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Words to the Wise
Free speech was meant to be free for all,
it is absolutely free or it is absolutely not,
how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ?

the crAPPs


first of all, dont get me started on how you can get me nothing that gets me to Asia with my cats
second, LIKE I SAID, an easy visual editor for GameGuru ebe building blocks, v0.01, adapted from the PsE javascript page i already had and ofcourse at my own tempo since i sleep a lot and i have a hard time focusing (cos im lazy and good for nothing, which is true, im good for handling my own business, not for sucking phoneboy dick) work in progress
no, FUCK OFF, i cant take it anymore, last time i applied for some shitty support job where nailpolish girl reads the scripted solution table, that fat dutch white shirt fuck said, sorry, only people with degrees, so SORRY, I WILL NEVER HAVE THAT DEGREE I CERTAINLY DONT HAVE TIME OR INCLINATION TO GO TO SCHOOL AGAIN (that would be the third or fourth time after jail, YOU COULDA LET ME FINISH THE OTHER ONES, THAT WONT HAPPEN AND FUCK YOU (see how this place gets 50-90% of my braincycles again?)

demOBscene(youtube for now)

no idea .... demos? me trying to figure out where to push some thing that says it will let me do something without writing it full in flat code? something like that, and also ... SHINEY !!! (and bouncy, cos life is a total sinoid isnt it, like my face is contorted all the time like someone gave me an OD in sinutab and im dried out like a mummy from forehead to nostrils
the issue with 'that' thing (teachers) is mostly hardware dependent, its hard to loop 5 soundsamples in sync at 120bpm if you get a framerate of 41 fps, which after the last windows update seems to be 24-25, which makes no sense on a gtx 970 with only 100 objects in the run. Point being since its not a console and theres no hardcoded way to sync down to a certain rate, depending on hardware things will move different to the same beat over time. There's 'hacks' (i could mix the five loops into one and trigger that one every 2 seconds) but its also not meant to do stuff like this


it does what i want im gonna take a look at appgamekit .. compiling straight for -ux AND android seems like o joy (if i could still remember what fun felt like after almost ten years in hickville)

LIDH (lost in da hood)(youtube for now)

i always wondered, is 'an environment or a 'visual editor actually coding ?
in dubio, however i got this deal on a gamecreators pack and its a long winter and probably a long year since FUCK YOU HELLGIUM YOU RUINED MY FUCKING LIFE NOW SUCK MY FUCKING DICK NO MATTER WHAT and so i started, as i do ... with no plan, a 'sandbox' game ... run around, shoot stuff, collect stuff, get stuff upgragde stuff get more stuff until you got so much stuff you no longer see the point in getting more stuff , thats a sandbox game, right ?
the modelling is cool, the framerate is not but i hear talk about dx 11 update for as long as what ? 2 years?
since i started this out of my own volition i will ofcourse finish it, the modular structure i use with zone points able to zone to different submaps on different condition virtually keep the options limitless but thats not the intention, the lua scripting has only begun .. inventory system, container system (whats in the box? whats in the locker?), stats system will have me needing file i/o and such, i can keep myself busy with non terrorist activity being not a threat but if i get poked i act like a tiger in a cage, dont forget, hellgium, i was doing JUST FINE getting out of your shyte, then you put me back in hickville and i havent had a day of life since, if a thank you is expected id think twice


so im in this chatroom trying to find actually talking people who are not from anywhere near here and i end up at MAL with some dev-girl designer who is complaining about (well, bragging i guess in moneynurrd circles) how that starwars scroller anim she made still almost locks up her 32 gb core i7 superwindows system (yea just a star wars scroller) due to abode being such a hog (i can imagine on top of windows like booting win10 to desktop only, with all telemetrics and metro apps disabled still gets me 100% use on one core of my cpu ... i tried starting up 'edge' once, LOL ... so i thought 32gb hm ? i can do that in less ... one mb maybe? so i tried, the usual, 25fps layered canvas animation and i did
basically 17,4 kb html, 2,4 kb css (which is just a copypaste im sure that can get lots smaller) and the bottom planet gif is about 150kb, which was to be replaced with a realtime render or canvas object but well oo stringy ... it seems to work real nice , i run all this on that fabled linux thing with ONE celeron cpu, in realtime, without a glich, no waiting for the render or anything, i thought the whole point was getting rid of weighty bitmaps all the same but k-lock generation still has windows10 attitude, JUST GET A BETTER CPU AND DOUBLE YOUR MEMORY, so we wont have to allow you to disable that 99% of crap running you never use
which turned out to the PeePee later since thats all thats missing, post process to put the scroller in trapezoid (i dont think matrix trans of any standard canvas command has trapezoid in it

??/??/201? ??:??:?? pm

and somewhat later ... a year ? two years ? cos motivation is hard here and will never come back as long as im stuck in belgium ... flashcards, needs no explanation ..platform independent, downloadable for offline use blablabla, but whatever since you fucked up my life, and every violation of my privacy is trust that can never be repaired so the point of no return was years ago and o yea, FUCK YOU

??/??/201? ??:??:?? pm
PsE (path sprite editor)

years ago, and years after they stuck me back here one or two neurons activated and i found in myself the actual motivation to try out this html canvas thing, since people on computers coding are inherently lazy (want dat is niet masjen, met de annen als een echte moun) i found myself fabricating an easy way to draw objects usable(re-) on html canvas, no sprites, no bitmaps, just a set of coordinates that can be scaled and whatever since a matrix is a matrix, but back then i still had at least a 20-30 minute attention span and only 6 out of every 10 seconds were spent being angry at this shithole and whoever ruined my life and stuck me here 25 fps layered animation, so the grid can be altered when ever wha-ever

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stageing area

years ago, and years after they stuck me back here one or two neurons activated and i found in myself the actual motivation to try out this html canvas thing, 25 fps layered animation

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