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08/30/2018 11:38:00 am
Natural sugar cuts diabetes risk in mice

08/29/2018 10:07:38 pm
Saint Louis University Is Outfitting Student Living Spaces With Thousands of Echo Dots
Re:Alexa... (Score:?) by KingBenny ( 1301797 ) on Wednesday August 29, 2018 @10:06PM Homepage so these things are gonna be listening to every bit of noise and background noise in every PRIVATE room of every student ? and that's a GOOD thing ? okay, that set me straight on the state of the state -- Free speech was meant to be free for all... how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ? do you need to re-read orwell or something to understand what i'm saying here ? i wouldnt want that if they paid me to ? IN A STUDENT DORM ?

civil rights,
08/29/2018 09:13:21 pm
President Trump Says It is 'Very Dangerous' When Companies Like Twitter Regulate Own Content
Re:Both are dangerous (Score:?) by KingBenny ( 1301797 ) on Wednesday August 29, 2018 @09:12PM Homepage i dont if you heard about mastodon ( it seems to be a place for disgruntled twitter refugees but its de-centralized in such a way that not all servers provide the same content, its a bit confusing , but i think its babysteps still ... anything that needs regulating is by very definition flawed, be it by government or enlightened CEO's , same thing :) i can envision the comments on slashdot 10 years from now after the re-revolution : "back in the day, in soviet-US" .. :p -- Free speech was meant to be free for all... how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ?

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08/29/2018 08:54:06 pm
Air Pollution Causes 'Huge' Reduction in Intelligence, Study Reveals
Re:Living in cities (Score:?) by KingBenny ( 1301797 ) on Wednesday August 29, 2018 @08:53PM Homepage lol ... the first answer i see that doesnt include "trump" , " n iggers" or "socialism" ... slashdot is going underground due to the hackers-on-meth inhaling too many of their own fumes apparently so, in a world without cars the mayans would have been right, the satya yuga would be here and people would be communicating in thought, the end of corruption -- Free speech was meant to be free for all... how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ?

08/29/2018 08:47:33 pm
Is Your Email Address Holding You Back?
Re:LPT: If you're enrolled in grad school part-tim (Score:?) by KingBenny ( 1301797 ) on Wednesday August 29, 2018 @08:46PM Homepage someone told me that once, i felt discriminated like digitally challenged and excluded as if i were a guy with a facepiercing ... think i should have sued her ? -- Free speech was meant to be free for all... how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ?

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08/29/2018 08:40:49 pm
Natural sugar cuts diabetes risk in mice

08/29/2018 12:14:12 pm
Valve Seems To Be Working On Tools To Get Windows Games Running On Linux
well in that case valve might be right on time, as i barely ever boot up about 95% of the games i have, if they can get the few software bits i use to run (like gameguru among a few others, i think appgamekit and rpg maker vx already does) and the bigguns, dark souls, ark , tekken and then some i would barely have any reason to EVER boot up windows at all, GO VALVE !

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08/29/2018 11:43:09 am
IP Address is Not Enough to Identify Pirate, US Court of Appeals Rules
yes , i was worried too, i can recommend some good professional help if you're that desperate for stuff you havent seen hahah ... well les gouts et les couleurs ofcourse, assuming its sarcasm, thing is, by the time a judge rules someone has either been locked up for years or spent half a liftetime's wage trying to prevent that ... and can then start "trying" to countersue at the risk of the kids college fund to get 10% of it back after lawyers fees lol this is a court of law young man, not a court of justice, i heard an interesting statistic too not too long ago the percentage of favourable rulings by U.S. judges drops dramatically during the morning, then peaks abruptly after the lunch break to drop again substantially in the next session ( Mariano Sigman - the secret life of the mind, how our brain thinks, feels and decides ) you wanna get 'em in the afternoon, while the fuzz (who uses that word anymore ?) wants to serve them early in the morning, as usual, a matter of statistics used properly

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08/28/2018 03:00:01 pm
Netflix Deletes All User Reviews
clearly didnt stop it from topping the box office in about the same space as the top 10 most torrented lol

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08/28/2018 02:45:43 pm
Bitcoin Mining Now Accounts For Almost One Percent of the World's Energy Consumption
well, all that heat is energy too ... so far ive seen no one but cryptomatoes use it, a daft ballz iz you !

08/28/2018 02:34:34 pm
Phone Numbers Were Never Meant as ID. Now We're All At Risk
there is no such thing as global warming ... ITS A HOAX!

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08/28/2018 02:32:50 pm
Sea Level Rise Already Causing Billions in Home Value To Disappear
there is no such thing as global warming ... ITS A HOAX!

08/28/2018 01:19:05 pm
Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Check out all of SourceForge’s recent improvements. × Student Arrested For Posting Zombie-Killing AR Game Clip Filmed at His High School
Re:thought crimes (Score 1) 342 by KingBenny on Tuesday August 28, 2018 @01:17PM (#57209304) Attached to: Student Arrested For Posting Zombie-Killing AR Game Clip Filmed at His High School what the hell is "misdemeanor intimidation" ? something only americans could come up with i suppose, gotta make sure the prison system gets its cut of taxes, right ?

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08/28/2018 01:09:23 pm
Re:Uhm, duh (Score:1) by KingBenny ( 1301797 ) on Tuesday August 28, 2018 @01:07PM (#57209282) Homepage wow, a comment on top by someone not pigmentally challenged on either side of the spectrum :) that's becoming rare, you think that's sabotage or something ? a bit like the cambodian campaign against intellectuals ... not that i would classify the classic crowd here as intellectual more as l33t hahah, well its obvious not machinery and computers that make breeding more humans a dangerous passtime , eyes on the future, ofcourse not ... -- Free speech was meant to be free for all... how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ?

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08/26/2018 10:47:55 pm
Roger Penrose On Why Consciousness Does Not Compute

08/26/2018 12:48:20 pm
After Employee Revolt, Google Says It's 'Not Close' To Launching Search In China
... upstarts lol

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08/26/2018 11:44:40 am
Australians Who Won't Unlock Their Phones Could Face 10 Years In Jail
good reason to not have one, or just keep it for what it is : a little computer whree you dont actually have to insert a simcard or contacts

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08/25/2018 01:52:40 am
EU Accepts Resolution Abolishing Planned Obsolescence, Making Devices Easier to Repair

civil rights,legalist trolling,mathematics,
08/24/2018 10:00:26 pm
Copyright Trolls Killed Off in Denmark After Supreme Court Hearing Denied

civil rights,legalist trolling,
08/24/2018 09:29:32 pm
Algorithm beats humans for sniffing out fake news

08/23/2018 01:53:56 pm
Bizarre DMCA Takedown Requests Censor EU ‘Censorship’ News
they wouldnt, right?

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08/23/2018 01:52:46 pm
GOG Launches FCKDRM to Promote DRM-Free Art and Media
more freebies yay

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08/23/2018 01:24:03 pm
Google Boots Open Source Anti-Censorship Tool From Chrome Store
do more evil, not hard to figure out if they wanna push ripple on the chinese, now WHY would they remove that hm?

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08/23/2018 01:22:13 pm
ISP Will Block BitTorrent Traffic on ‘Unlimited’ Mobile Plan
TRON's gonna love that

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08/23/2018 01:25:14 am
Pence launches Space Force, says U.S. needs to prepare for 'next battlefield'
i seriously need that curl + condenser way of posting

08/23/2018 12:36:20 am
Soil hasn’t recovered from ancient Maya cutting down trees
i seriously need that curl + condenser way of posting

08/23/2018 12:19:48 am
RIAA Paid Handsomely for BitTorrent Piracy Evidence
i seriously need that curl + condenser way of posting

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08/23/2018 12:19:15 am
The Macabre Art of Baking ‘People Pot Pies’
i seriously need that curl + condenser way of posting

legalist trolling,lobbyright,potential propaganda,
08/23/2018 12:18:11 am
The Macabre Art of Baking ‘People Pot Pies’ Crafting skin and flesh from the sweet and tasty
i seriously need that curl + condenser way of posting

08/22/2018 12:27:00 pm
A team at Northwestern think they have solved one of bitcoin’s biggest problems
hmm ... and then there was steemit

08/22/2018 11:45:47 am
Bitcoin Newbies Getting Crushed as Old Timers Pledge to HODL
bit more sabotage by eft and internal and its gonna be the only option for anyone but cryptonnaires

08/22/2018 11:34:15 am
× Security Wireless Networking Hashcat Developer Discovers Simpler Way To Crack WPA2 Wireless Passwords
on to the passwordless

08/22/2018 11:12:12 am
Fracking water use rose by up to 770% over a few years
i see, the secret conspiracy to fight the coming drought : crack open the planet

08/21/2018 09:35:40 pm
Bitcoiners Losing Faith in Twitter Inspire an Exodus to Mastodon
owh, by all means lets check it out, more exposure ?

crypto,innovation,free speech,mathematics,
08/17/2018 11:36:46 pm
Paisley Abbey's 'Alien' Gargoyle
"Giger was here" ... with doctor Who

08/16/2018 12:31:12 pm
looks like an anime setting doesn't it

08/15/2018 12:31:55 am
“Eating Their Lunch:” Blockchain Upstarts Challenge Investment Banks
here's waiting for utopian to take their enlightened teamspirit ass to the EU and put their shining light where their mouth is ...

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08/08/2018 09:12:08 am
Another Cryptocurrency Makes Inroads in Venezuela
too void to comment

08/08/2018 09:11:40 am
Millennials are 5 times as likely as older adults to say bitcoin is the best way to save for the future
too void to comment

08/08/2018 09:11:17 am
Could Bitcoin Benefit From A Trade War?
too void to comment

08/08/2018 09:10:38 am
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Sign of Strength Shows Continued Buyer Interest
too void to comment

08/05/2018 01:06:29 am
MTN and Vodacom exploring blockchain technology
can i hold your call please sir ? you need 20 confirmations first and about$10 in transaction fees on top of your subscription, should connect in about three hours ... hahahahahahahaha, so steemchain ? o what's that?

08/05/2018 01:05:00 am
World First As Baby Born On The Blockchain In Tanzania
blockchain baby ... i hope they called it Satoshi ... the dude gives it all up for free and now big V and IBM act like they came up with running water ...

08/05/2018 01:03:43 am
Ava, Dfinity, and more: The hottest blockchain companies of tomorrow
slightly daft how steemchain is totally ignored ... ultra hi-speed and ZERO TRANSACTION FEES (but that's probably it, right ? the disaster of not being able to charge people money for their money ? is that the issue here, wallstreet wolves?)

08/05/2018 01:02:03 am
China’s ‘big three’ telecoms operators look to ring in changes with blockchain tech
i said earlier ... if you can't to proxima centauri because of the lightyears, just use blockchain ofcourse, that'l fix it

08/05/2018 01:00:53 am
Colorado Becoming Leader In Blockchain Technology
meanwhile in a place called "hellgium" ... blockchain ? whats that ? a new type of shimano ? You can't do that because its not knelpunt and there's no one to enslave you in the employers lobby for that, no state-stamped degree and since our education system is the best in the world (according to anything but real statistics) it must be useless ...

08/04/2018 02:59:21 pm
IBM Partners With Saudi Capital for Blockchain-Based Government Applications
wouldnt you like to be Satoshi Nakamoto , RIGHT NOW ? lol lol lol lmao lol ... HERE HAVE A COOKIE then im off, ... mastermind or ? the sad part ? well ... no one mentions the name, they all act like they invented sliced bread and without the man? they wouldnt have anything to do right now ... cryptonnaires wouldnt exist ... steemit wouldnt exist ... minds wouldnt exist ... the grattitude of lobbyright ... they're already trying to patent it so its THEIRS

08/04/2018 02:28:27 pm
Thanks to Blockchain Technology, the Entrepreneurial Spirit in France Has Never Been Stronger
well ... @blocktrades (steemit) told me steemconnect is based in marseilles , other than that i dont know much about it overthere, i know its nothing overhere, that much i know price down, if you got the money, time to buy, nothing risked nothing gained all or nothing and nothing i have already double up the fuck up , my life's already ruined anyway, why dont i have €10k RIGHT NOW ?

08/04/2018 01:51:47 pm
Privacy Revolution: How Blockchain Is Reshaping Our Economy
distributed privacy on a blockchain, the most open platform EVER, where all data is visible to everyone and nodes maintain immutability ? what could go wrong ? a fine example of how blockchain will get us to proxima centauri while we're at it maybe with hyperledger, as i understand they have options for private transactions, but seeing as its a distributed ledger ... the data has to go somewhere ... in case of steemit a limited number, in case of EOS almost an oligarchy ... not that the steemit witness system doesnt work to secure the data, that i have seen proven already, but even if its not available to the outside in some way, all node-owners have access to all data ... so what ? store encrypted ? with another personal key to decrypt your data after you decrypt your wallet / account ? hm ... i think its summertime and authors are REACHING to get something written

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08/03/2018 03:15:52 pm
IBM trials blockchain platform aimed at banks
and BANCA?

08/03/2018 12:11:59 pm
Piracy Boosts Concert Ticket Sales, Hurts Box Office Revenue
yea, slightly funny how this "study" makes it to a headline right away, while an official EU-study has to be dug up from the catacombs by a MEP using their own laws against them because it shows the complete opposite, the conclusion has been clear for years and i know it myself ... the only reason why i dont go to cinema's or concerts anymore is because the ticked price severely damages my monthly food supply ... the prices are absurdas levels in creative use of resources go, this would be level 80 ?

civil rights,politics,legalist trolling,lobbyright,
08/03/2018 12:11:15 pm
Popcorn-powered robots would be cheap—and edible
as levels in creative use of resources go, this would be level 80 ?

civil rights,politics,legalist trolling,
08/03/2018 11:09:38 am
Mozilla: Copyright Laws Stifle Creativity and Innovation
the intentions probably dont even matter : *Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee, and Dozens of Other Computing Experts Oppose Article 13* and look what that got ... reason does not come into play

civil rights,politics,legalist trolling,
08/03/2018 10:55:12 am
Tron Wants to Give BitTorrent Users Financial Incentives to Seed
yea my first idea :"if it gets me money, IM IN!" and my second, but how does rackspace price compare as ROI lol ... do i need a petabyte to make a dollar a day ? spot on, man ... but let's see where this goes then :):)):) if it DOES get me money, i AM in hahha

08/03/2018 10:08:27 am
Journey Into the World’s First Underwater Farm
something for the homesteaders perhaps ? #homesteading #farming #innovation

08/01/2018 02:57:51 pm
The Milky Way had a sibling but Andromeda ate it
makes *dog eat dog* look like its nothing new since the dawn of time

08/01/2018 01:29:22 pm
How Bad Karma and Bad Engineering Doomed an Ancient Cambodian Capital
*drool destination* ... the ancient remnants of south-east asia ... final destination too, its that or nothing, and nothing i have already. can't settle for less after all the bullshit i had to endure in hell here

07/29/2018 02:07:03 pm
what if people were paid for their data?
sounds like a plan, sadly its members only so i cant read it lol

civil rights,
07/29/2018 07:36:17 am
Why is Python so slow?
very interesting but my question remains : "why is python so popular" ? what does it have on other languages ? i mean , programming logic is programming logic, technically there's nothing you can't do with any given language since they all adhere to the old von neumann structure which afaik is still present even in the most expensive iThings on the planet, so where does the hype come from … i go to slashdot where the geeks live, i hear stuff like "python is a memory hog" , i come here where the haxxers live and i hear "python is slow" …. i havent tried it myself b/c basically i dont see the need. I can do whatever i need with linux shell script , javascript and php is there ANY reason at all to dig into python ? if it's slow and a memory hog, does it have superpowers i'm not aware of? or it just hype b/c easy to use ? who would wanna use a language thats slow and a hog, something that gobbles up resources and slows things down ? Isn't that like running windows10 instead of linux on a supercomputer? daft ?

07/29/2018 07:22:43 am
Flixxo has joined Bancor Network!
that’s great … would be even better to see an invite in my mailbox … how long before ordinary people are allowed ? it seems to be taking quite some time and the frontpage on the website isn’t very confidence inspiring ? dont get me wrong, im REALLY looking forward to it but i’ve seen too many fakes to have any confidence in anything i dont hold in my two hands … is there any hope before 2019 ? i like the fact that you’re not stuck on the blockchain hype-train and you use “hybrid” technology if i can call it that to overcome certain hurdles, all the news and the theory sounds great but i wanna see something :))

07/27/2018 12:51:09 pm
Malta wants to become 'Blockchain Island'
if they mean tax-haven they might have a chance i suppose

07/27/2018 12:20:41 pm
Bitcoin king Mike Novogratz leads $52 million investment in crypto-lending startup
more bigguns, and more bigguns, and more bigguns ... the avalanche has started, it is too late for the pebbles to vote

07/27/2018 11:56:04 am
Stronghold and IBM Collaborate to Launch FDIC-Insured Stablecoin on Stellar
get your seats now, they're taking over, soon there will be nothing left, not even for the cryptonnaires

07/27/2018 11:03:29 am
Beyond the Classroom: The Rise of University Blockchain Labs
they'll really stop at nothing to make me go "back to school" will they ? is that cos they cant handle the fact that i can read and write without a state-stamped paper? well ,sorry, but even with this i'm afraid google knows and i can find all the people i need to explain it, WITHOUT sitting in some fucking hall in the middle of a hundred humans

07/26/2018 11:03:57 pm
How tons of dust from Africa tamp down storms in Texas
next time mum tells you to clean your room , tell her you keep it like that for the benefit of the nation

07/26/2018 02:56:43 pm
How decriminalizing pot benefits young people
dutchies have had that since what ? the sixties ? seventies ? and the country doesnt seem more naar de kloten than any other place in the lowlands, in fact they got MORE money don't they ? since its taxed

civil rights,culture,politics,psychology,legalist trolling,
07/26/2018 02:47:00 pm
Anti-Aging Pioneer Aubrey de Grey: “People in Middle Age Now Have a Fair Chance”
well yea, a few hundred or maybe thousand years would be a nice trade-off to catch up on the years i lost in hell here, maybe even enough to do everything i want maybe ...

07/26/2018 02:23:14 pm
Chaincode Devs, Google Alumni Create Industry Group to Help Bitcoin Scale
good and bad yin yang news ... when megacorps adopts open source and free tek ... it tends to up patented

07/22/2018 01:15:42 pm
Is This Man the Elon Musk of E-Waste?
o well, lets make an exception for any rat and vermin that gets a 50 dollar streetcorner dealer in the prison system costing thousands, but you can't really allow potential massive progress when copyright's involved, right ? THAT WOULD BE UNETHICAL

civil rights,politics,technology,legalist trolling,innovation,lobbyright,
07/22/2018 11:50:25 am
You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With
does "online people" count b/c i dont HAVE five people i "spend time" with and if i have to make the combo in total that will make a VERY weird combination ... that explains everything then

07/22/2018 11:28:20 am
Staff in operating rooms follow these primate patterns
at core level under high pressure the mathematical matrix of the laws of physics gets warped, the laws remain, but the numbers change .... everything is particles, right ?

07/22/2018 11:22:42 am
Lower colon cancer death risk among diet-soda drinkers
coffee and nuts, nuts and coffee ! its a statistic, doesnt make it a fact, its a probability

07/21/2018 02:39:29 pm
Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Check out all of SourceForge’s recent improvements. Systemd-Free Artix Linux OS is Looking For Packagers
yet another flavour, although not as bad as ICO's and airdrops ... its a big forest for a small marketshare like that ... so , anyone feel the calling ?

07/20/2018 02:02:25 am
What dehydration does to your mind after just 2 hours
oh ... loss of focus, moodswings, dizzyness but not brain damage or anything in my blood, so i'm just de-hydrated all the time ? i feel like a mummy mostly

07/20/2018 12:45:04 am
Poker Creek
population two ... sadly its not asia , or i would have another option to try and move to

07/20/2018 12:40:57 am
How a Desert Mountain Telescope Revealed Jupiter's Odd New Moon
thats right, in order to achieve anything at all , you want to be in the middle of nowhere, i understood that much half a life ago, but no one listened

07/20/2018 12:06:58 am
How Deaf Children in Nicaragua Created a New Language
there you go, school is just a layer for government indoctrination and learning how to behave as a cogwheel in the machine, leave them be and they learn without it, but they wont learn that YOU are right, they'll learn what they need to survive

07/19/2018 11:53:36 pm
Freud Gave Special Signet Rings to a 'Secret Society' of His Students
piercing spears and flaming penises, batman, sign(et) of the times

07/17/2018 11:36:00 pm
How to Secure Yourself Against Bitcoin Theft in 10 Minutes
too worn out to comment atm

07/17/2018 11:35:14 pm
Goldman Sachs' New CEO David Solomon Is Keen On Bitcoin And Crypto
too worn out to comment atm

07/17/2018 11:34:37 pm
HTC develops ‘blockchain phone’ – but how does it work?
too worn out to comment atm

07/17/2018 11:34:10 pm
When does integrating blockchain technology make business sense?
too worn out to comment atm

07/17/2018 01:48:30 pm
Half of parents talk on the phone while driving kids
i just said on minds : this is natural selection and it is, ... natural selection is statistics and statistic say these parents and their subsequent kids have less chance of surviving ... no change from putting your head where its about to be crushed natural selection ... (too harsh again ? not enough hippie-words?)

07/16/2018 02:19:54 pm
Canada’s Ultimate Plant Mom Will Take Your Unwanted Shrubs
well i think it beats saving humans from the planet for a change

07/16/2018 02:03:31 pm
Chausath Yogini Temple
one for the feminists !!!! now you can stop claiming bastet as the goddess of lesbians :)

07/16/2018 01:52:09 pm
Whale House
oh my o dear ... if you cant get to disneyland ... then bring it home ? A MA zINGGgg

07/13/2018 01:43:23 am
Usenet Users Have Privacy Rights, But Pirates Can’t be Anonymous
i think the correct answer in public would be : "i would never DO THAT, its WRONG, its against the LAW, tim da troll is GOD and ALWAYS right" however ... in the real world ... i dont think i have ever seen what usenet looks like and ive been online for 25 years now

civil rights,culture,legalist trolling,lobbyright,
07/11/2018 11:49:47 pm
What’s Next for Bitcoin?
and ofcourse, another "market leader" (in opionons that is, and not half shabby too in the wallet department afaik). I prefer no "whats next scenarios" but a proper analysis of whats happening is always welcome. So if i wrote a 200 word articlee from all of this on why steem will make you rich , will you get me a 4000 dollar post ?
well im sorry, i didnt have too much time to read this week, i was otherwise occupied so just a few links with a bit of opinion and you still get ten times the text for me no money. How does this thing work actually?

07/11/2018 11:46:19 pm
New Paper Reveals Massive Bitcoin Backing
more ? cos im sure its old news to a lot here and its not crud on how steemit will be bitcoin by autumn either but its serious news from serious sources about seriously filthy rich people

07/11/2018 11:43:58 pm
Swiss Stock Exchange Operator Plans to Launch Crypto Exchange
but if that's not enough then how about this ? See these people are not going to disrupt by the next Vitalik 2.0, theyre going to start up EXCHANGES , that doesnt need further explanation i hope ? as to what that means THESE people believe ?

07/11/2018 11:42:11 pm
Winklevoss stays bullish on bitcoin, hires NYSE CIO to his firm, Gemini
well its like nobody ANYWHERE has any doubt and keeps seeing "bullish" signals but here's a few who should put some weight in the opinion scale

07/11/2018 11:10:25 pm
distributed 2018 : enterprise blockchain conference
just what i needed
if you really have all that money and a total hollow head go THERE instead of bugging people
you might find someone to inspire you
hell, make it a vacation, take the missus, take the kids, take the fucking nanny and your mistress
im sure there will be a lot of filosophy too
there always is with people who think they're on a TED-stage
dont attack me on my hashtags

07/07/2018 07:01:13 am
Kim Dotcom Can Be Extradited To US On Copyright Charges, New Zealand Court Rules
what do you mean "now" ? they raided the place with more police and swat than they did Obama Sim Laden they do it all over the world all the time xept maybe in china or russia lol problem is, those places are hard to get into seriously, they hack angela merkels phone, "DAS MAEDCHEN" , the most powerful woman in the world at that time ... was there any repercussion ? AT ALL ? nope

civil rights,legalist trolling,lobbyright,mathematics,
07/06/2018 01:36:13 am
Internet Giant Tencent Becomes Linux Foundation Platinum Member, Advances Commitment to Open Source Innovation
on the heels of google ... well .. the more counterweights of that weight the better this is like the need to keep linux development DE-CENTRALIZED, isnt it ?

07/06/2018 01:34:41 am
Does your representative support net neutrality?
— Col. Corazon Santiago, "A Tactical History of Sparta" (Would have accompanied discovery of the deleted "Inertial Damping" tech)
Air power rests at the apex of the first triad of victory, for it combines Mobility, Flexibility, and Initiative.)
— Spartan Battle Manual (Accompanies discovery of the "Doctrine: Air Power" tech)
so yea, at the new apex lies extra-atmospheric domination, whatchu gonna do if you can't even launch a plane without the enemy seeing it ? or are we past that enemy-thing ? ah yes, i should replace the newline characters with break tags for the second page render for steemit, that i should ...

07/06/2018 01:17:28 am
Does your representative support net neutrality?
well, does it ? (what do you say if you cant say simply he or she in pc-world ? which used to be personal computer)

civil rights,politics,lobbyright,mathematics,
07/06/2018 12:50:08 am
Spin dynamics suggest 2 exoplanets really are Earth-ish
Kepler 186f is only 557 years away at the speed of light so ... stick me in that accelerator call me a particle and shoot me there just a few 100 years of stemcell shots to keep regenerating in my spacesuit and i'm set, right ? that's why this place is HELL, even with lightspeed travel, you need generations to get anywhere on a maybe, as the bible said "kicked down, never to return to the heavens again, right ?" these are the fields of the nephilim, the backyard ... no the dust shelf of the trailer in the backyard of the last house in the galaxy ... so far away its simply unlikely to ever see alien life here, THAT is mainly the problem there, isnt it ?

07/06/2018 12:20:39 am
Google Is Planning a Game Platform That Could Take On Xbox and PlayStation
lol *Games like the Sims, Angry Birds, and Candy Crush sure, you could stream The Sims.* yea that certainly but i dont think they want the hardcore gamers, although they fork out a LOT of cash , the casuals fork out a lot combined in microtransactions, without noticing because "its just the phonebill"... i recently bought a steam link in a sale for €1 ... i mean one euro, right ... i dont needed one, but they sent me one for one euro so that was like, well ... one of those gabe newell things, i think it was too long since i paid tribute and i think he gets itchy and there's a red light flashing in his dungeon like "theres an account that hasnt spent in over a month !!!" or something ... but : the point : i dont need one, but i set it up to stream to the tv downstairs in the living room (over LAN, not wi-fi , for obvious reasons, streaming mostly dark souls 3 at full hd , im not rich enough to have 4k ) and euhm there was LAG ... on my whatever 1000bitsbits lan, there was lag, the resolution sometimes got blurry ... and thats IN-house streaming, it didnt happen much but it happened nonetheless, now at €1 for a permanent device , i mean permanently owned, i'm not complaining there, its not the newest pc but frankly i think it should handle streaming just one game on a windows system with about all metro and crud disabled from running in the background, but it doesnt, not 100% of the time (which in dark souls is ofcourse, plenty of instant death , doom and despair) so we have two issues : dark souls is not angry birds, as you stated , @raymorris ... in-house lag means not-angrybirds over internet or worse wi-fi will be ... *ahem* .... but THREE, the bane of all things post 2000 : DRM ... a streaming service means you own nothing, they stop it, you lose it, i can make a backup of my steam games if i like, get a patch to play it offline, i'll still have it, even if valve shuts down for a reason but with a service like that ? you don't own shyte, right ? they decide when its time for you to stop playing SO ... i will classify this with "the google wave" (does anyone still remember *the google wave* ? it was going to make language barriers non-existent ? im not sure if its allowed to mention the name but i dont work for google , so ...) i wouldnt pay a cent for that, but i sold my last xbox a long time ago too, and they have tekken on pc now, and soon soulcalibur i here ... i see no reason for consoles to exist, i wouldnt "rent" a movie from my isp either since buying the dvd costs justs as much, so i doubt i would pay for this but the common casual crud might (is that disrespectful again ? i didnt say plebs this time ...tsk...)

culture,gaming,technology,innovation,potential propaganda,mathematics,
07/04/2018 01:47:47 am
A crypto miner trolls Warren Buffett with bitcoin billboards outside his office (BRKB)
well genesis mining ... i can't complain about the service or customer service but ROI has been nothing but crud so far ... and i dont think they sell contracts for less then what i get in two years anymore either, no wonder he can afford to troll buffett

civil rights,crypto,culture,legalist trolling,
07/04/2018 01:45:28 am
Homeless People May Get Help From Blockchain
from "the" blockchain ? OMG (paywall sorry) basically this means suddenly ALL homeless will flock to "the" blockchain to get registered

civil rights,crypto,culture,medicine,technology,innovation,
07/04/2018 01:42:11 am
Google doubles down on Linux and open source
evil counterweight for microshyte ... fight fire with fire

07/04/2018 01:37:32 am
Supercomputers: All Linux, all the time
i d'ont think TFA needs elaborating on. q.e.d. ...

06/29/2018 12:49:45 pm
Blogger Stabbed To Death After Internet Abuse Seminar

Re: Okamoto Killed in Fukuoka (Score:4, Insightful)
by cayenne8 ( 626475 ) Alter Relationship on Wednesday June 27, 2018 @04:46PM (#56853576) Homepage Journal
Sounds like they need "sensible knife laws" in Japan....
Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.........
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    Re: Okamoto Killed in Fukuoka (Score:?)
    by KingBenny ( 1301797 ) on Friday June 29, 2018 @12:47PM Homepage
    yes, i assume a savvy marketeer will soon come out with an all new unhackable "smart knife" patent ... after which all rocks in the country need to report for immediate lockdown ... bricks probably too, maybe sticks and branches later ... DEFINITELY boards , maybe best to amputate everyone's hands until we can figure out how to install "smart hands" ...
    Free speech was meant to be free for all... how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ?

civil rights,culture,psychology,free speech,
06/29/2018 12:09:49 pm
The Board Game at the Heart of Viking Culture
yea so i was gonna go to Iceland, instead i'll be here in van drukkerland ... counting the seconds until the summer has gone by

06/29/2018 01:26:28 am
Judge Rules Big Oil Can't Be Sued For Climate Change Costs
yes well not talking about persons here but about conglomerates who have been stripmining the planet for generations . To say their solely responsible for climate change might be scientifically inaccurate but to say they're responsible for pollution, increased cancer rates, poverty and crime certainly is not ... but HEY, its the taxpayers duty to blame it on the unemployed and the foreigners, so what are you waiting for ? i just received a mail from mt. gox after (i lost count) how many years that i may be able to get my 1.5 BTC back at the prices from back then ... that stuff i gpu mined when the world was young ... which would have gotten me a LOT of money by now trading it ... microshyte banned my login account email ... for no reasons given, i have NO CLUE what name i registered under back then so many years ago (i mean it was THEN, it was gox ... the myth of anonimity existed) ... my point ? paper law is useless to all but those who write it

civil rights,culture,ecosystem,environment,politics,legalist trolling,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/29/2018 01:02:50 am
Lego box and smartphone sniff out nerve gas
it's what they used to call 'hacking' before hollywood raped the word ... free software and FINALLY an actual use for an iThing other than keeping the sales dept. in play

06/28/2018 04:15:40 pm
PeerTube: A ‘Censorship’ Resistent YouTube Alternative
proof of space hm ? so i should invest in petabytes in order to make money now?

civil rights,culture,politics,legalist trolling,lobbyright,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,
06/28/2018 03:20:42 pm
Censorship Machines are ‘Destroying The Internet’ As We Speak?
It’s not clear how many ‘memes’ are killed in the process, but what many people describe as the ‘censorship’ that will ‘destroy the Internet,’ is already fully operational on the largest video sharing platform of all. for lack of better wording myself

civil rights,culture,politics,legalist trolling,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/27/2018 01:54:44 pm
ETTV Launches Official Proxy to Fight ISP Blocking
gud ... gud to see there's SOME common sense and resistance to the lobby still

civil rights,culture,politics,psychology,legalist trolling,philosophy,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/27/2018 11:48:09 am
Mt. Gox Creditors May Be Reimbursed in Bitcoin Under Civil Rehabilitation
awesome !!! i got the mail earlier this week too ... i had the alleycat url already but the login was a different one, microshit locked that account for no reasons given "blabla eula and we dont have to give you a reason so even if i had any credentials AFTER ALL THESE YEARS OF HEARING NOTHING ? my one point x bitcoin worth around $500 at the moment ? i couldnt even prove it was mine THANKS FOR THAT? nice to see "the law" at work

civil rights,crypto,politics,mathematics,
06/27/2018 01:50:01 am
PeerTube: A ‘Censorship’ Resistent YouTube Alternative
stuff like this is just what's needed to chip off little by little from the powers that be i will be definitely checking this out

civil rights,culture,technology,innovation,philosophy,free speech,lobbyright,
06/26/2018 03:57:24 pm
‘Live’ TV Piracy Watermarking Defeated by Devices Sold on eBay
it's about "winning" , its testosterone contest, there is zero logical or financial reason why this would be pursued at the cost of millions and millions just to get the occasional guy in jail (where society can pay for it) or get downloadmom a fine that costs her half her income for the rest of her life, or have uploadsson extradited to the states on accusations of copyrism. Its simply about winning, all the research, all the numbers, all the facts, all the data point in the opposite direction saying its not even worth one single lawsuit because the impact is minimal but what do we get ? and ive been yapping about that a while ago warner brothers sues harry potter festivals for "unauthorized commercial activity" its like i mean next thing you know metallice would be sueing their own fans as if they didnt have enough ... so they make these boxes illegal and they move to the black market end of story there in the meantime this is "free advertising" lol

civil rights,culture,politics,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,
06/26/2018 03:23:12 pm
'Snapdragon 1000' Chip May Be Designed For PCs From the Ground Up
competition in Duopolis ... that can only be good ... although it will likely end up with either of the cpu whales buying them .. thats how its done, right ? or microsoft maybe ? always on the lookout to simply buy someones work, talk about lazy-co, right ? all those billions and no initiative ? dont care how much money you got, but i might care to see what you do with what you got

06/26/2018 02:46:51 pm
Warner Bros Is Cracking Down On Harry Potter Festivals
i doubt it , ive been preaching about this for a while on torrenfreak now "next they will start hunting cosplayers and fanfiction" et voila :) there we are

civil rights,culture,legalist trolling,lobbyright,
06/26/2018 02:21:22 pm
State of Cryptocurrencies: Summer 2018
“The reason most new crypto investors hype the “utility hypothesis” is because you can’t get a 75% discount to the Bitcoin pre-sale.” — Arjun Balaji yagh, the ICO-disease ... sell air while waiting for the first line of code, worked well for EOS ... i also, do i read correctly that ETHereum actually has the option to cheat after sharding is implemented and they will rely on "punishment" to avoid that ?? LO O O O O O O O OOOOL, i mean its like if even the death penalyt would work thered be no more murder since the dark ages, right? Good luck with that, butterboy V. and then , the A.I. blockchain to rule them all for once and all end 2018 ? after which the quantum A.I. blockchain to rule them all i suppose ? interesting times you say ? data overload i say ...

crypto,technology,legalist trolling,innovation,lobbyright,history,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,
06/26/2018 10:45:11 am
Wall Street on Blockchain: Is a Revolution coming?
i’m 99% sure (at quantum level thats close to 100) that it will DEFINITELY benefit the banking sector, what it will do to the other 10.000 cryptocurrencies and chains however ? competing ofcourse thats what those psychopaths do

crypto,technology,legalist trolling,innovation,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/25/2018 03:42:32 am
Nvidia feliciteert Turing met zijn verjaardag: verwijzing naar aankomende GPU's?
turing gpu ... can it mine steem ? o wait no ... centralized authority, DAMN

06/25/2018 01:05:01 am
A Brief History of SourceForge, and a Look Towards the Future
100% microsoft-free ?

civil rights,culture,technology,innovation,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/24/2018 11:39:14 pm
A crypto-trader’s diary — week 13; TRON
this weeks $500 huh ? no wonder you people have no empathy with the plankton dude … but i concurr, Tron immediately gave an impression of a sloppy void, the app sites were empty and at best linked to some facebook pages, VERY disappointing after the hype like EOS HAHAH

06/24/2018 10:48:50 pm
The Future of Decentralization
spoken like a plush, rich fuck on Ted ... applaud ... it's easy to be magnanimous when your pockets are already fat

06/23/2018 11:06:15 pm
Flaming Cliffs
where my heart and soul have been calling me for years. Where i would have been for years without #fuckflanders interference. Where i will be but how am i supposed to get there with my last remaining cat. I'll die cursing humans for what they did to my life .. All that space and only need to see humans when you want to ? I was sold immediately

06/23/2018 11:04:11 pm
ISP: Piracy “Extortion Letters” Benefit ‘Greedy’ Companies, Not Poor Artists
something i have read and said over and over again, it took them long enough to draw the conclusion

civil rights,politics,psychology,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,potential propaganda,mathematics,
06/23/2018 10:59:47 pm
Another Universal Basic Income Experiment is Underway, This Time in Canada
old bs ... the "experiment" in finland had nothing to do with universal basic income, it was WELLFARE, they were giving more money to unemployed people, universal basic income is where EVERYONE gets a basic income they can do with what they want, that is why as opposed to doubling the wellfare money, this will not remove the incentive to work, but it will in general have a number of people choose to work less hours, so they can have more life, effectively opening up space in the 'workspace' for others to do some extra hours to get some extra money, it's a levelling system (flatlining, equalling, distributing) it is NOT wellfare, everytime i see an experiment called UBI and its actually wellfare since only the poor people get lifted above i feel like someone is trying to sabotage the very concept back to the 1960s when there WAS enough jobs for everyone, ubi is not an option, the way the world the world is going its the only option other than outward (space) colonization and resource gathering

civil rights,politics,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,potential propaganda,mathematics,
06/23/2018 10:53:23 pm
EU Takes First Step in Passing Controversial Copyright Law That Could 'Censor the Internet'
the decision was basically made the day the estonian dictatorship proposed it ... just like with the piracy report any arguments to the contrary , even if they came from the internet god itself are swept under the rug ... the votes are cast during world cup footy and by the time anyone wakes up it's "law" ... the actual extent is that every single country can decide, basically paving the way for geo-localized and blocked internet, which won't work, and with great frustration lead to cops scoring massive results statistically while they round up all the copyrrists

civil rights,crypto,politics,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/23/2018 10:45:21 pm
Here's Why Bank of America Has Filed Nearly 50 Blockchain-Related Patents
because they see the money in it already : retro-engineering lawsuits on startups that grow into the billions for having some snippet of code that happens to be close to one of their patents ofcourse, its not even about the use, it's about pro-active future harassment ... CLEARLY blockchain / opensource should be illegal to patent (but i dont think those people are actually able to think like that, they're used to stealing ideas then making sure if anyone uses them they get sued, corporate white collar super-piracy ... make-believe since Edison)

civil rights,crypto,politics,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/23/2018 10:41:54 pm
Supreme Court: Warrant Generally Needed To Track Cell Phone Location Data
Well, in Soviet Europe internet filters will ban piracy and everything the local government doesn't find appropriate ... TFA says literally "generally" ... so "generally" speaking they need one, which is , as far as i know a most vague piece of legalism ... what's "generally" ?

civil rights,politics,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/23/2018 10:36:08 pm
Tron, BitTorrent and Flixxo
and then Microsoft bought it ... and promised not to interfere, three months later the EULA changed and half the accounts were closed without warning

06/23/2018 10:31:29 pm
15 jokes only programmers will get
okay Lollllllllllllllllll

06/21/2018 04:17:14 pm
Building it Better: A Simple Guide to Blockchain Use Cases
i dont think that will differ much from the usual number of businesses going down because overhyped and overconfident ... blinded so to speak

06/21/2018 04:14:41 pm
Ukiyoe Small Museum
now THAT is the spirit

06/21/2018 03:34:43 pm
President Trump Directs Pentagon To Create New 'Space Force' Military Branch
come on dude, USS Death Star !!! ...

politics,technology,innovation,potential propaganda,space-Ex,mathematics,
06/21/2018 03:05:59 pm
Sony's PlayStation 5 Will Launch In 2020 Powered By An AMD Navi GPU, Says Report
WOW, an actual comment thats not about trump, nuggers or immigrants trolling the border ... i'm a bit baffled like "this is our console two years from now, running hardware that will be old by then" LOL i have no idea how consoles EVER succeeded in surpassing pc-game markets well i do actually, its called middle-of-the-bell-curve-marketing so this means RROD on the PS5 , just like the old xbox because it simply got the plastic so hot the connectors plugged out as it bent from the heat ? i mean it's AMD so its gonna be heater included

gaming,technology,potential propaganda,
06/21/2018 12:13:51 pm
Firefox's Pocket Tries to Build a Facebook-Style Newsfeed That Respects Your Privacy
i second, third and fourth that , i don't need "suggestions" ... i need to find stuff ... like "myself" (that's an archaic word i suppose" as in "by" ... not as suggested by what comes from datasets generated from the middle of the bell curve because i'm fairly sure the algorithm wasn't trained on my browsing history alone ...

06/21/2018 11:07:46 am
We're All Getting Dumber, Says Science
psychology is not an exact science after all, despite the fact that the erudites of the psyche would love to it's not, the brain is an analogue system, if you try to box that into square excell sheets as data you will be missing an infinite number of states, wont you ? but far be it from me, the Unforgiven Un-degreed to speak ofcourse ... i don't know about this iq-thing, i rarely ever saw much difference between a so-called iq test and those things they make you do when you apply for a factory or supermarket : pattern recognition in sequences ? is that iq ? I never had it tested but i think according to classic tests mine would be slightly above average , i dont get the obession and fetish with it since the 1960s , it leaves out all the other q's .. i find for instance on a certain social network i have joined since last year the top brass being of at least slighlty above average IQ, severely lacking in empathy with the lower life forms and Eq .. two things that can't really be measured and there's your problem : it can't be measured in exact numbers ... so it can't be science :D i never missed the degree, i don't think it does anything to i.q. either, i think the power to understand is completely different from the knowledge absored, to quote the avalanches "sometimes a parrot talks" , ibm watson could win at jeopardy because it could hold a lot of data in his squared boxed mind, i dont think it could drive a car or paint a dali, although it might be able to paint a ruebens or van gogh after study it will probably never understand women hahah what is dumb ? accodring to sais analytical scientists dumb is not being good with numbers mostly i do rely a lot on external memory like i always say syntax is a waste of brainspace, its the logic that counts, everything else can be found by praying to the 1e100 for guidance, but i dont think thats a problem since i dont get stuck in one syntax and my brain only holds the system and routines for instance i like the way "science" is referred to as a person or entity in the title btw, very subliminal ... but its psychology so its not scientific ... and its marketing so its evil

06/21/2018 10:31:57 am
× The Almighty Buck Science Technology $950 Million Large Hadron Collider Upgrade 'Could Upend Particle Physics'
good to see some places have mone for more than just the footy fields

06/20/2018 03:55:07 pm
EU Parliament Committee Adopts Piracy ‘Upload Filter’ Proposal
big brother filters we are truly back in the soviet-era of 1984 and the EU has shown its true face .. "upload-filters" ... they now control EVERYTHING you are allowed to see, you fucking retard PLEBS

civil rights,politics,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/20/2018 03:41:09 pm
New Commercial Amiga 500 Game Released
*sigh* i got suckered into buying an atari st , and an STE ... my friend had an amiga 500 though ... but it never gave quite the same feeling as the ole c64 so ... if anyone came up with a c64 game commercially ... would it sell ? i mean you get the emulator able to run at what ? 10.000 times the speed you had ? stuff gotta be possible if you see how many 8bit is out there on steam

06/20/2018 12:08:08 pm
YouTube’s Blocks MIT Courses, Blender Videos, and More (Updated)
said idiots know very well what those filters are :"control" over the content thats shown to the general public ... but hey in case of this they should just put the videos on sci-hub they're educational after all ... o wait ... euhm ... sorry im a bit distracted the bende van blo is back again, someone must have seen something they couldnt have seen and now have to prove it for the girls ... really not that smart at all ... very annoying though

civil rights,culture,politics,legalist trolling,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/20/2018 12:04:47 pm
America's Nuclear Reactors Can't Survive Without Government Handouts
corners on safety is one thing ... letting "the enemy in" another ... i can think of a few organizations who would pay top terror dollar for a free pass to a nuke plant ... but hey ... if they can't survive without government handouts they're clearly foreigners and should be put in unemployed labour camps ... men to the left ... women to the right ... arbeit macht frei ! ... (yea thats sarcsasm before i get naziflagged again)

06/20/2018 11:56:25 am
BREAKING EU Parliament Committee Adopts Piracy ‘Upload Filter’ Proposal U.S. Drops Indictment Against Alleged Operator of Pirate App Store
yes but SIX years ... i knew a guy here who was actually LOCKED UP for five years BEFORE the trial even bedan, now according to soviet belgium law, if they found him not guilty he wouldnt get those five years back. So what does this guy get after six years ? a bouquet of flowers ? a thank-you-for-your-time card ?

civil rights,legalist trolling,mathematics,
06/20/2018 01:03:44 am
Cement-free material paves the way for ‘green’ concrete
a nice way to flatten the planet in an environmentally friendlly way or "why sapients were born to go extinct"

ecosystem,environment,potential propaganda,
06/20/2018 12:33:00 am
Give up on ‘finding your passion’ and try this instead
i know my passions and i know what i miss to get them : MONEY, REAL MONEY, not snickers money, if i cant get real money its not worth the effort

06/20/2018 12:18:50 am
Ethereum’s Casper and Sharding New Design
so much hype from all that money, this is starting to feel like Apple, Cola and mickey Dees being "the best" ... basically its what hyperledger and banca did from the start if i'm not mistaken ... id almost think microsoft owns ethereum, i mean .. that or apple if i see the way ideas are being "borrowed" ... yay for open source huh ? take it all give nothing back, then sue pirates cuz "omg my 12the ferrari this year"

crypto,potential propaganda,
06/19/2018 11:16:32 pm
Is Ethereum a security? Expert analysis
we'll see about that TOO ... ethereum is backed by cash so they get to hype and advertise whatever the fuck they want , seeing is believing though

civil rights,crypto,potential propaganda,
06/19/2018 11:14:30 pm
Kurt Russell to Star in Crypto Movie
i guess we had it coming ... and i fear its gonna be hollywood interpretation of reality a la "hackers" ... but we'll see, maybe, cos movies are xpensive

06/19/2018 01:32:17 pm
European Financial Transparency Gateway
i'm sure its all with the best intentions but pushing the steem chaing into the face of the EU to get investors ... now that's what i call BOLD, these people are the regulators of the world ... pfffffrrrrr .... that's like flipping a coin that might explode in your face, man

civil rights,crypto,culture,politics,innovation,lobbyright,potential propaganda,mathematics,
06/19/2018 12:20:28 pm
Fighting AI Surveillance with Scarves and Face Paint
yes when steem hits $5000 and i open my own school this will be a mandatory course

A.I.,civil rights,politics,technology,legalist trolling,innovation,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,
06/19/2018 11:26:07 am
J.P Morgan Files Patent For Blockchain-Powered P2P Payments Between Banks
here come the morganites and the edisonians, patenting innovation right into its grave ... on top of that the EU is gonna crowdsource blockchain ... like they did with that piracy report i guess ...

politics,legalist trolling,mathematics,
06/19/2018 11:20:05 am
building the universal menu of tomorrow
there you go, the old tale of the last doctor making himself obsolete seems to apply exponentially to programmers :)

06/19/2018 01:44:18 am
Evidence Found for a New Fundamental Particle
there, there, just have Trump deny climate change and if that doesn't work write a law that forbids it, THAT'l teach it ! Herbert & Turing in one article omg .. recognition :)

06/19/2018 01:04:26 am
Evidence Found for a New Fundamental Particle
just what the doctor prescribed :p ... MORE particles ... sterile neutrinos ... to use a sexist expression ? "what's more fickle than a women" KNOW WHAT YOU WANT particles ? trans-gender particles ? and moreover , has the whole standard model been wrong for 40 years ? DUDE ! :p

06/17/2018 03:11:06 pm
Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Check out all of SourceForge’s recent improvements. × Some Prominent Tech Companies Are Paying Big Money To Kill a California Privacy Initiative
i've always known it : if you spell youble backwards it reads "do no good" it always has .. o wait ... o wait ye it does you have no idea of the headache i have today yet here i sit doing my daily chore to make a cent more than yesterday because whatever you say, or try THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE FOR ME (unless you got the money you owe me ?) if i had 1/10th of this kind of headache, id be not coming to work for 14 days if i had to work for YOU and not for ME, bitch (o dear be careful, cat this goes to readers digest too) i know precious, no one ever reads it its not "content"

civil rights,culture,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/17/2018 02:50:22 pm
The Guy Who Robbed Someone at Gunpoint for a Domain Name Is Getting 20 Years in Jail
shot the dude "several times in the chest" after being shot in the leg and stunned ... so thats what ? bruce willis versus a bb-gun ? the dude got shot several times in the chest and then gets 20 years ? DARWIN AWARD !

civil rights,lol,
06/17/2018 01:30:06 pm
Cops Are Confident iPhone Hackers Have Found a Workaround to Apple's New Security Feature
they had me at "...cops are confident hackers..." el-Mao

civil rights,technology,potential propaganda,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,
06/17/2018 01:27:40 pm
Antarctica Is Melting Three Times As Fast As a Decade Ago
maybe that should postpone the south-american water riots for a while

06/17/2018 12:48:27 pm
Microsoft is Working on Technology That Would Eliminate Cashiers and Checkout Lines From Stores, Says Report
unless you ban technology this is inevitable ... the only solution is to stop breeding or to actually colonize space ... but if i were evil as "them" i'd derive some pleasure from seeing all those "hard workers" going down into a zone theyve never been before . I'd almost say KARMA'S A BITCH BITCH seen this thing long before in greenhouses where nationalist farmers only employ foreigners willing to live in the basement for the season, fully automated delivery on tracks zero personnel required, and thats like eight or so years ago (when i tried working HARD a lot)

A.I.,civil rights,technology,innovation,
06/17/2018 12:08:44 pm
Breaking: EOS Blockchain Grinds to Halt as Software Bug Freezes Transactions
well .. thats what you get for selling crud before you got one line of code its a bad habit these days and WHO THE HELL on planet crypton would call themselves "authority" O M F G ????!

06/17/2018 10:41:42 am
Economics, Like Religion, Assumes It Knows Everything
yes, indeed, stuck in the old world when Edison could steal ideas to patent and bottom input from colonies wasn't competition from developing markets, as outdated as the steam engine. Mozilla loses all your bookmarks .. "the only drawback to A GREAT SOLUTION!" very american ... and i HATE those captchas that are used to train the A.I for self-driving cars, how do i opt out ?

civil rights,culture,legalist trolling,philosophy,free speech,lobbyright,potential propaganda,history,
06/16/2018 03:31:41 pm
To get motivated, reward yourself now rather than later
like i always like to say : "i don't function on dopamine" and then they like "OMG MILENNIAL" and im like "1973, bro ... 1973 ..."

06/15/2018 09:25:18 am
The End of Video Coding?
that's right irrelevant "staying in the news"-crud better tools will erupt when time and technology allows like matter from the quantum foam i love my metaverse the universe HATES vacuums if theres a spot betcha fiver it will take half a split seconds for the contenders to be known

technology,innovation,potential propaganda,
06/15/2018 07:25:04 am
Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Check out all of SourceForge’s recent improvements. × Windows Hundreds of Thousands of Windows XP and Vista Users Won't Be Able To Use Steam Soon
debatable but from a security point of view yes indeed but thats the problem right they use security holes to actually make you believe you BUY safety not their latest version i'm somewhat not down with that but considering the state of the planet i say its about time to ditch windows 3.11 unless as a hobby ofcourse i still have a VICE emulator cos i cant afford the real machine i have no idea what that cost on a second hadn collectors market

civil rights,culture,gaming,politics,psychology,legalist trolling,lobbyright,potential propaganda,history,
06/15/2018 06:18:27 am
Pirate Bay Co-Founder Relieved of Looming €1 Million Fine Plus €350K Damages
fighting law with law is usually only a good idea if you're ont the side of those who wrote it . I once got ordered to pay up for something i was paying up for after an agreement that had been running for months. I came up with the papers and they said "o sorry, sir, the process has been started, we cant stop it, protocol and shit" , THEN in court i showed that shitty judge my papers and she like O YEA but you HAVE been paying according to agreement, and then turns to the lawyer of telgacom like "why wasnt i informed of this" .
that bitch just shrugged and said "i didnt know" result : court verdict :"YOU HAVE TO pay what you already were paying" actual effect : i HAD TO pay the court cost, despite the fact that i was paying for months and THEY sued ME so FUCK YOUR LAW AND FUCK YOUR COPS WHO EXCUSE THEMSELVES BECAUSE "its my job" i will never have a job again unless i am my own man i wasnt born like this mind you, Sunde was the brainiac , the diplomat more like ... you're offending all the wrong people, the ones who hold your future, because YOU dont seem to understand much about it

civil rights,legalist trolling,philosophy,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/15/2018 04:44:25 am
Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Check out A 500-Year-Old Mystery About the Leaning Tower of Pisa Has Been Solved
havent read it completely but testing double render from ticker to both slashcat and copyable readersdigest in case needed

06/15/2018 04:12:33 am
Inventor Says Google Is Patenting His Public Domain Work
and the microsoft bought github and suddenly open source got closed

civil rights,legalist trolling,lobbyright,
06/15/2018 03:12:37 am
Sweden Tries To Halt Its March To Total Cashlessness
i always felt part of the middle to lower class poverty rates has always been directly connected to the attacks and neutralization of the lower black labour market ... since they cracked down on that, people simply have less money to spend on nikes and snickers ... the 'official' wage is used for saving and getting loans for large purchases but most of that off-the books money, from about EVERYONE i know and have ever known is actually daily living money which means it benefits the retail at the very least, very much indeed, so without it, its no wonder you see about only 25% of stores and cafes as you did 15 years ago, its not just the large chainstores there's just no money to spend, only money to save

civil rights,culture,politics,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/15/2018 02:52:03 am
We Need to Save Ignorance From AI
o dear, i think i know a few people who will eat this article alive hahah , o dear o dear, the folk you meet on steemit

A.I.,civil rights,culture,psychology,philosophy,science,
06/15/2018 02:41:06 am
The Drug Revolution That No One Can Stop
only members of matter may reply" i loathe elitist clubs scamming for memberships ... but i have to give it ... its quite complete, everyone knows hoffman but professor X seems to be a shady figure even in the world of "experts" in the underground ... but thing is : the only salvation is legalisation or at least de-criminalization, before the pirate bay there were floppy disks and computer clubs, "copying" was a social event , it got people together ... see the analogies and draw your own conclusions (im testing my ticker to generat a copyable page i can use for steemit posts, eyes on the future so it can post itself when it has a certain number too since i feel , due to the most suck security on the planet the only security lies in dividing steem over separate accounts so you have one password per 1000sp or something and so on

chemistry,civil rights,culture,medicine,politics,psychology,legalist trolling,innovation,philosophy,free speech,science,
06/15/2018 02:09:05 am
BANCA Weekly Update 04.05.2018
the honest to gods "we are not here to save the world but actually about the money-chain" ? that should have backing ...

crypto,technology,innovation,lobbyright,potential propaganda,mathematics,
06/14/2018 04:17:34 pm
Amazon may Battle Facebook with Own Cryptocurrency
paypal patenting blockchain ... the end is near omg

crypto,politics,legalist trolling,potential propaganda,mathematics,
06/14/2018 01:59:39 pm
Everything they don't want you to know about EOS.
yup , totally de-centralized right of the 1%er lobbyright, never seen that before

civil rights,crypto,culture,politics,psychology,philosophy,
06/14/2018 04:33:23 am
DeUHD Beats 'New' AACS 2.1 UHD Blu-ray Disc Protection
the old story of when the unhackable object meets the unstoppable force

crypto,politics,psychology,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,
06/14/2018 03:42:10 am
Image shows how U.S. Christians imagine Gods face
i say, the old man looks a bit bland there , damn

06/13/2018 09:44:25 am
How much does our galaxy weigh?
almost makes me wanna go asking questions on why it can't be a factor

06/13/2018 06:17:43 am
Soccer League Turns App Users Into Piracy Spies
consent from the user" LOL ... i think the EU (as above) would have something to say about "consent from the 200 people in the place" but ... in the name piracism ofcourse .... that might be another case all together ... lets just plant mics under everyones doormat ... WONKY, this is gonna be retracted or lawsuits for breach of privacy will follow up one after another besides "protect your team" ? they're going for hardcore fans, like the type who get denied access and stuff LOLOL ... most hooligans i have ever met or known would in the end sometimes simply not go due to the exorbitant pricing, so they would be the first to watch it on telly somewhere in a bar without a license to broadcast and if they're internetsavvy i betcha fiver they're the first to stream or watch it, stream simply BECAUSE it is THEIR team and they WANT it to be seen by everyone. someone's has had themselves sold by marketeers upthere again, and someone is getting all the psychology and legalism wrong

civil rights,culture,politics,technology,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/13/2018 04:39:39 am
Digital IDs Needed To End 'Mob Rule' Online, Says UK's Security Minister
mister Huxley ... i'd almost thought it was George speaking, the UK does have a bit of a history of being soviet england when it comes to privacy, so now in the name of what about the children and toilets-for-trannies cos they cant just act normal everyone unique id , and somehow i doubt fudbook and youble will go against it, i think they'd like nothing more than an actual LAW to help them track you bettter (which they don't ofcourse since the EU has privacy laws now ...) o but is the UK actually still EU , cos like for one they never left the pound but still ... the "brexit" ... if no one overthere gets whats going on here ? dont worry, no one overhere gets whats going on here and we can all agree on one thing, from the pov of china and the russians or a hardass like trump, the eu presidency with not even a unified EU-army ,it IS standup comedy actually , expensive for that matter, which is what leads the whole shebang to separatism ... and moreover, can anyone link me one single article where someone talks about "the breakup of the dollar" lol ... i suppose that's a done deal then ... so that means no more facebook no more youble ... b/c to these people that's actually the internet (o yea and twitter, they invented twitter too) if there's one thing despots are good at its at wrecking things

civil rights,politics,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
06/13/2018 04:12:27 am
Anti-Piracy Lawyers Sentenced to Years in Prison For Defrauding Copyright Holders
ahem ... *cough* ... Man that must be harsh, I'm waiting for spinal surgery to be preformed as soon as my surgeon acquires his license back. I believe he learned his lesson. LOL ... and yea its a miracle these heroes and defenders of I.P. (anyone remember when i.p. was like some number on the interwebz?) actually receive any punishment at all while battling at the risk of their life against the onslaught of copy-rism , i mean privacy is no excuse anymore according to the EU who just put like a zound of privacy laws in effect that probably will scare off half the US businesses here, if its about COPYWRONG, then we no longer need a warrant, and now these defenders of justice in the name of what about the children and terrrerererer .... get actually jailed just for a little tax fraud omg if anything, combined with the maf IAA no longer getting an allowance for being leeching scum that brings zero to negative ROI, then cases light this where it actully HURTS the deluded people on top (i truly believe the actualy rich f*cks have no clue, they just get sold to like they get sold movies and series to) it really IS the trolls and lawyer trolls doing all the damage, and its them grabbing all the money, the "industry" gets nothing more out of it than a REALLY bad image, joe whateverhisname was here gets ruined for life over an audiobook and us here ? we get to have the same discussion every week hahah yea , my shrink told me a few months ago "theres nothing wrong with me" , "so please keep taking your pills and come back next month for anohter €50 session" and i'm like is this the advice you have been giving all those people in your 40 year career ? nothing wrong, please thank you come again ? but i guess i cant sue that , right ? i always hated the idea of turning to paper law and cops but at the moment id consider a lot just to get a few 10k to really lift off ... robbing banks is not an option ... takes a team of at least five and money, plain tickets and contacts up front i have been over all of it in detail trust me :p o dear ... off topic

06/13/2018 03:55:26 am
Slovenia Plays Host to the World’s First “Bitcoin City”
shin sekai, de laatsten zullen de eersten zijn

06/13/2018 03:39:15 am
Bloody sunday: wat gebeurde er dit weekend met bitcoin?
obviously whales, either cryptonnaires or whalestreet-aires trying to either wreck it so they can turn time back or to get "a good position" by wrecking all the lives of the small fry who invested in it ... the usual

06/13/2018 02:53:04 am
Busmaatschappijen in Brazilië accepteren crypto
sure, ... i see that happening here, in the SUPERDEVELOped wellfare legalist police nazi overgoverned tax state : please insert flash drive here, sir, lol

06/13/2018 01:49:15 am
How to build your own Neural Network from scratch in Python
ofcourse, just what i always wanted ... and here they are with python .. AGAIN

06/13/2018 01:29:00 am
South Korean Supreme Court Rules Bitcoin Is an Asset
o dear ... so most plebs only read two words here "bitcoin" and "kiddiepr0n" , the legal precedent goes wasted

06/13/2018 01:03:08 am
The Racism of American Monuments Goes Well Beyond Confederate Statues
some would call it forging history, and we all know where that leads : the same mistakes cos no one remembers what REALLY happened

civil rights,culture,politics,psychology,free speech,history,
06/13/2018 12:15:01 am
Biei-chō, Japan Blue Pond
would you look at that ? lets hope they don't allow humans too far in it, it might get infected with humanity

03/27/2018 05:32:22 pm
How black holes feed on star stuff (and spit some out)
i think what the erudites are trying to say is Hawking was not completely right or maybe he was , god does not play dice and the universe farts

03/27/2018 05:20:43 pm
Arthritis treatment may soon ditch trial and error
where do i sign up, why didnt anyone tell me about experimental phase ?
o ... right ... i live in belgium, ofcourse

03/27/2018 04:37:34 am
Swedish Mapping Authority Pioneering Blockchain-Based Real Estate Sales
how blockchain seems to be able to improve everything governments can adapt without jeopardising their ability to obfuscate their own paperwerkz ... i still wonder if satoshi kinda realized what he did there ... the gods tend to be angry with mere men stealing their secrets to give it to the masses, but i think he must have been an alien like einstein and tesla , turing and von neumann ? and the dude with the infinity symbol so
next up , ... blockchain dating (never lets you forget all those exes since they will be inthere forever and blockchain pr0n perhaps?) . I just read a headline 100 years from now ... "Hellgium admits it's somewhat behind since 1830 and tries to look into this new thing called internet"

03/26/2018 06:16:00 pm
This Call May Be Monitored for Tone and Emotion
disney checks yo face while watching movies ... callcenters your voice ... does that come with a "your voice will be monitored for emotion warning?" cos i think it should just like "this conversation might be recorded" but considering the fact my very last , VERY LAST job in belgium was a callcenter that still had scripted inquiries i doubt they have the software

civil rights,neuroscience,psychology,technology,innovation,philosophy,mathematics,science,
03/23/2018 04:54:41 am
“Real Users”: In This Italian Mountain Town, Everyone Knows About Bitcoin
i guess the key would be "accepting merchants" then ... a bit strange to see EU picking up where the united lobbies try to regulate it to death this time

03/17/2018 04:07:48 am
Lots of I, me, my don't make you a narcissist
so ... can i say it now ? (lol)
i was right .... AGAIN ! (lmao)

03/11/2018 03:48:08 am
AI Has a Hallucination Problem That's Proving Tough to Fix
so Nee-Jo wins again ? its not that different from the delusions of normality the norm has (someone said "plebs" is offensive ... a bit like "white","male" or "straight" makes it hard to get hired but easy to recruit neo-classics ...)
you show them some shit in a bag shaped like a doughnut and they'll eat it too

03/10/2018 04:29:33 pm
Trump Kim talks: The tricky task of preparing for the summit
i don't think the psychology behind it is that hard ... considering things on a bit more rudimentary level alpha males would have to earn respect by showing off or duelling, it's a bit primal but seeing as sapients havent evolved in about 100.000 years its maybe a bit more honest than most politics. They have recognized each other as "men" of "power" now perhaps , which makes it possible to see eye to eye ... showing off your brass balls in a barfight to have a beer afterwards, not much difference imo
right ... Well ... read with your mind, not with your ego, besides ... i'd sell off half of belgium for 3 silver pieces in a heartbeat if it got me a mansion in asia for my cat, and i still dont understand why that is such a surprise after all this place cost me ?

03/06/2018 10:15:59 am
Spoof, Jam, Destroy: Why We Need a Backup for GPS
i remember reading something on south american rebels , farc probably using american satellites they hacked to pass their own comms ... about ten years ago ?"
i recently re-watched Jormungand for the fifth or sixth time ... unbelievable i still dont have money to get all the cds and dvds back i lost when uncle po had enough fake to make it real, not that it wasnt but thats not how its done ive been told, let alone buy the stuff i came to like afterwards, so FUCK THAT, YOU AND THEM ... and the reason why it was was uncle po and phoneboy, and most likely some old nazis and fat moms on the couch ...
that's as Koko as it gets, " yo, Ojou ... if YOU were to have ANYTHING, let me know where to apply i dont think i'll ever fit in their world, especially after all that, and these pills seem to keep me from getting angry ... i consider that a plus when out for revenge

03/06/2018 08:53:34 am
Disney Is Building Facial Recognition to Figure Out When You'll Laugh During Toy Story 5
like andy walthol said :"does one watch a movie or does a movie watch one?

A.I.,civil rights,psychology,technology,
03/04/2018 02:51:14 pm
Russian Hacker False Flags Work, Even After They're Exposed
okay, riddle me this batman : one-sided US intelligence confirms Russian Haxxors try to ... to what exactly to the olympics AND frame Kim Nuke Soong for it ?
to what end exactly and i think any transaction on the blockchain needs more than one confirmation too, like im not saying they dont exist but im saying
to what end exactly frame north korea to set china up against them ? who would benefit most from that ? i never heard about Soong tweeting insults to Putin ?
hm ?
never mind, although .. petulance ? id say talent ... i know its very hard for the narcist society to accept but where's the response ? where's the fancy eagles ? the hackers-on-meth seem to do more domestic damage than outward ? Isnt that so ? What do i know anyway ... all i wanted and still want is to get to Asia with my cats ... if i cant have that nothings worth the effort

politics,technology,innovation,potential propaganda,mathematics
03/04/2018 02:27:16 pm
Colon cancer patients who eat nuts have lower death risk
statistical nuts prove nothing but it "might be" as usually with statistics nuts

03/02/2018 10:08:13 am
Why Women Choose Differently at Work
too much -ists being extreme about their -ism , unable to see the picture anymore
as it always goes with -isms, i have rested my case a long time ago
but that doesnt mean i'll ever settle here, just cos you forced me to live back here
i can never have a life here, its not possible, stop trying, quit, give up, too late, impossible

civil rights,culture,neuroscience,politics,psychology,philosophy,science,
03/01/2018 05:11:45 pm
The Ride-Hailing Business Is Now Way Bigger Than Uber and Lyft
mmhwell, when i was in Paris last year "an ueber" or a cab didnt differ that much in price ... which probably means the cab fares went down and they met in the middle. I thought it was still very expensive actually to drive a few kilometres

02/28/2018 04:13:02 pm
Would universal basic income sap the workforce?
funnu cunnundrums ... old research already showed it wouldnt, not so old research showed the same, new research apparently still shows it ...
its like all research on piracy showing it doesnt make the slightest dent in actual business profit yet millions are thrown to the witch hunt and nothing gets done ... HAH ! (o fuck you btw, ive been mailing you since december and you ignored everything)

civil rights,politics,psychology,innovation,philosophy,lobbyright,mathematics,
02/27/2018 11:54:00 am
Why even a moth's brain is smarter than an AI
hm ... strange , since the pills, i couldnt care now i try to force myself to do at least one article a day so i don't just rot ... so here's one my little sister could have figured out ... these pills ... i really think they're not made for abnormal people and might "activate" the wrong parts in the wrong ways since when i get "active" its not about cars and rims and my job is more phone than yours boy

02/27/2018 09:13:38 am
US Border Patrol Hasn't Validated E-Passport Data For Years
= lol, right ? so where did all the software , euh, money go then ? that's almost Belgian

civil rights,culture,politics,technology,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,
02/24/2018 11:07:20 am
EZIRA, distributed social media and business platform whitepaper
share the wealth ... steemit clones and competition, finally, ... steemit, flixxo ... brave(hmz ... meh) ..., ezira ? and hopefully many more to come. The avalanche has started , its too late for the pebbles to vote

crypto,culture,technology,innovation,free speech,mathematics,
02/22/2018 09:51:43 am
Deaths, not money, predict top-rated presidents
not very surprising since as far as i can see, the people most spoken about or remembered the longest tend to be the ones in whos name the most murders have been committed

civil rights,culture,politics,psychology,history,mathematics,
01/08/2018 03:38:46 pm
Scientists create particles with negative mass
i'm sure the marketing dept and phoneboy are already working on the 'NOW WITH ANTIMASS PARTICLES !' "scientifically proven to lose you weight"-commercial ... optical microcavities , beware, dont read if you have optical microtryptophobia (trypo?)

01/08/2018 02:57:50 pm
How Will the Meltdown and Spectre Flaws Affect My PC?
how to make sure you always have a backup in case sales are slacking ... DONT MENTION THE BUG UNTIL THE FANCY BEARS ARE EVERYWHERE HAH HAH HAH , you think no fucking hacker in the world will ever have found out about that ?
well then, so NOW, the best solution is to "redesign all chips" read : BUY NEW EXPENSIVE ONES COS WE ARE STAGNATING
and we dont owe you , cos we are not liable anyway
there you go

civil rights,psychology,technology,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,
01/06/2018 05:46:19 am
What Would Really Happen If Russia Attacked Undersea Internet Cables
yes well, what would happen if there were actually that many terrorists around given the fact that any eight year old probably knows how to cook c4 (if not meth) in the kitchen (dont blame the internet, i have known that since i was a kid, there were always guns around, i never shot anyone or blew anyone up) ...
yet ...
what would happen if kim soong decided to just load a few fanatic nationalists with a nuke (i mean its not like it only explodes while falling from the sky) or parts of it, IN A FUCKING A-team van or anything, or nerve agents, or sarin or this or that or nuclear residue in water supplies ...
the thing is its very useful to keep the peasants down and inside after dark but if they really were, the world would be a cinder by now
its in NO ONES INTREST TO NUKE THE PLACE, TO CUT THE CABLES, TO BLA, but its in some peoples intrest to preserve the status quo , divide et impera, us against them
thats how the world works

politics,psychology,technology,potential propaganda,mathematics,
01/02/2018 03:55:49 pm
Sleepless nights let Alzheimer’s protein build up in brain
yea i was quite sure there was a reason behind my sleep deprivation here in hell, now its clear, they want me demented

12/21/2017 03:03:19 pm
Are Algorithms Building the New Infrastructure of Racism?
because it is as inherent to monkeys as the basic psychology of marketing : fear of the dark is one of the most primal instincts, power in the group, fear what's out there, superimposed on apes-with-iThings, its REALLY that simple , heh, thats why you monkeys need policing and government, you're not ready , anarchy is ot about no rules, its about NO NEED FOR RULES, so FUCK YOU MAH MAN, rasicm is here to stay(which doesnt make me one although i can see how stereotype niggers and cr(h)ackers-on-meth with bad teeth keept the continuum reinforced, some people just ARE the fucking cliché), i think some people are trying hard to reinforce it, on all sides for that matter, its good to keep em separated if you want to be on top, (ask Julius Caesar) , now, back to the moron-studio

A.I.,civil rights,culture,politics,psychology,philosophy,potential propaganda,mathematics,
12/20/2017 03:25:34 pm
What Happens When We Let Tech Care For Our Aging Parents
okay , i can do that .... FROM HOME ! ... 16 hours a day if the pay is right, SO, when do i start ? nononon,i can do THIS, THIS is an option

civil rights,culture,medicine,psychology,technology,
12/10/2017 04:43:22 pm
The WIRED Guide to Digital Security

12/09/2017 02:18:06 am
Boeing: We are going to beat SpaceX to Mars
constructive, healthy competition ... way from banksters trying to wreck bitcoin by blowing it up behind the scenes, so the plebs comes running into their arms for "safe investments" that net you 0.15% if you stick your money with them for ten years ... way to go boeing, may the best rich fuck win ... mars is good, mars is far enough away from here, please reserve me a condo, hill with a view if possible :)

12/08/2017 02:08:01 pm
Parents Shouldn’t Spy on Their Kids
arrested development ... i think thats the standard here , how about teaching trust? how you teach trust by spying ? if you never got it how you gonna give it ?

civil rights,culture,psychology,philosophy,
12/08/2017 02:06:02 pm
Blockchain browser Brave makes push to reward content makers and YouTubers
owh, gotta check this out ...

12/06/2017 03:58:37 am
How Criminal Courts Are Putting Brains—Not People—on Trial
it wasn't me !!!!!!

civil rights,culture,neuroscience,politics,psychology,
12/06/2017 03:47:12 am
Watch: 3D printer uses ink made with live bacteria
now that's biotek ... a bit more than growing corn to make fuel that still has to be burned

12/05/2017 01:04:26 am
After 37 years, Voyager 1 has fired up its trajectory thrusters
ground control to major Tom , 21 000 000 000 km away ... they should build a phone network if they can reach that good

12/05/2017 12:55:21 am
North Korea's Latest Missile Test Was Even Scarier Than It Seemed
guess they'll have to ta Kim srusley naw

12/04/2017 08:38:30 am
This Interview Was Conducted on an Anonymous, DIY Cell Phone Network
yea im gonna keep a close eye on this, i still dont see how if you use a smartphone though, since you know it connects ? or does it ? mine doesnt have a simcard in it ( i dont keep a simcard in my smartphone ... why ? cuz ..) so can it still triangulate me ? you know i'm a criminal, right ? you keep telling me ... you scare your kids, and some of your kids should be cos they're shits but i think someone set them up, however, now one little nigger made black people look bad ... this thing however seems like something to keep tabs on

civil rights,crypto,culture,politics,technology,innovation,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,
11/27/2017 02:26:43 am
Is Physical Law an Alien Intelligence?
yes well with van voght, zelazny and vance being among my favourite authors as well as many obcure i forgot i always felt the main reason for not finding alien life is simply that it's "alien" :)

11/25/2017 11:36:59 pm
Einstein’s Little-Known Passion Project? A Refrigerator
well, my little coolbox just got himself a name

11/25/2017 01:19:47 pm
Swiss Copyright Law Proposals: Good News for Pirates, Bad For Pirate Sites
woaw, the effects of having been neutral and unconquered and not having poverty limits beyond fubar for long enough shows sapients actually have the potential for clarity

civil rights,culture,politics,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,
11/23/2017 05:36:10 pm
Sci-Hub Loses Domain Names, But Remains Resilient
yea, someone once said access to information is a basic human right and all that ... right to education, no one left behind BUT COPYRIGHT OMG ... wtg BAKY !!! give 'em hell, boy. People need to stand up against those fucking leeches ... BE HONEST, what the fuck does a copyright troll contribute to society ?
ZIP, NADA FUCKING NOTHING and the only ones making money off of it is they themselves, they keep themselves important ... FUCKING BULL FUCKING SHIT

civil rights,culture,politics,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,science,mathematics,
11/23/2017 03:29:53 pm
All you need to know about Net Neutrality rules in the EU
that's a lot of text but i guess it means the united lobbies havent bought everyone here ... yet

civil rights,politics,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
11/23/2017 03:27:56 pm
INTEL-SA-00075 Linux* Detection and Mitigation Tools
well that's one thing
celeroncat@CEREBRO ~/Downloads/INTEL-SA-00075-Linux-Detection-And-Mitigation-Tools-v1.2/tools $ sudo ./INTEL-SA-00075-Discovery-Tool
[sudo] password for celeroncat: 

INTEL-SA-00075-Discovery-Tool -- Release 0.8
Copyright (C) 2003-2012, 2017 Intel Corporation.  All rights reserved

------------------Vulnerability Status--------------------
System is not Vulnerable, no further action needed.


celeroncat@CEREBRO ~/Downloads/INTEL-SA-00075-Linux-Detection-And-Mitigation-Tools-v1.2/tools $ 

11/23/2017 02:37:40 pm
Intel Management Engine, Explained: The Tiny Computer Inside Your CPU
fucking guess fucking what ...

11/23/2017 02:31:19 pm
Intel Chip Flaws Leave Millions of Devices Exposed
fucking guess fucking what ...

11/22/2017 11:35:54 pm
This kind of alone time is linked with creativity
told you i'm not anti-social ... i called it a-social but its not quite as in the article anyway, i simply hate this fucking place for all the backstabbing bullshit since i was 15 and ruining my life

11/19/2017 06:21:54 pm
Free Money: The Surprising Effects of a Basic Income Supplied by Government
Yea, its not very hard to understand how it benefits ... reduction in poverty and crime rates, less need for policing etcetera theres probably a thousand reasons why its cheaper than dumping people in jail cos they gotta eat, HOWEVER , the police state ofcourse will go against it ... that would be like in hellgium politicians deciding its in the best interest of the state to go back to one government/administration i.o. five, after all at the end of the year 80% out of 100 on unemployment leaves you a lot more money than 100% paid in full by the same tax money ... dont wanna hear that right, but thats your solution right there : LESS , not MORE, less govt, less cops ... = more money
sad to see how again the once proud north americans , just like the original africans (not the niggers LOL) succumbed to the corruption of the church of Rome, being forced to abandon their ancestral believes who were so much closer and in sync with the mothership ... but it seems they're doing allright at least, taking care of their own ... good stuff

civil rights,culture,innovation,philosophy,
11/19/2017 12:40:34 am
What Is Bitcoin, and How Does it Work?
"JP Morgan Chase has been accused of publicly calling the worth of Bitcoin into question via CEO statements while investing in it at the same time."
thats why nwabudike is CEO ... buy it while bashing it with a reputation the weight of a whale, try to plummet it then build it up ... these people ... i have a complete theory on how every genius in history has never been interested in controlling others or dying on a pile of money and the reverse is o so true yet somewhat strange, they are SO transparent in their motives and their means, it means only one thing : the romans were right : plebs will be plebs, they wanna be told what to do (i think its something with avoiding responsibility in modern society "IT WAS NOT MY FAULT") ... as for the blockchain ... you got an ever increasing logsize there, at what point will it no longer be able to run on a local pc ? after which it becomes megacorp and bank territory. the Morgan is smart enough to know that much, im sure .. the amount of energy required for mining however t...tts...Tssssk ... someone's gonna have to find something there, satoshi o satoshi, wherefor art thou ... i mean .. great hackers make great hacker just like great politicians dont really make for great social workers or long term thinkers with a broad view, lol ... satoshi must have been ivory tower at least, unable to see the nature of the standard pleb (in goodspeak : the backbone of society ... you know, the ones in the fruit press...) as for acceptance i know quite some who would accept litecoin and for instance my vpn provider accepts about 20 or 30 different types, thats just gonna need some time as old suits are replaced by pseudo-yupsters who understand that money is money and the more options you give, the more chances you get of being paid ... its quite simple, the trick would be to exchange at point blank transaction time back to fiat, unless you wanna run a business with fluctuating money lol ... i don't think so, right, at best you could keep some in crypto in a pool of money "you don't really need" atm ... keep in mind escobar and capone , jp morgan and mark zuckerberg still get paid in dollar xD

11/18/2017 03:10:41 am
What Is Bitcoin, and How Does it Work?
one transaction now costs more energy than heating a house for a week ? someones gonna have to fix that

11/09/2017 02:44:16 am
How to Build a Robot That Won't Take Over the World
empowerment in lua scripting hm ... ?

11/09/2017 01:05:25 am
How to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe and Secure
cold storage ... if you got enough to keep it secure in a safe in a bank somewhere maybe i guess

11/02/2017 04:36:34 am
eight alternatives to the raspberry pi
great stuff ... but i think i'll just first see that i do what i wanted with my vocore, im so fucking braindead since here

11/02/2017 02:56:38 am
Sorry, aging is ‘mathematically inevitable’
i dont get it ... i get the part where statistically the chance you die increases the longer you live, even with clinical immortality, its almost the basic same as entropy in all systems ... i don't get why clinical immmortality should be impossible ... its the same part where someone still has to explain to me that Einstein meant you can't go fastter than light instead of all you need is an infinite amount of energy to propell mass faster than light I DONT GET IT BRO, good thing my crank ass is undegreed ... have i told you how much i hate this fucking town ?

11/02/2017 12:29:17 am
‘Smart fabric’ could store passcodes or I.D. in clothes
well, i can't wait to see the AND IT'S UNHACKABLE on that one lol

11/02/2017 12:27:34 am
At 6 months, babies use context to spot faces quickly
contextual sapient spawn ...

11/01/2017 03:04:37 pm
How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Windows 8 or 10 (The Easy Way)
disabling it huh, should be illegal

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10/30/2017 01:01:47 am
Review: December Dripper Sub Title: Coffee With a Twist
think i gotta get me one of those

10/29/2017 02:02:16 am
Newfound Wormhole Allows Information to Escape Black Holes
first they conclude the universe does not exist ... now they know where the information went ? hahah hah hah

10/28/2017 02:24:58 pm
What Did Cambridge Analytica Really Do for Trump's Campaign?

10/28/2017 02:19:49 pm
Meet the High Schooler Shaking Up Artificial Intelligence

10/28/2017 01:09:13 am
Today’s teens aren’t as into drugs, alcohol, or theft
... you didnt do that research in greece or something like that i suppose ?

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10/28/2017 12:20:04 am
Could this compound offer pain relief without addiction?
where's the fun in that

10/27/2017 11:45:44 pm
Twitter says it could turn first-ever profit, shares surge

10/27/2017 03:05:25 pm
Blockchain will transform the business of gaming

10/27/2017 02:33:44 pm
Daydreaming is a sign you’re intelligent and creative
the editor forgot the words "maybe" and "or" instead of "and maybe" i think

10/26/2017 05:33:48 pm
The Uncanny Resurrection of Dungeons & Dragons
yea sure ... in van drukkerland ... ofcours, who wants to play ... since my old gm was a lawyer who first graduated cum laude as engineer but thought it was "meh" , then went on to study law (in french as a dutch speaker) i am a bit spoiled ofcourse ... NO ONE ? dat was niet masjen zeker ? OR ELSE TJOEPPEFLIKKENBAK, right ? my story ? MY STORY IS TITLED i was a few months from graduation and starting my own shit, then i was back here, my passport was here one month before, at least one cop has to be involved . Can you tell me who did it and why ? no ? then everyone's a suspect ... can you tell me who called the cops on my ass after whining for three months on those little shits ? no ? then everyone's a suspect. My story is i havent had shit for life since the day i got stuck here by third parties, the rest of my story is titled "none of your busines , bitch" so do you have my money so i can get out of here with my cat or do you have the people who stuck me here so i can get VENGEANCE ... if not "FUCK OFF" is the subtitle. i got nothing to say until next wednesday since i'm pissed off about yesterday, you don't hold the rights to my life and i hate this fucking town since i was 15 , s o FUCK YOU BITCH

10/26/2017 02:49:59 pm
Eugene Shoemaker Is Still the Only Man Buried on the Moon

10/25/2017 12:22:13 am
This tube could be the spot for a city on the moon
first concern would be how to make it terrorist-proof ... after all , a bit of decompression would be somewhat worse than one crashed plane ... no micro meteorites and way less radiation ... no heat shields needed ... i suppose no seismic activity on the moon so no risk of collapse ... but those dam' terreriztz, right ?

10/25/2017 12:10:04 am
Disasters can turn mild depression into inflammation
great ... but i bet that's not possible in belgium ... like CFS ... and more ... its all just being lazy, crazy or weak ... i thought that was called krohns disease or something ... physical inflammation caused by extrended periods of stress ... like people who suffer from CFS for several years have statistically very little chance of ever recovering ... AND SO BUT IT CANT HAPPEN HEEEERE

10/24/2017 11:34:01 pm
Can robots feel guilty? Answer reveals 3 parts of mental life
is a succesful CEO the spitting mental profile of a psychopath ? is a psychopath a robot ... interesting questions you have there

10/24/2017 11:26:59 pm
Amazon Customers Surprised To Receive 65 Pounds Of Marijuana They Did Not Order
very well, so since they become more massive objects the whole gravitational matrix will completely change then ... re-shaping the main planet or crashing into it?

10/24/2017 11:14:38 pm
Amazon Customers Surprised To Receive 65 Pounds Of Marijuana They Did Not Order
well ... can someone quickly make that mistake again ? i'll give you my address ... it would take me about 1-3 days to get rid of it at dumping prices, which, considering the price of a gram here LOL, would still be a nice new year bonus... why can't i get SO lucky ?

10/24/2017 10:44:23 pm
Amazon Customers Surprised To Receive 65 Pounds Of Marijuana They Did Not Order
well ... can someone quickly make that mistake again ? i'll give you my address ... it would take me about 1-3 days to get rid of it at dumping prices, which, considering the price of a gram here LOL, would still be a nice new year bonus... why can't i get SO lucky ?

10/24/2017 03:11:23 pm
The Surreal Comedy Bot That's Turning AI Into LOL
lolbot ... removing the need for authors

10/24/2017 01:51:10 pm
All the Linear Algebra You Need for AI
would this be helpful in lua scripting for gameguru :D ... its gonna be a long winter, i hope i can actually gain focus by doing something i WANT for a change, its been nothing but brainfog all year, for years

10/21/2017 03:09:33 am
The latest AI can work things out without being taught
Okay, HAL ... "what is the sound of the speed of dark ?"

10/21/2017 01:26:36 am
‘Assassin’ molecules drive cancer cells to self-destruct
also sounds like hitting the stop button on evolution if it prevents cells from mutating ? but call me crank okay, i found if people think i think i'm smart evenn if i dont they act like white bloodcells towards me

10/21/2017 12:40:51 am
Digging Through the Archives of ‘PURRRRR!,’ the Premier Cat Newsletter of the 1980s
zOMG ... collectors items ... when i get that 100 million i know something other than an abandoned cube in asia with a garden on top for my cats, an imax home 3d and a custom made steampunk italian espresso machine to buy now

10/21/2017 12:14:15 am
Gates Foundation Launches Blockchain-based Mobile Payments Solution
"disruptive" technologies ... you'd think that would be like a d-word , right, but in the coders world that would be too ambiguous (are you with me, precious ? probably not anymore hahah) well then, backed by TRUE whales, does it come in coins too ?

10/19/2017 04:43:13 pm
Why we still need monsters
i'd say we have enough of them ... nothing beats you sapients when it comes to that, not one monster of antiquity killed more than the least of your mass murderers or tyrants ... its what you're best at : monstrosity ... YOU, sirs and madams, YOU are the thing that should not be, it makes no sense from an evolutionary standpoint unless you consider it in the metaverse ... sapients stopped evolving, technology became the universe's new tentacle, you're a temporary catalyst. That's why the A.I. doomprophets have the fear of death already

10/19/2017 03:56:09 pm
What the sphinx and alien have in common
monsters never really scared me ... as a very little kid there were only things with no names as far as i can remember ... and i got a real jumpscare from watching Carrie, the end when the hand comes out of the grave as a kid ... but ... no, monsters never scared me ... and today, i think the only thing that scares me is me since the only thing i feared was being stuck in Hellgium after 40 .. so that's kinda obsolete now

10/19/2017 01:12:47 pm
What’s New in Windows 10’s Fall Creators Update, Available Now
i noticed ... not much since i used it for steam only and i have no friends ... but i DID notice dark souls seems to run at like 20 fps less than it used to, feels like playing in stasis .. on the same hardware, i wish there was a linux opengl version to compare it to

10/18/2017 04:49:19 am
Are We Ready for Intimacy With Androids?
well, i suppose most of them would work out better than most of my ex-es (is that me being woman-unfriendly again or did i just happen to be a fucking BITCH-magnet ?)

10/16/2017 04:13:38 pm
Provoking Iran Could Have Unseen Cyber Consequences
woaw, Trump provoking ? how much worse could it get ? in afghanistan they practically sponsored al qaeda into existenz ... then out of iraq came the "islamic state of" ... thats right "iraq and s" whats that other thing ... they actually sponsored the original nazis into existenz, which was convenient afterwards to come clean up the mess and to make for easier economic colonisation ...i mean c'mon ... the americans provoking ? who ever heard of that ...

10/14/2017 03:28:16 am
NASA using asteroid's close flyby to test warning network
well ... i always hope a meteor will hit Hellgium the exact day after the day i get out of here ... if any place deserves it, then its this

10/14/2017 01:22:59 am
Humanity Gets a Laser-Shooting, Drone-Slaying Dune Buggy
cute ... you know ... they had a super guided superlaser system too that shot all rockets out of the sky just like that, yet still north korea is perceived a threat ... so pardon my heresy and non-believing

A.I.,technology,lobbyright,potential propaganda,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,science,mathematics,
10/14/2017 12:20:32 am
The science of Dracula
pope de Bathory , baron Harkonnen and old roman vampires ... het volk wil bloed zien

10/13/2017 02:33:27 pm
People learn faster with synced brain waves
i always thought being lazy meant going 10x as fast in what you like and are good at and fuck all the rest despite the fact that "they" want you to do it

10/12/2017 05:30:37 pm
Watch: Greater animal diversity means more trapped carbon
and the i go like wel "du-uh" carbon-based life forms trapping carbon ?


and they go like OMG CREATIONIST SCIENTOLOGY ! how preposterous and then they go like well but we proved it and i'm like

10/12/2017 04:07:31 pm
Gene discovery points to potential male birth control
great, can you now just cure stds get me my money , every cent you owe me since the day you stuck me back here, so i can move to somewhere i wanna be then i can have sex again, that would be nice

10/11/2017 10:14:04 pm
the case against biometric ids
yea, well its a metaverse thing but not really since its not newtonian : once its data it can be compromised, your biometric "key" is stored somewhere, how would it be compared, so whoever has access to that has the power, case rested

10/11/2017 12:46:28 pm
Amazon might be lowering the rate of inflation globally
basically it means lower prices for you is worse for them (the ultra-short version in old people without shiney rims speech)

10/08/2017 11:05:53 pm
title pl0x
how dialysis used to be a load of tripe and now a product from the waste erotic euh erosion evolution

10/08/2017 02:26:11 am
In fierce battle for tech talent, one startup founder tries $1M pay for engineers
...but quickly left out of boredom ... lol , THATS THE SPIRIT NEEDED i suppose

10/07/2017 08:31:29 pm
The Social Network Doling Out Millions in Ephemeral Money
o, but i actually "only" do "read a few" if i read all thered be no day left... this is some pretty nifty use of blockchain if you ask me. Money out of thin air for those who care to try lol, 100% participative democratic with the quirk that not all votes are created equal hm ? i'm curious (no i dont consider myself capable of being a 'pro-blogger', net very much of a trendhopper .. but i still want an account lol)

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10/07/2017 07:35:03 pm
Students Overwhelmingly Vote Pirate Party in Simulated “General Election”
and after all the 'hard work' by legalist trolls and moneyhogging corporate despots that's a surprise i suppose ?

civil rights,culture,politics,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
10/07/2017 06:53:34 pm
How European languages got words like ‘pea’
to pea or to pod, that's the question

10/07/2017 05:39:41 pm
To change people’s actions, tell them it’s a trend
...restoring the function of mutant synapses ... 0_o

10/07/2017 02:42:59 pm
To change people’s actions, tell them it’s a trend
i guess that would apply to the norm, the middle of the bell curve, including subcultures adhering to the same basic ruleset as the norm who need their identity to be sold to them but still do exactly the same : hide in the safety of the group ... a bit less to loners and oddballs who dont bother with trends and have no need for subculture as a means to ID since they are someone already, unique, not as defined by the group m hm

10/07/2017 02:22:42 pm
Watch: Probe zooms through artery of living heart
i think i saw that movie as a kid ... :^)

10/06/2017 09:46:49 pm
Nope, an alien megastructure isn’t dimming Tabby’s Star
when couldn't would mean so much more than could and thats when you stop reading mail me the rest of the article if it lead to something

potential propaganda,space-Ex,
10/06/2017 04:08:43 pm
The Disturbing Rise of Cyberattacks Against Abortion Clinics
told you it's the hackers-on-meth ... why wont you ever listen to me ? then adopt it 20 years later as if you came up with it ? so in your world id have to like sue you and or destroy your life and your sure your kids never have shit, right? okay ... let's see...
you want my opinion ?
o wait , you HAVE my opinion, on monotheism, on babyjesus freaks on headlopping muslims ignoring one of the main pillars like zakat ... inbreeds and fucking hippiecrites, same thing with the jews man , all monotheism is symbolism for male dictatorship and that's it, polytheism has inherent but not only the trait of tolerance for many gods (clearly, even an inbreed can follow that logic, monotheism does not, god is always male, my case is so rested its moldy and has a beard)
abortion ?
you know my rule ... one kid per two humans for at least a decade ... preferably more, the only way to fix the planet until musk gets all the inbreed to mars, like the european criminals once either got shipped to australia or fled to america, where they outbred for a while and now seem to be back to the inbreeding part
if you gave birth to less inbreeds there would be virtually no need for abortions
even an inbreed can see the logic in that, my case is so rested etc ... its on the other hand best to not give birth to a kid that has zero chances at anything but begging or crime, potential psychopaths (im not talking eugenics here, nazi-boy) and if you think its viable to abort on medical reasons then that's your choice but you should have checked up front, you can NOT be forced to have a child you don't want since that child will grow up unwanted and add no good things to your cockroach pool depleted genetically by the holy church of rome and the muslim jihad over time, killing all that thinks
extremist darwinism ? you're SO not on my level, so i try to use words you understand, dustball
don't ask for my opinion, you're not worthy
it's quaint however that exactly the hackers-on-meth (its just a name cos they dont have one man, they're truly anonymous actually but how long have i been using that ? aaaah, ok) are the ones , while linked to groups that advocate genetic purism, would go against abortion in the name of baby jesus, im quite sure their hitlerjesus would NOT be against it, their Himmlerjesus definitely not (if they even know that name cos they're still the hackersonmeth right?)
doesnt mean i'm antifa, im mostly pro and omni but not either side at all, its too hard to understand for any side
i tell you its a bubble universe, you tell me try following, i tell you its a bubble universe
you tell me "try following"
i tell you its a bubble universe


you tell me try following
i know its pointles so i shut up, im bored anyway by now
to shut up ?
its basically counter-propaganda, the wired guy felt emo about it and thats why articles get published
but if i say potential propaganda i mean trying to mislead, not awareness raising so
there you have it
and thats why its not tagged
did you read all of it ? twice?

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10/06/2017 12:33:31 am
Here's the Leaked Anti-Leak Training Email that just went out of the dept of energy
what's in a name teh lulz in this case, funny, IR ON IC

civil rights,culture,politics,technology,psychology,philosophy,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,mathematics,mathematics,
10/05/2017 05:35:27 pm
How Gunsplaining Could Lead to better gun laws ...
every time same story, right ? guy goes bonkers, shoots the place up : BAN GUNS
lemme tell you something about a little place called Hellgium where six guys with kalashnikovs shot up the place, bombed TWO capitals , coming from a place where guns are regulated up yo mommas ass ... you clearly can NOT have AK's for personal use, yet they did (there was only six of them too) and they did a shitload of damage. So that's imo so far for regulation.
i think living in this hellhole, the main question would be : "why is belgium the #2 provider for IS fighters ... mainly 4th gen migrants from a wellfare state who dont really live on the streets and all have the basic maslow step provided for
why here , why not any of the other places in europe ?
i think thats more of the kind of questions that need asking
as for education , yes i think thats great to prevent accidents like "DONT LEAVE A FUCKING SHOTGUN WITHOUT SAFETY LYING AROUND LOADED"
and shit like that, NEVER POINT A GUN AT SOMEONE UNLESS YOURE GONNA KILL THEM ,dont be a youtube-nugger about it
yea sorry for the n-word, i been using it a lot since youtube gangster came threaten me at my door ... sorry for that mate ... i think you can educate your little shit on the matter cos if i find them in my backyard one night i wont be held responsible ... other than that im cool, i have grown with always guns around, i have been angry a lot and i never shot anyone but ask yourself
WHY DID THEY DO IT, not what gun they used ... im already glad for that free speech nut that it wasnt a homemade one (nut with all respect ofcourse, i hear i am one too although i dont keep guns)

civil rights,culture,linguistics,politics,psychology,legalist trolling,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
10/05/2017 02:54:23 pm
Las Vegas Shooting: Gunman’s Girlfriend Said She Didn’t Know He Planned Harm
well i havent been on for some days and i dont watch tv sooo ...
you'll have to excuse me there but the first thing i was looking for "is this a self-printed gun" ? nope
worked for the government, was not a social dysfunctional loner, 64 years old enough money to gamble ... hard to be on the radar
shooting a concert ... bataclan ...
well ...
it's not the first and it won't be the last
i guess there will be updates to the point where the next "match is on tv"
then we interrupt for a message from our sponsor
like :"its usually people who are 'not on the radar' in cases like these isn't it" ?
so lets bigbrother everyone

civil rights,politics,psychology,
10/04/2017 07:37:46 am
The Third Pillar of Islam: Compulsory Charity
well , tell me its not in there and i tell you
why are all these women begging in the streets despite your holy war ?
i am the master of culture
i wont speak unless i'm right

10/03/2017 08:33:07 am
cyberguearilla soapbox
o so you DO have a surface node ... source not checked, article not confirmed
but worth trying if you're an -ist
thank me later, leave the iou in the mail

civil rights,
10/03/2017 02:50:16 am
Bird brains suggest how ours got so big
bird brain ... big head ... in flemish it's "fat neck" actually ... something to do with ruling class i suppose more like according to suske & wiske heh ... well yea more or less, vet & mager dikkenekken enz mh ah ... bird brains : bigger is better

10/03/2017 02:41:01 am
A history of artificial intelligence in 10 landmarks
when left to its own devises with no instructions and a random data set ... high level A.I. loves cats more than anything else ... "case closed"

10/03/2017 02:39:07 am
Polite words boost online sales in Japan
interesting extension on the concept of familiarity means trust in branding, also probably a logical consequence ... rusted shut shit like Ipsos could learn a thing or two if they got outside what they learned at school and how the books go .. you know that was my last "job" yes, months on dopamine promise to "work from home" 11 hours a day for four hours pay of minimum wage, and these people can just do that right, stuck in the age of scripted questionnares you have to read to the letter ... the introduction leaflet actually still said they were part of aegis / dentsu which is actually something Truchot probably wouldnt be very funny about considering the lawsuit they had on the takeover hahah
mwell, but what's an un-educated slob to say ? well i said after months "if im good enough to come here everyday to get paid four hours im good enough to do the same shit to the same people from home, only more of it" which to lower pleb management sounds like "i dont follow your rollover protocal and bark when you say jump" so from the next day on i didnt hear anything anymore ahah, i could have been a working slob at minimal wage, without the hassle of having 4 hours of train on top (if i didnt miss the first one since connections here are low) ... well frankly my dear i worked there for a while before i started the studies in squatcity, the computers were still the same, the cubicles were the same and even some of the questionnaires were still the same so .. "no comment" ... but also FUCK OFF BITCH, you coulda let me work from home and no complaints from plebs anymore, everybody happy, fuck your protocol, stick it up your bitch ass and go broke

10/03/2017 12:11:24 am
Batteries made with asphalt can charge in 5 minutes
available in 20 years after the current version has been marketed to death for a 5% discount to a 200% profit ! come one come all

10/02/2017 11:44:12 pm
EFF: Stupid patents are dragging down AI and machine learning
i think patents drag down about everything. That's why i call a lot of americants edisonians ... close to youtube-reviewtrolls with no skills ... like rightsholders to music sueing downloadmom to give the artist zip cos he got ripped off and shit (and stuff yea) ...woaw i got a mail from Ernestoooooo !!! yay me :D

A.I.,civil rights,culture,politics,technology,legalist trolling,innovation,free speech,lobbyright,mathematics,
10/02/2017 05:28:58 am
This "Ghost Gun" Machine Now Makes Untraceable Metal Handguns
i ...
i think i could find a market for that here ... unfortunately i don't have a statestamped business license ... i think it would be VERY popular around here actually

culture,politics,technology,psychology,innovation,civil rights,free speech,mathematics,mathematics,science,mathematics,
10/02/2017 04:53:47 am
Yes, You Get Wiser with Age
meanwhile in an ideal part of the world ... it has been proven that
yes ofcourse you do, you grow up in the ruins of syria, i'm sure you do, you grow up in a protected hippie nest, i'm sure you do, you grow up in a nazi methfarm on survival hill, im sure you do. I think darwin established that already
so the secret to success is a stimulating environment where you can do everything you feel you want in order to deploy yourself ... happy ageing , 99%

10/02/2017 04:18:10 am
Printing drugs would ease burden of multiple pills a day
ahem ... the year the 3d-printer finally took off in brick and mortar stores LOL
print your own -zepam, i can how see how that can give a boost to the sector
gives the word "designer drug" a whole new kind of ring, don't you think ? its like having your own psychedelic star trek replicator ...
i can certainly see the fun in that lol

10/02/2017 03:44:04 am
An Eel-Inspired Robot Is Scientists’ Newest Pollution-Sniffer
hm, 3d printed modular eelbot with a tiny crustacean for biosensor ... heh ... 0_o ... how does that make you feel about your new iThing ?

10/02/2017 02:45:13 am
Elon Musk's Rocket Travel Plan could probably work, probably not
well ... there's this, can i quote einstein AGAIN ... something on the guy with the dreams and the guy with the facts and the other one on how your reach needs to extend your grasp or you'll never grow and then myself on youtube revisionists looking for high trees to blow a lot of air at cos they are don'ts and cant's ? it sounds like that at the start of the article ... who else but Musk is DOING IT ?
yes well, the other thing : if one in 100 plans succeeds to the max, 50% gets nothing, and 49% some tek advancement its gonna be a lot more than selling personal assistants from a digital warehouse or Cortana, isn't it ?
yea, well to me it is ... definitely leagues ahead of yet another iThing
these are the people who drive the present into the future, not your fucking shareholder-asslicking bitches
you gotta be shittin me ... reasons to hate belgium, streak 5968

10/02/2017 02:32:18 am
A single Tesla Powerpack battery saved this Australian town over $1.5 million in grid connection costs
yea, Elon, mah boy ... thats way beyond amazon and sirians, you're DOING something ,man, i'm a huge fan here

10/02/2017 12:33:00 am
New Gravitational Wave Detection From Colliding Black Holes
so , a hundred years ago ... where have we hurrd this before ... so whaddya gonna do if it turns out that shitty god of yours does NOT play dice, all you needed was a higher resolution to see it ?
go like O_o on twitter and /facepalm on -book ?

10/01/2017 03:25:33 pm
Myanmar's Internet Disrupted Society - and fueled extremists
the maintenance engineer for the only computer in the country. Now there's something to put on your resumé if you wanna make it to the TED-stage.
"hah" ... "she just looks it up on youtube" ... scary bit ... all the 'critics' there who don't create a thing and do nothing but bash wouldnt really make it the education channel of my choice, however, if you're gonna force "approved" educational you're already back at censorship and disrupting free flow of information. So that's a no go (yea i feel the local shyte trying to push. Tell me what matters local shyte in a shyte country with 5 million plebs , a place that ruined my life, took everything and did nothing but keep me down and still tries threats to control me ? what does that matter ? i'll you what that matters : ZERO ) I'm not sure this article isn't part of the long-term campaign to give government more control over input, effectively disrupting the whole into eventual revolution (what happens when you block evolution basically and you think you have it ALL under control) ... b/c that's how 'information' campaigns work. Give it a nice name like "raising awareness", slip in little bits of association, bit by bit over time ... the mind of the pleb (im out of polite there bitch, im a freeloading bum after all, criminal too, cos once a bla , always blabla so fuck that, AND you) ... bit by bit, association, its basic marketing at its most primitive, you can leave it to nailpolish girl and myphoneisbiggerthanyours-watch-me-swipe-yupster-boy if you like. Slow association : Myanmar ->military->opression-> SUUNG KYI (neon lights) -> free internet? -> extremism !!!!!
yea its a simple as that and that is how its done and thats why i have question marks in this case. Not as a conspiracy (its been quite proven that its not given facstonias proposal followed by Julia un-earthing a report ordered by and paid for that had numbers in it that werent very favourable to corporate oppression, thats DEFINITELY NOT a conspiracy theory RIGHT FUCKING THERE) so yea, and what ? i raise awareness on tumblr, me ? the freeloading bum with a criminal record ... i noticed after a week, on posts that have even 100 likes and / or re-blogs you get virtually no comment, there's no dialogue, no discussion going on. So all that would get me is unwanted attention and "hard working" masjer mafia pointing fingers. I dont need that shit, i know my way , so save yourself, and FUCK belgium, and FUCK your flanders police state, and keep your shit away from me

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10/01/2017 07:39:43 am
Entropy Explained
mandatory kindergarten stuff on planet Cat, if you get your little shits to get the basics that apply all across the metaverse they'll be ahead of primary school in no time, given the fact that learning is exponential (but reversed) its way better to cram the basics at an age you think they wouldnt get it, but the fact is YOU DONT GET IT cos you're curve is already way down, you also lost your inner child and that aint helping, but you can make kiddiebukz that explain these things in kiddiewords, leaving them with concepts underlying the whole metaverse (yes I SAY METAVERSE since that is what i mean, just like when i say pragmactical) ... entropy, action reaction, gravity ... stuff like that, its everywhere, a vacuum will be filled, wether its physical space or supply and demand ancient colonial economics ... but YOU CANT SEE THAT COS YOU GREW UP

10/01/2017 07:03:20 am
Temperature Is Not What You Think It Is
m hm ... friction ... how god might not play dice, i always wonder what god the dude referred to since i can't see someone like that being a dogmatic believer but maybe he was keeping the lingo simple for the plebs so they wouldnt burn the witch. Friction , metaverse concept, on all things things m hm

10/01/2017 06:20:05 am
Blockchain-like ID may mean end of paper birth certificates
same problem there as when they were going to use it for transparency, taxes, whatever , see if its non-writable, the errors and the typos STAY IN, if it's writable the weakest link is the input terminal (aka the guy who gets the bribe and has local access to the keyboard) so while the tek is secure, sapients are not :) INDEED, but the assumption has been made long ago it should be focused on finding something to clear out this bribe-in-the-middle attack OR
pentuple-check the input ? if its read only its safe so the input has to be 100% cleared before entry, if its writable it negates the original purpose
isnt that right, satoshi-san :))) main reason why governments will never use it to stash documents : its hard to make something disappear from the blockchain ... or put these black marker stripes over it once its in or .. you get the idea, why they'll NEVER adapt that for things like that ?

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10/01/2017 06:11:47 am
Test: Can you beat computers at spotting toothbrushes?
can you connect this with "this is why cloudflare is a crock of inefficient shit using cached proxies as a means to an end" cos thats like the first thing that came to mind when i read this

10/01/2017 05:59:33 am
This Molecule stores our long-term memories
serious ethical issues ... you don' say, well i'm not one of those nazi-hippies going like CENSOR TEK since if you don't do it , someone else will, and by that time in this case you won't even remember not having done it since they decalcified your brain into forgetting that you ever had the option.
stuff like this will be quickly government sponsored i suppose, first come first serve right, morals is a nice thing it works in bibles and fairy tales, i havent seen much of it in real life though

10/01/2017 05:48:40 am
A new way of propelling spacecraft may open up the asteroid belt
wow-factor ... this concept is something i read more than once about as a small kid really ... must have made it a 40s-70s idea since i think van voght and all those fuckers were writing at their best around that or before ... sailing on the solar wind, well then it was sci-fi, now its astro-news ... exploitation of the belts ... salvation, even more if sapients can control their breeding habits.
as for the data transfer thing , if those things cost that little why not send a whole swarm with the right equipment to act as relays ? and a bit on the side for scanning for "local distortions in space-time" mister Worf ... WHY NOT ? i thought you americants thought bigger than that, tell em Elon, WHY NOT ?

10/01/2017 05:31:30 am
Bill Gates switches to Android phone
yea, no i still havent found the sd-card, abscence of war does not mean peace ... but i'll lull you into a false sense of security :)
well it's good to hear major shareholders can have logic for brains still ... i like the part where it says "no iPhone" too lol, i mean face it, iThings are yupster-things for people with more money than brains, its a fashion statement and a brand you willingly adopt, like cattle
as for the rest, i often don't see the logic behind megacorp strategies but often i find it lacking mostly in "old money" as i call it ... you pay 7 billion , you get 1% or less market share, yet you do not discontinue ? it's a ...euh ... prestige thing, right ? not being able to cut the losses when its clear as hell ? like the fight against piracy actually not earning a cent but instead costing a whole lot more than it gets "back" since in most cases there's nothing to get back since most wouldnt buy it anyway in the first place?
so this windows phone ... call me a dumb bum who doesnt get it but id have long discontinued, with a 10year warranty of support for existing devices or something, took the money, closed the hole and focused on new options. But i guess its about not losing face or something i mean who gives a shit when you shit billions by the billions anyway

10/01/2017 05:19:34 am
5 things you should know about rabies
foaming at the mouth hm ... where have we heard that before ?

09/30/2017 07:15:04 pm
The Woman Who Got Lost at Home
no comment ... shit disappeared from house, trust no one