Vocore SuperNub First aid kit
And so ... i think the question was how to install packages on a card inserted into the sd card slot. I dont need that right away but since i already intend using non pre-packaged items like curl i think i might wanna explore that so here i go (at my own pace ofcourse)
First thing i put on my robe and wizard hat and take the vocore out of its box, plug it in , the sd card still in there didnt take it out, powercharger, no usb connection, audio to speakers connected
and check
  1. root@OpenWrt:~# cd /mnt
  2. root@OpenWrt:/mnt# ls
  3. mmcblk0
  4. root@OpenWrt:/mnt# cd mmcblk0
  5. root@OpenWrt:/mnt/mmcblk0# ls
  6. test
  7. root@OpenWrt:/mnt/mmcblk0# cd test
  8. root@OpenWrt:/mnt/mmcblk0/test#
everything still there, which is fine , cos im an airhead and i have no clue why it didnt save that partition yet or any files last time