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any subsequent braindamage will not be held responsible for me ...
i got the memo ... several times, ... to call me 'a snail' does not seem to sync with the job-offering part ... would you like a snail with that ? ... keep it, i can not physically and mentally EVER AGAIN work FOR someone unless its my own biz ... you damaged me too bad

Check it out @ :

the give-me-your-money-section
steem : @rudyardcatling
Tron : TX33g7L3qk9qiexowZaR4WnnLFVZ8nxJRk
i have to look at the others im sure i put them somewhere ...
mh? i cant do Patreon, this is belgium man, id be a tax terrorist unless i make at least 50k a year, that way there would be about 5 left for me
no, im not asking, its just here in case someone has money they dont know what to do with, you know i do creative use of resources so it wont be ill-spent :)


you need wallets if you wanna check out application creation, precious ... you can check the numbers on the blockchain explorers to see how much money i got inthere, its not government or megacorp after all ... blockchains are public .. no cheating :)