Vocore SuperNub First aid kit
As in this is not a sneer or looking down. These are things i had to dig up as a total electronics lamer googling over endless forumposts puzzling it out, deciphering l33tspeek of people to who it all sounds natural talking about ohmz and how pin this connects that to this. When i read connect GND to RST i found myself staring at the schematic on the main site and all i saw as 1 RST pin and 8 GND, so which one is it then hm?
This minithing, even if you're not a diy super-electrician is still great stuff if you know your way around linux. Or a cost-effective solution at $40 (or maybe less in bulk?) if you need small specific tasks. For instance, where i live, in Hellgium a raspberry pi would cost about the same as a complete intel celeron system, which kinda negates the point there
So i collect my findings, musings on the point and how i fixed what happened (so far) and put it here in what is to me understandable english for ppl who turn soldering into a lake of tin whenever they have to