Vocore SuperNub First aid kit
frankly after having to fix it out of the box, somehow botching upgrade firmware, nearly wrecking it on a bent pin so far i got to the point where the LUCI interface wont preserve the settings and i still have to connect via USB or the vocore2 hotspot
so i'll get into this
as i go along, also, this is not where im gonna keep my "these are the scripts i use to do what i do with it"-section
if you use linux you have no fear of re-installing
if you dont, get virtualbox and install one there, i use mint 18.1, on vongers site it says ubuntu (which is basically the same but they just use different lipstick and mascara, flavour if you like, i like cinnamon .. off topic WOAW
and install EVERYTHING and try it out one by one
i personally use
"...install putty"
"...install ckermit"

where kermit connects to the virtual device in /dev ( /dev/ttyACM0 , thats a zero, also for some reason if you disconnect the cable and reconnect during the same linux session it might show up as /dev/ACM1 the second time)
you need the following settings first (which you can save in a config file)
  1. sudo kermit
  2.     C-Kermit>
  3.     C-Kermit>set line /dev/ttyACM0
  4.     C-Kermit>set speed 115200
  5.     C-Kermit>set carrier-watch off
  6.     C-Kermit>set flow control none
  7.     C-Kermit>connect

use putty : sudo putty or it wont connect to serial (not on my machine anwyay, assuming you dont use a root access account as standard as most wise greeks would
check serial and connect to /dev/ttyACM0 , speed 115200
i'll clean this up yes, im just placing holders