10/21/2017 12:06:55 am
did you know, precious ?

"butter is a product from raped cows ?
the milk gets stolen from their babycow in the most cruel fashion just so you can eat croissants ...
i'm still not sure if the guy was being funny or an actual vegan-extremist ...
... i'm also not sure if he ever heard of vegan bakeries LOL
cos there was one in gent i remember that much ... tsch ... everything got an -ism , right ? vegan-ism ... ideas turned dogma

10/20/2017 05:24:56 pm
and down it goes

"steemit, the social network for crypto-capitalists !
nothing but slow, posts missing, not getting through, network errors ..
but the promise of a few cents keeps 'em coming, right ?
well, 24th is the launch of Flixx ...
by then my account will probably be useless because of 2 people out of 400.000 casting about 10 downvotes ...
crypto-capitalism ... trump and wallstreet-ceo said i could never get a job in town again cos i didnt wear the dresscode
bummer ... lol

10/20/2017 02:04:53 am
addiction ? what addiction ?

"stop the hints already , precious , i keep telling you im not an alcoholic, but when i drink i drink
did i not have one beer this early morning when i met my "friend" who wanted to get me along for the bender this week ?
well then ... ? i drink when i drink and when i drink i drink
and that's it ... i have had more addictions than you ... you have had what ? money ? cigarettes and maybe prostitutes ?
i'll recognize it when its that
every cent you owe me ? so i can get out of here WITH MY CAT, start a life again and DO SOMETHING
but it wont happen here, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN HERE

10/20/2017 01:28:23 am
set my alarm clock for zip

"slept late yesterday, woke up early for nothing ... haze ... did nothing ... couldnt sleep my second sleep
yes but im sure its not chronic fatigue, you cant have that in flanders, its just lazy
tonight is void, too much brainfog
tomorrow will be nothing ... too tired
why do i get the feeling someone knew what was good for me again ?

10/20/2017 12:29:02 am

"the whole point was not just decentralization but also a SET AMOUNT of btc, set maximum, due to the 8 satoshi it still had the power to equal or surpass the total value of dollars in the world ...
so forking like these is like the fed printing dollars

10/19/2017 04:59:30 pm
language based emotions ?

"what the hell is that ?
probably something for lazy people and freaks !

10/19/2017 04:35:30 pm
dan moet men presenteren in een achtergat, als Einstein op een bord of

"tjoeppeflikkenbak !
or else ...
the fact is I WAS DOING FINE GETTING OUT OF HERE, YOU RUINED my life, my future and my dreams, you owe me a decade of life
do you have my money, bitch, every cent you owe me, every cent i didnt make since the day you stuck me back in hickville here , a place where there is nothing for me, never was, never will be. If you don't then there's nothing to talk about but vengeance. I got a few people left online, they make for good conversation. I want nothing to do with this whole hellhole, fuck your drukkerland, your, flanders and your hellgium, fuck all of europe
until i'm out of here
cos here, nothing will ever happen
so do you have it?
if not, fuck off

10/19/2017 02:15:00 pm
KRACK-hoez In België

"Telenet laat weten dat de residentiële hardware, waaronder alle modems, wifi powerlines en access points niet geïmpacteerd zijn door het WPA2-lek. Klanten hoeven dus niets te ondernemen om hun telenet-hardware veilig te stellen. "De kwetsbaarheid was enkel aanwezig indien ook een bepaalde technische feature aanwezig was. In de enterprise-oplossingen (de hotspots op publieke locaties) is die feature uitgezet waardoor er geen risico meer is," klinkt het bij woordvoerster Isabelle Geeraerts. Telenet zei gisteren al tegenover Data News dat het zo snel mogelijk met haar hardwarelevernacier Compal zou overleggen.
mwell ... they're like 10x expensive, unreliable when it comes to sudden downtime at the worst moments (i wouldnt wanna run a shop on this line ... well it comes down to breaking on financial transactions, right, if that's only a couple times a year), the customer service is friendly but FUCKING SLOW and for that price they could definitely run a 24/7 ... they're owned by the americans, all the money gets siphoned out of the country BUT, the internet service is A++

10/19/2017 06:38:54 am
another day wrong

"last time i missed friday , now i thought it was wednesday but its thursday
are the aliens warping spacetime again .. got put the alarm on
say mate ... that Ishiguro character is quite something ehj ? all the read i was waiting for one of two things ... bet my money on either bladerunner or ghost in the shell xD
i like to make these little guesses about people but i keep them to myself and tell me
where's the horror in making an old demented woman be happy with a robot ?
for whatever the memory might be whichever synapses are popping , if it grants her a moment of happiness in Limbo ?
is that what you people would call "un-ethical" ? like electrocuting deathrow is more humane than keeping the organs intact to donate them after putting a bullet in their head ? like forcing apple out of china cos they dont pay enough, leaving plenty of child labourers without anything to eat ?
humane ? sapient you mean ... mh ...
what about 'resemblance' ... draw a stick figure on a piece of paper what do you see ? the more primitive the mind the more demons in the shadows cos they have no name ... gestalt is something given to humans but ... actually , i walk a lot with my cat at night (cos im a freak and 500 years ago probably would have been burned or something) i often see him staring at a pile of leaves or sometimes a plastic bag in the distance while me myself have trouble making out if its a cat or not so
what about 'resemblance' ?
yea, one of my 'things' to make MO money was to have my cats cloned ... its a bit too late for that isnt it, your ferraris wont sway me , the only thing id do with that is sell them
yes, when i say you ruined my life, YOU RUINED MY LIFE, wether it was for whats good for me or thats not how its done and how sorry or not you are makes ZERO difference to me unless you have time machine and all the money i didnt make since the day you stuck me back here, i will forever hate this place, in this life and in all to come

10/19/2017 06:03:14 am
no more xmarks in FF57 ?

"Ishiguro ... this dude is the shit and lol , lol "i decided not to get old anymore" ... she was just an ordinary person
normals hm ?
well it IS funny, depending on your sense of humour, precious, see i told you i'm a mutant, not a sapients ... humour is not always based on the misery of others ... wanking off on others misery is a very sapient trait ... probably stems from the stem somewhere deep down together with fear of the dark and the need to belong (from the fact that survival in a group is more likely ... comes the facts that pissing all together on the odd one out keeps you in the consolidated part :: sapient humour ... well ask your local dustball department to do a study on it, it will probably be buried like the EU report on piracy, COS I WAS RIGHT ... no i'm not narcissus, but i dont HATE myself , you see, its always this or that with you sapients you're so fucking bipolar tschk ...) wow 6am already, I LOVE WINTER .. long nights ... short sun
great stuff
I WANT MY XMARKS, i been using that shit for what 15 years or seomthing ?
can't you fucking put in a sandbox virtual firefox mode or something or actually X-fucking marks why the fuck dont you get with the fucking program ? now i have to install chromium again .. not that i mind, i just mind having non empty bits on my drive where there should be, i run a 32gb drive here, cuz its not windos and it enough ... so do i have to re-sync all those things ?
and switch to another plugin ?

10/19/2017 05:02:24 am

"pale-skinned ? how is wingnut ? asians like to be pale skinned .. very much so, MICHAEL FUCKING JACKSON BATHED IN MOTHERFUCKING BLEACH, its a taste OKAY
i notice the newly licensed version of windows seems to run dark souls at incredibly vast amounts LESS of fps ... maybe its my idea and there's a rift in spacetime around my living room
maybe its all those things i didnt disable yet
where's the gaming mode satellius ... that pc can run that game TWICE on that hardware, your OS is hogging all the cycles, how about non-active background processes, when im playing it feels like its broadcasting to 20 people or something DUDE

10/19/2017 02:31:26 am
and so

"etcetera blabla, broke for the month but food for two months ... should work, whats NOT gonna happen is me suddenly getting productive like a bluesman , what IS gona happen is the same thing over and over as long as i'm stuck in this place . Anyone tries to lure me out i'll find an excuse not to or simply ignore them
unless you have my money, bitch ? then i can move to where i need to be and start my life again .. i'm four years late already cos you stuck me here

10/18/2017 04:24:50 pm
why don't i just flirt ?

"o is it "date" again day ?
okay allow me to repeat myself, i havent had a day of life since the day you stuck me back here in this shithole
you owe me a shitload of money ... every cent i didnt make after you ruined my life, my dreams and all i was working for by sticking me her, every cent plus intrest ? DO YOU HAVE IT ... then i can leave this place FOREVER and go somewhere and have a life, and maybe flirt


how could it, as for the rest, the money is spent for the month man, i got groceries, catfood and meds till december but the money is out ... what's left hangs in the middle of medicare somewhere and €50 from a company called bitonic.nl who clearly isnt really up to speed with 2017 and thinks the dutch / american way of doing business consists of a disclaimer saying if anything goes wrong its the customers problem
so don't expect, dont push, DONT FUCKING ANYTHING,
every cent i didnt make since the day you stuck me here

10/18/2017 04:32:47 am
tsch gods dam

"forgot the loading logo for three days TSCHHHHHH, timesink steemshit. I can't wait for the first one to do it over better and hog all the HQ peoplez LOL

10/18/2017 04:20:11 am
steemit lol

"one downvote on one post BY A BOT LOL, gets me from 11 to 10 rep (on log10 basis meaning 10 to 11 is a LOT)
that's one downvote for not rolling over
= not cool ... there seem to be some decent people on it, i hope they jump ship at the next one to come along thats a bit less like already here society
cougarbot the nazi dick ... yea i know ... its another feline

10/17/2017 01:54:14 am
so Flint wants to pay $10KK to impeach mcTrump ?

"well ...
i understand completely and actually if i believe Lichtman on the matter the case is as good as closed ...
and well i don't think it's a publicity stunt either, it's about legacy, and revenge ofcourse, i mean i want revenge and the state didnt even try to whack me .. so ...
but ... i fear as usual everyone seems to UNDERestimate because of the incessant brute force attacks. It's like blinding the establishment (like cougarbot for instance who feels threatened, well acts like it but actually if you dig a bit deeper i betcha fivers there's followups with 'pls send x to @ if you want to be removed from the blacklist .. its an OLD scam really, as Nigerian as it comes if you pardon my expression" ... but concealed as scared establishment)
which is what you get with Trump, right ... how can mmmh, and OMG blaah but in the meantime the sly old dog has shown nothing but clear understanding of american politics, and let's face it
he WON
there wasnt even a OMG HE CHEATED like Bush scandal follow up (although maybe zee russians did it ofcourse)
i don't say i'm pro or contra, if i'm gonna voluntarily label myself a free speech extremist i can not attack the man for brute force attacks ofcourse
next round round he might get less female voters perhaps but mwell
but SEE, Larry ... here's the thing, underestimate the man and it is dangerous because if you can't get him out in the first few years i betcha fiver he will have 'consolidated' his position ... yea what they blame Putin of and shit ... what strong men DO actually ... good or bad ?
i do think he's the only president of the united lobbies SO far who might actually spar nuclear threat but otherwise
really ? you know, the united lobbies already created Al Qaeda and IS(IL), how much worse can it get than a nuclear winter
well ... it's man's right to insult women, not to beat them ... same thing for guys btw and vice versa, thats my honest opinion, feel free to call me what you want .. i dont have the habit myself but if someone feels like doing that well then ... that's free speech
i would call a dyke a dyke after she builds a picket fence in front of my door with her friends but only after, you see .. and then it's still only a word, how come all the homo's i have ever known (not too many) called each other fag and had no problem with the word but since pc-principal
i mean all letterwords of the alphabet have issues now

you gonna downvote me on this, cougarbot, your community and all that ...? cos i didnt use the r-word this time ?

10/17/2017 12:38:31 am
why don't you just cheat on timeclickers ?

"cos i don't write autobots and i'm not a decepticon either ... to me it proves more that i can resist than i would get from using an editor or someone elses savegame
i don't expect you to understand, if you think that makes me jesus or buddha in the same garden and desert (ever seen the similarity ? cos who was first, righ t? good thing copyright didnt exist back then)
i don't expect you to understand it's not about temptation, id fuck your little sister in an instant if she came up and pulled my pants down
its about what it is to me
thats what it is, fun does not exist here anwyway, my 0-day i finished faster than you days are 20 years or older
it gets me nothing

10/16/2017 10:53:52 pm
well i think that's pointless, precious

"see, i will always be me ..
it's inevitable that i clash with these nazi fucks ... o how would you call them ?
"guiding members" ? ... yea goebbels was one too, ché guevara too i hear, hitler and castro if you like, its not about the wingnut side
it's about telling what to say , how to say it, how it's done and how it's don't
that's all nazi fucks too me, like a white bling blip is just as much a nigger as a black one making black people look like niggers ... you gay fucking FAG lol
jeezes man ... moderation is for assholes ... it stinks more of extortion overthere ... walk the walk and bow to the whale "or else", i already live in a police state man ... i guess two weeks from now that will make the account pointless except for hunting ideas
watch me not give a shit, actually DONT im pretty spooky about my privacy

10/16/2017 09:05:22 pm
can you believe that microshyte ?

"i get an account this afternoon ... i can already not remember my password ... i'm still logged in on one pc ... i add a phone number (the same one i used on creation btw) ...
i get no option to sms to reset ... i cant change my password, i havent sent one mail and im already locked out

10/16/2017 05:13:45 pm
means maybe 7 aint enough depending on the moodswings

"yea i hear ...
having change of heart of being able to boil and egg without setting the water on fire is gay
i hurrrrd i hurrdd .. REAL MEN ! good fighter ! masjen ! voebal .. i know i know i know
i did not get BANNED, i got kicked from skype for no reasons given by microfags
thats a different story, some biach set me up clearly, i had "suspicious activity for a few weeks before that ... and out the door 100+ contacts went"
no no no ... losing google and more came down to hellgium stabbing me in the back again
requiring phone numbers to be registered AGAIN (cos it already was the year before) and lyca sending me an sms on one number only AND the nightshop where i spent good money charing me €5 to register (which ofcourse didnt happen)
so it wasnt registered in time and i couldnt login anymore (i dont remember passwords, i rely on 2faq) i couldnt give you my password in my sleep
HENCE ... and thus ...
google said "i couldnt provide enough info and they couldnt help me cos they are SO concerned about my privacy"


so those 2600 youtube vids with a lot of me in it couldnt be like prove that i was me and it was mine ... on top of that another hotmail account (yea i kept them separate just in case) got the same treatment , SO CONCERNED ABOUT MY PRIVACY by microfags (LOL) ... i had like 3 years of online invoices stored in there, i used the account for password recovery ... but b/c my privacy and shit ... they wouldnt let me back in ... LOL OL OL , so i was like
ok, no more cloud storage for me ... i'll use it for easy access but i'll never rely on it since
the cloudflare fucker proved that too
if someone wakes up in a bad mood all your data belongs to them
debunking the myth of safety in the cloud

like i said no more log keeping but i havent altered the code yet it's still gonna save here on rotation
i'll get to it
when i feel like it