Vocore SuperNub First aid kit

since i applied that and it actually was still there the next time i checked i havent had broken pipes other than on resets or dc/s so i think this is what normal fora would label "solved" in search engines"

i was busy 8 with motion before i had the cube but now i want to use the scripts i wrote to trigger for instance madplay blabla.mp3 via ssh
using ssh from commandline after setting up as in this section works fine, running a script by clicking or in terminal works fine however,
using motion which in turn calls scripts as one or more cameras get triggered in a specific order
#!/bin/bash #printf '%s\n' "${SUDO_USER:-$USER}" #ssh root@ espeak "fikken-ah" file="/home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_T2_" echo '1' >> /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/numberofmotion_cam2.txt if [ -e "$file" ] then #espeak "script two running exit" exit else touch /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_T2_ fi printf '%s\n' "${SUDO_USER:-$USER}" ssh root@ espeak "two" file="/home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_T1_" file_top="/home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_T3_" if [ -e "$file" ] then espeak "message level is zero" if [ -e "$file_top" ] then ssh root@ madplay /mnt/mmcblk0/voice/2.mp3 #espeak "something higher than 40cm just came in" espeak "HUMAN identification required, you have ten seconds" sh $HOME/COMMON/minimalMel/identimer.sh0 echo '1' >> /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/roomstatus/entities/_file_ fi if [ ! -e "$file_top" ] then #espeak "i think the cat just came in" echo '1' >> /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/roomstatus/entities/_file_ ssh root@ madplay /mnt/mmcblk0/voice/2-1.mp3 fi #rm /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_T1_ #rm /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_T2_ rm /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/roomstatus/* touch /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/roomstatus/_1_ if [ -e "$file_top" ] then sleep 10 ssh root@ madplay /mnt/mmcblk0/voice/1-2.mp3 sleep 5 sh $HOME/COMMON/minimalMel/orderoftheday.sh0 fi #no need to trigger triggertimeout rm /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_T2_ espeak "removing lock two" exit else rm /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/roomstatus/* touch /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/roomstatus/_2_ touch /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_T2_ fi sh /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/triggertimeout.sh0
it kept asking for my password ... i got to looking for howto create an ssh key for user "motion" which i coundt find fast enough so i figures since i ran motion as sudo i tried checking without
turns out it needs sudo only to write to /var/log/motion so i
  1. servercat@charon /var/log/motion $ cd /var/log/motion/
  2. servercat@charon /var/log/motion $ ls
  3. motion.log
  4. servercat@charon /var/log/motion $ sudo chmod 777 motion.log
which seems to work fine now (so far ...), i can just run
  1. servercat@charon motion
  2. but im thinking maybe its possible to simply turn off logging alltogether in the motion.conf file until i figure out how to run it without making root ssh password free
    but its 5am the hour of rising chickes, gotta hide
    shithouse town woke me up at nine and noon, im a wreck i have mental paralysis and the sun is shining through my window , equals

    teh suck

    something seems to be wrong with broken pipes and all that, but im not bob the plumber, especially before nightfall, i did notice espeak needs backslash for space when using via ssh in script as in
    #if [ -e "$file" ]
    #espeak "triggertimeout already running"
    #touch /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_T_
    sleep 7
    ssh root@ espeak "removing\ filelocks"
    if [ -e "/home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_1_" ]
    rm /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_1_
    rm /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_2_
    rm /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_3_
    rm /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_T1_
    rm /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_T2_
    rm /home/servercat/COMMON/minimalMel/_T3_