Vocore SuperNub First aid kit
Plugged it into power charger. No usb cable to pc. Vocore2 shows up in wifi hotspot.
Can't connect to either or wether i connect wi-fi to my modem network or to vocore2
Plug the charger out, connect ethernet cable ... shitty cos i have like 4 slots on my switch means i have to d/c one pc to connect that cube, i have no wi-fi on anything xept my phone so i need a usb wi-fi adapter on one linux pc to connect
hm ... lets shower while the pasta is heating, something chickenish with something no clue ... as long as they're in belgium i dont cook which is fine cos i dont enjoy cooking for me ... off-topic duh
Well, since im so good at patiently RTFM-ing and b/c of that i'm not sure wether firstboot -y restores the original firmware or keeps the flashed thing and just resets to default settings. When im out of my back2sleep zone (seem to have that a lot lately i think im going to re-flash that firmware and see what i get. If its the same maybe i didnt get it botched at all first time. What do i know ?
hours later
Had a severe case of fall asleep, ... i dont wanna change the cables so i connect my phone to vocore2 in wifi ... it goes on the internet as if its like always done that. I can't get to the LUCI interface though.
So i decide to lend the old mans ACER laptop windows whatever, i connect to vocore2 on wi-fi ... whatdoyouknow ... it just connects to the internet as if its always done that.
i havent changed any of the settings after yesterdays firstboot -y so im not sure if its supposed to do that on "out-of-the-box" settings
so now im like : "COOL" but "euhm??!?", i gotta figure this out, when they leave for france that laptop aint here
So i perform the most bold of experiments first, in LUCI web-ui i do "scan" (for networks i suppose) it goes network restartingat the same time the laptops battery runs out
connetion lost, no more vocore2 in either phone or laptop wifi panel 0_o , i made a backup of the settings but its kinda hard if i cant connect to the web-ui to restore it
Unplug the power, wait a minute, plug it back in, ethernet connected, no usb, charger, only
nothing on wi-fi panel
repeat with ethernet cable unplugged
lo and behold "vocore2" is back in wi-fi panel, i connect to it on both phone and windows laptop ... no internet connection but i CAN get to LUCI on
i check the settings, Network -> Interfaces ... WWAN grey, WAN, WAN6 red, LAN green says ip address ...


what better time to reinstall that backup i just made? system -> backup/flash firmware -> restore backup , choose file, |UPLOAD| *click*
System-Rebooting and that turning icon thing its 2:36am ... wait ...
3:15am,(did a dish or two took a walk with the cat)
screen is still saying SYSTEM REBOOTINGchanges applied /turning icon/ waiting for changes to be applied
i have vocore2 in phone, windows laptop and linux wifistick pc wifi panels visible
allrighty(insert wolf-whistle here) when connected to vocore2 in wifi panel i now have
  • on the windows laptop : no internet access (using the backup i just made restored) but i can connect to LUCI web-ui via
  • the android phone doesn't get an ip while connecting to "vocore2" on wi-fi
  • the linux pc with the wi-fi stick HAS internet access when connected to vocore2 in wifi panel ...
    hangs connecting while trying to get luci in browser at, same ip that will work for the windows laptop
  • my vulcan logic has reached its omega point
    I turn off all three, VC2 stays on since its on the charger, not usb, no ethernet cable go down for a coffee
    I boot up the linux pc, connected to "vocore2" i get : no internet access, no access to luci on either 1.1 or 61.1
    Boot up the android phone, hangs on getting ip address, switches to ISPnetwork
    i check the ISP website to see which apparatus are connected, ofcourse they're in maintenance and i cant login, bummer
    Turn on the windows laptop, connect to "vocore2" in wi-fi panel. No internet access BUT i CAN access the LUCI web-ui ... which is cool, but not cos that laptop aint mine
    so ... i take off my wizard hat cos it weighs hard with a lot of nothing on top right now, 5am ... ill put the laptop back after all its pointless but it showed it works .. somehow all i have to do is figure out since i dont believe in cube-pc's deciding when or when not to under the same circumstances unless kabouter milgram is hiding in the attic pushing his little button ... who knows in a place like this... its gonna be light soon anyway, cant be caught wielding evil magic cubes in daylight either in salems swamp, i'll just box it and get it back out tonigh for some usbtty remove all firewall rules or something something
    to be continued
    actually being 640am and probably a while until i sleep i d/c'd it put in an sd card (i had a 64mb sd card lying around from back in the days of phone and shit, plugged the wifi stick into another pc (this one doesnt use vpn cos my webserver is on it and now it seems i have made contact again ... close encounters, luci@
    also connects with putty ... dam im such a noob could it have been the vpn over lan interfering ?