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Free speech was meant to be free for all,
it is absolutely free or it is absolutely not,
how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ?

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01/22/2018 10:33:00 am
come on TEAM!

i havent had my money returned yet btw ... out of fotos hm ?
i cant keep stalking my cat relentlessly and theres nothing else to do here, and keep your snickers money until you have whats mine and im out of here
i will NEVER give in, like you said
o really ? i come home, my password doesnt work anymore, and now you would wanna know how i would this in that towards that and this ?
what did i tell you about testing me without permission ? on top of that you sabotage and try to set me up with youtube gangsters, little niggers, cops and statejobshop bitches
after ruining my life, my future and my dreams, then behind my back you construct and test instead of asking ?
where's my money ? every cent i couldnt make since the day you stuck me here ? cos thats all there is to discuss
who did that ? is this another setup ?
like clearly , if the statejobshop ignores me over SIX TIMES from four different email addresses and still ends up sending me threat letters, just the same as if i would have simply ignored them , after i set people in CC and their own info service in cc from the same address and / or addresses it starts to stink of flanders funny schem0-nullo for dummies
as if everyone in the world receives and reads my mails, except the office in ratcity ... theres plenty of reasons why i dont like ratcity ... as i explained to my dear niece only yesterday, which btw means, if this is a setup to set me up with destruction of govt. property cos ive been ranting for months
you picked a very BAD time cos of all days in the year, YESTERDAY i wasnt fucking home for once, with about half my family and photos to boot
OFCOURSE I THINK LIKE THAT, "for looking at a car?" .. "for directing traffic drunk" while the actual guy stands 100m further, spitting at people foaming at the mouth and governemtn officials ignoring me SIX fucking time from FOUR fucking email addresses while the mail CLEARLY and undeniably was sent and arrived (cant fake sent hotmail, sent gmail and sent yandex, sent this and that yahoo, if its in your send box you sent it, if it bounced you get undelivered message)
sending me another threat letter on how they forwarded my dossier to the control jobshopstasi (well they clearly didnt forward OR read my mails) while i have been un-registered for more than a week, which i said i would ONE month before
SO YEA OFCOURSE I THINK THAT STINK OF A SETUP AND OF ITS ALREADY DECIDED SO SURE, CIRQUE DE BELGIQUE, ITS NOT LIKE I HAVE ANYTHING? SHOW ME WHAT YOURE PLANNING, the plan is to scrap me anyway, ignoring everything ? to set me up with destruction cos actually hitting with a helmet sounds somewhat funny if no one got hurt or bruised ?
yea : i think you are somehow STILL trying to constanly undermine my confidence so i fall into hours of rising chickens en masjen met de annen als een echte moun
but i was THERE, since its MY life you ruined
i was working on getting my own small biz off the ground fixing, installing assembling pcs and doing small stuff for small business, networks, websites, little solutions, old people with laptops, ANYTHING computerized
while doing a part time job as a social worker
for which i went to school and didn internships for nearly THREE YEARS, i worked VERY hard to get into that situation after i got out of jail where i got cos YOU fucked my life
your system wasnt there when i was down
meanwhile living together with a girl with a borderline personality disorder, suffering from auto-mutilation, zero self esteem, recovered anorexic, polytoxy, six to eight temesta a day plus a whole coctail to stabilize plus energizers plus a broken home plus daddy with the guilt to the point where it got close to stockholm syndrome
AND THEN a few months before i graduated, i find myself here, one month AFTER my passport mysteriously appears here
SO YOU SEE, all that shyte you're selling, the imagery with the posers and camera phones
I WAS THERE, i did all that, and YOU FUCKED IT, and you're right i havent done anything since since i havent had anything since and now its 2018 and i am beyond giveafuck so do your whatever it is, altered reality, but beware of threats, they might bounce back
AND FUCK YOU, nothing will happen while im stuck here, to me my life's already over as long as im stuck here, you cant budge me with force, you cant budge me with manipulation and compared to where i WOULD have been , you got nothing that i want, and nothing that gets me anything i want so


fuck you

you forgot huh ? sorry doesnt get me anything, violation of my privacy is a capital offense, one you can not undo once you fucked it

yea its me, mister super-unfriendly
break my life apart, rip me out when i'm building up, stick me in a place i hate i fled out of 20 years ago. Slander me, threaten me, harass me anonymously with the cops, want dat was niet masjen, en niet nijger dan een ander ... whisper around town how i MURDERED people, make me boogeyman-for-kids ... (did i rape someone too ? i bet i raped someone too) ... how i'm an alcoholic, how i spent YEARS in jail (six months) the other years I WAS GOING TO SCHOOL STUDYING SOCIAL WORK AFTERWARDS
how i spit at people, foaming at them mouth, set me up with little youtube gangster come threaten me at my door can get away cos minor, in general, PROVE why the term "hick" wasnt actually meant for americans
rape my fucking privacy, try to meddle with my life, ruin everything i do, posers and camera phones, threaten me some more ... slander me some more
then eight years later whisper all around how anti-fucking social and unfriendly i am
am i?
do you have the statistics of the actual number of people i'm unfriendly to, cos i do admit i have grown a very short fuse when it comes to my bullshit allergy, no amount of threats can move me and i dont get scared anymore, just hostile AFTER EIGHT YEARS OF YOUR FUCKING BULLSHIT,
particles never behave when observed in a controlled environment btw, all your data is nil and void from the start
so i guess that was to make me say something, there i said something, HO HO (fucking)-HO, what a crock 'o shit ... beyond the point of no return means sorry doesnt count anymore ... neither do threats and since inbreeds yap anyway, i might as well do whatever the fuck i want
mister unfriendly, signing off on this lovely christmas day
I DONT CARE, you already ruined my life well i told you not to do it, since the day you put me here, i told you this would never work, nothing good can come of it, but for some ancient zombie nazi reason you just keep pushing the same buttons which in my case are the ones that make me hostile and a-verse
you're past the point of no return, i don't have the sorry button anymore
what i need is the money i didnt make since the day you stuck me here so i can leave with my last cat before its too late AND the heads of the people responsible ... the ones who "just knew about it" can just cut off their fingers as atonement
NOW GO FUCK YOURSELF, nothing to do with all your might
fuck BELGIUM, you ruined my fucking life
thank you flanders, for all your meticulous care in ruining my life completely
i'll sue you in front of a human rights court last time i checked thats ONE thing i dont need money for
you'll be famous
so git, for negligence .. not answering my mail four times while everyone in CC did
you killed me when i was too young
i cant grow up or old
your mistake
and please dont insult my intelligence any more than you already look ridiculous
im not the strongest nor the smartest
but im definitely beyond your omega point

12/18/2017 03:08:27 am
come on, team ! BEST FOOT FORWARD, only 60 years to go

edit : sure, ofcourse, TYPE LIKE A FUCKING AUTHOR (this wasnt what you meant was it ? just like this is NOT the life is chose and WOULD (megacaps) have had by now. Before the christmas crazy takes hold of the country and everyone gets more brainfog than usual, allow me, cos i already know your routines since i was a kid ... don't tell me to "get a life", i HAD a life, YOU fucked it, i refuse any kind of settling or intermingling here and i wont until im out of here, now ... whatever it is, FUCK OFF, unless you got what you owe me, all you can do is make me hostile, and since im not scarface, that leads to an unpredictable future cos you dont know when it will come out
best bet is to STAY AWAY MOTHERFUCKER (yea, do i get dmca by limp bizkit now cos i said motherfucker?)
THERE BE NO CHRISTMAS HERE ... i'll indulge the old folks so they don't feel too bad but thats it
end edit
come on, team ! the final stretch, you put that foot they put up your ass right in your mouth like it was iPr0n and score me some point!
if you get me the most ... YOU GET YOUR NAME ON THE WHITEBOARD
if you get me the least YOU GET YOUR NAME ON THE WHITEBOARD
score me some points so the boss can eat ! so i can move UP in five to ten years cos i LOVE the title and i LOVE the sense of power
just remember .. be envious, spiteful and competitive ... BE SMALLMINDED, JUST LIKE ME,...

as a TEAM!
but not ambitious ... if i smell any competition for my 100 euros more a month, you'll find yourself doing nothing right in no time and remember


those poor kids from those poor governments gotta eat after all, they'll need more pension funding now they can retire early and you cant expect to let your kid study if not abroad ofcourse ... let's not forget that "business" trip to pluto, PAID FOR WITH YOUR MONEY
don't bother, its too late, you were SO happy when you bought YOUR first car ... took you fifteen years to realize, AFTER you bought YOUR first house, that all you had was loans and that bank owned everything you maintained with your daily life
and if it gets hard ... just remember ... you're stuck on that leash since you bought YOUR first car, now you'll HAVE to until they say you're no longer useful, then you get another ..... well maybe 5, or 25 demented years when its finally yours, just remember what your masters say
blame those unemployed, those few 100.000 who cost about 1% of what they they eat each year, and their cronies
GANG UP, GANG ! and do as you're told, cos
whatchu gonna do about it ... (oh, and SYRIANS ofcourse, and PEDOPHILES HAVE BITCOIN and AL CAPONE GOT RICH ON BOOZECOIN and ... o yea, THE SYRIANS !!)
SO DONT BOTHER, if you speak up, i will make your life hell, BECAUSE I CAN, i sit and rule at the desk, i have NO responsibility
and so on ...
dont think for a second im gonna roll over with my tail between my legs cos some retard bitch who is untouchable failed to forward an email ... I do that? thats neglect. They do that? "an error" ... must have been a "computer error" ... (they cant say i didnt check my spam cos it states on their rules that I have to) ... they dont have to reply ... they have to nothing but RULE and act authorious (itarian but ous sounds better gremmar nazi doctorandus DICK)
could you stop with the "shop" ?
i got 50 euros left for the month ... which doesnt mean OMG I NEED A DICK UP MY ASS FOR SNICKERS MONEY, which only reminds me of all the money i didnt make because you stuck me back here ... if i had 500 id save it to go somewhere i WANT to be, if i had 5000 i wouldnt be in belgium for the fake-idays, if i had 50.000 i wouldnt even come back to belgium
so stop with the "shop" ... and FUCK YOU ...
no fun ,no life, no love , no sex, NOTHING HERE, cos nothing is possible here
until im out of here, FUCK YOU
do i need to translate that?
I DONT CARE, you already ruined my life well i told you not to do it, since the day you put me here, i told you this would never work, nothing good can come of it, but for some ancient zombie nazi reason you just keep pushing the same buttons which in my case are the ones that make me hostile and a-verse
you're past the point of no return, i don't have the sorry button anymore
what i need is the money i didnt make since the day you stuck me here so i can leave with my last cat before its too late AND the heads of the people responsible ... the ones who "just knew about it" can just cut off their fingers as atonement
NOW GO FUCK YOURSELF, nothing to do with all your might
fuck BELGIUM, you ruined my fucking life
thank you flanders, for all your meticulous care in ruining my life completely

12/18/2017 03:08:27 am
wrong answer, GROSS NEGLECT btw, incompetence,...

o you think i'm lulzing ?
i wont be there, try again without threats
well i told you not to do it, since the day you put me here, i told you this would never work, nothing good can come of it, but for some ancient zombie nazi reason you just keep pushing the same buttons which in my case are the ones that make me hostile and a-verse
you're past the point of no return, i don't have the sorry button anymore
what i need is the money i didnt make since the day you stuck me here so i can leave with my last cat before its too late AND the heads of the people responsible ... the ones who "just knew about it" can just cut off their fingers as atonement
NOW GO FUCK YOURSELF, nothing to do with all your might
fuck BELGIUM, you ruined my fucking life
thank you flanders, for all your meticulous care in ruining my life completely

12/18/2017 03:08:27 am
well, just remember, ... "Team" ..,

i was doing GREAT, six months from graduation social work bach, ready to start on starting my own business since im on computers all the time when i'm not on my girlfriend (which i havent had since you stuck me back in hickville mind you, and thats not cos im socially awkward)
i see kabouter milgram feels like i shouldnt be doing what im doing so i suppose all afternoon will be wasted while i just re-do what i did until i have it
i am not pavlovs cat,...
so i was doing GREAT, i almost had my life on start after what you did to me the first and second time, and then your uncle po-state stuck me here cos my gf ex , the date-rapist happened to have a cop for a father, and i havent had a day since and i dont understand how you expect me to get to care after eight years in this hellhole which i hated since i was 15
unless you got all the money i didnt make since the day you stuck me here, so i can get out with my last remaining cat before its too late
I DONT GIVE A SHIT and nothing you do will work out, it will not implode either, there's ALWAYS collateral damage with your fascist ancient nazi schemes
fuck BELGIUM, you ruined my fucking life
thank you flanders, for all your meticulous care in ruining my life completely

12/18/2017 03:08:27 am
will move to another server i.o. apache, more lightweight

not that apache hogs but lighter is better since i like it minimal on a minimal system ... see, here on this celeron i get 100% cpu load on four desktops with two browsers and three to four apps running ... on windows 10 i get 100% on one core of my amd fx and gtx970, simply for booting and sitting on the one desktop, and don't forget : SHINEY !, and HAPPY ! and

12/16/2017 11:58:52 pm

because SHINEY !, and PHONE ! and SMILE ! and ALWAYS HAPPY !

12/15/2017 11:56:33 pm

because a fake smile and a sloppy job is better than rich fucks having to drink tapwater

article title
CATched my eye
12/20/2017 03:28:57 pm
What Happens When We Let Tech Care For Our Aging Parents ?
what WE've been reading
07/15/2017 15:05:35 am

Astrophysics for people in a hurry

20171002 08:40 am
and there you go again , right ... the four most common elements happen to be
its like if there's an infinite number of timelines then everything WILL exist
the chance that you get 1 infinity of exactly the same is exactly the same as you get the chance that you get one infinity of slightly different every time
the chance
is EXACTLY the same
and you KNOW it
you smartass motherfuckers suffer from wishful thinking
not from too much sci-fi, one can never have read enough decent sci-fi
van-voght level sci fi
but you motherfuckers?
kaku and all that ?
NOTHING in the whole wide world of multiversial mathematics says that because its infinite it will have variable instances
nothing says that ANYWHERE
are you challenging the facts ?
i know it sounds better
an infinite number of this would be the ultimate divine joke
but nowhere in anything AT ALL it says infinite options means infinite variations , infinite exact the same is just as probable, and YOU KNOW IT
you roll a fucking die, there is zero reason why the number 6 and 1 are valued more in games

20171002 08:28 am
as much as i love physics and especially quantum mechanics , the new magic as the undiscovered country, where everything is possible until proven
just as much i hate hippiecrites and dustballs
see 40 billion potential earthlike planets in "the observable universe" that makes baby jesus cry, he just made his daddy die for crimes against the universal common sense
now you tell me there's 40 billion more potentially infested which even you can see or think of ?
i think thats scary ... a universe of locust humans
i think thats very scary
very .... very very very
very scary

20171002 08:22 am
well, not the numbers guy told you, but that wont stop me okay, i know an earth with tennex size, tennex iron core would have tennex traction so you better stay anorexic there
but thats not what i mean by factor, its complex, its a complex mess for numbers guys to find out
i mean mass is not size
its not yo momma right
in her case size is totally massive i know that
in case of planets size is not
so factors might scale not simply on sight
do they ? looking for "earth-like"
and shit
yea i know ... CRANK
now go have a nightmare and bite your nails
if i were an alien i wouldnt WANT to discover you

20171002 08:17 am
for lack of simple math abilities i clearly had not too long ago
i dont believe in earth-like exoplanets
i believe in scalable factors
factors, similar conditions under different factors
like a subculture to a mainstream
having all the same traits, they're only like, projected differently
same thing for a sun ten times the size and a planet ten times the size
wouldnt be detected as potential life harbour, right ? not for life as we know it, but if the factor is exact and the scale is right, why not ? as far as i know physics comes down to what the numbers guy can calculate
so if its all multiplied or divided by ten e is still mc²
no ?
am i wrong (again, like last time when i wasnt but i simply had no paper proof so it couldnt be ?)
i'll not go into "alien" life then
homocentrist basterds

20171002 07:49 am
i have lost all ability to think , i can visualize causality from the big bang but i cant find a simple equation to get a four-step displacement algorithm for a picture on canvas
in short : no tea-time if you want to observe far away shit ... it clogs the vision, water is bad
invest in alcohol however
i doubt that will make it better
20171002 04:51 am
wow, i actually have a hard time even getting through audiobooks lately, i'm either braindamaged or something here in the water or the food is keeping me on a mental flatline
that professor there suffering from what i call "homo-centrism" without the dash actually ... (but everytime i use it i get the gay rights movement trying to burn down my house cos they're too stupid and too stuck up)
that's latin for human you dyke
don't be such a fucking sexist fascist
educate yourself outside of your subculture instead, but what i was saying euhm...
yea, homocentrism is quite commonplace, even among erudites, mostly among dustball department class erudites ... you know the type who speaks in quotes as if they're a tv-preacher, all he said she said and thus on the day of ble he sayeth the -ism of blah
you know the type, right ? no vision, no imagination, WAY too much time in school , lives in a book, no visualization ..
homocentrics ... despite galileo proving the sun does not revolve around they momma's ass
however i detect some other bias there, "assumptions" on the alien mindset ... call your local linguist and have him explain what alien means, it means its unsafe to "assume" anything about it, what you do is wishful thinking and projection
you have no clue how the alien mind would reason if they were looking or not
also, humans found their place in the universe, i know you dont take it like that but for those who do : that assumes you know the relative vector to the singularity (in this case the exact origin, the one dot where the big bang banged) to where you are
which, to the best of my knowledge
nobody does, it would be awfully nice but i think getting as far as the center of this galaxy is about the best locational tool, which relative to the whole universe means being LOST as to where we are ... all we know is we're in a bit of the galaxy that makes it unlikely to encounter, statistically, ask your local Sagan
now the doctor professor here will know that, so i will assume, since he's not an alien, that he used a somewhat misleading terminology with no ill intent there
but on knowing what aliens "most certainly would do" i have to disagree
you can always crank me, discredit me for having no degrees and a criminal record when you feel threatened, thats okay, but i know you'll lose sleep over it if you do that lol
myeah ;) great book btw, all rights to educate myself reserved i'm sorry for that, you can blame whoever put me here and left me stuck in a cage with bars made of no money
i'll put it on my to have list for when i get out of hellgium
somewhere close to 'cosmos'
20170928 18:23 pm the pm is obsolete there yes, so ?
o its national or global rabies day btw, did you get your shot ?
i got a few more comments there lePelouse ... you know i just put it on repeat since i can't focus since i'm back in this place and gradually whatever i didnt get seeps through, and after that the words ?
so ...
i think you have a problem with perception there :
why is a problem to a child not a real problem ?
perception is reality
the problem to the child is VERY real even if it exist only in its world, if it does not learn to solve it, it does not gain the skills for the set
in short q.e.d. cos i'm not in the mood
so it's you lacking perspective and perception there on that particular opinion
that hypothetical childs hypothetical problem is VERY real indeed, sir
not going into the hypothetical matter that doesnt interact with photons ... at all
i'd say its quite funny that we are not made of stars but laughing gas more or less, compressed under self-righteousness
no wonder the world is that funny
well i like your style, it wouldnt be here after all that time if i didnt get past the first chapter
not just the style ofcourse, i think like Sagans cosmos (although maybe not exactly THAT level of epic, it would benefit humanity if it were to be turned into a tv series for the mythbusters crowd and inbreeds who have no choice but to wurm themselves through a school system until they get a piece of paper to define who they are since they have no clue
pardon my sarcasm ... it's sarcasm, yes, ... but i'm not a bottle of wine, it won't get better with age
Einstein WAS a badass ... literally, as anti-establishment as it comes, adultery, fucking his niece, begging his wife to divorce him with money he didnt have yet, like the gangster of physics avant la lettre, in a time where going against the grain was absolute intellectual career suicide
unless you were THE SHIT
i'm not the numbers guy but on my wall of fame he's next to escobar, paracelsus, galileo ... tesla ... others ... you know Newton has never been on my wall despite being the most influential , statistically
i think newton, the most mentally deranged of all perhaps is still just a petri dish for the other freaks
but so were those before him
i totally agree, on K-pax, astrophysics is kindergarten mandatory after all, kids under four learn how many times faster ? its a reverse exponential curve if you were to look at it (basic k-paxian knowledge, told you i'm full of references to the point half the time no one knows what im talking about ... but you might have seen THAT movie at least ?) a child learns like at FTL at birth , the first years are amazing and the suddenly the curve goes steep, downward ... exponentially slowing down the intake ? no not the intake
the interpretation / understanding of the intake
yea-hea, ... einsteins god might not play dice, sometimes i simply takes the oldes coin in the house i can find and leave it to that
just like that, for no reason
just sometimes
alexander the great conquered the known world by 25 by doing that
julius too ... maybe a bit older, but still
chicken entrails, coins ...
the gods among men surely played a lot of dice ... i would mainly use it when i felt forced ... would ... not do
its been a while, theres nothing here really but existing 20170918-02:33am
well i almost got my stuff downstairs, lost a WHOLE month, time slows down over time in hell, its dantes freezing (you dont have that principle in physics yet ? well i do have my own names for laws that apply across the metaverse). I just noticed something i noticed a few times before and the best part : i can say whatever i want especially cos im a crank
the "no you can't" part
einstein NEVER said its impossible to go faster than light, he SAID you need an infinite amount of energy to propell any MASS at the speed of light, am i correct or is my crank ass euh, correct?
right, so, time machines ... pardon my crank ass, laws of causality and all that, thou shalt not take to the heavens either, which makes sense living in the backyard of the galaxy, more like the trailer park at the back of the desert beyond the backyard of the galaxy, makes sense that we dont meet aliens and makes sense we'll "never make it back" if von danichens gods really implanted base knowledge from the ancient south americans and hindus (mucho similarity over the pangaea who KNOWS, who really KNOWS when mouth to mouth started ? signs to signs ...)
if you go across dimensions , which MAYBE is what you need to do to travel time instead of space (who KNOWS ? anyone gonna crank my ass cos they KNOW?) if you go across dimensions , you can call them timelines if that makes you feel better , there is A) no reason any timeline should be different from this one (its just a possibility you WANT thinking about the possibility of infinite universes, but nothings says it HAS to differ, it might be an infinite number of 'this')
in which case causality up yo momma's ass dictates :
thats right ... nothing, you slip to the next timeline b/c this one is one way traffic, piercing the dimension as you go back in time (going forward seems to not be a problem except that time itself might not really exist as such, as far as can be observed from what i know the only thing that EXIST is the now ... BUT lets stay in gedanken :-)
you pierce the veil and travel back, you end up on another timeline, you can kill yo momma as much as you want
does anyone think i'm wrong there cos they KNOW, cos i have no intention of giving a Ted talk, just my opinion and if you talk back i'll clap back that you're stuck in your books and raise paracelsus to wipe your ass
cocky huh ? you think ? you KNOW i'm wrong or you just can't stand that i make perfect sense in theoretical gedanken ?
hm ?
time and date as posted hm well, i need a script to automate the adds here yes but who gives a shit, less and less really with every day i'm stuck in hellgium
well, i cant just stay on the same topic, right, im not a dustball, before you know it i try sounding smart by saying he said she said there and there and that makes me the bestest parrot in the world
the quark and the parrots maybe i could write a book too there (no offense mister M., you know thats not what i meant i dont consider you a dustball at all, multitopic person et al)
that said the first interesting that stuck while i was sitting waiting yesterday :
your god makes mistakes :p it's fallible ... the imbalance between matter and antimatter fucked up the whole let there be light cool oneliner so he was left with overs, which lead to you
sapients ... no wonder its flawed

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