Vocore SuperNub First aid kit
Will get pics
First off, if you don't have a CC or paypal, send the man an email and you can pay with bitcoins right away. I did and b/c of the diff. in exchange rates he offered to send either 2 machines or 1 vie express DHL
i picked DHL for safety Hong kong is a long way
So i get it out of the box, read the instructions on the site. Get my Huewei phone charger, check it : 5.0 volts, 500Amp, as far as i can read it shouldnt blow it up, connect it, a yellow led goes on and i get
diggging and digging gets me that connect by serial will show a device ACM0 in /dev
so i check and indeed /dev/ttyACM0 exists, i try to connect, no avail
hours more of digging (im not much of an asker) finally got me on a forum post which described it very shortly
what you want to do in fact is, first of all, touch your pc case (assuming you're still someone who builds their own and doesnt buy alienware craptops) as to discharge any static you might have rubbed onto, so to speak, THEN
get a wooden pencil and inster the blunt side gentlyinto the ethernet port (you will know since theres only one hole that can fit the back of a standard pencil) and REALLY gently push the machine out of the plastic, dont force it, steady and slow like that madonna song, it will slide out
put it on a (preferably wood or plastic anything that wont conduct electricity should do) hard surface (top or bottom side) and press slow, flip it over and press slow again
NOTE : before you do this check the sides, you will see a number of copper (alloy or something pins from bottom to top board, this is actually where it goes wrong, one of them isnt connecting, you have to make SURE that they are still in the right place in the plastic holders or they might bend (as i'll get into in section two) and that means you have to get your handy hand out and if you're out of tools, its gonna be tense and nervous Mind you, i repeat, this extensive and elaborate explanation is aimed at ppl (like me or a little less knowledgeable) who know their way around linux and scripting mid to decent level but have no real clue on electronics, definitely not the way the hackers talk about it so i try to keep the detail so anyone who ever read can avoid the mistakes i made, i have it one week and i almost ruined it five times but i been able to fix it up
footnote-ish : some ppl who would go like OMG BUT ITS NOT EVEN SOLDERED ! count your blessings, this modular-ish design means YOU dont have to solder if a connection breaks, what you DO have to do is look VERY careful all pins are in place before you press it. How does this happen ? many options ... one being on packaging in the factory cos it has to happen FAST, if you ever did chaingang at tupperware or volvo or whatever you know what i mean, due to the design its possible one of the boards shifts a little, or during transport. Another possiblity is the fact that the casing is plastic (for obvious reasons cos you cant fit it in a metal board since its all pins and connectors .. well you could if the metal case had a coating but that would make it larger and more costly. So b/c electronics heat up under current (the very definition of, actually, since energy is motion/friction and friction leaves heat (or energy -), meaning the plastic, which isnt exactly as thick on all sides, also the panel you can click out is ultrathin will expand or contract differently in different places and also the chip itself and parts of the board will generate more or less heat, which means it can actually unhinge itself like that. Those are just a few theories by lamer-me but im sure im not far off the point.
but again : count your blessings that its a solder-free design, if it werent i would have had to throw it in the can already by now myself

since it's all open-source im sure Vonger wont mind i link to the image on his site, i'll add some of myself later, but this is a pure hobby when i feel like it so dont expect me to go pro with daily updates
i want to add discussion-type input box on every section but if anything, anyone : can mail me at alleycat@alleycat.be if you're about my level i'll be happy to figure out solutions to problems for laymen like me together to the best of my ability