats how it works, yea ?
I HATE THIS PLACE ENOUGH AS IS, im not allowed to hit kids, maybe im allowed to hit daddy for negligence, i'll check with the goonsquad next time they stop me for looking at a car
retard shithole
you dont wanna start a discussion with me, its why you like me so much. According to "the rules" i cant be right but i am , and way too much to your liking. Let me say it this way (thats why it always ends up in semantics or similar to a presidential debate with offtopic below the belt or simply by censoring and removing the right to speak when they do engage) Let me say it this way, a guy walks into a bar and his dog shits on the pavement ... you expect him to pick it up, right?
needs more words than that ? you cant be THAT stupid
... no my cat goes into the middle of a bush, digs a hole dumps it in and puts the earth back over ... not even close besides thats already drifting off topic to elude the problem and matters at hand
FUCK you and your whole fucking continent (and the americans too yea they proven themselves again, first amendment my ass) .. heh .. my cat also doesnt chase or kill things other than rats or vermin when its off the leash (thats why it doesnt need one you fuck, dont go there)
yea i know and im gay cos i refuse to have friends or sex or any life as long as im stuck here since it was not my choice it was the only choice left to me and thats something you cant grasp plus the fact that ill never start anything with any girl or woman living in belgium ever again ... OFF TOPIC stick to the litter
and you have a job ... YEA SO give up your spawn for abortion to someone who has time to explain it to them ... OFF TOPIC
classical presidential political wards ... i have magical invisible tattoos against those grafted in my skin 12/25/2016 07:39:18 am
apparently, two days after stating i have nothing to do with who streams what from this ip i get banned from google , im gonna film my whole profile tomorrow so it shows why12/04/2016 07:18:37 pm
i have seen your ethics ... and adapted mine12/02/2016 04:25:17 am
retard phonepics dont resize properly....will work from home, tick, tock ... 11/29/2016 12:52:11 pm
realitycheck, i still hate belgium and whats in it as much as before. If anything breaks while m normal people on "the job" i probably have to quit to stay home to see that it doesnt, houseghostery and flanders funny, and fuck you all 11/25/2016 05:08:37 am
i think we need a near-zero to show the difference11/17/2016 04:57:35 am
sure, alas letting go is above my paygrade ... like caring ... or saving the world 11/16/2016 11:58:06 pm
what did i say from the start? There will be no socializing, that means also not on the triain. Every train is a means to an end and otherwise a waste of time and money for me. By now its clear every train is a nuisance and im associating it with unprofessional, retard flanders funny shit. What did i say from the start? If i want to socialize, ill go somewhere in weekends 11/12/2016 07:27:34 pm
well yea, lets hope so then, dont say i didnt ask to prevent discomfort, okay ?11/12/2016 01:38:47 pm
sex? whats that? i vaguely remember it but i said years ago no sex here, fun does not exist here, i will have no friends here, are you demented ?11/09/2016 05:01:56 am
there will be no life here, all my smiles are fake, ill have no friends, no social-, sex- or fun, no life. All i need and want is money to get out here with my cat before something irreversible happens and i wish death upon you all11/08/2016 04:39:09 am
im not sure i can remember, i think last weeks conclusion was "dont buy at Panos"11/04/2016 12:45:41 pm
yagh, pl0x to not xpect me to sart weekending and suddenly. Ill be happy to take out and try to bring home the kitten when i can easily spend 500 on one night or more. Otherwise, its been years so it can wait and everything flanders is doomed to fail cos i made a promise on my personal soul and life here ... do NOT manipulate. Ill go where i want, thanks 11/04/2016 05:33:23 am
SOoo... was that you tonight, drill? Team Reddington maybe or mister robot ... or simply my prediction from 2pm that tonight would be run for the ticket night ? 11/01/2016 12:54:06 pm
two nihgts in thhis room and i feel 95 again when i wake up, seems like the vampires aint gone yet11/01/2016 05:39:02 am
aha, i guess now we wait for flanders funny or people who know what's good for me to fuck it up and send me back to the stone age. There's no alternative, precious, no acceptable ones, take it or leave it10/31/2016 09:48:58 am
flandersfunny nmbs and overnight the train was gone... AINT THAT FUNNY? 10/30/2016 04:01:19 am
if it were one of my true dearies i could try a setup for a few more free tickets but i guess its not worth the try 10/29/2016 10:26:40 am
the conditions? nothings changed. No stalking, no harassing, no threats, most you can get is the 40% extortion from the governments and PLEASE don't insult my mediocre intelligence. I'm not a phisherman -inc.com ? i know how to spoof man, if you dont send those to me, i dont have to show them to the world, k thx, trato? its not open for negotiation actually, any of it 10/27/2016 05:25:07 am
gbs euhm sbs, gbs? sbg ? forgot the name already turned out as prophecized, Alternate turns out to be flemish after all ... met de moneyspast10/23/2016 10:46:13 pm
i dont think she would want lady gaga to promote her presence lol :D ... we're all a bit mad here, Alice10/23/2016 04:39:41 pm
lost ol sporty, R.I.P. lg50 , bleh van drukkerland10/21/2016 01:11:24 pm
HAHAH, funny dream, and almost electrocuted myself cos that old fuse was SO stuck i used a screwdriver to get it out. Non plastified one HAHAHAH how attentive today, maybe the lack of sleep?10/20/2016 05:09:51 am
omg forgot to set the clock. KittyCat wake me at 4 i forgot tsk ... mailcheckingstime 10/19/2016 03:45:27 am
this is gonna be a long, pointless, boring useless day10/18/2016 04:15:21 am
what's on my mind, euh ... ZERO inspiration, havent talked to anyone on skype in like a week, i hate this fucking place. 10/15/2016 09:46:07 pm
nullurday ... scanning for holes and cleaning the home, my lifelong ambition 10/14/2016 04:57:46 am
dont mind if i dont its friday i dont see the point10/12/2016 06:55:40 pm
6:45? seriously? i wass allowed to sleep 3 hours today? you still get the impression you have anything to say about my life. Im gonna be drained by saturday, exhausted by monday if you keep pushing daylight 10/12/2016 09:31:24 am
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... the fun never stops, does it ? i will HUNT YOU DOWN10/11/2016 01:50:12 pm
wake me up after three hours for truman show. Highly dysfunctional non-adaptive since not planned and no need unless parasites must be exterminated10/11/2016 08:39:22 am
toptwat misses formatting tag on merge, screen needs relativity, forgot to check, yah bye ZZzZz10/11/2016 07:48:26 am
the ist almost 8am test , test this is a test10/11/2016 06:49:54 am
test, test, this is a test 09/10/2016 17:00:30 am
1700, ... end of day , allright then ... You know, ever wondered why poland has like these extremist ultras AFTER what the jerries did to the place in the 40s? you people are sometimes a little bit offbeat, you know that?
other than that? what other than that? im expected to do x/month, i already did that but the best replies i got are stated as before mostly
im not serious? you seriously expect me to "yes sirrah, yes boss-man" cos daens turns in his grave 20 times a month at least these days.
im dead serious ... we'll see next week if everybody's serious or if everybody's trying to be funny
cos im not funny ... its a decade of my life thats NOT funny, at least when i was dealing i had money, power and fucking respect 09/10/2016 10:19:30 am
ok ... strange coincidence in that case , fine ... and thanks for the opportunity, yah real but ..
but ... hou je paarden man der sto nog niet vast en pijst goed, nou bek ne goeien of wa? nog niet ee mor uk al ge moetj er nou nimmer me afkommen ben lank genoeg ne slechte geweest en kben nog atted dezelden
luistert goed, diejenegste reden es vur ir rapper weg te gerouken nor VEIR WEG VAN IER, aster dor iet in de weg komt, inn da zotte gedachte krijgt om geldj va mou te krijgen gelijk wie, ten est derekt gedoeën aja, zetj kontent dak et zelfs nog overweeg, en dadest en da zantj zen of niet, miejer geld of anders tzelde as nou of zjust nit
vergetj mor alles wadagge va plan wort, i intended to move to asia over eight years ago, thats still the only way, if not that, then nothing

right ... i dont know who thinks whos playing who or if my life is a game or not.

I havent had reply from the statejobshop on refunds of my transport so here's the deal, can i have all offers on the table (excluding the one who did it by phone and is already set). If not, its ALL NEXT WEEK. trekter a plan me, eerst jaren niets en nu wa? its e spelleke misschien? i got five on it ?
ast ni goe es pakt ten mor al 1 van de 55.000 mr iets zegt me dat ofwel e spelleken is ofwel desperate asge al tot bij mij zit
ok 1st alles op tafel dak kan beslissen
of anders helemaal niets, dank u
yea well, precious, i dont wanna be this and i dont wanna be that, or this and that, do you honestly expect me to believe after all that time this game of ping pong isnt in cahootse ?
yea you probably saw all my surfings by now, whats wrong with you people what if since nine years i want to be THERE ... like over-THERE, i cant do that with pocket money but THIS IS WHERE YOU PUT ME so ill do that shitty shit but only so i can get some real dough with it AND THATS IT, anything else aint worth it
who cares ik ben toch al nen dikkenek
take it or leave it yo, best offer wins
nine years yo, NINE YEARS, can you make a rough estimate of what i would have made by now, dont say COULD, what i WOULD ... i couldnt buy a house there yet by now ? you sure of that, cos im quite sure of the opposite, YOU SET ME BACK NINE YEARS and YO ey, you overthere, if choice is ample, then by all means pick the better one, why even bother putting five on what the alien does next ? im not a fucking toy and you are not my friend
I DONT HAVE FRIENDS ANYMORE, and i wont as long as i live in belgium
yes its okay, dearie, eight years of this its not like im expecting anything ... dont say you didnt have your chance :) ... a yea they said not to do it ... who? they! they voices ofcourse
i hate this fucking town
i hate this fucking town
i hate this fucking town
i hate this fucking town
if that aint the truth ... then what is ... paranoid ? No
thats not me ... the voices, the voices, precious, they are paranoid.
you want paranoid ? okay how about
the girl said she used to work as an interim consultant before that ... ONE DAY LATER i get THREE CALLS FROM THREE PLACES AFTER YEARS OF NOTHING WHO ALL PUSH TO SEE ME ON THE SAME DAY SO I NEED TO MAKE CHOICES
THAT .. is paranoid .. or is it ? you know there's only a few people who i actually ever sent the url to this site, google only just crawled it this week
... no i havent checked ... that would be paranoid .. if it was being funny i told you not to do it, if its testing me
how many years have i been telling people not to test me without explicitly asking first, you see .... IM PARANOID ! WHAZHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA
i have made a choice, like i said, i could come today but ... i missed that chance so anything else will have to be next week unless the statejobshop pays back FAST
peter en de wolf, joenge ? wtf is that supposed to mean ?
jajajah, could we spare the bullshit pl0x? the way i see it theres 53500 who refuse to do it, well thats what i was told, i extend an offer, you take it or leave it cos apparently you dont have that much choice and im seriously overqualified albeit underdegreed
THAT is the state of the state, dearies ... its not a hard bargain, its a real one, if you dont then dont waste my time testing
none of you are my friends ... will work for money, best offer wins
ORLY ? if they're lining up to do it, why does half of what i see at least keep coming back month after month after month after month ... 36.000 open ? was it?
SO, if they're lining up and im just a test why are you wasting your bossman's money on calling me for funnies ?
see : THIS is what ive been reading for years, and without changing anything overnight it changed in "that", but THIS , THIS is "normal"
Hartelijk dank voor uw interesse in deze vacature.
We hebben interessante punten teruggevonden in uw CV, maar voor deze vacature hebben we een aantal kandidaturen ontvangen met een nog iets specifiekere ervaring.
Om die reden zal men uw CV voor deze vacature dan ook niet verder weerhouden.
Wij wensen u echter alle succes toe in de verdere zoektocht naar een nieuwe, boeiende uitdaging.
Bij andere mogelijkheden, aarzelen we niet u te contacteren!
Met vriendelijke groeten,
Bien à vous,

missy miss X name
HR Consultant
dont tell me to stop
YOU STARTED IT 09/10/2016 05:59:30 am
... p p p p f f f f t t t t . . . . 09/10/2016 22:31:30 am
wow dude ... how do you get fog without water? Dno, have you ever seen the sun peek through the opening between two curtains in an old room ? no wind ... no water dust ? o ya, i forgot ... crank, i thought it was a question, i didnt hear anything about 'we analyzed the composition or anything' just the question with half an ear as they say...how can life suck so bad? no i know you hope i will but i wont ... ever ... kill myself ... never ... wont happen, dont count on it
i sense threats , must be something from the past or something trying to push me into the hour of rising chickens ... i dunno man, i havent had school training, id come up with all kinds of crank like is it possible that some atmosphere remained deep in the craters and the scars like marineris ... cos its closer to the core ... thats how it works , no? if gravity gets less further away it has to be stronger closer so is the difference enough to keep a remnant of a denser atmosphere an everest deep from surface level ? i mean if you go an everest up oxygen is less so if you go an everest deep .. IS THAT POSSIBLE ... i dont do this wishful thinking that seems to permeate the non crank scholar who WANTS there to be life and water ... i do quite the opposite due to life as it is ... so all these things ... who's gonna answer that for me ? the state of belgium ?
Piss off already
ah-SIGH , well precious, the air you walk in is molecules ... molecules have mass, mass and gravity interact so to speak so if its stronger closer to a massive object like a planets core is it possible some remnant of the as-said old atmosphere (thats when they dug the canals and built the giant face) remains deep deep down, thats the reasoning but forget about it
i still dont feel well, i dont think i will feel well ever again while stuck in belgium
JEEZES, precious, talking to you is like having to explain a joke
which i dont make cos i cant remember what fun feels like
ERGO : if thats the case the whatlooksasmist might actually BE oxygen rich vapour cos deep down theres some more left than what's left
seen as from a crank perspective without math
saying these doesnt make me feel better, i want to see the world burn for what it did to me and i wanna see it burn until i get it all back and i am where i need to be
ahuh, thats what it always comes back to, imagine how much braincycles i waste on that since the day i got pinned down back here ... every path eventually ends in back to that
i dont know mate, im no engineer, what if you use that engine power to drag , like euh, well something on top front , welded with a LOOONG cable with hooks you can attach to shit drilled in deeper ice which lets you pull the weight forward by moving the caters in reverse attached to it somewhat so cos those jetskis dont look like they can drag more than a backpack you know
its annoying i shouldnt be watching this in het land van maar dat was niet masjen en zo wordt dat niet gedaan, yes well, you would have the weels digging in the ice unless you can rev the engine to only pull the whatever you call that , cable roll, which will do nothing but pull with the same power it has to drive that thing
WHAAAAAAAAA, my cat is taking shorter walks ... can blame that on the cold. You know i have had several urges to "sleep" and "turn it off" ... dont you know the uptime on a server is one of the criteria to measure dicksize? I cant call it a hobby that would imply having fun. Sleep aint natural for someone who lives at night 4 hours after he wakes up. Do you honestly believe for a second i believe they want anything else than to pick the weirdow how its done in weirdowland?
I DONT KNOW MAN, ... silksteel from genetically modified tungstensplice spiders or some special nanoweave tube cable a hair thick with the strength of a full one. You're the guys with the life , and the money, and the cool and the degrees from caltek and m.i.t. so figure the fuck something out, have you EVER known batman or spiderman ask for third party help when they got stuck in the sand? No, they grapple
my mood seems to be NOT improving by the second ... i get that when something's pushing me
who care about a few kgs extra payload if it means you're billion dollars doesnt get stuck in the sand halfway the solar system (so to speak?) hm ? Shoulda had that space elevator and transport line up by now but oh NOEZ, more important to fuel terrerizm so we can keep the peasants down with fear ofcourse. In a k-paxian world musk and boeing would be working together, pooling resources. In a homo spazzient world you have to compete cos im bettter than you and dicksize must be measured so in your case its probably better if they do.
fuck shit piss cunt ass dick bitch
i hate this place
yea i get the shut down part, thats about what if he starts looking like not the clown in the video and it turns out we were all along ? i get that, if you could just tell me who it was im sure you can jail me for severe violence soon enough after that
see what i mean by interrupted braincycles in this environment?
and nooo dude ... i kinda admire the positivity but this wishful thinking is dangerous. Your self-fulfilling prophecies dont work since YOURE ON MARS ... there is no stopping, no middle of the wayhouse, no extra batteries, no replaceable machinery, no guys on sleds coming to and fro, you dont HAVE the oxygen to spare to exert yourself every two days going out and fixing, losing a little bit every time you go through the hatch
in fact, it FAILED
try again from zip if you want a REAL simulation, just like a stresstest on people who KNOW the outside actually HAS oxygen and if someone gets a heart attack they WILL be 911'd to the outside doesnt count
cos its not real
the doors aint welded, if someone pierces a hole in the hull they wont choke, the only thing that test counts for is isolation, all the rest is nil
your crankness, at your service but HEY, you had a nice holiday, i know how it works, but always this observer in the middle thing, thats not good
i think im facing a more lousy than usual week but im afraid its not gonna work out for either party and end up wasting time and money I CANT AFFORD TO MISS
hah ... my life's already ruined, fat chance a threat will have effect but DU-u-u-UUuuude ... if its a simulation ... first i have no idea how a combustion engine works in an environment thats low on oxygen so im not gonna consider the anything on that but
the least you could have done is simulate oxygen supply and force them to wear spacesuits to do repairs
the very least id say
yes, your cockiness at your service
im getting pissed off since i think im gonna fall asleep and waste precious night time
aaaah, aagh, ya manito ... two or three times ain't a charm here, unless you have a manned flight in orbit ... or unmanned with superdrones, the need for an unfixable spare part one time is game over, no extra life for saving the princess ... i know its about paid vacation and maybe a little about getting as much data as possible while going on with it since the money's already spent and you need to present to get more for the next time but you DO realize thats twice game over at least on real mars
cool shit nonetheless, almost bearable to watch compared to news or sports heh heh (no thats not me laughing .. thats more like when the likes of you emulate emotion
it IS, it IS ... the homocentrism .. it IS annoying, it knows no boundaries... you ARE alien life, dude ... you're at the edge of everything close to the beginning of nothing in space here, you ARE alien life, riddle me this, batman ... oh no, wrong metafor, batman wouldnt get stuck and call robin to pull him out
riddle me this ... why do you seek for the proof of 'alien' life and not for the proof it doesn't exist since all probability actually points towards it existing since
well, it does ... here
as alien as anything else ... I SOMETIMES, you GENIUSSESSES ARE SO FUCKING NORMAL ... it baffles the mind
yes, that, && i
i fail to see what useful data can be gathered from driving a diesel engine across ice related to a manned mission to mars BUT i dont even know what im seeing ... the nasa logos look real enough
imagine just simply the fact that you HAVE to put on an airtigh spacesuit EVERY time before you go outside for ANYTHING at all, that alone, with or without oxygen level simulation makes it look like national geographic
who the fuck sent me this ? is this an infomercial for some american car-brand
pffffft, half past three huh ? and im tired already , look here man , dont be to hard on yourself if i break the mirror you were looking in, blame whoever made me look, no one comes to me for a bible lesson on hope or to get their ass kissed
yah, mwah, mate, if someone came up to me and said YO you wanna take a paid vacation on the arctic simulating something something mars, id say yea too but ... afaiks ... those guys would have been severely dead at least 20 times IF they had a few hot air balloons, like oxygen balloons with them to drag around for all the times they went outside to fix and eat, otherwise they probably would have died only five times. Thats at least one lesson to be learned.
im gonna have to fall asleep, which is piss cos id do better being awake but im sleepy, which is fuck cos i woke up at half past eight ... pm
so somethings not right
and everyone there and there, save me the threats, i got no life left it doesnt matter, if you threaten, do it and ill come along dead or unconscious
so don't , you owe me a decade of life
and a shitload of money, retard flanders, belgium, europe, shitville ...
if this keeps up im gonna suspect the americans too but of the others im sure
i hate this fucking place, nothings gonna change that, i have nothing so lay your dreams to rest of getting something from me while
... 09/10/2016 22:31:30 am
game over hm? i said i wasnt playing so you have won whenever. I dont want to save or change the world, i wanna see it burn for what it did to me, slowly, and i want my money motherfucker 08/10/2016 06:32:30 am
right ... test over, show over ... couchtime, its high noon , it burns and i still dont feel quite right 08/10/2016 06:32:30 am
yea, clickable ... i still need to write the input form so it stays within limits always but its what i call on the fly and i dont get paid and i dont need to be told how its done since its a passtime, not dress to impress, yes theres little arrows in the menu section where i edited or added or re-added something last. I know how to automate and insta from the cms it but i dont have the cms yet ... only part of it and most of it is simple entry forms
No, i dont feel better but the gnomes are on strike and the cleaning lady doesnt come for free AND I LIVE AT NIGHT, I HAVE DONE SO MORE THAN HALF MY LIFE, ITS NORMAL FOR ME. uh-uh .. CAT-cam ... test was when cat next to me ... works, live stream linux is DA SHIIIT ... no its not on now, its like im gonna make it a showyouwhenimhome thing but the motion detectors are always when im not ... opendoors and shit, i cant have that, if your face gets caught on any cam trying to be funny, i can assure you it will get caught by something somewhat less funny
i have never called the cops in my life im not about to start unless, well its not my house so i cant put boobytraps and i would have to if something happened but i dont think that counts cos it would be manipulation
if i see your face on any cam cos you accidentally stepped in too far
you will understand what i mean when i say you wish you hadnt done that
o wait it is ... reboot .. gotta check, LOOK ITS A CLOSET ... old and done for, not my style ... if you're lucky you can see me with a broom in my hands O M G ... Yo-loooooo
.....eeeeuh, omdat zwet es e kleinnn? sigh... you know if my shit just didnt keep breaking all these years by lying there i could have the whole house covered with cameras by now
im looking for speech recognition software on linux but im not sure, maybe ill have to do it by phone
well, so i can detonate that bomb under the table if i see movement while im not here ofcourse ... why else?
yea i got this strange idea on privacy that unless i share something myself ... you're not invited ... anything passed on behind my back without my permission is trespassing and mental rape, you know what im saying ? 08/10/2016 06:32:30 am
mhm? Funny you should ask that, whats my motivation? My motivation is to be left alone unless it gets me out of here to asia with my cat. Do you, by any chance, presume to know whats good for me? Cos after all that happened im quite reddington about that. Or maybe you assume to know how the world works and want to tell me how its done? Mh? Is .. what if, .. better if i next time say i won a scratch lottery ticket and took some time off? Better if i lie? Or maybe like a tearjerker like 'isurvivedthefightagaintcancerthatswhenilostmyhair' or something? i could probably do it almost convincing? is that expected? I still expect to get where i need, regardless collateral damage, but not without my cat
right, design ... i dont get paid to design ... euh .. yea this is more supposed to be tweetsized ... my phone is off im sick, im burning and not just with hate and rage, my volume is down, skype is off ... i'm a liar ... yea i adapt well so be careful not to call me a thief, you know what ... just so we are clear, ill ask a copy of the record somewhere next week, scan it, and put it online here, so you can see for yourself if you like me or not, half of that at least i dont consider my doing, some of it actually isnt, and some of it is, but all of it, the what i did a consesquence of what i said there in that other place, i take no responsibility, i dont owe anybody jack fucking shit.
i got some numbers for you though ... i have about 240 left for the month ... theres 23 more days + at least five next month before theres anything new, equals like less than ten a day ... at 15 euros or more for a train
whatever your masterplan, it better not be about picking my head, being funny or not worth my time for money, thanks for your consideration
the funny thing is im actually not drinking until end year so imagine if i was HAHAH ... was that someone telling me to stop posting or else, or tos shut up or else?
im sorry, im an idiot, i dont speak flemish threats ...
yah problem ... sick yet not sleep yet ... some half shut eye with the usual visions
shut up or else shut up or else shut up or else ... or else WHAT ? ruin my life ? HAH
where were you when i was begging for stupid part time jobs to pay for my psychology degree ? a year and a half NOTHING ... WHERE were you when i was asking for ANYTHING to be able to pay the rent before i lost it ?
and now three calls in one day without me switching anything?
how does that make you feel ?
i feel sick
sorry if anyone blip08/10/2016 06:32:30 am
yea, clickable ... i still need to write the input form so it stays within limits always but its what i call on the fly and i dont get paid and i dont need to be told how its done since its a passtime, not dress to impress, yes theres little arrows in the menu section where i edited or added or re-added something last. I know how to automate and insta from the cms it but i dont have the cms yet ... only part of it and most of it is simple entry forms
No, i dont feel better but the gnomes are on strike and the cleaning lady doesnt come for free AND I LIVE AT NIGHT, I HAVE DONE SO MORE THAN HALF MY LIFE, ITS NORMAL FOR ME. uh-uh .. CAT-cam ... test was when cat next to me ... works, live stream linux is DA SHIIIT ... no its not on now, its like im gonna make it a showyouwhenimhome thing but the motion detectors are always when im not ... opendoors and shit, i cant have that, if your face gets caught on any cam trying to be funny, i can assure you it will get caught by something somewhat less funny
i have never called the cops in my life im not about to start unless, well its not my house so i cant put boobytraps and i would have to if something happened but i dont think that counts cos it would be manipulation
if i see your face on any cam cos you accidentally stepped in too far
you will understand what i mean when i say you wish you hadnt done that
o wait it is ... reboot .. gotta check, LOOK ITS A CLOSET ... old and done for, not my style ... if you're lucky you can see me with a broom in my hands O M G ... Yo-loooooo
.....eeeeuh, omdat zwet es e kleinnn? sigh... you know if my shit just didnt keep breaking all these years by lying there i could have the whole house covered with cameras by now
im looking for speech recognition software on linux but im not sure, maybe ill have to do it by phone
well, so i can detonate that bomb under the table if i see movement while im not here ofcourse ... why else?
yea i got this strange idea on privacy that unless i share something myself ... you're not invited ... anything passed on behind my back without my permission is trespassing and mental rape, you know what im saying ? ped me on skype, i thought it was off i heard the blip, ITS OFF, it wont be on til monday morning
im sick, not just of gugglez and youtups, but actually physically sick, and of the place ofcourse hah, yes i think this msg will self destruct by mondaymorning too, this section is supposed to be tweet or doubletweesized max, im figuring out a relative distance system so i dont have to keep 20 index pages but that happens on a feel-to-do-like basis
last cough i almost had to throw up and now its like no itch at all but my head is too big on the inside , must be the big head again, good thing you cant read it all
if you do : hacking is a criminal offense and you will be extradited to trumpland cos i will say you're a terrerizt 08/10/2016 03:05:30 am
yea, i dont know what came over me wit.h this youtube shit but that ends NOW. As for the rest, i dont believe the sudden overnight change unless i fell through a hole in space again. Dont expect too much since i certainly don't, and i definitely don't trust the way this is done 07/10/2016 15:52:30 pm
whARGH...i go out 30 minutes, my router decides to switch internal ip to the webserverboard so the forwarding with my provider gets cranked. Can i do static this or something cuz i cant have routers deciding when i can access and control my home, yea thats where its going eventually, imma need some help with that later, but for now motivation and money while im waiting for more money so i can control a house in asia, its not HAL, its MEL, why do routers do that, are they supposed to do that without rebooting ? 07/10/2016 03:18:30 pm
woke up at 3:08 whew, i needed that, m physically broken in half and it looks like my cam clock is 2 hours off, which is not good since someone broke the screen in lokeren i cant see the menu or only half of it 06/10/2016 02:46:30 pm
think its possible digital radio delivers groomed content based on keywords from chat, like you get with skype and google to ads? its very not-motivational since it sounds like beenspying on me but my top down might be bottom up or vice versa, syntax is a waste of brainspace since i know what i mean and i dont owe anyone any thing, neither money nor apologies or explanations. Like them said : its too late for that, it cant be undone 05/10/2016 22:10:30 pm
apparently i succeeded in having an itx case delivered after checking extensivley if that fits a baby-atx, i must have overlooked it five times i guess, no more alternate.be for me 05/10/2016 10:24:30 am
come home from store, front door is open, one day after cam breaks, silly coincidence ... again 05/10/2016 03:38:30 am
its getting fucking cold, winter is here, finally ... sadly, cat gets home faster or maybe theres just something down there he doesnt trust