which was to be expected : een nieuwe neger in town die zich moet bewijzen,
creative streak closed until circus is gone ... niks an te doen
there's nothing to say : i been saying for weeks : "i have to practice frosty for the return of the enemy the moment lockdown is over" i didn't even know it was over but bem
lets not post the spoilers then, practice frosty and

dont get lured
im very sorry for once b/c this is so not me but - you're right , its the only option at the moment i have to keep it real :)
well en jawel , zelfs tot halver al des-vieren ...
im curious how long thats gonna last ... the price of freedom is eternal watchdogs? (c) 2020 ... well if thats what it takes ... what strikes me still is : me wakes up after dark b/c daylight doesnt suit me, goes outside for a walk with cat (now who the hell does that but witches?) ... people looking at me funny but,
(and you didnt have to explain that , i noticed that) , but,
mini-terrorists and refugee-borne-led minor youtube gangster delusional druglords ? "ah just let them be" ... and im talking about the natives, not the blues ...
which makes me the weird one
im very well aware of that, although i dont make noise, i dont even set half a shoe on even someone's driveway so i certainly dont threaten people i dont do monkey dances under their windows and in general my aim has been to not exist for decades ...
which makes me the weird one
"but let the kids play lorazepam gangster" .. well that was last year and you're right
obviously no trouble today
but thats like with camera's : if you put one up you'll never see anything
thats the whole point
euhm, i never did this in my life, ask for, but i saw no alternative so,
thanks, i guess
i just need to add : ive been walking my cats for YEARS since the day i got stuck back here
its never been a problem until the arrival of kleine neger en de BLOrazepam gang
theres are like aftershocks, so
i hope you can keep that up til august, i guess if it really HAS to , if my silence bothers people more than garbage pail kids threatening
i can shift an hour before i go out , im just talking a walk with my cat
in silence
touching no one's fucking property
i personally dont see the issue but yokels ... and salems lot
but i think we understand each other there
and thus ... i just wanna be left alone, i never wanted to come back here in the first place, all my life is ruined, all my future, and i wish for easy-sake i could blame it all on me, but i cant
there's nothing left , im broken, not broken, twisted, mentally and physically
dancing monkeys at my window who are gonna kill me and fuck my mother ... thats not being left alone
maybe that is understandable
or maybe not
its Salems lot after all ...
thanks for the quiet, now i wonder how long it lasts ...
okay ... its ..?... Sat 30 May 07:17 ... Salems lot ... i expected to get checked on my strange behaviour of walking outside while people sleep with a cat in Salems Lot , b/c thats not the same as dancing monkeys under my window who are gonna kill me and fuck my mother at midnight ... or kleine neger and six braincells stalking me for a year and a half , you see now ... its clear that i dont wanna live here but theres no way out and theres no me without my cat, every day i spent here my world has been growing smaller and now, for the first time in my life , monkey business has me rely on police b/c the alternatives mean me getting convicted and paying money for that monkey ass.
I need you to remember one thing from here on : i never was like that ... whatever company i keep in the future ... i became like this HERE and you cut off everything i hold dear ... i call for protection from myself b/c im not allowed to handle it myself and i get checked. I was almost expecting a "well stay inside then it doesnt happen" but the guy clearly understands bullshit places like this ... and its no surprise. Genetically speaking, for centuries people hardly ever married further than one street down ... no comment
no complaining either
so i wonder ... if theres a site here i'll keep it below this page and if theres something to say its always something bad
when the next comment is ... as i said, i'll express the rest on facebook, but someone needs to have faceberg let me in, its over a month now im in facelimbo and i just wanted a page for the game
as for the rest : everythings fucked , no life no future, you can NOT shove this place up my ass "until i start liking it" ... that is NOT how things work
and with that i hope i dont have to comment here on this very page
ever again
no, 20200531 ... no, its quiet for two days, i dont think two days is when you evaluate the result of what has to be a permanent solution . There's nothing to say. I never chose to come live back here , i'll never like this place. Theres no me without my cats, i have one cat left, i am damaged, i am officially classified damaged and violation of my privacy is a capital offense, you should know better and no complaining afterwards if you dont. Now please ... i would like to continue presuming and pretending i have a life , ... this is not a blog anymore. This is "only when it happens" , so it shouldnt ...
no, please, euh ... in over two years since the appearance of kleine neger en de BLOrazepam kleuterklas i have not once called 'them ... actually in all my life i havent ... anyone here in inbreedland who feels im being too much i can come shout under your window at midnight how im gonna kill you and fuck your mother every once in a while and throw some trash at your head when you pass by, combined with the occasional uncle or cousin who will come burn your house down. Im really sick of it and i dont care who gets hurt in the process or about the collateral, no one helped me ... so this is what it is, now leave it
the last thing i want to do is provoke dancing monkeys its not like they have the brain to understand