looks like theres no canvas here

Grid X size : Grid Y size : unit size : show numbers :
copypaste this array to use as in this type of animation
for some reason the array does not show in firefox
press control to remove last point, now for the other tuff bit ... dragging overlapping points, store standard settings with perl/ssi? maybe add extrude function later for easy objs when checking webgl? extrude seems to be the easiest calculation
the array that shows on the bottom can be used for sprite-like objects on canvas as per example the boat or the bouncing letters on the experimental animation HERE. Im not a grafix designer its an experiment of layered animation on html5 canvas, getting that planet to move in an ellipse with the little moon rotating around it needed some wikipedia on ellipses, im sure the reference is in the code somewhere
click on the grid to add points it will draw the flat object next to it once theres three or more not in a straight line, you can drag points on the grid once they're there and delete them. Just change the number in grid size and it will immediately change
yea, i used to have a little more swing in my brain, and maybe soon ill even lose the swing in my step HOWEVER
failures no option

happen to drop by and use any of this? feel free but pls to give credz k thx