pardon the lack of stylish on the loader-loader page ...

these are slow servers,

stuff might be whack as the cache doesnt follow - stylesheets get stuck in thirdspace, javascript gets stuck in thirdspace , a picture thats there will give an error since it wasnt before ... so ... i usually do everything local but since im down one screen and this is daylight passtime i just upload it on the fly and teh webz wont follow me heh (as if it matters)

please be patient for the pages to load,

it seems to take five times to time on any browser in windows 10 btw does, dont ask me why
if you were to bookmark, keep in mind the index will direct you to different pages depending on how many available so its best to come in through the frontdoor, which i will probably force but not yet .... tyvm
Alley du Kipling Von Schrödinger le Cat

syntax error is my middle name, it might happen when im up and downloading pages purely for experiment and the contents of my head as if my name was Jane from Doom Patrol and yes to that and no to that, if you find cookies they come from the free hosting service, NOT ME!!!
if by any chance the site doesnt load after this (gerbils have been know to appear in the observable universe) try CLICKING HERE it should take you to the current random index, it should ... (it should, really !)