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04/05/2017 05:57:40 am
skype banned for "serious violation", no reason given, a compelling case for IRC and cold storage if you ask me
...if you threaten me in any way, whats left of me and what goes for life, first priority is eliminate, ... after all, you're a threat, its just survival instinct of the non dicksucking species
looks like theres no canvas here
looks like theres no canvas here

skype : muad-_-dib

My hobbyneeds are served on this minimal ssdystem
"I am not the strongest, nor the smartest, but the one most able to adapt, question is : do i WANT TO?
syntax is a waste of brainspace,praise the 1e100"
quote: me

Do not speak, do not smile, gully foile my name, the stars my destination stil

no facebook, twitter, formspring, tumblr, had all those, dont anymore for reasons all the same : they censored me, banned me without giving a reason, bored me stiff, annoyed me or are full of people i dont wanna see again
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