Vocore SuperNub First aid kit
first time i did this i had no clue about AP and STA
turns out :
[TARGET AP SSID] is the name of your standard network you connect to in your wi-fi panel
[TARGET AP PASSWORD] is the password or WPA/WPA2-key you have to enter to connect to your standard ISP network
other than that i simply followed line by line what it says there at this page under SETUP AP + STA MODE
i now have an ip addres to it given by the modem downstairs (which has like a total router in it so i suppose once i can log back into the 'my telenet' site i'll find a new device under advanced settings -> connected devices there
some screenshots for yow-assim thinking of some kind of xml-type shit here to make the man-howto pages easier, especially the screenshot part, so it fits in one page without much scrolling to see the pictures, eg text scroll or flip while pic on canvas maybe staticnotetoselfnevermind
after this you should have internet access from the cube to rule them all and i think thats where the actual fun begins xD