Vocore SuperNub First aid kit
Well, i can't see the hotspot anywhere, what to do ?
  • Okay, i stored it last night, i put it back in its box cos im a poor dude and i dont want my toy to break. So i put on my robe an wizard had. Take the box from the shelf and plug it into the charger, not the pc-usb
    The yellow leg goes on right away, the purple one a millsecond after. Thats good
    it didnt even do that when i first received it and got it out of the box
    note-self:try do this bible illustration with hover to canvas top left, get screenshots
    i wait like wut ... 15 minutes or more cuz im a force of chaos (not an agent), mistaken for ADD i do 12 other things just a little bit in the mean time
    several networks pop in and out of range ... nothing vocore-ish on the wi-fi hotspot ..
  • Okay so last time somewhere in a galaxy far away on the borderline of madness i remember it wouldnt boot without an ethernet cable attached after i did whatever to it so ... (i put on my other robe and wizard hat) i unplug it put the ethernet cable in (motherfucking dam i only have four on this switch im such a poor fuck) and plug it back in
  • 15 minutes later ... i did two fights in FF mobius alt-tabbing two runs for two dark things that drop pale tongues in dark souls, checked my google+ five times, posted some silly shit, had a sip, rebooted my phone to factory defaults cos one app mysteriously wiped its accounts ...
    so i unplug it .... carefully ... as if im handling your girlfriends titties for the first time ... cos last time i pulled out the ethernet cable i fucked it like it was a hardcore anal pr0n movie, dislodging the small copper pins much to my dismay
    go do five other things before i realize like "o i was checking that shit"
  • plug it in, no ethernet cable ... vocore mini-usb to pc-usb .. using a cable that came with that same cheap huawei (boy is that the most useful phone i ever had so far) ... remembering reading that i need a cable capable of data transfer, not simply charging power ... beats me, i use my mad vulcan skillz to deduce that a cable used for data transfer on a phone will probably fit the bill
    ...get raped by two dark wraiths twice, those dudes have serious poise man
    i see i have /dev/ttyACM0 present and the yellow and purple light is on(steady), nothing but my provider modem on the wi-fi panel
  • i put on my robe and muppet hat
    trust me i spent HOURS digging this out on panels cos im not the asking type
    and go like : open terminal ... "CLICK"
    do we still have things like code-tags and shit ? insert screenshot here and there i really wanna do this in a top left canvas with pics switching while mousing over different words, how that works on mobile is not really my problem now
    1. sudo kermit
    2.     C-Kermit>
    3.     C-Kermit>set line /dev/ttyACM0
    4.     C-Kermit>set speed 115200
    5.     C-Kermit>set carrier-watch off
    6.     C-Kermit>set flow control none
    7.     C-Kermit>connect

    this has always gotten me in so far
    i get some


    on my screen, it throws me off
    insert screenshot here
    however, i remember, no ... i try
    "press play on tape to turn the computer on" and press enter
  • suddenly i find myself in a strange place ... ascii logo promising me wireless freedom and a recipe for coctail that looks dangerously attractive
    first step to enlightenment ... no way back, keep pushing as long as you see the lights
    insert screenshot here
    a prompt scowls at you, ready to attack ... 0_o
    1. root@OpenWrt:/#
    insert mini-tribal-dance here if you get this for the first time when it just wouldnt fucking work
    now like i said, this is a compilation of hours of googling by a guy who knows not how to solder, thinks ohm is a buddhhist chant but is not afraid to insert a dvd or flash drive into a pc and press enter to install ok ? so i remember last time i went like
    1. root@OpenWrt:/#firstboot -y
    2. /dev/mtdblock6 is mounted as /overlay, only erasing files
    3. root@OpenWrt:/#
    so far so good hm ... check your wi-fi ... nothing has changed .. i always wonder if theres other people on the planet stuck in the middle who have to figure these things out while they could explain to a physicist how entropy affects the whole material universe b/c its the primary force of the universe driving even the arrow of time, let alone closed systems, okay .. off-topic
    this is where it gets hard-core
    1. root@OpenWrt:/#reboot
    at this point i would recommnend an oxygen mask and or/a light joint or xanax but drugs are baed ofcourse and personally since i had that crack thing ten years ago THC makes me cookie for some reason, which is a shame cos i smoked that shit for 13 years straight ithout ever having any emotional, personal, or legal problem ... after that however off-topic

    this is where a shitload of shit appears on your screen, let it go, let it flow ... its all that shit you never see when you boot up your alienware craptop

    insert screenshots here and there
    now with me since i flashed that firmware it hangs at
    1. [ 57.340000] random: nonblocking pool is initialized
    it took me hours to find a post that said this is not an error message
    threw me off but i know better, so i open the wi-fi panel and lookie there definitely insert screenshot here
    it says "vocore 2" in the list again
    so i press the magic key (enter)
    with the console focused ofcourse
    there's that asci logo again and the invitation to get buzzed in order to stay cool
    1. root@OpenWrt:/#

    this is where i get a cup of coffee
    so we open a browser like we skip nmap and shit and go like and/or 192/168.61.1
    problem loading page ...
    so we open the wi-fi panel and select "vocore2" ... ... nothing
    ZOMG : insert screenshot here> LUCI lives
    username : root / password : vocore
    i'm back where i fucked up yesterday xD
    so does putty when connected to vocore 2 but its getting light so im gonna have to hide